Hello there ladies and gentlemen, this is Oxhorn and I’m here in Tenpines Bluff today, which is a new settlement I’m working on — at least we’re visiting, anyway — to go over some of the major tips that I use when building settlements. I often get requests from people saying “Hey, could you give me any top 10 tips on what you do to build your settlements?” And so, sure, here you go, here’s some tips. For these tips and tricks, you do not need mods — this is a mods-free video, so these should work for any player even if you’re on consoles or not using mods.

First on the list is: scrap the weapons that you get from your Raider attacks. Seems pretty obvious, but when you get attacked by Raiders and Super Mutants and Gunners they drop a lot of weapons. And if you don’t loot the weapons off of their bodies, then the weapons disappear forever. So you have two choices, you can: A) either loot all of the weapons and give them to all of your settlers, or B) scrap them. Now what I’ve done in the past is, I’ve looted all the weapons and then placed them in my workshop. Check this out — I’ve got all of these weapons that came from a variety of different attacks and I put them in here because settlers will walk by and arm themselves during attacks, using these weapons. That way I don’t have to actually go through their inventory and give them a whole bunch of weapons. But, let’s say you’re short on resources. Just drop all your weapons, open up the workshop, and start scrapping away.

You’re going to get some stuff that you don’t typically use for settlement building, like nuclear material and fiber optics, but you also get steel and wood, and sometimes you’ll need those for the settlements that you are building. So, you get attacked a lot — at least I get attacked a whole lot in my settlements — which means that you have a nearly unlimited supply of weapons. Make sure that you scrap them for resources. Next up, get rank 4 of Strong Back. I already have it so let’s go back a rank so that you can read it, but it says: “When overencumbered, you can fast travel.” This is really important and you need to be level 30 before you can get it, but it helps immensely with dungeon runs — when going through dungeons to get scrap.

Instead of storing stuff in containers or making multiple trips back and forth, just get the fourth rank of Strong Back, load up until you’re completely encumbered, and then fast travel to your settlement to deposit all of your materials. It makes your life as a settlement builder a whole lot easier. The next tip is to scrap items that you’ve already built that you know you’ll never use, so when you build something and you decide you no longer need it, what you do is you go to the item and you typically go Tab to store the item in your workshop.

And that’s fine — it saves the item in your workshop so that you can use it later, but let’s say you’ve finished your settlement and you know you’ll never need those items again. Instead of storing them in your workshop where they are not put to good use, scrap them to retain the resources. This is important because when you store a settlement object in your workshop, it only exists at that workshop. It’s not like you’re going to be able to use it again at some other settlement. So unless you’re completely rebuilding that one settlement again, the item is no longer useful to you. So what I do is I just go through my settlement build menu and I looked for the numbers. This is telling me that I have one of these shack floors and I no longer need it, so I’m going to build it and scrap it. There’s another shack floor; let’s build that, scrap that. Any more floors? No, let’s go to walls.

Let’s go through the walls. How many walls do I got here? I probably built some of these walls… Yeah, two of these. 1… 2… Oh, it looks like i accidentally built one. But let’s regain some of those resources that otherwise were just sitting there not being used. You get the idea. After you finish your settlement — look at these, I’ve got eight of these — just go through one item at a time and scrap the stuff you never use to regain your resources. The next step may be obvious, but use a jetpack, ladies and gentlemen.

Using the jetpack makes settlement building so much easier. If you don’t use a jetpack then you end up building these big intricate contraptions and scaffolding, trying to get up into the high places. Or you’ll use a mod to make things hover in the air, and all of that is fine and it works, and I do all of that, often, in my settlement builds, but I just can’t imagine settlement building without a jetpack. It allows me to access all of the hard-to-reach places in my settlement that I otherwise would struggle to get done and it just makes my life so much easier.

So make sure you get to the level where you can put a jetpack on your power armor, get a jetpack, and craft away. Alright, let’s say that you’re trying to build an elevated platform, and you want to use these posts that came with Far Harbor or Contraptions Workshop to make it look like it’s secured to the ground. So you try and get under it and you line it up just perfectly and you place that there then you place that one there and then you go, “oh man, I didn’t line it up right” or you place one on top and you’re like, “oh shoot, it’s going through the floor; what’s going on?” Well, the best way to go about this in my opinion is to not build from the bottom up, but to build from the top down. Not only is this going to make it easier but you’re not going to overshoot your platform if there is any excess.

It’s going to go underneath the ground; it’s going to get buried in the earth. This way, it has a much more clean look to it; it looks much more convincing. Here’s one that I thought was common knowledge, but I actually had a viewer say that they had no idea you could do this. You can move anything that’s connected to something else by simply hovering over an item, holding E… boom! That selects absolutely everything. I can now move this entire marketplace around, if i want to. Now, as you can see there’s part of this that I don’t want to be selected. So to cancel this, let’s press Tab. Everything goes back the way it was. And notice that when I did this the last time, I got this power pylon selected. But let’s say I didn’t want to have that selected. Well, it’s really simple. Let’s just move this out of the way — move it a bit farther away, and then when we try to select absolutely everything again, we no longer have the pylon / conduits selected.

We now only have the marketplace selected. Now, this is going to be much more useful if you use a tool like “Place Everywhere” because then you can push it outside of the bounds of the zone, or you can push it farther ahead of you, and stuff like that. But it’s still a really useful feature, even if you’re doing this on consoles or if you’re not playing with mods. So if you want to select everything, hold E to do so. Now some of these chairs and beds in the game don’t have backs, and so it’s hard to know which side is the front and which side is the back. This can be important if you’re trying to post something on the ground that a settler is going to use, like a chair for example. You want to make sure that they sit the right way. Well, here’s a tip. In the past I would look for an identifying mark on the chair, that would show me where the back was.

In the case of this stool, that line is the back of the chair. So I would make sure to point the line always towards myself when placing it, so that I knew where the back of my settler would be. But if I were to use something that makes logical sense to me, like the line on the back of this, to be the back of the stool, I would be fooling myself. Because the line at the back of this stool is not the back of it. Settlers don’t sit on it like that. See, in this example, that line in the back is not the very back of this settler. So if I were to use that to line this up, I would be incorrect. So the best way to go about this is to find something that has a back, like this stool with a back, right? We know where the settler is going to sit in this stool every single time because it has a back.

But the nice thing about the settlement build menu is that the items retain the shape. So here I am with the back pointing towards me, and I move one over, and I’m going to be confident that if I set that down right there, the settler will sit in the stool with her back towards me. Alright, let’s wait to see if a settler sits down. I think she’s going to take it. And there we go, yep, so she’s sitting the correct way that we were able to predict simply by taking a look at something else that was in the building menu. And this works for beds as well. So let’s take a look at some of these beds.

Uhh, which way is up? Which way would the settler sleep? There’s really no indication. Is one side slightly taller than the other side? It’s kind of hard to tell, especially with a bed like this. Which side is up and which side is down? Well, this comes in handy when we have a bed like this, or actually, no — a bed like the one that comes with Vault-Tec Workshop. This. This bed comes with Vault-Tec Workshop, and it’s hard to see when it’s highlighted, but you can see that one end of it is slightly uncovered.

That’s where the settler will put his or her head. So if we want the head to go on the right side like this, let’s just position the bed and then we can go and find any bed that we want to place — like, a sleeping bag, or a cage bed, or… even one of these dirty beds, and we can be confident that all of the heads will line up. Right? Simple. Alright, so you’ve got a crop planter down here that came with Wasteland Workshop, and you want to make a nice square dice-face grid of carrots, but you try to put this carrot down here and you can’t seem to find that sweet spot. It’s just so hard to get to and you just can’t place it. It’s saying that the planter is full. Well, this is a really simple workaround. Plant the carrot anywhere else. Once it’s planted, go back and select it, and you can plant it in the planter.

It’s much more lenient that way and I don’t know why. And we can just keep doing this. Let’s plant another crop. Even though this is pretty much full, we can plant two carrots really close to each other. They no longer detect each other’s being next to each other. I think this is due to a glitch. I think the carrot is still technically over here. You see, I hover over that… yeah. I hover over this invisible spot and the carrot lights up because I believe the game is still technically placing it here, but visually it’s going to be here. So this is a great way to go about it, and then you can just move this anywhere you want.

Bingo. Alright, has this ever happened to you? You’re wiring up electricity, or you’re changing something that has already been wired, and your wires get all messed up. They start pointing to the wrong things, or worse yet, they start doing this spike animation and it never stops — like that, that sparkle animation right there. It just never stops and you want to figure out how to fix that. Well, there’s a really simple way to do it. You don’t have to scrap each of these wires and rewire it — that’s just a waste of time. Instead, just select one of the wires, and then cancel by pressing Tab. And it snaps back to the original position. If you have a lot of wires attached to something like this, simply grab the thing that the wires have been attached to and then press Tab to cancel. And they all snap back exactly where they’re supposed to go. That should save you a lot of time.

Here’s one that plagues settlements. So each settler can produce 6 food. Now, that means they can farm more than six crops. You see how this carrot is only producing food? That means that when it comes to carrots, each settler can farm 12 carrots. When it comes to mutfruit, each settler can only farm six mutfruit because each mutfruit produces 1 food. The problem comes into play when your settlement starts to grow. So let’s say you’ve got four settlers and one settler assigned to farming. So you plant four mutfruit or eight carrots to produce 4 food. Well, when you first assign one of your settlers to farming, that settler only farms 4 food. Right? Because you only have 4 food planted. But then your settlement starts to grow, and suddenly you need more food. So you know that your settler can farm a total of 6 food, so you plant 2 more food, but your settler does not start farming automatically.

That’s because the way the game works is it triggers an auto-assign process when you assign a settler to an object for the first time. So when you assign a settler to a crop, it will automatically try to detect other crops nearby to assign that settler to, until it reaches maximum 6 food. If there are only four carrots there, then it stops doing that. But when you plant more carrots, the game doesn’t go through that auto-assigning process again. Instead what you got to do is, when you plant more crops, you have to find the settler that has already been assigned to farming, and reassign that settler to farming. Watch what happens when I reassign a settler to farming. Look at my food in the top left hand corner. You see it go down? The game is unassigning all of the food from that settler, and then it’s going through each food item, one at a time — one, two, three, four, and assigning it to that settler until all of them are assigned.

So, to summarize this tip, if you have enough food planted, and you have enough settlers farming, but your food still is in the red — it still says you don’t have enough food — just take one of your settlers, maybe hover over them to see which crops they’re assigned to, find the one that is assigned to the fewest, and reassign that settler to some crops. The game will reset itself and you should be good to go. Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen — a short quick video with some very basic settlement building tips that I’ve discovered over time and that I wanted to share with you. I hope you learned something new; if you didn’t learn something new, that’s okay.

I’ve got more videos to make, and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something in those videos as well. And who knows, maybe you’ve got something to teach me. Is there something that you can teach me that I can then share with my viewers at a later date? Please leave a comment in the video section below and share with me your best settlement building tips and tricks. Here I am at Tenpines Bluff. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. I’m going to get to work to revisit the settlement and make it amazing. Thanks for watching, everybody! Please subscribe for more videos like this. I’m not only doing settlement builds but I do lore videos, I do mod videos, I do a wide range of content. If you like what I do and you want to support me in a more personal way, consider becoming one of my patrons on Patreon. Patreon subscribers gain access to my private Discord server, as well as a bunch of other cool Oxhorn perks.

But more than anything, ladies and gentlemen, I’m just so glad that you’re here watching this video today. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all again very soon, bright and early tomorrow morning, with a new video..

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