Ahoy thar, Legion! The Elder Scrolls Online Beta test continues, and as I roll Orc, I got the Daggerfall Covenant questlines. Now the first place you go once Dumbledor breaks you out of Coldharbor is Port Hunding of Stros M’kai! Very frequently people will ask where to find Izad’s Treasure, and since the quest riddle isn’t written very well and even the visual queues once you arrive are pretty bad, it is no wonder why it keeps being asked. To start Izad’s Treasure quest, you’ll need to go far south until you reach this broken ship. Approach and interact with the treasure chest and it will give you the riddle. Now the first step is great, but it quickly falls off after that. It says to locate Saintsport’s Star, which is the Lighthouse.

Go inside and when you port up to the top the quest will change to the next step. Don’t jump off the balcony, you’ll just die. I’ve tested this. *cough* Twice. The next stop is here by this formation on the map. If you want to save some footwork you can use the Port Hunding Wayshrine but it isn’t free. However you arrive, it will instruct you to go 45 paces south, which actually mathed out for me while running, until you reach this rock stump here. You are then told “The leftward palms frame the sight” and only if you were not surrounded by palm trees would this help. The next stop is the island with iron faces, which turns out is this island right here. Even though there are no actual iron faces on it– No, wait.

I take that back. There is this ONE vaguely stone and iron accented face here. Which you can *clearly* see back by that rock stump a step ago. But now for the best hint of all, follow the rocky finger through the broken ship. Once again you are surrounded by jutting masses of rock that could be construed as ‘fingers’ but just forget all that and open your map. This broken ship right here is what we need to pass through. Because all good treasure maps require an additional map to be read properly. Naturally. Go through the broken ship until the kind mudcrab updates your quest entry and it will say to search for the treasure.

You’ll have five popups appear on the map, but just use the one nearest to your location here, and you can complete the quest. The 70 gold reward is far from appealing, but at least you can get experience for it. And hey! You did the smart thing and watched a guide on how to do it quickly! We didn’t have that luxury back in my day, you young whippersnappers get all the good stuff! Thank-you for watching, Legion. If you learned anything from this video or even if it brought a smile to your face, we’d be honored if you hit Like and Share it with your friends. As always if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Catch you next time, Legion. Take care..

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