Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we will talk about how you can fix LUA Memory Errors in the Elder Scrolls Online If you have some Addons installed it can happen that you get following Error Message: Lua is reaching its memory limit You should consider disabling some addons and reloading the UI This Lua Memory Error is nothing serious but it can be quite annoying The reason for this Error is that ESO provides only 64 MB Lua memory for Addons To fix this problem we have to increase the Lua Memory limit Execute this action only when your game is closed First go to your documents, then to the folder Elder Scrolls Online, then to the folder live, and then you have to open UserSettings Here you have to search LuaMemoryLimitMB The fastest way to find this is to use the search with controll + F As mentiond before the default MemoryLimit is 64MB You can now increase the memory limit to 128,256,512,1024 or 2048 How much Lua your game needs depends on the Addons you have installed And how much LuaMemory you can set depends on how much RAM your PC has I would increase the LuaMemoryLimit slowly and see which number is best for you If you use Master Merchant and some other bigger Addons you should maybe try to go with 512 and test if thats fine for you.

If you changed the LuaMemoryLimit dont`t forget to save the change If you dont want to change LuaMemory Limit manually you can use the Addon Shissu`s Lua Memory If you set this Addon on auto mode with the command /slm auto, it will adjust automatically the LuaMemorySize to your needs With the same command you can deactivate the automatic mode With the command /slm and the Memorysize you want for example /slm 512 you will change to LuaMemoryLimit to 512 MB To check how much Memory you are currently using you can use the command /slm need Additionally Shissu`s Lua Memory also includes the Shissu`s SuiteManager, faster LoadingScreen, Memory Clear Button and Faster Ingame Mail Hopefully my Video helped you to fix your Lua Memory Problem in the Elder Scrolls Online It would be wonderfull if you subscribe, like or leave a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüß!

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