I’ve traveled much of the Commonwealth in my day. Here are some basic survival tips from one wanderer to another. If you find any of these markings out there in the Commonwealth, take note. This one means “proceed with caution”, hostile enemies are lurking about. This one means that there’s a cache of loot nearby. Generally speaking, the farther south you venture in the Commonwealth the more dangerous the critters become. The southern-most portion is aptly named “The Glowing Sea”. If you must venture there, bring a suit of power armor or you’ll be sorry.Sleeping in a safe location makes you well rested for the next 8 hours. When you’re “well rested” you gain experience at a slightly faster rate. The Commonwealth is prone to radiation storms. If the sky starts turning green and cloudy find cover immediately or pop a rad-x.

The Commonwealth is crawling with ghouls. If you can’t finish them off quickly with head shots, try aiming for their legs instead. The result is an incapacitated ghoul that’s rendered harmless. Conserve further ammunition by bashing them in the head. Mirelurks are resilient to most attacks due to their protective shells. My lasers bounce right off them. Aim for their face instead, that’s where they’re most venerable. Adhesive is considered a rare resource in the wasteland if you see any tape or glue during your travels you’d be crazy not to pick it up.

Once you leave Vault 111 consider visiting your old neighborhood before exploring the rest of the Commonwealth. A special book can be found in your old house along with a Grognak comic. Probably worth checking out. I have many more survival tips to share with you. But I’m afraid they’ll have to wait for another day….

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