Hey guys, I’ll try to do a review of some strategies for killing Molag Kena and beating veteran White-Gold-Tower. This is a hard fight, and you may find it nearly impossible before getting to VR 16… From time to time Kena will put a shield (DPS her right before that) and brings some lightning aspects around her DPS this lightning aspects, be careful with the lightnings that come from the center and be extremely careful when she JUMPS, cause she’ll crush the ground and pull everybody to the edge Like she just did now.

So be close to the center at that moment. If you hit the edge of the circle you’re just insta-killed Storm Atronach should be killed ASAP! They’ll tag someone and just insta-kill when they get close. Another attack she does is this lightning wall that rotates. If the wall gets too close just dodge roll in the opposite direction it’s rotating Atronach again, TOP priority… Just dodge roll walls to avoid them The safer area to stay is this lighter circle. Center is dangerous, edge is dangerous. Lightning aspects again… DPS them (do not take too long) And avoid at all being pushed to the edge when she jumps When her health is low… Shell become enraged and DPS everyone Like CRAZY and put TWO walls on the ground they rotate in opposite directions Now is the moment to totally burn her! Be extremely careful with these double walls And Atronachs are still TOP priority And it’s done….

As found on Youtube