Illustrated Possessor Guide

you’ve probably heard people talking about possessing, and by the time you’ve done a few quests you’ve probably even got one or two clogging up your inventory. but maybe you don’t know how to use one. possessors are really useful tools, especially when faced with boring quests of killing many mobs or when you’re unable to be at your keyboard. essentially, the possessor takes over your character and fights, heals and picks up drops for you.

the possessor looks like a golden buddha. you may also see what looks like a green geode or something. this is called a jadeon, and is a tool used in conjunction with your possessor. right click the possessor to get started.

you may get a notice that this action will bind the possessor to you. this just means you can no longer sell or drop it. that’s ok – trust me, as you level, you won’t want to sell or drop it! when it is open, you will see what looks like a paddle. there are a bunch of empty slots, in which you will place your fighting (and, if you have them, healing) skills, health/mana pots, and pet food. the first aux (axillary) slot is for your jadeon

you can drag the skills and items you want to use from your hotkey bars or inventory into the paddle. you can also hit the red cog-looking icon on the paddle to open a window that will allow you to set up your skill and item preferences, as well as a lot more!

in this window, you can see a lot more preferences you can choose. the top left shows at what percentage of health and mana/belly you will use pots and pet items, as well as how often you will do so. I typically leave these at the default settings. below that is your skill settings: which skills you will use and how often, including a supplemental health skill slot. under these two is the pickup settings. this is where the jadeon comes in: the jadeon enables you to pick up mob drops. use these settings to filter what drops you pick up, in case you have limited inv space or are only seeking specific drops. to the right you have attack settings, which allows you to choose any specific preferences for attacking. this is helpful if you want to only attack one type of mob amongst several types mixed in together. the bottom just allows for additional settings – I typically choose to autofeed the snack drops, so they don’t clog up my inventory, and it’s free food!

I suggest that, at first, you stick with the defaults and just place the skills that have the lowest cooldown and mana cost. with time, you can tweak the settings to suit your preferences. (if you’re a conjurer, do not set your skills up as shown – I was screwing with my settings to make these ss and this is NOT an effective method of possessing xD)

now it’s time to use your possessor! note that a possessor that is not activated will have a little yellow guy that looks like this

when you press the yellow person icon ("start"), it activates the possessor and you should start moving. the yellow guy should have red and yellow beams around him now.

a few notes about possessors and jadeons:

*possessors come in 6 hour, 1 day, 3 day, and 7 day versions. once you activate the possessor via the start button, the countdown begins and cannot be stopped

*jadeons come in 3 hour, 6 hour, 1 day, 3 day, and 7 day versions. once you activate the possessor, the countdown on the jadeon begins

*possessors become harder to come by later in the game, so save the ones you get now!

* 3 hour jadeons can be collected for free from wehn daily via a quest – all you have to do is accept the quest (I have to verify this – I haven’t done it in a while)

*possessors can be gotten by turning in tusko puzzle pieces to general uree for his puzzle quest. these puzzle pieces are received for completing bulletin board quests. however, collecting a full puzzle set can be time consuming, inventory clogging and frustrating. trying to buy them will be more expensive than simply buying the possessors on trade realm or in the cash shop!

*on occasion, a possessor will stop functioning. make sure you don’t have "attack only" options checked that would prevent you from attacking these specific mobs. you can also relog. sometimes when you get event tokens for completing a task that doesn’t require turning in (like occs), this might happen. other times it just doesn’t want to work, for whatever reason, and will not start again. this is very frustrating, but fortunately rare.

make the most of your possessor once you get started. make sure you have plenty of pots to keep you alive until you can come back to your keyboard. experiment often with your settings to find what works best for you as far as what you picks up, what you don’t pick up, how to maximize your kills and minimize the amount of damage you take doing it.

happy possessing!

Credits go to Luckigrrl.