Dream-Trials Guide

A Guide to the Quest for Wu’s Notebook from Goddess of Mercy in Dream – Trials Adventure Quest from Chauncey

(Map of Dream – Trial. Current Location is in front of Golden Warrior Spawn)

There are plenty of items in the game that I’m sure a lot of players feel need to be updated so that they’re stored in the Quest inventory slots and not your regular Inventory slots. This includes the Bonus quest items. I would suggest going to your stash and clearing out your Inventory of anything unnecessary. 6-10 slots will work for the Bonus quests, and the items you need to find don’t disappear until leaving the Dream – Trial.

Upon entering the Dream – Trial adventure your first task is to talk to Jino. This is where everyone seems to get confused. He will give you only one Quest at first, asking you to kill Burningeye Archdemon(the mob that drops Wu’s Notebook), however, as of right now he has some pretty leet defense for such a low character to fight.

This is the secret. Talk with Jino AGAIN. Accept the newer three Quests.

Quest 1:

Jino will ask you to talk to Zaar, who is an NPC just to the right of Jino a bit. He serves as a Blacksmith within this adventure. Talk with Zaar and scroll down to the Quest Related icon and select the weapons quest. This will add an Odd Weapon, Ethrelic, and Auxiliary Stone to your inventory.

Your next task within this quest is to talk to Zaar again and Imbue the Odd Weapon with the Ethrelic using the Aux. Stone to aid the success rate. Talk to Zaar again to complete the quest. The reward is a buff that decreases the effectiveness of Burningeye Archdemon’s Defense, but you will also receive a nice amount of Exp as a reward.

Quest 2:

The second quest Jino wants you to complete has confused quite a few people, it seems. First, you must lure a Silver Warrior in to a trap set in the ground in order to receive a special Net. To lure the Silver Warrior(Just South of Jino 913,808,236) simply attack it once and move away from him slowly, leading him away from his spawn and towards the dark brown circular traps(Even more South of the Silver Warrior spawn 892,736,234) set in the ground, upon which the Silver Warrior will die and drop a special net.

(In Silver Warrior Spawn, just South of Jino and just forward going South you will find the traps.)

(Close to the location of the traps you must use on the Silver Warrior, walk just ahead, they should be right around the road.)

After aquiring this special net you need to attack another Silver Warrior until it’s health is below 50% and use the net to capture it inside an egg. This egg you need to hand over to Cloud Colt, who is right next to Zaar the Blacksmith. Again, completing this quest lowers the effectiveness of Burningeye Archdemon’s defense and nets you a nice Exp. reward.

Quest 3:

This is the simplest of all of Jino’s quests. All you have to do is kill Golden Warriors(Just North of Jino 865,848,262) until one drops a Golden Warrior Card. This card needs to be turned in to Sun Wukong, who is to the right of Jino. You will get to keep the card after this, so take advantage of it and use it. Transform in to the Golden Warrior and talk to Hoggy twice, after you talk to Hoggy you’ll receive the final buff to lower Burningeye’s defense and an Exp. reward.

(Standing in front of the Golden Warrior Spawn site, just North of Jino)


Now, before you do anything else here you should talk to Jino and teleport to the extra events inside the Dream – Trials adventure. Why? Because there are two daily Bonus quests here that will net you around 12,000 Exp total the first time you do them. They’re simple, quick, and well worth it. You can do these two in either order, it doesn’t matter.

The first quest asks you to simply run over the red ‘traps’ in the ground, after they explode various Stardust items will be added to your inventory. There are 5 different kinds of Stardust and after collecting all 5 and turning them into the Quest Ender you will receive just over 6,000 Exp.

(Looking at the Red Traps in the instanced Pokari, follow this path to find the Quest Start/End NPC.)

The second quest is a little more time consuming but just as easy. You will be asked to pick the Celestial Fruit, 6 of them to be exact. They can take quite a bit longer to farm than what you’re used to by now, but it’s worth it. The Celestial Fruit doesn’t have a standard farming time so it could be quick for you. Turning these in to the Quest Ender will, again, net you just over 6,000 Exp.

(Looking at the Celestial Fruit, follow the path to find the Quest Start/End NPC.)

Now wasn’t that worth it? Talk to one of the Quest Enders again and teleport back to the Dream – Trials Starting City.

From here, you’re free to defeat Burningeye Archdemon and receive your rewards. Wu’s Notebook generally drops three times even if you’re not in a party. They’re only worth 1 Bronze and I doubt people will pay anything for it so I just toss mine, but you never know.

(Looking at Dirtpool Cave, the spawn of Burningeye Archdemon. I have found him close to the Silver Warriors as well, if you’re having trouble finding him.)

Go ahead and walk back over to Jino, he’ll reward you for killing Burningeye Archdemon and send you on your way back to your hometown so can talk to your Goddess and receive her reward for getting Wu’s Notebook. After completing all of this you should be around Level 11 or 12 and it will make the game move a lot quicker. Now you can stop the senseless grinding and start, well, grinding to complete quests.


I would suggest accepting the Dragonkin Quest, and using his Double Exp. item, complete the Tests the Goddess is going to give you. But that’s up to you. There are plenty of quests available in Pokari to use this item with, and it lasts for 2 hours, so make your own call.
Thank you to Konokami for corrections.
Thank you to andracil for corrections and writing the original Guide which has already helped a lot of players.

Credits go to Protozorz.