Considering it was april fools day recently some of you may be a little nervous about trying out some new mods, and so I’m going to put your mind at rest and show you some great mods that you may want to try. Welcome to episode 19 of the Fallout 4 Mod Vault If you have not played the Automatron DLC the next section will be slightly spoilerific If you want to skip this, I will put an annotation on the screen right now If you click it, it will take you past this spoiler. But those of you who are still hanging around have probably already guessed to some extent what the next mod is about.

I know I was not alone in being more than a little dissappointed that you could not create an EyeBot companion with this DLC it seems the most obvious thing to have included Yes, there is an EyeBot pod that you can create but all that does is create a scavenger for you But with a mod called “Automatron EyeBot Companions” you can recreate your favorite buddy from Fallout New Vegas Meet Eddie Who even beeps! Hahaha It’s brilliant! You pretty much create him the same way as you would create any Automatron Just make yourself a new Automatron and rename him if you want I’m going to name this one “Eddie mkII” and then go along to “Torso” and change it from whatever is selected to the “EyeBot Core” torso Now, please note: if you change an existing robot to use the EyeBot core, you can do it, but once you have done it, you cannot reverse the process.

So if you change one of your favorite robots , test them out with an EyeBot core, I’m afraid at the moment the change is permanent and you will get an EyeBot robot. Now as you can see, by default It’s a little odd The head floats between the arms and legs Not exactly what you’re looking for Uuuhm What you need to do, is go along to the legs And change it from “Protectron legs” to the “EyeBot Propulsion System” Now you can, believe it or not, select something like sentry legs It actually works perfectly You can have, if you want, Terminator Eddie which I think is actually ridiculously cool I mean, honestly That’s kinda terrifying And you can change the arms to something like the assaultron arms, the sentry arms, you can change the weapons, the armour You can change everything as you would change any other robot However, if you want the full sentry bot experience You’re going to need to change the legs to the EyeBot propulsion system Once you do that, the arms will be removed as well As you can see now, i have “Left Arm”, “No left arm”, and I can’t actually change it.

As long as I’ve got that propulsion system I won’t be able to have any arms which does make sense, although, I thought it’d be kinda cool to have an EyeBot with arms Uuuhm I think I’d like to see that as an option You probably want to change the voice to the beep I like the, sorry “Bleep” I like the “Bleep Bright Voice” That i think is it’s not quite like Eddie from Fallout New Vegas, but it’s pretty close It’s very R2D2-ish And don’t forget to give him a weapon, if you want him to shoot things EyeBot laser, explosive launcher, .38 there is a variety of weapons that you can install If you go along to “torso” you will see you have the “Torso mod”, “Frame” and “Sensors”. If I go along to “Frame”, You actually get a few options The “DuraFrame”, the “Servomech Frame”, and the “Minutemen Frame” You have a full set of mods under the miscellaneous torso mods Including hacking, which seems very appropriate, sensors, and, you know, you can check them all out They’re the usual mods that you get in Automatron And you can even improve the sensor package for your little robot friend with either a targeting system, or an upgraded sensor package I believe these bonuses apply to the robot itself I did not actually notice myself getting +1 perception when i checked the stats But, in all other ways it just acts like one of your normal robot companions.

Great idea, really well done, and I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again Something that really should have been in the game without needing a mod. Are you fed up of sitting in front of the TV, waiting for your favorite program to start, only to realize that’s never going to happen? Well, have no fear: with “Videos of the Wasteland” you now have hours of entertainment, at your fingertips This mod allows you to place a Holotape Player wherever you want They do require power, so you’re going to have to wire the houses up which, of course, is perfectly reasonable It works with various different TVs but i did find one of the TVs, the big circular one, did seem to have some issue with the image And once i actually removed the TV itself I think i figured out why It would seem the actual image was being displayed a little too low as if it was on a different TV Currently there are 7 holotapes available for this mod, and they are the S.P.E.C.I.A.L videos that you’ve all seen and you can find them outside vault 111 in a wooden crate, near to the button that activates the vault elevator.

I don’t know if the mod author is going to add any other videos or if it’s possible for us to add our own That would actually be kind of cool But even with just the seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L videos that come with the mod This is great It really does help bring your settlements to life, add that sound of life going on This is a brilliant mod that makes me realize something else I would like to see in this game, is a television station We have radio stations, so why not TV broadcasting? The next mod I’m going to show you is called “Targeting Sensors for Recon Scopes.” And what it does is it replaces the standard recon scope functionality with that of the targeting sensors. Now, if you don’t know what a recon scope is it is a special sniper scope that you can craft, if you have the right perks, that not only gives you night vision It also allows you to identify enemies, to find them, on your compass.

There you go; somewhere down there are two enemies. Now, the game actually has targeting sensors for power armour If you go along to any of the power armour head pieces You can change it to the targeting Heads Up Display And that will actually allow you to detect any living creature. The problem I had with the targeting Heads Up Display in power armour, is it is always on. So I’ll show you now: as i run around anything that is alive, or mechanical in nature so that’s robots, people, or enemies are highlighted in red. That is very, very useful, indeed. And now, you can actually see what it is that I was looking at. It would seem we have a couple of Mirelurks down there.

But whilst this is a very useful feature for my power armour it’s also very annoying, because it’s on permanently unless you take the helmet on and off, you’re going to have that horrible glow, which i find kind of disturbing. So let’s look at the same recon scope this time with “Targeting Sensors for Recon Scopes” mod installed I’m gonna zoom in and immediately i find the Mirelurks, they are highlighted in red straight away You can also see they’re added to the compass they’re marked on the compass so i can track them, so i actually get the best of both worlds.

It still highlights friendlies as well, but this time, it highlights them in green. So I know they’re friendly, and I know those are hostile even at distance This is kind of powerful, but it’s not that much different to using V.A.T.S to do the same thing. It will highlight robots, turrets and people, equally Again: green for friendly, red for hostile And the effect lasts for a couple of seconds after you zoom in Now apparently, that is a side effect but i actually quite like it. I like the fact that it lasts a few seconds cause it allows me to just quickly zoom in and then get an overview of what I’m looking at. This, to me, is so much better than the targeting sensors on the power armour. It’s no more useful It’s no more powerful but it is more pleasant, because I can turn it off.

I can just switch, I can stop zooming or put my weapon away, and so on whereas with the power armour, i literally have no choice other than to take my power armour helmet off So I really, really like this. One small thing of note: when you first install the mod, if you are already wielding a weapon with the recon scope and you zoom in The effect may not work as intended. All you need to do is switch weapons. And then the effect will work perfectly. I really like this idea. It’s a great way of getting functionality that was already in the game but in a way that was kind of annoying and allowing you to use it in a way that just feels better without feeling overpowered at all The fact that these sensors are not on all the time is not powerful, it’s just pleasant.

The next mod is called “Craftable Vertibird Signals.” Now this is a mod that’s been out for quite some time and probably most of you have even heard of it It is a mod that allows you to create Vertibird signal grenades. It’s that simple. It basically means you don’t have to keep running back to a certain vendor to buy a handful of these things every few trips. Now again: i do realize most people probably have already heard of this and may think it’s a bit pointless me showing you this This is more of a shoutout/thank you to the mod author for making this. My first playthrough of Fallout 4 I wanted a vanilla-like experience and so I didn’t use this mod and I can tell you from experience that the vanilla-like experience in this regard sucks This mod is an absolute godsend to me. Being able to craft basic smoke grenades to be able to summon a Vertibird Is the most obvious thing ever it is reasonable it’s not overpowered and all it does is remove a tiny bit of inconvenience no, a lot of inconvenience for those of us that like to use Vertibird travel instead of fast travel So, this is a belated spotlight for an old mod As a way of saying “Thank you very much for this” One of the big disappointments with the settlement system in Fallout 4 is the fact that the settlers are so…

Well, generic and creepy and a lot of that comes down to the fact that They’re all called “Settler” Every single one of them is called “Settler” including this kid I mean it It’s a little creepy, to say the least. Well not anymore! Meet Harold who is a farmer and Gordon, who is a taylor When you use a mod called “Don’t call me Settler” Any new settlers you get are assigned a name. And whenever you assign a settler to a job you can actually see his job when you try to talk to him The mod actually selects the name from the list of names that Codsworth can say So most of them will seem perfectly reasonable. Now the mod will not rename existing settlers which is a shame, but apparently, that is a little difficult. Who knows, maybe in a future update once the G.E.C.K has come out However, existing settlers will get the title So you can just look at them, no matter what they’re doing and see whether or not they are assigned and what they are assigned to The mod does have one other interesting feature that you’ll find under your miscellaneous inventory it’s called the “Don’t call me settler setup holotape” And it will give you options to either change the protection status for your settlers so you can make them unkillable change the ratio of male to female for new settlers and it gives you a settlement toolbox Now currently, under the toolbox, there is only one option but it’s actually a very useful option it is “Call unassigned settlers” you can select this it will send the command, and once it is done you exit, and There you go, you have some music and any unassigned settlers will run to you There you go, my unassigned settler.

I can now assign her to things. She will actually follow me around. while this music is playing The only downside to that feature would seem to be the fact that you have to wait for the music to stop all by itself You can’t turn it off once you’ve assigned your settler it only takes a few seconds, but, it would be nice if I could actually switch it off once i had done the assigning. This mod is quite simple, really, it really is amazingly useful and it feels very seamless there’s no batch files, no console commands it all works automatically The settlers just arrive with a name and when you assign them to things, they get a title It just feels perfectly natural I’m hoping this mod continues to develop I would like to see some new features and I’m fascinated to see what he can provide in the toolbox And, just, if you’re into settlement building this, I think, is just going to be one of these mods that just goes instantly onto your “just have to have” list And that is all we have time for this week I’m going to end with the usual collection of screenshots A big thank you to everybody who has contributed so far there are well over a thousand now where, it’s amazing how many screenshots have been posted If you would like to post a screenshot for me to include at the end of one of my videos I will leave a link down below to a video showing you exactly how you can do that I will of course be back next week with more great mods and I hope you can join me for that I look forward to seeing you there, and until then remember as always: Have fun If you’re curious as to whether I’ve covered a mod in one of my videos feel free to go along to my website and check the search functionality out Just type the name of the mod you’re interested in open up the settings and filter by mods only click for search, and you will see whether or not I’ve covered that mod Click on the mod, and it will also show you any of the videos this mod appears in Subtitles by Pahrelin

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