Hello everybody! This is my Mechanist Lair vault as you can see, there are vertical bar doors which is a mod and there is my companion i decided her to stop to not bother me while I show this settlement and there’s a guard and my personal home here upstairs with an elevator and there is some lounge area and office here and of course booze and my character is a little bit alcoholic and some personal stuff here and then there’s a third floor which is my living room and my bedroom here I wanted to decorate this as nicely as a could, not too much to bother and then there’s a bathroom and all the stuff there and my bedroom nothing special here either and my robots are making a hell lot of noise and then this first floor where is the Security office and decontamination arch at the door and maintenance door and some signs there There’s maintenance where is my power station fusion reactor and advanced water purifier and atrium, this was very hard because this is so small area to work with to fit all the pieces and all the clutter is visible still Area is dirty i couldn’t take it away and there’s my bar and some slot machines and of course meat bags this is a special “Meat Bag” -bar where you can buy meat from the butcher which is my robot but it is not in his station I don’t know why and then there’s maintenance again and workshop area, and some heat from below upstairs there are plenty of walkways so you can see down and all around the original room upstairs are barracks and some lounge area here Settlers and working members of the group can stay here which is really strict place I think There is propaganda posters here and locked door leading outside and modest kitchen area and some drugs for settlers to use so they can work harder I think and some nice bathroom here and shackles for punishment for not working too hard and some ventilation here all the ugly structures are seen, I couldn’t make them unseen and there are original room there and some turrets and this is a research area upstairs which is restricted of course and some bridge you can walk on and look downstairs the original area Then there’s my lab to the right of course and some booze to relax this is robo-brain facility you need robobrains for your robots here and some alien which is my project here i want to use alien robobrain next nothing special really small area here and outside door of course all those leading outside fit exactly all the pieces fit eventually but it was really tedious work to make them fit and here is my security and there’s Butch, my butcher robot and then there’s gun shop no vendor working here either, it should be and some scrap stations and again some walkways to look below and lavatory here because there wasn’t any room left for anything else and here next is the upstairs third floor which is the biggest but I didn’t..

this is exit so too i didn’t make it really much here just some additional bedrooms for unemployed settlers.

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