I’ve traveled much of the Commonwealth in my day. Here are some basic survival tips from one wanderer to another. If you use power armor then you know it’ll drain the fusion core you have plugged into it. I’ve learned a neat trick that’ll make you richer. Fusion cores sell for the same price no matter how much energy is stored inside of them. If you eject the core right before it runs of juice you’ll have an almost useless piece of junk that you can sell to a trader. Don’t sprint in power armor unless you really mean it. Sprinting drains fusion cores at a much faster rate than walking. Merchants will sell fusion cores for 670 caps each depending on your charisma. The Brotherhood of Steel also likes their power armor, so maybe you should talk to them. Fusion Cores will be plugged into generators which are usually found on lower levels. I recommend checking the basement of every large building you come across. Running low on fusion cores at the start of your adventure? Head directly East of Vault 111 until you reach Satellite Station Olivia.

I promise you, it’s hard to miss. I hear there’s a fusion core somewhere inside that compound. After you find it, head northwest and you’ll see a crashed vertibird. Next to it you’ll find an abandoned suit of power armor with another fusion core housed conformably inside. Nuclear material is a rare resource used in crafting and can be found by vaporizing enemies with any energy-based weapon.

Suicidal super mutants carry mininukes. Kill them before they detonate and you’ll be rewarded with a mininuke; one of the rarest pieces of ammunition found in the Commonwealth. Running low on Stimpacks? You’re probably not going to the bathroom enough. Before the war bathrooms were plentiful and apparently came equip with lots of drugs. Be sure to go out of your way to loot them.

I have many more survival tips to share with you. But I’m afraid they’ll have to wait for another day….

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