Hello! Welcome to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson and in this first episode for the new Fallout 4 survival mode we are going to be starting off in Sanctuary Hills, pre-apocalypse, visiting the vault and returning to Sanctuary Hills to set up camp. But before we do that let’s have a quick look at the intro. It’s an excellent Intro – I suggest you go away and have a look at the whole thing. But it’s rather long to include here. So I’ll only be showing about 10 seconds of it. War. War never changes. So here we are in Sanctuary Hills, pre-apocalypse.

This is Nate and Nora. You can play as either – it really doesn’t change the game one jot. They adjust the dialogue minimally according to the sex of the primary character. So it’s entirely up to you. I’ve played a couple of times as Nate so I’m going to go for Nora this time but I worry about – whoops, I’ve changed the wrong guy – I’ve got to change the sex first! Here we go.

So I’m going to go with that this Nora because I think her hair is to work better in the power armour. I worry about the hair. It looks like a health and safety thing. I’m just quickly go back to Nate here and make him a little bit younger than he was. I didn’t mean to Adjust him the way it did so back to Nora and you can of course change all kinds of features here.

It’s a slightly weird interface in that if you press F on the PC you get what appears to be her a disabled menu at the bottom but you have to mouse over the bit of the face that you want to change. But I’m not going to do any of that. So escape takes us back and enter says we’re done. I keep wanting to see how Codsworth changes nappies, or diapers as they’re Called in the states. But we never get to watch so he’ll just stay there until we leave. But it’s a strange design for nappy changing I think you’ll agree.

We’ll end up with Flambéed infant that way but we’ll let him get on with it. Nora is a lawyer of some kind and just to let know where we are, we’re actually on the 31st of October – that’s Halloween in 2077 OK, so these are the SPECIAL attributes… I’m just going to put Nora in the top here because I’m not that inventive when it comes to names People have feelings about these but I just tend to make them all the same at the start and increase them as I go through the game as needed. So I’m going to set them all to four: we have 21 points additional to spend across the seven attribute. BTW, SPECIAL is the first letter of each of the words. So that’s how they’ve made these up. But strength for example lets you determine how much melee damage you can do… Perception is to do with how accurate you are when you’re shooting… Endurance is how well you resist all kinds of things.

Charisma is how well you get on in conversations… Intelligence has some kind of effect on your ability to pick up science perks which I guess not too surprising. Agility – how quickly you can move and how quickly you can recover from moving; sprinting for example. And luck, how much trouble you have finding stuff, how much trouble you have killing folk and so on. So that’s a them all set to 4 and we’ll play with as we go along. That’s not good. OK, so Nate’s obviously quite dead and interacting with him has just got us a wedding ring. I hung on to both wedding rings for the whole the first two times through this game and they never actually feature in the game play. So you can just sell them, which might seem a little bit cold, but they’re worth quite a bit. None of these other pods will open, BTW. You just get a horrible error messages. There is a terminal down here which basically doesn’t do anything but it does let know what’s going on. You can look at the pod occupant status.

Mrs Callaghan, for example, is deceased. So there’s a lot of that around. What we need to do obviously is to get out of the vault. Now there isn’t actually anything in this room worth picking up so we’ll just leave. We’re meant to go out the way we came in which was straight down this corridor. But you’ll notice when we get here that the door says inaccessible. But we do some stuff to pick up, so ballpeen hammer – all these things are useful later but there’s nothing in the tool box, sadly. Wrench… I think that’s everything there… It’s worth stooping down some time to see if there’s anything on the lower levels.

There are other rooms offer the corridor that have other pods in them but there is actually nothing to be found there either. Now here’s a lovely Radroach, a huge cockroach I guess and we need to kill them, so handily there is a security baton there. There’s another one in the next room too, if you don’t find this one. And there’s a few things to pick up in here, plus the terminal that we can have a quick look at. It’s not terribly interesting – it’s just more background really. It tells you what the why the vault’s here… Some of the rules and regulations and that kind of thing. The operation protocol, that is the first one… “Vault 111 is designed to test the long-term effects of suspended animation on UNAWARE human subjects.” So they deliberately didn’t tell them anything and just put them into deep freeze.

We’re picking up all kinds of staff and some of it may seem weird and uninteresting. Certainly if you’ve played the game before on an easier level you would have just skipped over a lot of this because it’s seemed rather tedious and it does get quite tedious, but now your life depends on it In survival mode. So our first encounter with a Radroach is right here and I saw him before he saw me so I didn’t take any damage. Coffee cup, another security baton if you didn’t see the first one. This is water. This is actually one of the most important components of the game. It’s clean water in a vault. And if we were feeling unwell it would help us quite a bit. One of the main things that we need to do now in survival mode is to find bottles and put water in them.

Which sounds very tedious and it is moderately tedious, but if you don’t do it you die which does make the whole thing somewhat more Interesting. I almost did die the first time through for lack of water and antibiotics because you get ill from people shooting you and sleeping under the mattresses. Now this is just a games terminal and some 1980s-style computer games on there, which we’re not going to bother with. Here’s some more fresh water and a coffee cup. A hot plate’s useful to have because it’s got copper and some other stuff in it. As is the toaster. Coffee cups are ceramic so they are used in building certain things We could now fill these bottles so I will now do that. Pressing ‘R’ each time on the PC keyboard. And now that’s us done.

There’s no mirror here. If there is a mirror above the sink it’s useful to check it for Stuff, usually drugs and – there’s another bottle, we’ll fill that up in a minute. Drugs and bobby pins. Bobby pins are certainly worth their weight in gold. These are all beds and if these beds were available to us we could sleep for as long as we like. I think up to 24 hours on them. But because we haven’t made it to Sanctuary yet we would be told That we can’t sleep on these beds, which is sad. But other things like sleeping bags and mattresses you can sleep on but for less time. So a sleeping bag’s good for 3 hours, a mattress straight on the floor is good for 4 hours. A mattress off the floor but dirty is good for 5 hours and a bed is good for effectively 24 hours.

Up to 24 hours. So there’s nothing more to be had here. What we have to do now is go through this power room to get out. And you can see there’s a dead – oh, it’s not dead – there’s a Radroach there and some Radroaches around the corner. There’s also these big transformers That will do you damage if you get zapped. The Radroaches tend to stay to the other side, so we’ll go round here and wack these guys as they come to greet us… if they’re going to come and greet us.

That’s one and we just have a bit of radiation damage from him. And there’s another and because I was running backwards at the time he didn’t get me, which is one way of avoiding damage. You get very good at running backwards in this game I find. I’ll just wait for the arcs to stop briefly and I’ll go out and pick up this meat. This may seem gross, but if you cook the Radroach meat you can eat it without getting ill. So that’s what we’ll be doing later on. Battered clipboards again sound really tedious but they have screws in them – sorry, springs I should have said – you need springs and screws and all kinds of little stuff like that.

Now some more of our little friends up here. Its best if you can sneak up on them before they flap their wings because when they’ve done that they’ve taken a chunk out of you. And you’ll see now that I had my health points have gone down in the bottom left-hand corner so I’ll remedy that by drinking some water. I think we did pick up a Stimpak but the problem with Stimpaks now is that a) they don’t do as much they do in the lower levels of the game and b) almost all drugs make you thirsty, so you end up having to take a Stimpak and needing to drink water anyway.

So if you’re near a convenient source of water – this is actually the best way of healing, the most effective way of healing. So a couple more drinks and then I’ll fill up a couple of the bottles I picked up and then we’ll be done with this fountain. But fountains are a wonderful thing. You are not going to see many fountains in this world, I’m afraid. (It was only one bottle we picked up.) They occur with clean water only in vaults. So some more Stimpaks and like I say, unlike in most other games these now actually have Consequences. Now we’ve picked up a 10 MM pistol which is going to be our friend – in my case I ended up finishing my previous survival mode with a 10MM pistol because I bought all the perks that let me improve its power very noticeably. Because if you put a silencer on it you can then use it as a stealth weapon and get perks to improve the power of stealth weapons and things… So another terminal which has got lots of background.

This will be the same stuff that we saw in the first terminal. There’s a discussion of this weapon I’m going to show you called the Cryolator, which is a cryogenic freezing pistol because they’ve obviously got a lot of cryogenic stuff here. I’m not going to worry too much about that because most of these fancier weapons are too heavy in survival mode. You just can’t afford to carry them around… so we just unlocked that door on the far side – the ‘open evacuation tunnel’ that’s that one. These doors never open until you actually come out of the dialogue. You’ll notice there are some are rounds here which I’ll pick up. Another pistol which will be handy to sell, if nothing else. It generally, though, isn’t worth picking up arms, guns – guns in particular to sell because they’re quite heavy and not worth a great deal. Here’s the Cryolator. We can’t get in because we have to pick the lock. You can come back here with your dog – Dog Meat he’s called – when you meet him And you can ask Dog Meat to find you interesting things.

He will just come back with the Cryolator. I don’t know how he gets into the case but he manages it. Like I say it is too heavy to carry around. The same is true of missile launchers and the one man had nuclear weapon slingshot called a fat man …some more 10MM ammunition which is worth having. Some more water here – we’re not going to need it we just had a good drink but as I say check the mirrors. Here we’ve got a Stimpak. Sometimes on backs of things shall find Bobby pins which are worth hanging on to. Useful to pick up. useful pick up a she’d say We don’t need to shut any of those doors… now this is the way out. Regrettably there are quite a few Radroaches down here. I am going to try shooting some of them from a distance. Got him. Got him. There are more. I have to tell you these are a lot harder to kill once you get outside of the vault.

I don’t know whether it is the location or the fact that we’re still on level one but… don’t be overconfident in your ability to kill Radroaches. There’s one there and there is another. It appears from under this mat in the second. There we go. So we’re now at the exit. This is the way we came in. This is the vault door nicely sealed up.

There’s a corpse up here and a folder – oh that isn’t a folder, sorry – it looks like a folder but it’s not. Folders are worth picking up; they don’t weigh anything and they’re worth a cap each. I think they can be scrapped as paper as well. That can be useful. We want to pick up this Pipboy. It’s got a lovely little boot sequence here. I used to write power-on self-tests for devices not exactly like this but it’s very nostalgic for me. And so now this is our game interface.

We always refer to this throughout the rest of the game. You click on the tabs of that top, there are some shortcut keys I’ll tell you about. Once you’re inside a particular tab – we’re in the stats tab at the moment – you can use the movement keys on the PC keyboard to change. But lets have a look at this status screen. This is telling you the health of all your body parts or your armour. And/or your armour, I’m not sure exactly how it differentiates.

If you press Q you’ll get – on the PC – the current meaning of these symbols down the left hand side. And this is saying there we’re currently giving 10% extra damage because we’ve got adrenalin. Adrenalin comes from lack of sleep and also from killing things. This is our original special attributes. They are all set to 4 as you may remember. These are perks, some of these can be temporary like this adrenalin one is a temporary. Some of them are much longer term. If you pick up a bobble head – a little toy – or if you pick up comic you get permanent perks. Also if you hang out with some of the companions later in the game long enough they have perks associated with them. The inventory is as you might expect, except that it is split into sections. So there’s weapons, two pistols and two batons. There’s clothing called apparel so glasses, the jump suit I’m wearing.

The stuff you’re wearing is marked with the square here and you can change that Aid is just going to be the purified water we’ve picked up, the Radroach meat. It’s always good to have an even number of Radroaches because it takes I think two Radroaches, raw Radroach meat, to make a Radroach grill. And then we’ve got the five Stimpaks. Miscellaneous – nothing at the moment …which is sad because I don’t think we’ve picked up a bobby pin. We could do with a bobby pin. We might have to go back and see if we can find one of those. Mods and the ammo is just the 24 – sorry – just the 10MM ammunition that we’ve got so far. Data is the quest we currently on. You can get to this screen with J, you can get to the inventory screen with I and you can get to the status screen with K. The only other shortcut screens are a map which is M on the PC keyboard and the radio screen which you don’t tend to use all that much, but O will bring you straight to here when you’re outside of the Pipboy interface.

If you inside the interface you have to do it the hard way. Data includes quests which tells you what you’ve got active and the current ones you’ve got active are marked with this square. Workshops when we start setting up communities. Stats I never look at, but you can do if you’re interested. I’ve killed 13 creatures so far. I have collected the 34 items of junk. The map is useful. It shows us where we are. Once we get outside it will show us where Sanctuary Hills is but that’s not too difficult to find. The perk chart you’ll notice is advertised at the bottom here, with the letter T. You’ll be encouraged to go here when you want to level up there’s our seven SPECIAL attributes across the top and there another 10 rows by SPECIAL attributes so there are 70 perks all together with some of them running up to 4 or 5 levels. So you’d have to play this to like level 300 to get absolutely everything. You’re generally feeling pretty perky, if I may make a really bad pun, from about level 25/30 onwards.

I find you start to feel a little bit more comfortable about doing stuff. You can still be killed quite easily I assure you, but it’s not quite such a nerve racking existence. Now we want go out so were going to come over here and activate the vault door controls. OK, so we’re good to go. One last thing before we set off, though. I waited until we got the Pipboy so I could turn the light on because they’ve hidden some stuff in the dark over here and you – on the PC – you turn the light on by holding down the tab key. And a light comes on whatever colour you got your Pipboy interface set to. You can change that in the game options if you wish. The green’s okay.

So there’s some more ammunition there and I thought there was something – yeah more ammunition there. And I think we still don’t have a single bobby pin. So I’m going to be very depressed about that. Let’s go back in and see, just make absolutely sure that I have not missed a bobby pin back in one of these rooms. It may be there simply wasn’t one available this time. Because it does obviously vary. Ah, I missed his cabinets before. There’s my bobby pin. OK, fantastic, I’ve got a bobby pin now which means I can break into a lock – one bobby pin minimum per lock. If you’re unlucky you can spend up to three bobby pins.

I’d never spent more than 3 – maybe 4 once but usually one or two bobby pins would do most locks if you’re careful about it. So I think now I have done everything. I just missed those filing cabinets the first time through and I think about everything off here now. Sometimes, like I mentioned earlier it’s good to squat down. I do that with the control key just to see if there isn’t anything hiding at lower levels and sometimes you have to pick stuff up off of the desks and cabinets to see if there’s anything actually in them.

And until you do that it won’t tell you. So you have to pick up folders and stuff like that. So you may as will pick up folders, they don’t weigh anything and they’re worth a little bit In my experience there is never anything in this immediate area or behind it. We’ll have a quick peek while we’re waiting but there’s nothing. These are the best – these are good places to look – but in this particular scenario there’s nothing here. And this is your last chance to change those things are we set up at the beginning of the game. So the allocation of the points to the special attributes, your name – I think this is your last chance to change the name if you don’t like it.

Changing your appearance; you can actually do that in a plastic surgeons. I think it’ll cost you money and you can do it also in a hairdressers or a barber’s you can change your hair style. You can also get tattoos – I think you have to pick up various perks to do that, magazines I think. You come across tattoo magazines and you can then add various tattoos if you want that kind of thing. But I’m just going to skip straight out and exit the vault. So that billboard is where we came in. Here we need to get down at heel to get home and you can see from the compass that home, in a straight line, is 83 feet that way.

But just survey the situation. Things are not too happy and everything’s in a pretty advanced state of decay. These yellow crates always worth inspecting and they have nice things in them. We’re going to pick up the skull. Picking up bones when you’re offered them is a good idea because you can make stuff that is important with them.

You often won’t be allowed to pick up whole skeletons, which is a little bit weird. So you have to look for body parts kind of lying around – bones that are lying around. This is the caravan that we rushed by. We wouldn’t really have noticed it on the way in. Office fans or desk fans are good to pick up as they have all kinds of things in them aside from just metal. Aside from just steel, I should say. Coffee cups are good to pick up because they’re ceramic and we need that. Bottle caps are money. Over here, ashtrays. Believe it or not I did actually go through ignoring ashtrays and then discovered that didn’t have enough ceramics. So you have to pick up the ashtrays really. Some more 10MM ammo, which is excellent news. I don’t think there is anything else in here.

We could have a sit down but that won’t do us anything. And there is hiding under here some cram. There was also the cabin at the top here. Which we saw as we were going down into the vault. In slightly better shape and here some empty bottles which we want. Nuka Cola, there’s lots of it around. You go up to machines and then take some Nuka Cola of different varieties out. It doesn’t actually replace water unfortunately, so it’s good for caffeine jolts and added damage from that kind of thing but it doesn’t really seem to have much effect in improving your hydration situation. Some Raday and a clock in this crate. These first aid boxes usually have useful things in them.

And if you wanted to go back down into the vault just press this button and go and get on the platform. But I’ll have this wrench. There’s a folder like I mentioned. It wasn’t actually disguising anything on this occasion but there’s no harm in picking up folders. Now going down the hill that way – the direction I’m looking – is what we should be doing, But I happen to know that there are some nice things waiting for us and some excitement, potentially, waiting for us up end. Now I’m not going to do too much of this because we’re in a very vulnerable state.

We’ve got no armour. We’re at level 1 and our gun is most basic that you can have. I’ll just sure it’s loaded and suchlike. There have been various things waiting for me up here. I’m going to go into stealth mode, partly to duck to get through these fallen trees. And nothing this time. OK, well that’s all right. That’s not upsetting me too badly. Obviously you advance through the game by getting experience points and you get experience points by shoot’n stuff. So that’s a little bit of bad news from that point of view. But I’m not going to cry too much over it because sometimes it doesn’t go quite as well as you’d like it to. Now up this way there’s a little shelter with a few goodies. So we’ve got some more Stimpak and Radaway. And we’ve got here a mattress. Now this is a dirty mattress directly on the ground so this is good for 4 hours.

I’m going to sleep here for – let’s see what time it is, you press E. It says it’s 10 o’clock in the morning so I think I could afford to have a rest for 4 hours. I’ll do that. If I tied to rest for longer it would actually let me sleep for 4 hours and then tell me I wasn’t allowed longer, when I woke up. OK, so I feel rested which is so good news. Sometimes you get up and it says you’re still unwell or still feeling tired. I’ll pick up these silt beans because need to plant some food later on. And silt beans I think we can plant. I’m also just going to quickly check to see if there are any hazards in the area.

I’m going to do that with the VATS key. VATS is this rather elaborate targeting system built into the Pipboy, but am I don’t actually much like using except to find out if there are any hazards. You do that by pressing Q and if there is anything around that’s going to worry you then it appears like that. Now I could actually select that and ask VATS to take a shot at it for me with my gun. But early in the game the shooting isn’t very precise and also these frag mines are quite useful to pick up so we sneak up on them and we just make sure that we always know where they are so don’t sneak up on them too quickly. And then we just say we’d like to pick it up. There are actually quite a few together here so this is going to be a little bit challenging.

I’m going to start here. There was a safe just here last time which would have been a much nicer thing to have come across but these things are valuable and useful. They’re also slightly heavy unfortunately and sometimes you come across these and they’ll go off without you being able to disarm, occasionally. And that’s bad because in most early stage the game you will die instantly. Now I know that over the hill there’s a radar – at least one raider. When I have actually tried to, shall we say, engage with them I’ve always died at this point because they are various numbers of them. Usually either two or three and they’ve got Molotov cocktails and other hazardous things so I’m just going to sneak off. There is some more stuff on the other side of the hill which were going to have a quick look for.

Because those frag mines are there – they haven’t been there the last half dozen times I’ve been up here so I’m just going to make sure that there aren’t any more lying around. We’re going to go down this direction and there’s something over here – oh, it’s an old bath. I think if we go down this direction a little bit more… The clicking noise is me checking for hazards. We’ve got some hub flowers which I’ll pick. And these and leaves and fruits and vegetables, seeds are good for various things. You can make herbal remedies if you can find enough of these things. Some of the stuff on the herbals list I have never seen in the wild.

So I don’t know where you get it. I end up picking up the actual herbal remedies from corpses or from buying it at a trader’s. So here’s a shed and it’s got a lock and were going to try to get in. I think we have one bobby pin. A novice lock – these are the instructions for how you do this – for the novice locks though I found you use the A key on the PC to turn the lock and use the mouse to orient the bobby pin. For a novice lock you may as well as try it where the pin goes in and then try about 10 o’clock where that cross is over to the left. And then about 2 o’clock where there could be across but there isn’t. but typically one of those three locations is going to do something for you in novice mode. As you move through to expert – there’s advanced first, then expert and then master they do become very difficult to open and the amount of movement is absolutely tiny. So there are some perks to make it a little bit easier but it generally is just a matter of getting used to the interface.

I’ll just quickly touch the A key and that almost works so I now have to guess about which way to move the bobby pin and I’m going to guess a bit to the left. That didn’t improve things so I’ll try a bit further to the right… I’m in. So it’s quite common to be able to get into a novice lock with one bobby pin. Now I’ve got seven Bobby pins in this case which is fantastic news.

Some wonderglue – we need lots of glue for all kinds of stuff. We need as many empty bottles we can find. And like I mentioned, we don’t particularly need ballpeen hammers. We’re going to get a lot of wood and steel in our settlements – they’re full of the wood and steel typically. So that isn’t so important. So now our compass shows we’re heading in a straight line towards Sanctuary Hills but let’s just make sure we do via the vault. So I’m going to put a customised marker on the vault. That will show up as a hollow square in the compass. It’s more or less the same direction so were OK. It’s just sometimes you can get disoriented especially in a landscape like this which is repeated all over the place, here. So everything is hunky dory we didn’t have any animal hazards there but we did have half a dozen frag mines which are now ours. Let me just quickly show you how to assign these things in the are favourites. So we go to the inventory with the key I and we press Q having got to the inventory And I’m going to put my pistol which have selected into slot 2 which is where I always have my pistol.

I’m going to put one of the security batons in slot 1. I’ve just come down there and highlighted that. I’ll press Q again and select slot 1. You’ll notice, if I press Q again, that the Stimpaks are already on slot 0. This is all the top row of the PC keyboard, by the way. I’m going to put purified water in the dash key. And I’m going to put Rad-X – I think we’ve got some – in the equals key. Those are handy things to have. Let me go to my aids which are over here. So purified water is there. Press Q to assign it to dash like I said. Rad-X which prevents radiation poisoning. We’re going to assign to the equals. So if you’re heading for any deep water, you need to use the Rad-X straight away before you get in, otherwise you’ll die quite quickly.

If you’re in an area and your Pipboy geiger counter starts going off, then you might want to whip the Rad-X at that point. At this stage – let’s just have a look at the favourites again – I usually put the grenades up here, so I’ll do that now. I’ll go back to weapons. I’m going to stick my – the only grenade I’ve got – I’ve got one Molotov cocktail so I’ll put that on 7. And I’ve got some fragmentation mines which I’ve just armed by the way. So I clicked on the Alt key it would through a fragmentation mine. But what I meant to do is just to hit Q and select 9 because that’s where I usually put it. If I had any fragmentation grenades, and I don’t yet, I put them on 8. So that’s how I normally work, but obviously everybody has their own style for doing this.

These vans are usually useful for looking in the back of. The cars, hardly ever. I don’t think I’ve ever found anything in the back of the car. But sometimes you’ll find stuff in the back of van. Nothing there. We’ve done that guy. I don’t believe there’s anything more around the top here. And coming down the hill – this is the way we came in – these poor souls are the folks who didn’t have the entry on the list.

We can pick up some more silt beans and I’m hoping we can plant these. But I don’t recall exactly. I believe they are the ingredient for some soups as well. Basically, food that you cook ends up rad free for no apparent reason. And most foods that are raw – all foods that are raw will give you a little bit of radiation dosage, which you can put up with a certain extent. Checking mailboxes is good but these were have been empty last few times I’ve tried them. I’m just going to nip over here to see if we’ve got anything in this mailbox. And here is home. Now it’s worth letting Codsworth do this and to go in advance because there are some creepies in some of these houses. The flying ones in particular – the bloat flies – are actually rather difficult to get rid of yourself. They spit some corrosive substance. We’ll come back for the that meat later. That was just a bloatfly gland. In case you’re wondering, British English uses mum where American English uses ma’am. So it’s a bit confusing if are trying to understand why Codsworth is referring to Nora as mum.

Now typically there’s bloat fly meat. I don’t know whether it’s not there because we didn’t kill these guys but like I say they’re actually rather – oh, six bobby pins, we’ll have that – they’re actually rather difficult, especially when you’ve got no protection because they’re rather vicious creatures. Now because it’s Halloween there’s lots of Halloween decorations and things like plastic pumpkins around. And the plastic is, believe it or not is useful. I’ll come back and basically scrap a lot of the stuff in the houses in the next session. I don’t want to make this one too long. But notice, for example that there is a safe under this crib but that will become extremely apparent when we clear out the furniture. And we can pick up all this other stuff too. So we’ll come back to that. What we need now is to either make or an find a bed before we can sleep because we’re going to start suffering from lack of sleep. And it just so happens that we’re in approximately the right location.

Let’s come over here and I’ll pick up the bloatfly meat that was in… which house was it? Was it this house or the next house? I’ve forgotten – there’s the meat. So I think it’s luck of the draw whether you get the meat or the glands. I’m sure the glands are useful for something. Probably some medicine. There was another bloatfly. There’s a – if I turn my light on – there’s a safe in the corner. We’ll get to that next time. Where’s the other bloatfly? There he is. That’s a gland again, so I think it is the luck of the draw. The bloatfly meat you can cook and eat. The glands must have – there’s is a bottle cap and bloatfly meat, hurrah. OK, I don’t want to pick up any more scrap. I’ll do that in a while. However if you dig around the back of these properties you will discover that there is one with a little cellar.

Here it is, it’s this one. Now before we go down there you’ll notice the rather conveniently placed tree. And typically when these trees are so obviously well-placed there is something to be had by going up. So here we find at the chimney a duffle bag with some nice stuff in it. So we’ll pick up all that. Let me show you what we’ve got in the inventory and how much inventory. We’ve got 70 pounds – we’ve collected 70 pounds out of an available 115. So actually we could pick up quite a lot, still. But that quickly goes down we start adding in all the food and water you need to carry with you. So let’s go into the root cellar and finish up this episode by getting some sleep. So this is a real Aladdin’s Cave. He’s got everything in your which is great news. So we’ve got food, we’ve got water and Stimpaks. We’ve even got down this end – I’ll put the gun away by pressing the R key, by the way – but down this end we’ve got some ammo, we’ve got gold bars so don’t miss those out; they’re actor quite valuable.

They’re also used in making various things. I think we’ve got several of those – yeah, if you duck down you can see there’s a couple over there. I won’t worry about those just now. This is what purified water looks like when you find it lying around. It’s a little white can and this looks like it might be a bed but in fact this is counted as a dirty mattress which means that we’re only allowed to sleep on it for 5 hours. In fact it says we’re suffering from a lack of water. So I will press my equal key and get a purified water I should get a message like that: I am properly hydrated. Time for some sleep. I will sleep probably a couple of 5 hour sessions on this just so that the sun’s up and I’m pretty well rested.

And then we’ll sort out Sanctuary hills and start the next leg of this first mission. Which is going down to Concorde and seeing what excitement awaits us there. But first let’s have a quick look – remember we were just handed a holotape and we’ve got a holotape player in the Pipboy. We go over to miscellaneous and there is our Hi Honey! holotape and that’s probably a suitable thing to end this particular episode on. So let’s listen to that. We just click on it and it’ll play. OK, let’s leave it there. Like I say I’m going to do a bit of sleeping now. This will be the end of this episode. Please look out for HardSkull logo in the video. You’ll be able to click on that and subscribe or subscribe any other way that you like. So you can follow all of videos to come. We’re going to be publishing every Friday and will be giving you all kinds of useful hints and tips and walk-throughs on a variety of games as you’ve seen here, starting with Fallout 4 and the new survival mode.

So see you on the other side. Thanks for watching!.

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