Hallo everybody. My name is MeHow and welcome to Fallout 4 Tips – 13 quick tips for the early game. Fallout 4 tip nr.1: collect bubbleheads and magazines that will give you a permanent buff. Right at the beginning at your old house at the counter you will find a magazine that will give you a 5% damage bonus to your melee attacks and under your kids crib you will find a magazine that will give you one ability point.

In the whole game there are 123 magazines with different buffs and 20 bubbleheads. If you want to find them all, just google Fallout 4 bubblehead and magazines locations and you will find maps and descriptions where to find them. Fallout 4 tips nr. 2: Sleep 3 hours in a safe bad for a 10% XP bonus that will last 12 hours. After you wake up it will say “You are well rested”and it will be shown in your Pip-boy as a perk. Fallout 4 tip nr.3: Get the Gun Nut perk, it only requires 3 intelligence for level 1 and it allows you to modify your weapons, to get new scopes and to increase the damage. But all these modifications require Adhesive. Fallout 4 tip nr. 4: How to collect and farm Adhesive. Any glue or duct tape that you will find will give you adhesive and if you cannot find it you can always go to a trader and buy duct tape or glue from the traders. You can also farm Adhesive, you just need to go to the brigde in Santuary and you will find a cooking station there.

Go to utility and create vegetable starch. You’ll need 3 corn, 3 mutfruit, 3 tatos and 1 purified water to create vegetable starch, which will give you 5 adhesive. If you don’t have the ingredients just go to your workbench and you will need to place the fruits and corn. After that you will need to allocate people, to comand them to take care of these plants. You can also create a purfying stations at the river, so you will always have purifying water. Fallout 4 tip nr. 5: Improve the damage of your weapons greatly by modifying your standard receiver into a powerful receiver. In some cases this will increase the damage of your gun by 50%, like with this 10mm pistol, it increase the damage from 18 to 27. While I recommend to get the higher levels of the gun nut perk later on in the game, getting the level 1 of this perk will give you the biggest bonuses. Of course you can also modify the other parts of the gun, like a longer barrel for higher range and better accuracy or a better magazine for higher magazine capacity and a quicker reload or a better grip for less recoil.

You can get even a scope sight. Getting the powerful receiver will also make you use less bullets, because every bullet will do more damage, so you need less bullets to kill an enemy and that’s why I also recommend to use semi-automatic rifles instead of automatic rifles, because they strongly decrease the damage per bullet and they also increase the recoil and decrease the accuracy, so you will chew through your ammo quickly and at the beginning of this game you just do not have enough bullets to use automatic rifles. Like in this example where had 79 bullets and I didn’t kill a single enemy before using up my 79 bullets.

Fallout 4 tips nr. 6: Shoot Feral Ghouls in their legs. Feral Ghouls do not hit hard, but they always come in groups and they run really fast. But if you use V.A.T.S to shoot them in the legs, they will be crippled they will be unable to move. You can shoot them without V.A.T.S in the legs and they will be crippled and unable to move and you can safe bullets and just go and kill them with your melee attack. Fallout 4 tips nr. 7: Use V.A.T.S to scan for enemies and traps. Sometimes you don’t see your enemies, but if you press “Q” and open up V.A.T.S, it will highlight your enemies. V.A.T.S can also be use for traps like mines. Fallout 4 tip nr. 8: Get the Awereness Perk. It allows you to see the resistance of your enemies when using V.A.T.S. This is helpful, because your enemies will have different resistance levels to physical damage, to energy damage and to rediation damage, so if i.e.

An enemy has high resistance to physical damage use a energy gun like a laser gun, which kills them way easier. Fallout 4 tip nr. 9:Use angles and grenades to destroy machinegun turrets. They are quite hard at the beginning of the game, because they have a high resistance to ballistic damage and they also do a lot of damage. But they cannot shoot up or down much, so you just need to be on another level or hide behind a corner and just expose a part of a machine gun.

You can also use fragmentation grenades to kill them in one shoot. Fragmentation grenades are also very good with dealing with power armor, which has really high resistance and your normal attacks will not do a lot of damage, but if you throw a grenade at the enemy wearing a power armor you can kill them with one or two grenades, like in this example. Fallout 4 tip nr. 10: Before a big fight take drug and eat food. Drugs and various types of food will increase your damage, your resistance and will give you special bonuses, like i.e. jet will slow down time. Of course the best way before a big fight is to get your power armor, but because you have limited fuel cells you cannot always use it.

So in this clip I am fighting Kellog, a boss and I just slowed down the time, increased my resistance and damage output with psycho and psychobuff, which allows me to kill Kellog very easily. Fallout 4 tip nr. 11: Get the lone wonderer perk. It will increase your carring capasity by 50 at level one and decrease the damage you are taking by 15%, but I will only work, if you are wondering without a companion. Dogmeat you dog doesn’t count as a companion and even your allies do not often count a you companions. The only time when your allies count a companions, when you ask them to come with you. Fallout 4 tip nr. 12: Use Dogmeat and your companions to carry extra stuff for you. You just need to talk to them and trade with them and then tranfer all the heavy stuff, that you do not need a fight and after you fast traveled to your settlement you can just take that stuff back from them via trade again. The carring capacity of Dogmeat and your comapanions seem to be around 150.

Fallout 4 tip nr. 13: If your lack recourses, scrap yourself rich. If you open your workbench, i.e by holding the button “V” you can scrap anything in your settlement that is lying around. You can scrap tyres for rubber, trees for wood, you can even scrap whole demolished houses for concrete, steel, rubber and other materials. This was my last Fallout 4 tip for early game. Please subscribe to my channel for future Fallout 4 videos. Thank You for watching and see you next time..

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