Xanada Instance Guide

Quick Guide to Xanada!

So, you heard about the new Instance called Xanada, right? This is your chance to grab a map, jump in, and kill some players without getting infamy. Sounds fun right? Well it’s a bit more complex than that.

First of all, Xanada is a magical place, where, if done right, a lvl 25 can own a lvl 95. How is this possible? One word: Buffs.

Before we get into that, though, let’s start at the beginning.

Step #1 – pick up a map from the Dweller of Vacuity. These maps are available at 11am-2pm, 6pm-8pm, 8pm-10pm server time. You can only pick up 3 maps a day, though, so don’t miss them!
Step #2 – go to realm 5, which the the realm you can enter the instance on. Talk to Chauncy to enter it.
Step #3 – pick a side. Usually people pick the side with the most people, but this is not always the winning side. Looking at the people in at the time can help make a better estimate. If you do not have a choice in the side (eg. you pick up a map and run in), then go on in, unless you want to wait until later.

When you enter, you will be a few feet from your respawn point. Here is located a Profiteer supplier (he can sell you potion buffs for dragon coins), a crossbow (this is your protection from enemy players who try to spawn camp), and another NPC that gives you quests.

There are five quests you can get from this NPC:
1) Face to Face Encounter – kill one member from the opposite team and get one event token
2) Hero Out For Blood - kill five members of the opposite team and get 2 event tokens
3) Only Hope – kill 10 members of the opposite team and get 4 event tokens and a money bag (think moon/star)

These quests are relatively easy to get and can yield Irised Celestial Gems. These Gems can be exchanged at the profiteer supplier for the buff potions previously mentioned.

4) Backbone – kill 5 soldiers of the opposite side and get 2 event tokens
5) Extraordinary Guardian – kill 20 soldiers of the opposite side and get 4 event tokens and a money bag

These quests are initially harder b/c they require the use of dragon coins. In order to kill soldiers, you need at least 440 of these coins for two Warcry – Stiffener (2) and two turret transforms. Killing soldiers can result in Sacred Silver Chests (also can be exchanged for dragon coins), various buff potions, and even Astral Ethrelics.

Why two? One second, I will explain.

Once you have your potions for killing soldiers, head to the very center of the map to an NPC named Fusion God. Here, exchange the Stiffener and Turret potions for a Stiffener+ and a Turret+.

–> Find a good spot and wait for the soldiers to come. I often chose a spot near the entrance to the center area where they file out. Make sure you use both mentioned potions and fuse before attacking. <–

Now, have you killed your soldiers? Alright, it’s time to try for some player kills! For this, I highly recommend 240 dragon coins to buy two distance potions (forgot the names) from the God of Fusion. Then you can exchange them right there for a lvl 3 one. A flying trans also helps here for easy escapes, but make sure to watch your mana.

Anything goes here. As long as the player you are chasing is on the opposite team, they are up for kills. If you do all the player kill quest, you should have 16 kills, 7 event tokens, and a money bag at the end.

In an effort to reduce the drama surrounding Xanada, the best thing to do is remember: What happens in Xanada, stays in Xanada. No matter if you kill an alliance member, or a friend, or whatever, they are on the opposite team, so it’s OKAY to kill them.

Now, onto the various buffs available. These will be very useful in the player kills section of the quests.

I don’t remember all of the names, but if there is a stat, there is a buff for it.
The Profiteer Supplier has level 1-3, and 1-2 in some cases, of HP, Int, Mana, Str, CritStrike, CritCast, Resil, Defense and Resistance buff potions. There is also an entire section for these same buffs but foy our whole party, if you chose to create one. Each of these potions are ALSO available for exchange (using two of the highest lvl of each said potion) at the Fusion God.

Also, around the instance and in random spots, there are buff circles, much the same you see around Gaap Lands. There are three different kinds of buffs you can get from these: A critcast/critstrike 30% increase (but you lose some max HP), a mana/health regen (every 2 seconds you gain health and mana), and a speed buff (doubles your flight and movement speed).

If used correctly, and in combination with he various buff circles all around the instance, anyone can own anyone, even a lvl 25 vs a 95, no matter what class.

Now aside from all this excitement, let me now introduce the new vanguard section!

There is a vanguard for each side that you can kill to get tons of spirit based on the amount of damage you do to him. If no one else touches him (soldiers included) you can get 100,000 spirit. You can also party with someone and kill him together, sharing the spirit.

Each side is slightly different in placement. Remember you also have to protect yourself from guard b/c they will attack you if you are not placed in the right spot.

Xanada Vanguard (for when you are on Heaven’s side)
Make sure to pick up two Catapults from your Profiteer supplier, and exchange them at the god of fusion in the center. Set yourself up to the right or left of the door in the Xanada fort on the wall. This picture is a good indication of where exactly to stand:

This position allows you to attack the vangaurd with no soldiers mauling you.

Heaven Vanguard
(for when you are on Xanada’s side)
This one is a bit more expensive coin-wise. You’ll need to buy two Catapults and two Stiffener (2) potions, b/c the placement is in a place you can be attacked by soldiers. It also helps to have a good set of defense gear and a few signets to top off your base def at 1k at least. When transformed into a catapult, you should have just about 3k defense to protect against soldiers (they do about 37 dmg to me with all this).

Set up along the right wall near the doorway of Heaven’s fort. A few soldiers may attack you, but if you have enough def, your pots should be fine.

When all is said and done, its time to see the General’s health, right? In order for a round of Xanada to end, the timer must run out, or you kill the other team’s general. If you think you can do it with no buffs or transes, then have at it. But sometimes picking up 2 Catapults from your supplier and fusing them at the fusion god for a Catapult+ is a quicker way. Unlike player attacks that only do one damage, Catapults can do 30 damage to the general.

So now you are killing the general as a super strong catapult, eh? That’s not all! Watch out, b/c the soldiers spawn right next to the general on both sides! With the right positioning, you might be able to avoid them.

Credits go to Anrisa.