Congratulations, you chose correctly and just won a lifetime subscription to Picket Fences magazine! Just messing around there. Hey guys. It’s Paul back with another Fallout 4 magazine locations guide for ya. Since I just put out my first major settlement showcase video a couple days ago, I figured that the Picket Fences magazine locations would be the next most appropriate guide to post. Now I know there are hundreds of other picket fences magazine videos out there, and I’m late to the game on this, but I wanted to go ahead and post it for a couple of reasons.

For one, I want to have it archived for posterity and to become part of an all Fallout 4 magazines playlist before, ya know, the game is said and done. Also, you’ll get the location of a bonus magazine in this video that will also unlock more hidden items for your settlement building fun. So let’s go ahead and jump right over that fence and get rolling… Issue #1 is located at Beantown Brewery. I found this one during the “Confidence Man” quest from Diamond City where you help Travis Miles gain his proper radio DJ voice. The place is packed with Raiders and Raider boss. I won’t spoil these quests for you if you haven’t done them.

So I’ll just show you where the mags are located. This one you’ll find on the top floor in the office area. It’s over to the right on the floor, next to the bed and the steamer trunk. This one is going to unlock the actual white picket fences in the game including a gate and posts. Issue #2 can be found at Hardware Town. I grabbed this one during the “Painting the Town” quest, also from Diamond City, where you’re sent to get some green paint for Abbot to fix up the back wall. This place is also inhabited by Raiders. Once you take care of all that biz, you can head upstairs and it’s also found in a sorta office type room. This issue will be right on the desk next to the broken terminal. And it’s going to unlock a couple of high tech lights. If you go back and check out my settlement video, these were the freestanding lights that I had in the vendor shop rooms. Issue #3 is located at Saugus Ironworks. I found this one during the “Out of the Fire” quest.

I made a video about that quest if you want to check it out because it’s also where you can get the Shishkebab. I purposely didn’t grab the magazine during that video so I could show you in this video instead. I’ll put links in the description and the iCard above. And this one is going to unlock all those cool statues, like this one I featured in my settlement video. Oh it’s worth our time Cait. Speaking of Cait, Issue #4 can be found at the Combat Zone where you can also acquire Cait as a companion. So this was actually the first of the bunch I found. Needed Cait for all that masterful lock-picking she does. Once again, more Raiders to dispatch before you can get your hands on it. I don’t know why all these Raiders are interested in interior decorating magazines. Must be that soft side that we just don’t give ’em a chance to show off. Anyway, it’s right on the lighter colored table near the stage. This one is going to unlock all those pretty potted plants.

Issue #5 is located at the Weston Water Treatment Plant. I found this one during the “Troubled Waters” quests where you can help the robots at Graygarden and then get that location as a settlement. Oh and a quick side note, Supervisor Green at that location sells wood and concrete, the two most needed supplies for settlement building. Anyway, at the Water Treatment Plant, finally we have no more Raiders. This time it’ll be super-mutants that you’ll need to wade through to get inside and up to another office type room overlooking the generator room. It’ll be on top of the filing cabinet next to the terminal. This one is going to unlock the patio furniture and the picnic table, like the ones I had in the cafeteria of my settlement. So that’s all the Picket Fences magazines. But there’s one more magazine you can grab that unlocks settlement workshop items. There are other unlockable workshop items, of course, like flags from factions and stuff from all the new DLCs.

But this is the only other magazine that unlocks items that I know of. I will also include it with the others of its type in a separate video. But I thought I’d throw it into this video too as a bonus item since it relates to settlement decor. And it is one of the Wasteland Survival Guides. Issue #4 to be exact. And it can be found at Lynn Woods. I didn’t go here for a quest. I just wanted the lawn flamingos that it unlocks. Used some of them in the finale settlement I’ve yet to show you guys. Oh and I also gave some cool factoids about lawn flamingos in my “Can We Reach The Red Rocket Before the Bombs Fall?” video, which oddly enough after five months of being posted went semi-viral the other day.

I’ll include links down below and up above if you want to check that out. Anyway, more Raiders at this location. So take them out, or sneak around them like I did, and then make your way into the main shack. It’ll be on a sleeping bag near another steamer trunk. More Raider bedtime reading I guess. Once you have those six magazines you’ll be able to build all the unlockable workshop items other than the ones from the factions and DLCs. If you really get into settlement building though, I recommend the DLCs. Maybe I’m an easy sell, but I think their worth it I couldn’t have built the settlement I showed you guys on the 4th of July without them…

Anyway, that’s going to do it for this video. Hope it was helpful. More like it to come in the weeks ahead. Subscribe if you haven’t already for more great tips and tricks videos like this one, and follow me on Twitter to get notified when they post. Scrap that like button and share the video around. And we’ll see you next time on the Skooled Zone. Peace out….

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