What’s up guys. Time for another one of my Fallout 4 weapon 2fer videos. In this video, I’ll show you how to get your hands on two unique Fatman launchers in the Commonwealth. The first one is the Striker and the second one is the Big Boy. Now you’ll want to stick around until the end of this video because I’m going to show you a secret trick to build one of the craziest weapons in Fallout 4. You’ll see exactly what I mean when we get there, so stay tuned for that. But let’s start off with getting our hands on the Striker first… The Striker can be found in the Far Harbor DLC at a place called Beaver Creek Lanes. I’ve already cleared the place out of Ghouls to speed this video along, so I’ll literally just walkthrough the joint to show you where you can find the Striker. Oop. Autosave lag there. Right this way… Then it’s just up these stairs. Depending on your level, there’ll probably be a glowing one in here. But once you take him out, the Striker is right here on the workbench.

As you can see, it’s also got a legendary effect in addition to using bowling balls as ammo. The effect is similar to the Kneecapper effect except instead of 20% chance, it’s up there at 50%, which is rather amazing. For ammo, it uses these special modified bowling balls which are not the same as regular bowling balls. There’s only a few here. But if you head over to this terminal over here, I’ll show you how to get more. The first entry is just some backstory that you can pause here and read if you want. However, reading the second entry gives you the modified bowling ball schematic that you’ll need if you want to make more ammo for this weapon. I’ll show you exactly how to do that later in the video. Then you can disengage the lock to the safe in this room if you want to snag some loot. And then the holotape is kinda cool to check it out. It explains why and how they came up with the idea for the Striker.

It’s kinda cool, we’ll listen to it real quick… An awesome bowling gun. Pretty cool of them to do that for their buddy actually. All right, we’ll see how well it works on the lanes through. Not exactly the best gun for bowling, or hip-firing for that matter. It’s got a pretty swift drop-off. It may not be the best tool for bowling, but it’s pretty devastating as a weapon against enemies, especially with the use of VATS. I’ll show you that in a second. As you can see, though, you can collect the bowling balls after you shoot them. So there’s that. You’ll need regular bowling balls to make the ammo and there’s plenty of bowling balls you can collect lying around this place. Now let’s head over to my favorite spawning spot over near Fallon’s Department Store and I’ll show you the Striker in action. Ah, shoulda shot this during the day.

Oh well. All right, looks like we have some Rust Devils for target practice. You’ll only get a few shots in VATS but the range is significantly better than if you just hip fire it. And with the right perks, you can usually one-shot most enemies. And if you don’t one-shot the enemies, then they’ll usually be crippled nevertheless. Admittedly, it’s a pretty slow animation with the whole VATS reloading thing. But at least it’s kinda cool looking. Okay, now on to the Big Boy. You can pick up this beast in Diamond City. It’s sold by Arturo. It’s kind of expensive, so I usually put on some Charisma clothing and down a beer or something, or maybe some Grape Mentats if I’m low on money. But while I’m doing all that, you might be wondering what’s so unique about a Fatman you can just buy from a vendor in Diamond City.

Well, normally nothing. I mean it’s a pretty devastating Fatman that you’ll see in a second, but there’s another reason and it has to do with the Striker we just picked up. So stick around to the end of this video so you can see why. It’ll be worth it. And there we go, the Big Boy. As you can see from its legendary effect, it’s a two-shot Fatman. Now that in of itself is pretty amazing. In fact, if you modify this thing to shoot MIRVs, it’ll literally carpet bomb the entire landscape. It’s friggin’ chaos incarnate. So that in of itself is reason enough to include it in this video. But there’s more. We are now here at my weapons bench at the Red Rocket and I’ll show you this amazing little trick now.

Anyway, head down to modify the Striker. When you do, you’ll see that the bowling ball feature is actually a removable mod. Yup, that’s right. That means it can placed on another Fatman. It’ll take a grip of materials but you’ll need to modify it down to a standard launcher to remove the mod. Once you do that, you can now head up to the Big Boy and, yup, add the bowling ball launcher to the Big Boy. It’ll be free since you’re just taking it from one weapon and adding it another. The best part is that the Big Boy’s legendary effect stays. That means this weapon now fires two bowling balls for the price of one. How cool is that? Okay, now before we play around with it, let me show you how to make the ammo for this thing.

You’ll want to head over to a chemistry station and make sure you have some bowling balls in your inventory or, you know, stored in the workshop. You’ll find the option down at the bottom under utility. Yup, finally something else there besides the cutting fluid. Pretty cheap to make as long as you have those bowling balls stocked up. It’s especially cool with this Big Boy, however, because remember how you can collect the bowling balls after you shoot them? Well if it’s creating an additional projectile, that means it’s actually manufacturing ammo for you in a way. That’s worth the price of admission right there folks. And there ya go.

All right, now let’s this equip this bad boy and see if there are any enemies lurking about that’ll make for some good target practice. There we go, some Raiders about to ambush the settlement. Well there in for a rude awakening. And as you can see, the ball splits into two, decimated the Raider, and now there’s two bowling balls rolling about. Got collect that bowling ball real quick. Now this Raider has cover, but we’ll see how well the critical works with this thing. Hilarious. It even makes a sound like a bowling ball striking pins. That’s awesome. Now the bowling balls are still subject to game physics, so you might have to chase them around especially if you’re on a hill like I am here. Looks like my turrets are going to take out whatever’s left. Anyway, that’s going to do it for this video guys. Hope you had fun watching and I hope it helped. If you have any more rare weapons you want me to showcase from Fallout 4, mention it down in the After Skooled Club. And be sure to throw a like on this video and share it around.

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