Greetings earthlings! MadqueenShow here And Mr Ruvver On today’s menu, we’re going to start building our new vault at Vault 88 with the new Vault Tech workshop DLC pieces And some pieces that are not from the DLC Yes, and some pieces that are not from the DLC The truth is I love the new atrium pieces they are lovely, but they are too perfect and too boring so what I wanted to make here is to mix the atrium pieces with barns and other kinds of previous materials to give a little more scrappy and rusty look in general Why making it simple when you can complicate it? Well, it’s not that complicated, I knew from the moment zero that I wasn’t going to use only the Vault Tech pieces to build the Vault I forgot how to speak Because I know it would look too boring and as usual I didn’t try the building before doing it on camera so I’m going to scrap some parts that I built, you know, as usual, I’m not changing anything Well, you are not changing anything in your crazy way of recording your builds, but in your building, you’re going to change lots of things, because I know you! Yes, I build and scrap and build and scrap as usual but I’m going to edit all the scrapping parts so you don’t need to stand them.

So the truth is I was very excited to work with the new additions because there’s a lot, they are overwhelmingly a lot and it looks like it’s going to give lots of new interesting possibilities so now the tabs for building are getting huge, I mean, really really huge the worst part of building with the new tab is that, at this point, I usually know where everything I want to use is in the tab, but I obviously take a little more time to build with the new additions because I don’t know where the things are And it’s not like bad memory helps a lot No, I didn’t try the building first, I never do, it’s no surprise. What I did do, it sounds terrible but I did, was to mentally plan more or less what I wanted to do and what kind of materials was I going to use, as I said in my DLC video with the explanation of all the new additions, it is great that you can snap easily some previous additions like the barns section and the elevators because I wanted to use elevators here but I’m not going to build the typical Vault elevators because is too obvious and also because I’m going to give it, as I said, a little rusty look to make it more interesting and also I wanted to have glass elevators Hey, that’s spoilers! Spoilers! They saw it in the thumbnail anyway, and most probably I will show it on Twitter as well Oh, you don’t know how to make things dramatic! You need to make things dramatic! So your viewers will be looking forward to seeing the results of your building but if you spoil what you’re going to do, there’s no surprise! Ok then, I’m not going to say anything else of what goes next but what I’m going to say is about the atrium ceiling prefabs.

I mean, I was looking forward to other buildings to see how were they going to manage these pieces and how do they work with them when they are not snapping together, you know, the upper parts one with the other, because it creates a gap that is very complicated to fill because the ceilings of the atrium tab give some trouble Their snapping is so shitty that I can’t even think of a joke! Ok, we’ll talk about ceiling snapping later As you can see, I have lots of settlers here, in fact I have 21, the thing is that I had a question in the previous Q&A video about a number of settlers that you could have because I wasn’t 100% sure that this settlement had to obey the same rules than the rest of the settlements, and the rule is your charisma +10, and I needed to try by myself, I tried and now I have 21 people that I don’t know what to do with them because I don’t want to send them away but they are really annoying In the end what I did to solve this was putting a Oh, your solution is so mean well, just a little bit, so the thing is I went to one of the closed tunnels that you can find in here and then built a bell, rang the bell and when I had all the settlers there I walled them inside with some concrete walls to have them locked and to avoid them wandering around while I was building Ok, that was mean even for me, couldn’t you just assign them to some place? Assign them where? At this point is nothing built in here! Well, true that The bad thing is that when I fast travel they respawn to the center of the building and I hate it But you don’t want to send them away They’re already dressed in the Vault outfit that, by the way, in the previous video I said that there were only 15 Vault jumpsuits in the trunk, but, I didn’t check but I’ve been told on Twitter and on the comments of the video that once you empty the trunk and you leave it empty for a while, the suits respawn there I need to try, I’m not 100% sure, but this is good news because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to have all my settlers dressed in the vault suits You need to make a real life one for yourself, you know you need it Oh, I need it, I definitely need it! Another thing that I need, well this morning Norespawns posted a thing on Twitter, an idea he had about the new additions of the Vault Tech DLC, about making a Batcave Oh my god, Davey, I hate you, you’re a fucking genius But with love, I mean, is hate, but with love And also when I said “morning” I meant the afternoon, that’s when I woke up The thing is that we were brainstorming on DM for the…

I was going to say “the whole morning”, no, it wasn’t the morning, it was the afternoon, and we had some ideas and I don’t think that he’s going to apply all of them, and once he’s done with his I really need to make a Batcave of my own, I know that this is going to provoke the typical comments that I sometimes have like “Oh my god, this is so Norespawns” yes, this is so Norespawns and I don’t care You had to say it.

Are you going to piss to mark your territory? My what? I think that this is the most absurd thing I heard you saying in a lot of time and I remember the Oberland video Oh, does your bad memory allow you to remember it? I can’t believe it! So no, I am not going to piss to mark my territory, apart from that I would smell awful, but I don’t think there’s a territory, I mean, why would I feel bothered that people compare me to Norespawns? Is kind of flattering, the guy is a fucking genius, we all know that, the guy is a fucking genius building And we hate him for that But with love Yes, a very affectionate hate All of this to say: I’m OK with comparisons, they are flattering, and also I address the issue in this in this video because I’m 99% sure that he’s not going to watch it because he’ll be too busy building his Batcave And you are busy commenting a building, and now you can talk about the elevators because we already saw them Well, what I built here is just the main structure of the atrium because I didn’t want the video to be very long and once the structure is done it still needs lots of decoration and also because I don’t know what’s going to happen when I give it a second look, I will think that something’s missing, and I will change something of the structure prior to decoration What is going to be a real pain in the ass is going to be the lighting because space is huge, on the other hand, when something is complicated it also means is funnier I think you mean amusing not funny Well, it’s funny if I want to laugh like a psychopath It makes sense when is you We’ll talk about the elevators later because nothing to see on them yet Railings, I really hate the new railings, I mean, they are cute but they snap like shit also they have this strange thing on corners is like they don’t have all the possibilities here because they create these weird gaps in the corners I think you need a coffee Yes, I think I need a coffee, do you want a coffee? Oh, yes, thank you very much Yes, we’re a bit tired, we’re in Navarra, that’s in the Basque Country, Ruvver and I came here for the wedding of my cousin so I expect that I will end the day today really really drunk, but I’m not going to record anything past 8 pm because the wedding is going to be at 6, I suppose we’re going to start drinking at 7, so at 8 I think I’m going to hide my phone and I’m not going to record anything for Snapchat or Twitter And no, obviously there’s not going to be a “drunk video”, but I will keep you updated on both, Twitter and Snapchat.

Mostly Snapchat because, you know, videos Well, funny thing is that you are not going to move all night long, you’re going to put your butt on a chair and you are going to stay there I’m afraid so, apart from my left foot broken tendon on my right foot it seems that I broke a toe, I’m not sure because I didn’t go to the doctor yet but it seems so I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me lately You need armored shoes. Legendary armored shoes Yes, it seems that. How do my days go on lately hurting myself? Sounds like so emo but I can assure you is not on purpose because it hurts That’s a good reason to drink tonight Yes, I’m going to drink for a prescription, do you think that people will believe me if I say that it’s prescribed, that I really need it for the pain? They just need to see your face So, we’re on a part of Spain that is known for their food and their drinks, they have great wine, they have great cider and they have great meat that, I don’t eat, but then I enjoy the wine And the weather The weather here is fantastic, today is a little too warm compared to the rest of the week, but usually, here they are around 27ยบ and then in the evening it comes fresher and then you can sleep without melting Sleeping or whatever you’d like to do at night Well, back to the building, doing the ceiling now, most of the people I saw that are building atriums, not that I saw them all, are using the huge prefabs snapped one to the other without no gaps on the top but I wanted to have gaps on the top because I wanted it to be wider because I love huge structures So the thing is that I also wanted to have different textures on the ceiling so for the center part I’m using the floors of the atrium tab but for the sides, I am using warehouse floors to give it a different texture between the plastic white and the wood color And showing parts of next videos in the background I was a bit disorganized and I recorded three buildings at the same time, the atrium, the power room and the Overseer quarters, so part of the Oversee quarters that you’re going to see on another video is done with the barn category tab because, well, as I said I like mixing textures and I knew I wasn’t going to use only the atrium parts because it looks so plastic and it doesn’t look realistic In fact, in the power room that you’re going to see in next video, I gave it a broken rusty texture on the walls mixing it like I always do Because we’re in the wasteland Yes, we’re in the wasteland and these walls were supposed to be built like two hundred years ago and it’s only natural that at one point they ran out of materials to repair the walls, repair the floors, for them to look like the original building Well, I don’t think that’s a reason to avoid, you know, sweep a little You have a point here, because you have a settlement and you had settlers there for about like a year, or two years or three years, because you spend the fucking game building, and they keep having shit on the floor, I mean, please, people, can you please sweep, you have brooms, I junk decorated with them, I know you have them, please, please clean the fucking floors Yes, well, I think next time Preston is going to give the broom to you and he’s going to say “Hello! Another settlement needs your help! Because it’s dirty!” Well, that would be a very original quest, in fact I’m a bit afraid of him, because now one of the things that I’m trying to do is having the maximum affinity with all the companions and this means romancing some of them, the ones that I can romance, and Preston is on my “to do” list, what I don’t know is what is going to happen with the Minutemen sidequests when you have him as companion, because is he going to give you the quests all the time while he is walking around the wasteland with you? That would be so painful Absolutely! And no, I don’t know because I did almost the whole game only with McCreedy, I knew I could take the rest of the companions with me but I didn’t want to, I don’t know why, but once I finished the game I want achievements so I want the maximum affinity with all the companions, in fact, Strong was my first He’s quite amusing for a Supermutant, I mean, the first 20 hours I checked the other day, I have more than 6 hundred hours inside the game I think that maybe 80% of the time is building Yes, and the other 20% is scrapping I believe that scrapping counts as “building time” Well, I don’t know if it should in your case Back to the building, glass elevators, they look beautiful, they look lovely, but they make you want to murder things, because as usual, the shipments of glass are super small, only 25, and I needed several to be able to complete the elevators Well, that’s your fault for not making them out of steel, that you have lots Obviously, glass looks better, I still need to find out what I want to do with the upper floors, but I knew I wanted to have elevators and I knew I wanted to have them like this Then you have an excuse for 20 videos more, you know, scrapping and rebuilding I think I mentioned this before, but I saw on Twitter an example of an elevator put inside the walls to make it look like the typical elevators you see on the vaults you visit and that’s a good idea, which reminds me, by the way, I really love that you show me your settlements, especially if you’re applying something that you learnt in my videos, but, I really need you to stop putting links in the comments of YouTube, mostly because if you do this comment goes to the spam section which means that I won’t see it in the next two months, because I don’t check the spam folder, because I usually check my comments on the phone app Which is like sending your comments directly to the trash can And you also leave lots of links on Twitter and problem is I not always have time to watch a 20 minutes video and also I don’t always have the WiFi to enter to YouTube and watch a 20 minutes video, so, it would be easier for me if you just sent me small Twitter videos, because that I check them all Because she spends her life on Twitter So please, please, if you want to make sure that I watch what you send my way, please make it be Twitter videos or Twitter images And if you do it this way, I will make sure that she watches it Well, we’re almost done here with this building, the only thing that’s left to do is putting some floors on the third floor of the elevator as I said I didn’t decide yet what I’m going to have here You can have someone spying on your settlers Well, they could’ve created this position when they released the DLC, where they created another new position like hairdresser, the could create the position of spying on people, because there’s this dialogue on all the settlements, always there’s always some who tells you that he hopes that you are not a spy, well, stupidities apart, after some railings, after some old style railings, we’re going to see how this building looks like Well, folks, thanks for watching I hope you found this information useful and amusing And I hope that really did because instead of preparing myself for a wedding I’m attending this afternoon what I’m doing this finishing this video for you, I’m sick like that, so please leave a comment, you know I love your comments You can follow on Twitter and Snapchat @Madqueenshow where you’re going to see lots of pictures of food and drinks because what’s I’m going to see the most this afternoon and evening Don’t forget to subscribe for more Fallout 4 geekness, see you in next videos and Happy Building!

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