I’ve traveled much of the Commonwealth in my day. Here are some basic survival tips from one wanderer to another. Chems can save lives, but it can also destroy them. Abusing chemicals results in addiction which will cause withdrawal symptoms that’ll make you less effective in battle. To cure an addiction take some Addictol, which can be found randomly in the Commonwealth. Don’t buy Addictol from traders. It’s far too expensive. Instead, visit your local doctor who will charge only 75 caps to cure all your symptoms. I recommend Doctor Sun in Diamond City. Since curing addictions is easy, don’t be shy about taking drugs, they could prove strategic.

“Jet” is a chem that appears to slow down time, making it most useful against the darting Deathclaw, which quickly zigs and zags to avoid attacks. Stockpiling Jet for difficult encounters is highly recommended “Buffout” makes you stronger and more resilient. Take this drug if you find yourself looting more than you can carry. It might give you the strength needed to haul your plunder back home. “Med-X” will keep you in the fight longer by increasing your resistance to enemy attacks. Use it when you’re taking shots from all sides. “Mentats” make you more intelligent and perceptive. If you need to increase your accuracy in V.A.T.S, this might prove useful.

“Psycho” does exactly what it suggests. When using it you’ll deal out lots of pain and be able to resist pain in turn. The aggressive nature of the drug makes it a favorite among raiders. Rad-X increases your resistance to radiation. Take it whenever you’re at risk. For instance, pop a pill before you take a swim, or before you’re forced too close to a radioactive site. When you need to get rid of the radiation for good, Rad-away is your friend. Doctor Sun and other physicians in the Commonwealth can also cure radiation sickness, for a price. I have many more survival tips to share with you, but I’m afraid they’ll have to wait for another day.

As found on Youtube