Hey whats going on guys today were going to be checking out the DKS-501 sniper rifle by LT Commander. This mod brings the classic sniper rifle we all know and love from previous fallout games to fallout 4 and its better than ever. To grab a hold of it, you can find it on various vendors or pry it off the hands of dead raiders and gunners.

It should start showing up in you game at level 25, and the quality of the weapon drops will scale all the way up to level 60. Once you hit level 75 a special ballistic weave option will unlock that lowers yours AP cost in vats and reduces the overall carry weight. I really like the idea of this dynamic weapon scaling and i hope we see more weapons in the future use this too. Along with the base weapon, the mod author also included the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle which comes with a desert camo texture. To find this rifle, you can find it locked away in a master chest in a house near the natick Banks which is located just north of the glowing sea. For weapon mods were looking at 7 recievers with the choice of the 38, 308 or 50 calibur round. Damages range from 73 to 209 with all the weapon perks. There 4 barells with the option for a shorted sawed off, a medium range scout, and 2 long range barrels. You get 4 stocks to descrease rocoil with a wooden option for that classic appreance.

There 3 mag sizes with a quick eject version for each. The small holds 5, the medium hold 7 and the large mag hold 10 rounds. With 11 scopes to choose from, Theres 2 iron sights, 2 reflex, and a short meidum and long range scope with the option for night vision and recon. For muzzles theirs a bayonet, compensater, muzzle brake and suppressor. Lastly there is the ballistic fiber weave material type. Honestly ive covered alot of weapon mods so far and i have to say this is definitly without a doubt in my top 3. The mod author really did a fantastic job recreating this weapon. Hope you enjoy the video guys, let me know in the comments what you think about this weapon. Thanks for watching as always and i will see you in the next showcase..

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