Hello everyone and welcome to my Inventory and Bank Space Tutorial for the Elderscrolls Online My name is Tianlein and today we talk in deph about topics how you can increase your Inventory Space,Bank Space and about the Crafting Bag When you start the game your default Inventory size is 60 To expand it we have to go to the Backpack Merchant You can find these merchants in many cities in Tamriel but i will show you know their locations in the starter cities The Backpack Merchant in Davon`s Watch in Stonefalls is near the city entrance direct to the right a bit in the corner In Auridon the merchant is hiding in the Store Handy Haversack in Vulkhel Guard And in Daggerfall you can find the merchant at the Tradesman`s Square Here you can see a chart how much each upgrade costs.

Every time you buy a Backpack upgrade your inventory space will increase by 10 and the prices for each upgrade will increase too So in total you need 179700 Gold to get your Inventory Space upgraded to the maximum 140 slots This upgrades are only per character and not account wide available If you dont want to spend your ingame Gold to upgrade your Inventory Space you can buy Backpack upgrades in the Crownstore too For 1000 Crowns you get 10 slots which get automatically added to your Inventory Space But you cant exceed the maximum size of 140 Slots Another way to increase your inventory is by upgrading your horse We have to go to a stable and talk there with the stable master For 250 Gold you can increase your Carry Capacity by 1 slot every 20 hours to the maximum of 60 If you dont want to invest so much time or the 15 000 Gold you can buy these Carry capacity upgrades for 1000 Crowns per Lesson in the Crown store too.

When we bought all Backpack and carry capacity Upgrades we have reached 200 Inventory Slots what is at the moment the maximum you can acquire Now we talk about your Bank Space The Bank is account wide for all your characters available At the start you have 60 Slots in your bank and the upgrading system works the same like the invetory upgrades Only difference is we have to go to any Bank and talk there to the Banker Since my Bank is already fully upgrade i dont have the option anymore available but if you talk to him you will see at the bottem of your screen the option to upgrade your bank space As you can see you buy again each time 10 extra slots and the prices are increasing Total you need 768 500 Gold to get your bank space to the maximum which are at the moment 240 slots Of course you can purchase again these upgrades in the crown store.

For 1000 crowns you get 10 Bank slots Last we talk about the Craft Bag which is only available if you have a ESO Plus Membership To access your craft bag ou have to go into your inventory and at the top right you can switch to the bag All your crafting materials will get automatically stored in the craft bag The space is not infinite but so high that i dont think that someone can fill it up Hopefully i could answer all your questions around the Inventory and Bank Upgrades It would be great if you subscribe, like or leave a comment I wish you a nice day and until next time Bye bye

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