Hey whats going on guys today i want to check out 5 more mods that are all worth a download. The first mod i have for you is called commonwealth challenges by pokepunch. If you miss the challenges from fallout NV like me and want to add a few more goals to achieve this is definitly a mod your going to want to check out. This mod adds 36 new challenges that award you for things you were probably going to do anyways.

They range from killing enemies, using certain weapons, to taking certain drugs. To keep track of all your progress all you have to do is head into the note tab in the pipboy, where you will find the new commonwealth challenge note. This note will give you a list of every challenge and see how close you are to achieving it. Once you complete a goal, you will unlock certain buffs which comes in the form of a passive perk. Killing enemys for example will give you 3 to 10% bonus toward that paticular creature, consuming fusion cores will make them last a little bit longer, and eating corpes will let you bag up your meal for a midnight snack. I personally really like this mod becase the perks and buffs are low enough that everything still remains balanced and it gives me a reason to try things i normally wouldnt do in a playthough. Clean water of the commonwealth by feywen lets you decide how clear you want your water to look and how much radiation damage you recieve when you take a dip. All together theres 4 different water textures, and 3 different radiation levels to choose from.

The standard clean water, is the same as the base game vanilla water so if you just want to use the radation changes then this is the version is for you. Clear water is twice as clear as vanilla, its a nice choice for streams and lakes but you wont notice much of a difference in deep water. Cystal water makes it almost completely see though so you can see right down to the ocean floor and the tropical version gives it a nice greenish blue tint. For radiation levels you can pick from the clean rad free water, the standard base game radiation or up the difficulty by adding more rads.

Now this is definitly not the most realistic mod in the world, im from boston myself and ive only gone in the ocean a few times just because the water is so dirty. If you have ever heard the song that came out in the 60’s called dirty water that pretty much sums up what the charles river looks like. But this is a video game after all so sometime you have to just go with it because it looks so good. The tropical version in my opinion looks the nicest, but its the most unrealistic one. I peronally would like to see a version between clear and crystal.

Clear has the right color for me, but its not that much of a difference, and crystal is just to clear for my liking. So in the end i decided on tropical just because i can still see though it and the greenish blue tint makes it a bit darker. Either way its nice mod to have that lets you get a peak of whats hidden below. NPCs travel by skyquest adds some more life to the wasteland by adding 88 new NPC that you can run into on your travels. With this mod installed you will now see two packs of minutemen, BOS, and railroad patrolling the commonwealth. Theres more groups of raiders, supermutants and gunners. Along with protectrons, eyebots and mr gutsys going about there business. While all these new spawns to kill and fight with are nice, the adventures, scavangers, mercenarys and hunters are the best part of this mod in my option.

The adventures and scavengers are just like you and me out looking for some nice loot and if you ask nicely they will trade some of it with you. The hunters travel the roads with there k9 companions, looking for something to eat and will gladly trade there kills for some caps. The new mercenarys can help you resupply on some chems when you are running low and they travel in heavily armed groups. All these new NPCs travel to more than 200 different locations and everythings random so you will never know where you might find one, and if they happen to die while there out, you wont have to worry because they all respawn after 10 days. I really like this mod because you dont run into many friendly faces in the wasteland so im happy to see a mod that lets me run into some normal people who dont want to shoot on sight.

Lastly each group can be controlled with a pipboy holotape where you can set the number of spawns, set there relationship to the player or disable some of there features like bartering. This is almost like a light version of the war of the commonwealth. So if your having some performance problems running that, this might be what your looking for. CWSS Redux by steve40 and FLipdeezy adds over 40 new items to the workshop menu. They can all be found under the new CWSS catagories over in the furniture tab and come with custom idles, animations, models and sound effects. First up are the showers there 10 options to choose from they range from built ins, tubs, faucets and even a oak barrel. I have to say this is a pretty well done mod and hes thought of pretty much everything.

You can move the camera around to get a nice view, you can wash the dirt off your body with a bar of soap, and you can even listen to your character sing. All together there are 20 different idles, and once your all cleaned up you get a buff to your charisma stat that wears off after 60 minutes. Plus if your playing on survival you also recieve 100 points towards your fatigue and reduce your risk of disease by 5%. The next catagory are the tubs which comes in 3 different styles in dirty or clean. The reason there 3 tubs is because each one has its own unique animation. You can take a seat and relax after a long day, or you can lay down and take a nap. The last animation even lets you put on a sexy pose for the camera. You can watch the tub fill with water when you get in and it even drains when your get out with a sound effect and everything. Once of the best things about this mod too, is theres private and public version for each.

So you dont have to worry about your settlers using your shower or bath. Next up are the sinks and bubblers, theres 11 to pick from and they come with there own animations too. You can lean in for a drink of water at the bubblers but the animations can be a little wonky so make sure to have the camera far away from you. Lastly are all the new toilets and urinals for you ultra immersive players out there.

They come with there own animations, and sound effects too but im going to let you see that one for yourself. Grenade expansion pack 2 by sean ms1991 adds a new m79 grenade launcher along with 60 new explosives for you to play around with. The m79 comes in two different versions. The base one can be found on enemies in the wasteland or you can buy it from various vendors. This version fires a single type of shell which can be swapped out for the explosive of your choice over at the weapons workbench.

The legendary launcher version is the one your going to want to grab though. This can be found over at gorskis cabin and theres only one of them in the game so try not to loose it. The reason your going to want the lengendary launcher because it comes with a unique feature. once its equppid just tap the bash key and a new menu will apeear. This will let you swap ammo types on the fly. It reads you inventory to see what you have on you and to get all the new ammo types just head over to the chem station. Under the utility tab you will see 8 different type of explosives that you can either load into the m79 or toss down by hand. The contact grenades, darts, and times explosives load right into the m79 and come in a variety of different flovors. You get the standard options like frag, pulse and plasma, along with a few new ones like the compact artillery shell. This shell is a nice alternative if you dont have enough patience like me to wait for the minuteman.

The concussion grenades, break your enemies heads which lowers there perception making you harder to hit. But that if they dont die from the intial blase to begin with. Some of the new darts even include some handy drugs you can use on your companions in combat. The psycho dart can give your companion a boost, when you need them to do more damage and the stim pack dart can revive them or get them back to full health. The chemical weapons can be used to mess with your enemies heads. Anger air sends them into a frenzy letting you sit back and watch your enemies do your job for you and the paralizing gas can be used to freeze your target like a statue The cluster bomb catagory, are really handy if your playing on survival and you want to conserve some ammo. These work similar to the fatman mirv launcher and rain down multiple rounds from the sky. The frag boquet deploys 6 grenades that split up and explode on a 5 second timer. and the fire bomb drops 10 shells, that kind of work like napalm. Along with the new grenades and darts, theres also two new mine catagories constisting of traditial mine and disguised mines.

The disguised mines work just like normal ones but instead of throwing down a mine you will throw down random object instead. My favorite mine has to be the Dirty water mines, there are a blast to use and they really pack a bunch that can knock enemies off there feet. My second favorite is the alarm clock and pipebomb mine that can be used to lure targets to there death.

Once an enemy spots it, they will shoot it until it blows up in there face. My only complaint with it though is the HP is a little high with them, so you might be sitting there for a while. The last catagory of this mod is the remote explosives. To use these your to need a charge detonator which is crafted over at the chem station. Once you have it just hot key it to a favorite slot then active it once your charges are down. Theres 5 types in total to choose from and they include C4, Nuke, Plamsa, pulse and claymore. Out of all the explosives in this mod this is definitly my favorite because there great for setting up traps and ambushes. This is definitly a must have mod, it gives some variety to combat, there fun to use, and makes use of alot of different perks. Hope you enjoyed the video guys, let me know which mods your favorite down in the comments below.

Thanks for watching as always and i will see you in the next showcase..

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