(upbeat music) (music fades) Hey guys! Today I’m going to share with you 10 tips for surviving in Fallout 4 survival mode. Number one, be a lone wanderer. Companions can be nice, but not in survival mode where they often give away your position and alert enemies to your presence. Ditch the companions and take the lone wanderer perk to get 30% less damage and 100 plus carry weight. these will be more valuable to you in staying alive than having a companion. Number two, establish a base. It’s still extremely useful to have a home base in survival mode, a place you can come back to and stash your stuff, stockpile food, install a water pump for drinking, craft items, and sleep. I love setting up at the red rocket location near sanctuary hills, as it’s small, easier to manage, and it already has all the necessary crafting stations… such as a cooking station, chemistry station, and armor and weapons benches. it also has a flat area perfect for growing your own crops as well as a nearby cave entrance that has a respawning supply of glowing mushrooms for crafting antibiotics.

Number three, always carry food, water, and basic meds. As you run around the wasteland you now have to deal with hunger and thirst which negatively impacts your performance and can lead to additional health issues. Make sure you’re always stocked up on enough food, water, and some basic meds including antibiotics. Having enough of these supplies on you at all times is necessary for staying alive while out in the field. Always be prepared. Number 4, learn where you can sleep. Make a mental note of any sleeping bag, mattress, or bed locations As these are necessary for you to save your progress as you travel throughout the game as well as for replenishing your energy and fending off fatigue which can make you sick. Regular sleep is a necessity in survival mode. A sleeping bag will only let you sleep for 3 hours. while a mattress gets you a max of 5 and a real bed will allow you a full night’s rest. Number 5, be cautious and use stealth. In survival mode you can’t just run around willy-nilly charging into locations and expect to survive.

Caution and stealth become extremely important skills to utilize. Invest points and agility to gain access to the sneak perk which makes you harder to detect when sneaking. Additionally earning sneak Rank 2 & 3 can stop floor traps and mine triggers… something that’s extremely handy in avoiding unexpectedly being blown up as you open a door or run up a dark stairwell. (bomb explodes) Number 6, increase your carry weight as soon as possible. Immediately invest points in strength in order to increase your carry weight. You need to be able to carry enough of the necessary supplies to keep you alive including water, food, meds, weapons and ammo. You still need room in your pack to loot needed components for crafting as well so you want all the space you can get. Six strength points will get you the strong back perk which gives you plus 25 carry weight and Rank 2 will get you plus 50 carry weight.

Number 7, don’t loot everything. I’m really bad at this as I like to hoard everything I can pick up but in survival mode things are different. You have to prioritize and collect only items that have a purpose or will help you to live another day. Pick up all the food and drinks you find as well as meds as you will always need these. Beyond that you need to decide what it is that’s most important to you because you can only carry so much and you can’t fast travel to dump all your junk at your home base like you used to You have to walk it back. Number 8, collect every empty bottle you find. Empty bottles are a thing you should always collect. …empty nuka-cola bottles, empty beer bottles, empty milk bottles, any kind of empty bottle. They’re light in your pack and they become extremely valuable in survival mode as you can fill them up with fresh life-sustaining water at any water pump you might come across at a settlement.

You can easily create yourself a free supply of portable water bottles perfect for stowing away in your pack for excursions into the wasteland. Number nine, learn how to make antibiotics. In survival mode you can contract a number of illnesses including bacterial disease, parasites, and viral infections. Antibiotics become an important resource for curing these illnesses when you don’t have access to a doctor. (Game Character) I need some supplies doctor. (Doctor) Let’s see what I can spare. Antibiotics in the world, however, are rare so you need to be able to craft your own. Get the chemist rank 1 perk as soon as you can so that you can use the chemistry station to craft antibiotics. also collect any glowing mushrooms or items with acid as a component as these are both necessary for crafting antibiotics Number ten, specialize in only a couple weapon types.

Because of your limited carry weight and the fact that ammo now has weight as well, it’s important to be smart about which kinds of weapons you’re carrying. Stick to only what’s necessary or useful to you. I like to carry a ranged weapon such as a sniper rifle in order to attack from a distance. I also use the scope to spy out locations for any movement or enemies before I move in.

Additionally I like to carry a shotgun for close range situations, a handgun for quick firing, and a combat knife for stealth attacks, and some throwables. I typically only carry the ammo associated with these weapons and avoid carrying any weapons that are just too heavy. So these are just a few of the tips I find useful in navigating Fallout 4 survival mode and actually surviving. Seeing how long you can survive is what makes this mode so much fun. Thanks for watching!.

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