Hi everybody. My name is MeHow and welcome to Fallout 4 best companion perks and affinity guide video. While you can wander alone in Fallout 4, having a companion on your side has some benefits. First of all you can use a companion to carry additional items for you. Second of all your companions might not deal a lot of damage, but I find them helpful, because often they will get attacked instead of you and you can kill your enemies from a safe distance. Especially with a Power Armor you companions can take a lot of damage. But in this video I will focus on the benefit of companion perks. Most companions will give you a permanent perk after you reach max affinity with them. I recommend to visit this eurogamer.net article about companion perks, the link is in the description, if you want to see the whole list of companion perks. In my opinion some perks are almost useless, like Nick Valentines terminal hacking perk or Pipers XP bonus from discovering new locations and speech challenges. Others are very build specific, for example MacReadies VATS headshot accuracy bonus is best for a VATS build, while Deacons sneak damage and Stealth Boy bonus is best for a stealth build.

Overall I find Preston’s 20% damage and resistance bonus while fighting 3+ enemies and Paladins 20% damage bonus against Synths, Feral Ghouls and Super Mutants the best. This Eurogamer.net article gives also nice overview what general behavior and what specific actions will increase your affinity with a companion. For example, if you want to raise Deacons affinity, you can give items, hack computers, heal Dogmeat, pick locks, both owned and unowned and/or get a speech success. On the other side chem usage, chem addiction, eating corpses and murdering non-hostiles will negatively effect your affinity with Deacon. Getting max affinity isn’t that easy, especially since there is really no way to know what your current affinity level with a person is. Affinity level starts at 0 and maxes out at 1000. Reaching the max affinity of 1000 will get you the companion perk. There are often events triggered when you reach 250, 500, 750 or 1000 affinity. Sometimes you will need to talk to the companion or do a quest after reaching these landmarks, before your affinity can increase further. While on consoles not available, fortunately on PC you can find out your current companions affinity by opening your console with tilde and typing getav CA_affinity, clicking on the person and pressing enter.

This way the console will give you the exact affinity level with a person. I used this console command to research what action will change the affinity level and by how much. You can also use the console command setav CA_affinity to set the affinity level to a specific value, but this is basically cheating, so I do not recommend it. For an action to affect a persons affinity, you do not always need to be actually accompanied by this person, but this person must be available as a companion. For example you cannot choose Preston as your companion after you meet him, but later on in the game this is possible and after that whenever you modify your weapon, when he is nearby, you will raise your affinity with him by 7,5 points. Of course it’s easier to raise affinity, if your accompanied by that person, which you can do by asking that person to follow you. As previously stated Deacon is positively affected by picking locks and hacking computers, so when he accompanies you, he will often be nearby when you do these actions on a mission and get 7,5 affinity points for doing them. But note that you won’t get a bonus for doing the same action in a short time period, so I recommend that after a successful affinity change you sit down for an hour or two, so the next time you in example pick a lock you will get the 7,5 affinity points again.

When your affinity changes, you will always get an information in the left upper corner of the screen like “Deacon likes that” or “Deacon hates that”. But the same information won’t always change the affinity by the same amount of points. Nick Valentine will like a terminal hacking for 7,5 points, but he will like helping a settlement for 15 points. The same action might also have different effects on different companions: Preston will love when you help a settlement for 35 points, so 20 points more than when you with Nick. To get this affinity bonus with Preston from helping a settlement you will have to be accompanied by him, if you are not, even when you report to him, that you helped a settlement, your affinity won’t rise with him.

Some actions that you might think should improve the affinity, won’t actually raise it. For example while you are with Deacon helping his railroad friends by doing their quests won’t raise the affinity with Deacon. Stimpacking a hurt companion won’t also improve the affinity. There are some exploits that you can use to raise affinity quickly. When a companion likes lock picking you can find a place like University Point where there is a terminal next to a safe. Via the terminal you can lock the safe and than pick lock the safe for 7,5 points. After that you can sit down for 2 hours and repeat the process for 7,5 affinity points each time. To max out affinity you need to limit the negative affinity actions, which lower the affinity by a lot. It’s important to check out what these actions are for your companion, since they are not always so obvious. Deacon will dislike using chems like Jet, which will cost you 35 affinity points, Strong will dislike using power armor. Murdering Non-Hostile is one of the worst things you can do for almost all companions. First you will loose 35 and than additional 105 affinity points, than your companion will leave you and often times turn into an enemy and fight you.

On the other hand actions that you might think should lower the affinity have actually no effect. For example shooting your companion won’t have any consequences. Not only actions will influence affinity. Being accompanied by a companion by itself will increase your affinity. I did hours of testing trying to figure out what exact action or time will trigger these affinity increases, but these increases seem somewhat random. Sometimes it’s enough to build 2 beds and do nothing for 60 minutes to get the bonus, sometimes it’s enough to kill an enemy and wait 90 minutes for the bonus, other times the same time and action won’t result in an affinity increase. One thing for sure, you just cannot go away from keyboard and leave your Lone Wanderer do nothing for hours and expect the affinity to raise. In normal gameplay you can expect these affinity raises each one or two hours of in-game time.

At affinity level 0, this raise from just accompanying somebody will increase the affinty by 40 points, after that it’s 38,68 points and with each affinity increase the bonus will get lowered, at affinity level of 500 this bonus will be around 23,50 points and at affinity almost 1000 this bonus just for accompanying will be only 7 points of increase. While only relying on this accompany bonus will take you a long time to reach affinity 1000 it might be the only option you want to choose for negative companions like MacReady, who likes when you steal, pick a owned lock or succeed in speech. When you reach max affinity you will need to talk to your companion and after hearing their story you will get the company perk. Thank you for watching. If you have any question please ask in the comment section. Please watch my other guides and subscribe to my channel..

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