[INTRO] Jeremy: What’s up, guys. Jeremy and Geoff here for Fallout 4: the Alien Blaster location. Geoff: Oh, right! So just like in Fallout 3? Jeremy: Yeah, it’s- the gun’s pretty different actually. It’s still super super powerful so this is the gun you’re gonna want. I’ve read online- people have said that you need to complete this mission before you can find it. I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but I’m showing you where the mission is just in case. If you go to the location and it’s not there, then you need to complete this one. It’s in the Malden Middle School. If you go into the basement- Geoff: Is that where you went to middle school? Jeremy: No it’s not, but I’ve been to Malden several times, yeah. Geoff: How was it? Jeremy: It- it’s alright. Sorry- [Geoff laughs] Jeremy: Sorry people from Malden- uhh But once you’re in the basement, you’ll find Vault 75 and get a mission down there just called “Vault 75”. So you need to complete that mission which is pretty much just to explore it, and then head to the Beantown Brewery, which I’m assuming is supposed to be like the Sam Adams Brewery.

Geoff: Yeah, I would assume probably. Jeremy: That would be my guess. Once you’re there, you’re just gonna head South. You’ll see a settlement on my map. You’re gonna want to be directly east of that. So this is something that people have been looking for, or they’re gonna be looking for once the game comes out, because this makes the game so much easier once you have this gun. Geoff: Is it the same as Fallout 3 where you have limited ammo? Jeremy: Yes, I think we find like 450 shots with it- Geoff: Wow. Jeremy: But I don’t know if you can find ammo anywhere else in the game. I mean, in Fallout, there were certain places where you could get more. Geoff: Yeah, yeah. Jeremy: So maybe we’ll find locations like that in the future. But once you see the settlement, it’s kind of on my compass to the west there. I’m gonna show you in a second- yeah, it’s right over there. So you want that directly west of you, and when you turn around and head east, you’ll see kind of a trench that’s on fire, and at the end of the trench is a crashed UFO.

Geoff: Huh. Jeremy: So in Fallout 3, when you got near the UFO, you got a ton of radiation. Geoff: Yeah. Jeremy: This one, you don’t, you don’t get any. So you can get as close as you want, kinda check it out, it’s really cool-looking. And the trench is awesome. Like, I think people have said that you could even see it crash if you’re from the right angle Geoff: Oh really. Jeremy: But I mean, it was just already here when I showed up. And I know I’ve been in this area before, so maybe I just missed it.

But you’ll see this green blood splatter on the ground, and if you follow that North, then you’re kinda tracking down whatever came off the ship here. So keep following it and you’ll see kind of a cave in the rock face in the distance there. So this is like a CSI kind of thing. [Geoff laughs] Jeremy: Just following the blood and it’s smeared on the wall, and you’ll just kind of venture inside of this cave. It’s actually like a travel point. I thought you would just kind of walk in. And once you’re inside, you will encounter whoever was piloting the ship. Geoff: Is he still alive? Jeremy: HE IS. I thought he wasn’t so- [Geoff laughs] Jeremy: And I was just like “Oh! Holy shit” so he stands up and just starts shooting at you. He doesn’t actually have a lot of health. I was getting ready for a big fight, and just kind of exploded his everything. So there he goes- Geoff: Jesus. Jeremy: And when you go up to his body, you can loot it to find the Alien Blaster. And yeah, 482 rounds. [Geoff whistles] Jeremy: So that is what you want.

Here is the alien blaster riiiiight- it’s gonna do a little cool turn around when you pick it up- Boop! Geoff: Is it super overpowered like in Fallout 3? Jeremy: Yes! But the main difference, I think between this one and the one in Fallout 3 is the projectiles from it actually move pretty slow. Like they kinda- they don’t travel like a normal bullet, they kind of just wave through the air like I’m showing you. This is the Alien Blaster right here, and a bunch of ghouls. And the bullets- like see, they take a bit to get there. Geoff: Yeah. Jeremy: But it is just super overpowered, like it kills all these guys in one hit when they come up to me, like just boop. Geoff: Dude that’s awesome. Jeremy: Yeah, it is really cool. And the other cool thing about it is that you can actually modify it. So you can give it like a longer barrel, if you want- Geoff: Huh, no shit. Jeremy: And you can give it, you know, a bigger magazine, a better grip, a scope- All kinds of stuff like that.

So it is actually a modifiable gun! So that’s how they get the Alien Blaster in Fallout 4, Geoff. Geoff: I imagine that will be the first thing everybody does, after they get their first checkpoint outside of the vault. Jeremy: Yeah, I definitely think it’s worth it, with some of the level that the enemies are on this. But you can get to level 270-something in this game, so- Geoff: Jesus Christ Jeremy: Feel free to get to that max level, and for more tips, tricks, and guides to Fallout 4, come to Achievement Hunter. Geoff: Hey that’s us! [OUTRO].

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