What’s up guys? This is Jeremy here from Achievement Hunter and, uh, it’s late It’s late at night in the Achievement Hunter office, everyone else has gone home But I really wanted to get this guide out today. So we’re gonna do the Bobblehead locations right now Let’s get you all the Bobbleheads starting with Strength, which is in the Mass Fusion Building Uh, I’m showing you where exactly this is. There is Vault 111 in Sanctuary Where you start the game up there and the Mass Fusion building is down here kind of in the middle of the city. There’s Fanueil Hall. I love going there in real life a lot of good food So you will see the Bobblehead pretty much right when you walk in you’ll see that sign, and if you look up There’s this metal statue and I’m going to pull out my sniper and zoom in to show you it is right there Kind of chillin’ on top of this statue So you need to fight your way through a bunch of– I think this place is full of Gunners, which are kind of like Fallout 4’s version of the Talon Mercs just a mercenary group Some of them are actually pretty tough so fight through here they’re kind of high level, you might want to wait a little while before coming here, but get all the way to the roof you’ll see this a couch right here, and you’ll fight a Gunner boss who is wearing power armor And if you jump over the edge be very careful where you step you can grab the Strength Bobblehead and there you go we are off with the first one! On to Perception This is probably the easiest Bobblehead in the game you will get it pretty much right away on your first mission when you exit the vault you’ll be sent to Concord and the Museum of Freedom so fight a bunch of Raiders outside and then head Inside where you’ll do pretty much the same thing fight a bunch of Raiders But you’ll have a mission to go upstairs and meet the minutemen so go all the way up Exactly to where you speak with, uh, Preston Garvey which is in this room here So you’ll talk to him a little bit turn to the side and the Bobblehead is just going to be on the desk Right there, so you can go ahead and pick that guy up.

Next is Endurance This is at Poseidon Energy So there is the very southeast corner of the map and here is Poseidon Energy, so it’s pretty close to the edge of the map The Map’s not huge, you can– there’s actually some locations off of that box so I’m trying to give you points based on like the edge of the map to give you an idea where to go So in this building you’ll fight a bunch of protectron turrets and eventually some Raiders So the Raider is going to come out of this Raider camp over here I’m showing you, uh, you’ll see that classic barbed wire wall that they’re known for You’re going to get onto the other side of that. You can go through a door But I just kind of jump over the wall right here, and then just start heading up And they’re going to be these small rooms that you go through one here Go through that and you’ll come to a second one you’ll know you’re on the right one when you see this billboard right across from you And on the desk in front of that billboard– or bulletin board I guess that would be, a billboard’s, like, on the street– is the Endurance Bobblehead and there you go, that is the ‘e’ in “SPECIAL”.

So three down, on to Charisma This one is a bitch, so it is in the Parsons State Insane Asylum, there we go What sucks about this is the only time you can get it is during this mission: The Secret of Cabot House because otherwise the asylum is locked now to start the series of missions that leads to this Need to go to the insane asylum kill all the guards out front and then run into a dude that’s gonna spawn in either Like Diamond City, Bunker Hill Monument, and I actually have the other one written down right here– do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do– Good Neighbor. So he’s gonna spawn in one of those places.

His name was Edward Deegan So run into him, start the missions And you’ll find the Charisma Bobblehead on Jack’s desk when you’re at this part of the mission. That was my tenth Bobblehead So there is, uh, “They’re not dolls…” Which is the first achievement you are going to get. So yeah, there’s Charisma. Kind of a bitch that one Intelligence is oddly enough in the Boston Public Library– seems to make sense. So I’m showing you It’s just a stone’s throw from Diamond City right to the east You’re going to go inside the door on the west side of the Public Library, fight a bunch of super mutants in here, a couple protectrons, some turrets and fight your way all the way to the back of this room And the Bobblehead is just kind of sitting on a computer desk. This one is pretty easy as long as you’re high enough level to fight those super Mutants you will be all set to just waltz in and Grab this one There’s no other real reason to come to the Public Library as far as I’ve seen So, there you go.

Now Agility is on the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star, heh, which is like all the way in the southeast of the map It’s pretty much the last location before you hit what is just water really, and you’ll see it’s this big boat I’m gonna pull up my sniper and show you right up There is the bobble head right on the bow kind of hanging out on that piece of wood there So just run yourself inside, all the way upstairs, you’re gonna have to fight some mirelurks to get this far I can see some glowing mirelurks on the ground here, and then you’re gonna have to fight a bunch of Gunners– I think they’re Gunners– it’s either Gunners or Raiders. I believe Gunners right here.

Get to the back And you’ll just see it hanging out right there just precariously on the edge, if it fell you would probably never find it, but you found it now So there’s the Agility one and we are going to go to the very last of these special Bobbleheads Which is Luck and that is on Spectacle Island which is, uh, kind of a big island to the south east of the map so it’s very close to where Jodie was And once you are on this island It’s going to do a little fade in a second right there. Sorry, but I got totally lost You’re gonna head to the southernmost point of the island.

Now this place is another place you don’t want to be unless you’re pretty high level It’s full of Mirelurks, Mirelurk Kings, Mirelurk hunters, all kinds of really shitty stuff in this game So just head up in this boat and turn around, the Luck Bobblehead is just in a locker waiting for you, and once you pick that guy up you’ll be done with all of your special Bobbleheads and you’re up to seven So now we’re gonna go on to the skills which aren’t really in Fallout 4 anymore, it’s pretty much just special now But these help you in very specific ways. So at Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, which is in the northeastern part of the map It’s a pretty friendly place. There’s actually just this dude a bunch of Mr. Handy robots inside There’s something red underneath, like in the basement, but I didn’t even bother going down there. I just came up here and ran all the way over to the Barter Bobblehead which is just chilling on a computer.

This one is pretty easy You don’t have to fight anybody, really. But this is behind a master lock if I’m not mistaken so you gotta get your lock up that high at least. Now the next one is in Vault 95 which I’m showing you is near the Southwestern part of the map that is the Glowing Sea it’s next to this phallic looking highway. The Glowing Sea really sucks. It’s full of radiation and really bad things, that’s why I’m in my power armor because I wanted to Really make sure I was safe, and this place is pretty rough.

It’s full of Gunners, and the Gunners are super, super high level So just make sure you’re ready to fight them all Walk down the stairs on the right once you go down the elevator into the vault And come through here. There will be a legendary Gunner in here So you’ll have to fight them and then waltz on through to see the Big Guns Bobblehead waiting for you on top of a radio And yeah, so this one not hard to find but kind of hard to get to because of all the fighting you have to do. So after Big Guns we’re moving on to Energy Weapons, which is in Fort Hagen. This is another mission-based one I don’t believe you can get this one unless you have the mission, Reunions, which is a main storyline mission so just keep going with the storyline and eventually you’ll have to find someone named Kellogg who is going to be inside Fort Hagen in this area. Now I’m showing you– I’ll show you on the local map where this is it’s the kitchen area once you go down the elevator So, uh, there it is.

It’s in the Southwestern part of this level of Fort Hagen And once you’re in the kitchen Just walk to the back and there will be these two refrigerators with the Bobblehead on a table right in between them So there is your Energy Weapons Bobblehead. You can bump up your laser rifles, plasma rifles, all that good stuff. And get more critical damage. Hooray! Saugus Ironworks is where you’ll find the Explosives. It’s right near the Northeastern part of the map. This is another one that’s not hard to find but pretty hard to get to because of how difficult all the enemies are. You’ll find a certain type of enemy in here, I think called Forgers And they use specifically flamers and molotovs So bring a lot of stimpaks because you’re going to get burned and in here you can have to fight a guy wearing power armor He’s pretty tough, but if you beat him, behind him is the Explosives Bobblehead So I also showed you on the local map what this place was called So you’ll know exactly where in the building that is.

The next one is Lockplick– “lockplick”, fuck Goddammit, LOCKPICK in Pickman Gallery, so this is kind of in the Northern part of this island here. I showed you where Sanctuary is At the very ends of Pickman’s Gallery you’ll run into Pickman. He’s kind of at the end of these catacombs you got to fight your way through You see him there. I think certain speech options lead you to fight him But I didn’t and on the ground is going to be your Lockpick Bobblehead just next to a garbage cans to make sure you’re looking out for that This is just kind of chilling on side you could miss it pretty easily Again that one’s not too bad, just a lot of Raiders you have to fight. Medicine is in Vault 81, this one– Okay, yeah, so Vault 81’s right there.

I’m showing you where’s Fort Hagen, Vault 81’s on the right I forgot to record me showing it on the map But there it is you also need the Hole in the Wall mission, which you’ll get from the doctor in Vault 81 once you get inside He’ll send you into a secret area of Vault 81 And you just want to go through the entire mission until you get to the very end of it. At the very end of the mission you’ll run into a, uh Mr. Handy Robot that’s a girl, but she has a french accent. It sounds weird, but that’s what it is. Her name is Curie. She can be a follower if you want And in her office, once you get her to unlock the door, is the Medicine Bobblehead. Now I don’t think you can mess up the speech to get her to unlock the door because there’s a cure in here you need as well, so there you go, that’s pretty easy Now, Melee is in Trinity Tower So there’s Diamond City right there so just to the east is going to be TrinityTower Which I believe, being from Boston, is actually the Prudential center.

So if you’re from Boston, that is what that building is called I’m pretty sure it’s a really tall tower. And once you are on the roof– So, I’m showing you. It’s kind of cool. You’re up on the roof, You can look out all over Boston You’ll have a mission to come up here and free this guy. So Rex Goodman You’ll get the mission as soon as you enter this building. So to get him out, the key’s in this chest right here Or if you have a master lockpick you can get them out that way Just come over here pop open the door He’ll be like, “Oh, thank you, thank you so much. Hooray. Now get me to safety.” He’ll walk out and here’s this friendly super mutant named Strong.

Who’s a– yeah that’s what he looks like– and on a table behind him is the Melee weapon Bobblehead So we’re uh trucking through these ones you only have I think six left, so doing pretty well Pick that guy up and move on to the next which is Repair. It’s in Corvega Assembly Plant This is not actually inside the building, but it is on the roof, so I think you can get there without actually going in But there is a way to go inside, kill all the Raiders, and then pop out on the rooftop So I’m showing you this is where I am on the local map.

It looks like this, so I’m outside I’m up on the roof and the Bobblehead is way up on the catwalks up there. It’s next to that globe thing I mean, it does look like just a giant globe So run your way all the way up, that door right there is where you can come out of the building and be upstairs It’s kind of hard to not know where I’m talking about because it’s just so blatantly there It’s like this giant thing on top of the building so just work your way up here to find the Repair Bobblehead on a box at the end of this Catwalk And pick that guy up. Fusion cores permanently last 10% longer, that’s really good for your power armor The next one is in Vault 75. So there is Vault 111 in Sanctuary It’s just kind of a little bit to the south East Um, and it’s inside the basement of like an elementary school or something like that.

As soon as you get inside You will get a mission to– just, it’s called Vault 75, it’s: Explore the vault. So the last part of this mission is going to ask you to kill a guy There’s like a bunch of Raiders in here or they might even be Gunners again, but uh to kill this dude He’ll be locked in this office. Take him out. He has a key card on him, so you can see the mission’s telling me to search his body, but where you find him is where you’ll find this Bobblehead And it’s just kind of chilling right there, so sneak up on it, because you don’t know what it’s going to do to you It’s not a doll as the achievement said But you can go ahead and just pick it up and get your awesome Science bonus.

Boop! One extra guess when hacking terminals is pretty awesome The next one is in Gunners Plaza, Small Guns. This one… is difficult. You want to be a very high level before trying this. I was level, uh 38-ish, when I did this. It is full of Gunners and the Gunners are very, very high leveled But work your way through you’ll get to this room that says “on the air,” it requires a master lockpick to open, so once you pop that open, two umm Legendary rank Gunners are going to be in here as well as two turrets Take them both down and the Small Guns Bobblehead is on the desk. So yeah, this one is a real pain To, uh, just fight your way through. Make sure you have a shit ton of ammo and some pretty good guns, good armor, and just be a high level in general Sneak is in the Dunwich Borders. This is another one that’s pretty high level. Uh, it’s again in the Northeast part of the map you see the Witch Museum right there which you’re going to miscellaneous mission to go to So it’s a pretty good marker for where you’ll need to be Basically you need to fight a shit ton of high-level Raiders and then work your way inside the quarry to fight a lot of high-level Ghouls And once you’re in section four right here It’s pretty much the end of the quarry once you’re going through you’ll get a unique knife and a bunch of cool stuff The Sneak Bobblehead is just on a shelf right there That’s what it looks like on the local map So this one again pretty difficult make sure you’re a high level, I would say at least 20 or 25 Speech is in Park Street Station But really it’s Vault 114 , so…

This is a place you will have to go for the main storyline, free Nick Valentine Unlikely Valentine will be your mission You’ll end up in this vault. When you go upstairs to where Nick Valentine is, he’s locked in the overseers office you see him right there, and next to him on table is the Bobblehead So you’re gonna have to go to this terminal, you’ll get the password from a dude that you kill in here Put the password in, it will pop open the door you just override the door controls And once the door is open, head on inside and grab your Speech Bobblehead.

Here comes Nick to be like, “Oh, thanks for, uh, thanks for getting me– get me out of here” and all kinds of shit like that “Knight in shining armor,” he’s being real sarcastic. But, uh, there is your Speech Bobblehead: 100 more caps for every vendor for bartering That’s pretty awesome Uh, and, Unarmed, this is our last Bobblehead It’s in Atom Cats Garage, which, there is Diamond City, it is southeast of that way down here Pretty close to some of the other Bobbleheads. This one is really easy because no one in here is dangerous to you They won’t want to fight you when you walk in. They’re all friendly. They’re wearing power armor, just walk your way inside There’s a car in the garage right here and Unarmed is just chilling on the hood of the car It’s like it’s the hood ornament for this car So you pick that up: 25% critical hit with all unarmed attacks And there is “…They’re Action Figures” which is all 20 Bobbleheads.

So congratulations, once you have all of them You can make your display in your house, where you can show all of your 20 bobbleheads and how cool they are and now that you have those, get out there, make some really cool power armor, discover some awesome places, and easter eggs and stuff like that And if you want to see those videos make sure to subscribe to Achievement Hunter so we can show you them and you can be the first to see them.

So, thanks everyone. I will see you next time. I’m going to bed..

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