What’s up guys, this is Jeremy from Achievement Hunter here, making a guide to show you the “Benevolent Leader” achievement in Fallout 4. Now if you’re gonna be like me, this is going to be the last achievement you’re gonna get get in the game, because, it really kinda sucks. You need to get a large settlement to 100% happiness. So I managed to do this in Sanctuary but I’m going to show you a couple of tips that if you just follow these steps, you should get the achievement no problem, it just takes a little bit of grinding to do it. So, here’s the Sanctuary that eventually got to 100% happiness. My first tip, is gonna be actually don’t use Sanctuary. If you haven’t started doing this yet, grab a different spot, after you capture it for the Minutemen.

Sanctuary has a big issue and that is Sturges Sturges counts as a settler in Sanctuary, but you can’t tell him to do anything. So, he’s going to be totally useless because he’s mission based, and you can’t send him away from Sanctuary. So he kinda makes the whole thing a lot more difficult, so just use a different place. Like, as you can see, I can go up to this chick and command her to pick food or do whatever, but when I go to Sturges I can’t highlight him, I can’t do anything with him So at the top there in “Build Mode” you can see a bunch of different things that the settlers will need.

The first is the size of the settlement, which is on the top right When that turns from your HUD color (default is green) to yellow, your settlement is large enough to get the achievement; it HAS to hit that yellow mark first. To do that you can just keep putting down houses and stuff like that, eventually it’ll be the right size. Now people, is the other thing that’s really important. I had 20 when I got this achievement, and the way you get more settlers in your settlement, is to make a radio beacon. You build one of those any time you go to a new settlement, Preston Garvey will tell you all about that the first time you need to do it. Set that up; power it with a generator and it’ll start calling other settlers. Now the number of people that come in is related on your “Charisma” stats it’s gonna be 10 people, plus whatever your charisma is, I have 10 “Charisma” and therefore I have 20 people.

The most you can get is 21, if you have 10 “Charisma” and find the bobblehead it’ll boost you on up to 11. I would definitely recommend having 20 people just because it makes your life a lot easier, and that’s because of all the other things you need, starting with food. With food you need the number equal to the number of people you have; your food doesnt have to be any higher than 20 if you have 20 people. Plant mutfruit, that’s what you want to do. There’s like corn and carrots and stuff like that, Dont bother with any of those, just plant mutfruit, because it gives you 1 food everytime it’s picked, whereas everything else gives you 0.5. and with less people you can get the amount of food you need for your settlement, and that’s kind of a big deal. Next is water. Water is exactly the same thing, you just need to make sure you have a number equal or greater than the number of people in your settlement There are just these little pumps that need to be planted in the dirt that give you 3 water so build seven of those, or head down to the riverbank, and build one of these giant assholes, It’s worth 40 water, and that’s way more than enough, you just need to power it with a generator.

And speaking of power, power means nothing. It doesn’t matter how much power you have in your settlement It doesn’t affect happiness at all. Now defence does. My defence is at 163 i think right there… I think anything over 100 will do just fine; if you’re nervous that you might not have enough defence, just go into your Pip-Boy, go onto the data menu, and then go to “Workshops”. You can scroll down to your settlement and it’ll come up with an exclamation point next to defence if you dont have enough if you dont have enough. If you dont have enough, BUILD TURRETS, not guard towers, since you need to assign someone to that, and that’s a waste of a settler. Beds, again, is the exact same thing. Just a number equal to or greater than the number of people you have. So make sure you have at least 20 beds, and make sure they’re inside, otherwise your people will be mad that they have to sleep in the rain.

Now. Happiness. This is the real shitstorm, what makes the achievement really hard. The things that affect happiness are A) Decorations like paintings and statues and stuff like that So just go all out, cover everything with paintings; every vertical surface you can find, just put paintings on it. Even the outside of houses and stuff like that, I just put paintings everywhere, and statues. The other thing that affects happiness is whether or not you’re in the settlement. I think this is actually because of a glitch; when you leave your settlement, It says you have like less beds and stuff than you actually have, and so their happiness goes down. Because the game just sort of forgets that you have all that stuff.

So you’re just gonna have to hang out until you get the achievement. And the final thing; probably the biggest thing for happiness is Shops. You need tier 3 shops, which means you need to have your “Local Leader” perk to rank 2, and there are four types of shop that increase happiness. Those are your “General Store” The “Bar” The “Clinic” and the “Clothing Store”. and you want to build at LEAST 15 of those.

I had 15 in my town that got to 100%. 16 is gonna be your best number, to get 16 sellers working in the shops, and another 4 picking food and getting it up to 20 food, You’ll know you’re doing it right when the happiness meter has a little up arrow next to it and the best way to kind of get that to start going up, is to stand around in “Build Mode” for like five or six minutes, just to make sure the arrow’s there, and then go sleep for 24 hours.

Come back, go back in to build mode, and stand around for another five or six minutes, and it will just go up over time. If you have 16 shops it will DEFINITELY get to 100% if you just wait long enough, Another thing you can do to boost it is you can build a bell in your settlement and when you ring the bell, everyone in the town comes over and joins you They go stand by the bell; it’s like you’re calling a town meeting, and that seems to increase their happiness, all being in one group and being around you, seems to help So if you just keep doing that, making sure you have that up arrow, then that will eventually get you to 100% and you can unlock that damn achievement I looked online the other day and a lot of people don’t have it, a lot of people are confused about how to get it But that’s how to get “Benevolent Leader”, hopefully you can get that one, and 1000 point your game.

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