Hey guys. I wanted to make this quick tutorial video just in case any of you have run into this bed problem in Fallout 4. This is The Slog settlement, which is the swimming pool in the northeast of the map. This also works in other settlements that have beds that are already owned, like Tenpines Bluff or Warwick Homestead. You want to go into workshop mode for this. But you’ll see that you can’t move this bed because it’s already owned by the settlers that were there before you. You also can’t scrap or store the bed. Fortunately, there’s a trick you can use. This works on every console; you don’t need any PC console commands. You want to hold down “A” on the Xbox controller, “E” on the PC, or “X” on the PS4.

(I’m pretty sure, I’m using the Xbox right now.) You hold it down for three or four seconds and you’ll find that you can move the bed even though it did not give you the option to. This is all good if you are okay using this bed. If you want to reassign the settlers to a different bed, and you want to get rid of this bed, I found that you can go to Structures, in the workshop menu, Wood > Floors, and just place a floor, any old floor.

And then, hold down “A” again, or “E”, and put the bed on top of the floor. Then look at the floor, and hit “store”, boom. You store both of ’em. Now you should be able to assign the settlers to any bed you like. If this video helped you out, please leave a like or subscribe to my channel, it really helps me out. Thanks guys, have a good one..

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