As video will mostly focus on boss fights ill quickly tell some things about trash fights that will be happening in between. Lots of bashing/interrupts. For real. The Dwemer Spheres have two attacks that require interrupt and prevent them from moving. One is like altirelly strike, steady stream of bullets untill someone interrupts. Second is a ground smash/charge that creates mines. Both attacks last long unless someone interrupts them.

Tanks will have here hard time herding stuff together so its a DPS job to interrupt. First boss, a pair of raptors. Notice tether. It appears when they are close and it will melt any player who walks into it. There are 8 steam vents around the center pad, from there Dwemer Spheres will spawn. They appear with large damage shields. Two tanks, each for his own boss will coordinate during fight to connect and disconnect tether. The connected tether will be used to break shield of spheres. One tank stays in middle, other stay outside and kites boss to each next new sphere to break its shield. Dwemer spheres have strong poison dot that should be purged very often or attack interrupted.

Generally there is lot of dots in here and lot of purge spamming. Once one of bosses starts dying too fast DPS will switch to other. We want to kill them both about same time. If one dies too soon there is no beam to weaken spheres and spheres enrage. Next boss starts in same place after small wave of trash. One tank takes boss the other will be taunting and stacking centurions. Boss have random shockwave attack similar to Molag Kena in WGT.

Also his attack are cleaves. Centurions shouuld be stacked on boss and maybe not in normal but on vet they do a steam 360 attack (like WB in Orsinium) that puts heavy health debuff on people (even up to -100% healing). At one time boss will split into 4 ghosts. Tank in middle must stay perfectly still (there is little green safe spot inside). In vet moving is insta kill. Each ghost in random order (with brief indication) will do a shockwave attack. Tank must be facing each ghost directly to fully block its attack. Otherwise the shockwave will still damage any player on its way.

This is beginning of special sequence. 4 DPS need to use portals and do task (explain later). Boss lightning beams need to be interrupted. Random teleport strike and shockwave right after. The 4 DPS that used portals travel to other arena where they are destroying terminals empowering boss. Failing to do so wipes group (at least on vet). Spinning blades and beams. The beams drain magicka and slow you down. These platforms are kind of safe spots away from blades. Good place to stack and burn trash. Shock Pylon – it activates beam, will be used during boss fight. Boss fight, similar to Engine Guardian – boss moves on its own and is protected by full damage shield.

Players are to stack at nearest Pylon, start dropping dots and AOE and when boss crosses line of Pylon – activate it! Beam breaks shield and stuns boss – nuke his ass with ultimates and everything. Dont forget to apply major breach/fracture. Two or three pylons are needed to kill boss. This fight is considered the most difficult of all.

Requires group coordination, DPS throttling. Middle boss stands still – no taunt. Each tank takes one of side bosses and keeps them far away. If they are close they empower each other. Now each boss when reaches 69%, 39% and 19% of HP goes into immune phase. The goal is to have all three bosses go into 69%, 39% and 19% at the same time. When it happens tanks bring side bosses together to middle and they get stunned and can be nuked all together. Notice how DPS first attacked 1 boss, now they moved to 2nd. Ideally tho we would want 3 teams of DPS damaging all bosses at the same time. Middle boss have flame shield at all times and is technically unapprochable by any melee dps. All three bosses at 69%, beginning approach. Watch out for the crab traps, they suck you in to floor (haeavy snare).

And you can breifly see the empower beam and once both bosses connect they get stunned and lose damage shield. At this point already start running away so your boss breaks tether as soon as it starts moving. Melting point heavy flame attack, its being done when bosses connect and kind of hard to predict where it moves. Yell at your healer, they tend to focus too much on DPS and forget there is still one tank. RIP. Remember in situation like this dont panic. Simply whoever is chased by boss should run fast and far and keep it occupied while group resses people. Boss will mostly 1-shot anybody who is not a tank but first they need to catch them. Another connection phase. 39% HP. And last connection phase at 19% Final boss, considered to be quite easy. Two teams of players. One tank stays in front of boss, other goes to either right or left side to taunt melee adds.

Boss with two arms does either spinning blade attack or flamethrower attack (vamps should go to other side). If players wouldnt split to side, all two attacks + stomps would be focused on main tank. Player presence on sides lessens the burden. When boss moves everyone jump down to kill terminals. IMPORANT. Always stay in exactly middle of path, best is so stay on the track of spinning blade. There is poison AOE at the edges of corridors, if someone dies in there is VERY difficult to get them back up. During this phase boss is immune to damage or any debuffs. Any attack will be bounced with added shock projectile.

There are multiple terminals to kill. When boss starts moving again, everyone need to go to sides like before. BUT never use the stairs where boss is heading (like me). There is heavy poison there and shock aoe. Im not tanking boss here but here is whats going on. Tank must be at all times in front of boss. If he dies or is too far boss starts jumping, each jump is knockdown and damage. 3 jump = group wipe. From attacks that boss does is heavy stomp that has very large knockback (slide on floor). Nothing to do there beside blocking and then running back fast. Another terminal phase. This is poison i was talking about. Its all around edges of canyon. Staying on the rail where blade spins is safest. Execute phase starts at 25%. Similar to HRC loose stack required. Each player is bombarded by missiles and if they stay too close to someone explosions will overlap and double damage.

As found on Youtube