Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We find ourselves back in Sanctuary Hills, a little bit early in the morning. We spent yesterday – I didn’t record this – but we spent yesterday going down to the RedRocket and picking up all the goodies that we left in the bench there. DogMeat and I did that. We’ve also repaired our power armour which is the over the road in the power armour station. And we are about to set off on a first actual assigned adventure which is to go and visit the folks at Tenpines Bluff and to see what problems there are facing. I also have been down the root cellar again to unlock the safe – we now have the necessary perk. So I’ll just remind you where the root cellar is, over here in this corner. And I’ve emptied out that safe so there is no point in returning to the root cellar ever again.

There is now absolutely nothing in there. We’ve set up camp a little bit here, we’ve got the water pumps I mentioned before. Here’s our power armour nicely repaired. By the way, if you have not done this before you aim at the power armour station itself and press E for craft and you can then see the states of each of your items of armour. They’re all absolutely fine here. I could upgrade them but it takes a fair bit of resources at this stage so I think I’m just going to leave them at model A. And you do need then some armour perks to go beyond model A. So we’re going to get some of those later on. We’re only on level 6, so perks are still pretty much in short supply. We’ve been over to the cooking station, I think we’ve got everything that we’ve gotten our inventory. Let’s have a quick look – no, we haven’t quite so let’s just quickly… …finish off these guys.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, cooked food is good for you, it has no rads, it’s the food of choice. If you run out of cooked food you’ll have to eat other stuff and you’ll pick up rads in the process. There we go. So we now have a whole bunch cook food. I’ll show you where we are in terms of missions. If you press J on the PC it takes you directly to the quests list. The Sanctuary mission – we’re part of the way through that. We’ve talked to Sturges a few times now, we’ve built beds, we’ve put water in for everybody. Sturges would like us to plant some food, but I don’t think he’s caught us lately.

He will ask us that next. We don’t have anything to plant just yet, so going to a farm of some sort will fix that. And in fact, that is what our current quest is – to go and talk to the settlers at Tenpines Bluff and we can pick some of their crops and bring them back with us. Nobody appears to to mind that. So we’re going to get into the power armour and we’re going to set off to Tenpines Bluff – I’m going to show you the best way of doing that. There are several ways of getting there, it’s not fantastically important which one you pick. I’m just going to come over and check that I’ve got everything on me that I want. Lots of stuff I’ve put here into the workshop. You’ll notice by the way all of these mods – when you modify weapons the mods end up in your inventory and you end up carrying them around – which is moderately pointless unless you like to do mods on the trot, which is a bit wasteful in terms of the amount of stuff you have to carry.

So I always leave the mods in the workshop. But you have to remember to do that. So let’s have a the look at my inventory. I’ve got seven frag mines, I’ve got a nicely customised 10 MM pistol. I went and made a Molotov Cocktail. I would have made some more if I had more material around, but I didn’t. I had 3 already in my inventory. I’ll show you how and where to do that. And a few pipe rifles. A security baton I don’t want. I’ve also made sure to get rid of any spare, bog standard, pipe pistols because they’re just heavy and not particularly valuable.

We are using the T45 power armour and that’s all up to spec now and we don’t need any more repairs there. Antibiotics I definitely want in my inventory. I think everything in this inventory I want. I don’t particularly want the dirty water, having said that. I deliberately went and filled some water bottles out of the stream at the bottom of Sanctuary Hills because some of the recipes call for dirty water and they will not use clean water. So I went and got us some dirty water. Most of this stuff now is corked. I’ve got 15 purified water, which is plenty to what we’re going to be doing for the next couple of episodes. The Miscellaneous generally doesn’t weigh anything, by the way.

If you find that stuff does weigh something, and you want to get rid of it, it’s usually not a problem. You can get rid of these various comics and bobble heads – the perception bobble for example. But it weighs nothing. You can sell it if you wish to, you’ll get 300 caps for it. You don’t need to keep it to keep the perk, so don’t worry about that. I did make some cutting fluid which is a replacement for oil. And oil is used in all kinds of things, so I’m going to put that in the workbench. And then we’re going to… I’ll just check that I haven’t got any aid in the workbench that I really ought to have on me. No, I’ll leave those purified waters behind. I’ve got plenty. I don’t want any of the junk that’s in here. So off we go. We’re going to make our way now to Tenpines Bluff.

I’ll show you on the map where we’re going. You may remember that custom marker is the one that I placed on the RedRocket. We may as well leave that there, but we’re not going to be using it. We want to be over here. We have been all the way up to the Robotics Disposal Ground, so there are few ways of getting there. Really the best way, because it lets us explore a little bit of the periphery of Concord, is to come down this road. I would put a marker there I think.

Because as soon as you get too close to something it wants to put the marker on that thing. We’re going to go this way, along here and then, probably, up around this bit actually. We’re going to turn at left at this quarry down here. So in fact what I could do is I could mark this because this is where our left-hand turn is going to be. I’ll do that. So off we go. There’s a lot of walking in survival mode, obviously, because there is no fast travel.

But in any event at this stage in the game there wouldn’t be many places you could fast travel to. I said I’d show you where I made the Molotov Cocktail. There is hiding behind this house… a chemistry station. And you can do things like building – you can’t use chemistry stations whilst you’re in your power armour – and I’m not bothered to jump out. You can build things like Molotov Cocktails and you can make drugs and other helpful items there. So it’s moderately early in the morning and think it’s about 6:30. We are going to have to have some rest during the day because we’re 200 years old and survival mode requires it. The RedRocket now has a bed in it, but that’s it – well, it’s got the work bench as well and the power armour bench – but we don’t particularly need it.

It’s only a two minute walk. Now I don’t know if you recall, if you were watching earlier, there were a pair of budblugs… budblugs? Bloodbugs (!) on this corpse and I did manage to shoot one of them the other day, and the other one flew off. And it’s, I believe, still lurking there but I’ll just ask DogMeat to go and investigate. There he is. So I’ve asked him to attack him. Whether he’s going to be at all successful is a different question.

No, the budblug – I can’t say that word. The BLOOD-BUG has zoomed off so no joy there. it doesn’t matter. We’ll get him eventually. This is a house which has got a few nice things in it. Some more of sugar bombs, if a desperate to eat food. I think there’s a cram there. Nothing more in the downstairs, I think except there’s a safe hiding under here. Which is quite easy to open. I’ll pick up the 10 MM pistol. They’re slightly more valuable than the pipe pistols. I’ll pick up all this money and the ammo too. And I think there’s a red dress in there, which is actually rather fetching, so I’ll pick that up. Mentats I’ll have – I don’t use most of these drugs – I use some of them. There’s a cap stash there.

I always pick them up for sales purpose. I’d forgotten this hasn’t got an upstairs so we won’t be going upstairs to have a look. I don’t think the umbrella stand is really all that necessary. Now down here there’s a place that looks like it might have been the speakeasy, but in fact it isn’t. It’s called the workhouse and I don’t know whether it’s same as the British Victorian workhouses but they are fairly grim places. I’m not going to make you watch me run around here. I’m just going to point out to you that up in one of these corners – I think it’s up in this corner – you can see that if you go on the top floor you can fall through to the middle floor.

It’s got some nice stuff on it in that corner. So I’ll leave your work that out. I’m going to go and get it now but I’m not going to work to bother recording that bit for you. OK there still have come out the backside OV workout so we went in are on the main street and the entrance if you like and I had forgotten to mention that there was in fact is safe in the top floor as well which had some good stuff in it too. Nothing in the Nuka Cola machine. We’re going to keep on going this way. If I show you on the map, this is the way we talked about coming along the sort of north side of Concord here.

So we’re heading in the right direction. Most of the houses around here are boarded up. But this one isn’t. And this one does have an upstairs A dead raider. He has this rather nice sniper rifle. Now I know I complain about bolt-action rifles but I’m certainly not going to complain about a bolt-action sniper rifle because they’re very handy. Another cap stash; more empty bottles and you know I love empty bottles.

I’ll just check down here – there’s another safe. I’ve now got three of these 10 MM pistols. Oh that one’s glow sighted, though, so I think I will have it. You when you can take things off of one kind of gun but you can only put them on to another gun of the same kind. So a 10 MM sight, a 10 MM glow site is only usable on another 10 MM pistol. So it’s a bit limiting what you can do with transferring stuff. So that really is pretty much everything that we want. Now I’m just going to move this guy out of the way, because I don’t like sleeping under him. I think if I hold the E key enough I can do that. I could take him down stairs but I’m just going to do that. I’m going to pop out of my power armour and have a bit of a kip.

Now I didn’t actually check my health before I set out so I’ve got a bit of fatigue, which we get a lot. I should have eaten something and drunk so I’m going to quickly do that. So I’ll have a bit of water – I meant to do that the water pump back in Sanctuary Hills but I forgot and the food, of course, I have to get out of my inventory and… I’ll use the things that I know definitely don’t confer any added benefits. So this is just food for food’s sake. The Molerat chunks, Mutt Chops made from dog – they sound lovely – but they work. If we go out the back door here we come across a little area – it looks like an old car park – I don’t quite know.

It’s always somebody different each time I come down here. Oh it’s the doctor’s down here. This is the doctor’s stuff so it’s red. I won’t steal it because they get awfully offended if you steal things. I never invest in the pick pocketing skills. It strikes me as slightly unethical but it is a game, I realise. But all that stuff is not anybody’s and I’ve had that. Doctors are good if you got ill and you don’t have any antibiotic, something like that. They’re actually very hard to come by. This doctor isn’t guaranteed to be here, I’m afraid but an we have nothing to say to them so we’ll carry on down here to our marker.

Notice that our marker is dead in the centre of the compass at the bottom of the screen here. It’s sometimes worth looking on these buses – often not. This one’s got a first aid box. There are over here are few – I’ll do this quite quickly – there are a few caravans and trailers. This is a strange place. I have done this once, not in survival mode.

But the quarry basically has some stuff in it and if you drain the quarry you can get at the stuff but there are all kinds of complications to doing that. It is a bit weird when I was here last because the surface looks a little bit curious. Yes, LOL. DogMeat is sinking in this surface. I’ve just got a new graphics card and I think it’s perhaps not quite… There’s a lovely tattoo magazine that I mentioned a while back, you can find. More duct tape – you can’t have too much duct tape. There’s nothing else in the desk. There is a Stimpak there. And there is one more trailer with a few other things in it up this end. This actually takes us up on to the road that we wanted to turn on to, anyway. Oh, there’s somebody here. Well, he’s usually not here when I come past. He also doesn’t seem to mind me taking stuff out of his toolbox. The ball peen hammer, like I said, you don’t really need to pick them up.

They’re just wood and steel, so you’ve got plenty of that in Sanctuary. These adjustable wrenches have got screws in them. Let’s have a look at Sully’s trailer here and again if it’s openable and not showing in red, you’re welcome to filch it. Including his caps store. There’s some water their which I may as well… I don’t quite know what’s going on there. I think DogMeat came in and nudged me out of way. Maybe he was after the dirty water, I don’t know. This is the terminal that tells you what you need to do, but like I say it’s pretty complicated and I’m not sure that, I don’t remember what, the benefits were but you could look it up.

I think it’s Thickets Excavation. Got in. I’ll have a quick look at these pipe pistols. So I’ve got two pipe revolver rifles now. I certainly don’t want two of those. They weigh 6 pounds each. I think I’ll just put one back. And just a bog standard pipe pistol, which I don’t particularly want. I leave those things there, I know I can get them if I need them. There is somewhere to sleep here if we needed to. But we’re going to go out onto this road, OK? So this is the road I said we were going to turn left on and we’ve just done.

Now we’re going to head towards our am Tenpines Bluff engagement. Now up this way there is a an old junk yard – I’ll pick up these Hub Flowers – and in the old junk yard are four or five mongrel dogs. That was quite a… that was a legendary Radroach, apparently. So let me pick up his lovely legendary pistol and everything else he had to offer. And I’m just going to rearrange my inventory now… these poor… razorgrain’s worth having by the way – we can plant that and it also features in making glue, making your own glue. I don’t need his flannel shirt and trousers (pants). Let me just see how we’re doing with the weapons here. So I picked up this 10 MM pistol, which is very effective against Mirelurks and bugs. So that’s definitely worth having. What I might do when we get back to Sanctuary Hills is actually take all the improvements off of my existing pistol and add them to this one.

That’s the kind of thing you can do. That is a glow-sighted 10 MM pistol which I don’t particularly need. This was my souped-up one, it’s 26 damage. I do want to use this sniper rifle because the mongrel dogs I mentioned to you are best shot from a distance. So let me just put that into my inventory at 5. The Molotov Cocktails are favourited, that’s fine. Fragmentation mines – I thought I picked up a grenade, a fragmentation grenade. I must have left them in the workbench.

I don’t see them here but it doesn’t matter. So I think I’ll stick with that for the time being. And if we come up over the… actually I might be in not-quite-the-right place. I’m supposed to be aiming for Tenpines Bluff and in my experience doing that does take you straight through the junk yard. So far no sign so I may be being a bit premature. I must have walked around at this time – no matter we’re her at Tenpines Bluff.

I’ll put my gun away, which is only polite. And the person we want to speak to has the yellow marker. She’s a bit agitated. Now they have a water pump here which I’m just going to take advantage of. It always says you can’t do that in power armour and then let’s you do it anyway. And I did pick up some bottles so I’ll quickly fill those. I think I picked up only 3, so this won’t take too long. OK we could you some tatos over on the other side of the farm here – here they are – but there’s no point in carrying them around. We have to come back here when we’ve finished. So we may as well get headed – I don’t know if you noticed – to the Corvega Assembly plant. So let’s have a quick look on the map and the Corvega Assembly Plant is down here outside Lexington. And the best way of getting there is to follow this rail line.

Let me just quickly show you… the rail line is here, so we’re going to head down to that and we’re going to come down all the way to about here. So what I’ll do is I’ll mark where we want to go – I’ll put it in the middle here – so that’s where we’re heading, effectively. And in general we want to be heading in this direction. Now there was a bit of a raider bust up earlier that you might have heard in the background. They may have succeeded in killing each other, which is always handy. That means you don’t have so much of it to do. Uh oh, that’s a super mutant. I think I’ll just back up at the moment. I’m not sure about my abilities to cope with a super mutant at this point. Oh he’s down there – maybe that’s what caused the ruckus. We have to wait for him to appear on this side. OK So we survived that. Wild corn might be useful to have. I didn’t see where he got to after I shot him. He must be down below.

I’ll see if there was anything other side Last time I looked there wasn’t anything much except for another mongrel dog. There he is. I don’t think I’m going to pick up any automatic weapons. He was shooting at a Mr. Gutsy, that’s interesting. So we’ve got some nice stuff in here. There’s another super mutant. A nice Molotov Cocktail. And anything else? No, OK. We’re still only a level 6 so some of the challenges are a little bit overwhelming at this level, depending on the nature of the critter.

This, by the way, is the sort of semi-official way up to Tenpines Bluff. So when we come back, if we come up the railway which we almost certainly will, we go up where that white arrow is. We came down a slightly different way. Here’s a mongrel, with the coffee cup! There is usually something like a Molerat, ah there he is, over here. He’s been shot That’s probably more of him. Ewwww. OK, so it’s a bit of a long walk from here down to Lexington but it’s not without its events as will see. If I was sneaking, which is actually a good idea when you come up to a an unknown location, you do get some feedback about whether you’re in any immediate peril.

But I happen to know that this is the bad location from the point of… ghouls, which are the game’s equivalence of zombies. And Molotov Cocktails are fantastically effective in most cases. For ghouls, as long as you’re not standing too close to them. The Molotov’s, that is, or the ghouls for that matter, I suppose. And they are quite a few things pick up in here so we’ll do that. We might find some more ghouls, I’m not sure. I remember there is something under here. Fantastic. When I was squatting we I got the caution symbol… DogMeat is not happy… There’s some inventory and other messages on the terminal which are not fantastically interesting. Last time I was here dog meat actually showed me to this trunk but I’m doing a myself this time. I can hear… Bayonet, no I don’t think am going to bother that one. That must have been the one that DogMeat was complaining about earlier. Now we’re not finished with the goals here, I’m afraid, but…

There aren’t any more in this immediate vicinity. I don’t know if there’s somewhere you can get to from up here. Often that’s what these trees mean. But no, there isn’t anything of much interest. I’ll have a quick look in the back of this, yes – there we go. And there don’t know if dog meat is barking for a reason. There might be some more ghouls elsewhere.

Ghouls tend to lie in wait. Literally, lying in wait – they look like they’re either asleep or dead until you get much closer to them, at which point the then spring into life. Taking them out at a distance is obviously the most attractive option. I don’t believe there’s anything over here. There’s somebody over there to get rid of. So he’s an ex-ghoul too. This one may or may not be alive – oh he is alive so what I’m going to have to do with him is shoot him before he stands up. Quite a few nice things here. These little symbols like that one is to do with the Railroad, which we don’t find out about until a bit later in the game. This was a failed rendezvous of some sort, to do with the Railroad. I’m not going to go into it now because it’s just a bit time-consuming, but chances are you will be sent back here when we take up of the Railroad. I don’t think – there’s another rifle. I’ll just have a look and see if that’s worth keeping. It’s got good damage, 37. Actually, it’s so similar to my sniper rifle that there’s not much point in hanging onto it.

Yeah, I think I will just return that to the bin, there. So that’s all we needed to do. Now… they think we’re lazy. They’ve not put an access ramp on this side, but if we go round to the other side… we discover that we can get in here and it’s rather worth doing. There’s some Jet in there, more Nuka Cola bottles, a caps stash and if we wish to we could sleep. And I think again I will do that for a couple of reasons. So we’re about halfway to the Corvega Plant. Here’s Tenpines Bluff up the top here. We’re just below Bedford station. We haven’t quite got to my marker yet, and the Corvega Plant’s down here. Now we’re not going to go into the Corvega Plant in this episode. We’re going to do some stuff around Lexington first and then we’ll be ready to go into the Corvega in the next episode.

I noticed, by the way that we could level up and should do that. I got that message when I was so a shooting the super mutant. So I’ll level up now and I think I’m going to go for the rifleman. I can’t have another pistol perk until I’ve got to level 7. So for the time being I just have a rifleman – that’ll do me. We’re going to continue down the track. The Corvega Plant is this large affair we can see in the distance, on the horizon there. A lot of the bridges have obstacles like that – they can be useful for making sure that large creatures don’t chase you. But if you’re in power armour, actually doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, if you want to continue as a pedestrian you need to jump onto the side there.

Now were going to have a little explore down in this corner of Lexington. Nothing in the trash bin this time. We can’t get in there yet, we don’t have the necessary skills. Where is the dog? Oh, yes. Well he knows the stuff’s in there but we can’t get to it that way. Here is the Super Duper Mart which is chock full of supplies. But it’s also chock full of those lovely ghouls so… Pick up these things out here. This is the Mr. Handy fuel. Let’s pick one up. I’m really not sure what benefit Mr. Handy fuel is. Let me just look in my junk so I can tell you. It does have oil in it, but it weighs 3 pounds so we don’t want to pick up too many them. I think I’ll stick with that one. Let’s get in here. This is called up a Protectron.

It’s meant to be a robotic sentry or policemen. They are actually very good at getting rid of ghouls so I’m going to activate him in a second. I don’t need any wood blocks. I’m going to come round the corner here into the office, pick up some cigarettes which you may recall count as cloth. Some terminals won’t let you use them if you’re in power armour. Typically its terminals that aren’t absolutely essential. This one is quite worth getting out of the power armour for, though. So I’ve pressed E just so I can get that screen to load a bit more quickly. Likeness=0, so anything with an O in the middle or beginning with T or ending with K … so love is out. Warm might work, though. Only a likeness of 1. Moon and love are out. Pack – nothing in common with took. [except the K, you idiot:)] Nope. Could try wake, I’m just trying to decide. Warm didn’t get us very far so wake isn’t going to get us very far either since these two have two letters in common.

So that’s not going to be it. Wipe, on the other hand, could work. It did. Excellent! So we’re disengaging the safe lock – the safe’s behind us here. Nothing is going to actually happen until I get out of the terminal altogether. And I’m going to now engage the Protectron. Let me just briefly mention that these have potentially different personality modes. Now I don’t think I’ve ever come across one that didn’t have a personality mode of law enforcement. But if you’re worried, especially if you look at the Protectron and its dressed up like a fire brigadier or a medical responder, but you want it to behave in a slightly more aggressive way, than you have to come in and choose law enforcement. So I’ll do that just to be absolutely sure. You don’t want someone going around offering medical assistance or putting out fires when you really want them to be shooting ghouls. So we’re going to activate the Protectron and again you won’t hear anything happen until we Tab out of this terminal. There he goes. Now one thing that you must be very careful about with all kinds of things in the game is that if you inadvertently shoot somebody, they will take exception to it and try to kill you.

So don’t get too enthusiastic about shooting ghouls when there’s a Protectron in between… These cash registers – basically they only have old money in them. I don’t think there’s much of anything else around. And were going to come across quite a few ghouls in just a second. Up here primarily. This guy – if you just do a Q – he’s alive so I’m just going to shoot him quickly. And that usually wakes up the other ghouls… But they’re not showing yet. OK Hot plates are very tempting, they’re a bit heavy but they’ve got copper and other things.

There really isn’t anything else around. I’m not going to pick up all this glass. Now we’re going to take a quick tour of the shelves. I’m not going to take any beer. Oddly, you can’t have the bottle after you’ve drunk it. The bottle goes away. Buffout is the chemical for carrying more, but it lasts a very short amount of time.

These things can all be eaten for food. DogMeat has a habit of running in front of you when you’re trying to do stuff. I’m in ‘instruct DogMeat mode’ because he got in the way before. I’ll come back to that in a second. Have I done these shelves? No, there’s some more dubious food to be had here. I’m not going to bother with any more sugar bombs.

Now the over here if we jump up on top of these display units we can see if there’s anything worth having. Salisbury stakes… they’re not great for you but they work. No, that wasn’t what was supposed to happen. The problem is the DogMeat keeps jumping about when you’re trying to do things with him. And what I’ve just done there – the dismiss actually said ‘go away, I don’t want you to be my companion any more’ and they give you no option. If you actually try to cancel that then he just goes back to the default location which I think is the RedRocket. But if you then immediately run after him and say ‘I’d like you to come with me’ then he’s your companion again. All I was trying to do – but kept moving – was to give him some of my inventory. So I think he’ll be able to take about half of this. Right. There was some more stuff up here and there’s some Nuka Cola of different descriptions in here. The Quantum has just got huge amounts of caffeine in it.

Nuka Cola, I think I may have mentioned in one of the earlier episodes, it doesn’t actually replace water which is a bit weird. So you don’t seem to particular get any benefit from drinking it except maybe the caffeine. That pretty much is it now. I’ll just have have a quick sweep on this side of the shelves. Because the really good stuff is in the back. So we have an office and a storeroom and a cellar/basement.

This guy’s usually alive. He wasn’t really that much worth… Pork ‘n Beans, yum! I can hear… yes, there’s the Protectron shooting some more ghouls. The Protectron doesn’t really make it into this part. If he does, he does it very slowly so we have to be a little bit more on our guard. OK, so this is where we came in – we’re going to go up this end now. There isn’t really too much in here. There is a chemistry station if you feel an urgent need to brew something up. There’s a wall safe – it’s an expert which means I can’t do it. I don’t know if DogMeat would do it for me if I asked him nicely. The only reason I’m trying that is he did manage to get the locked up Cryolater for me in one version of the game.

I would have to come back here when I had the expert lock picking him perk so I can’t do that. So there’s nothing really worth having in here. these guys coming through the windows which is a bit weird. if you shoot them in the legs then even if they’re still alive they can’t do you any harm so that’s what I’ve tended to do A cue ball’s just plastic so I’m going to leave that. Bobby pin’s I’ll always have. A carrot we can plant or eat – very versatile.

Soap is fat and something I think. So fat and acid. That should be fat and alkali, strictly speaking. Now there’s another ghoul that would like to come through the window here I happen to know. I think there might be another one outside. But he never makes it in here. We still haven’t got to the exciting stuff yet. So no live ghoul here, but this guy around the corner is quite live. And this was one of our main desires, this fusion core for our power armour. So we’ve got 4 Phones, they are nice but they are heavy. They have got lots of nice things in them. Flip lighter we will usually pick up. Now things get a bit messy down here… So that goal is alive And I’ve just got level 7… You’ll notice, by the way, if you look over on the left that my left leg is now not feeling great and I’m also apparently feeling unwell.

So let me just have a quick look at my health status… Fatigue, parasites, I need to eat – peckish, more food – mildly dehydrated. So what I’m going to do is have some water and some food. I’ll do the food first, crispy squirrel bits are nice… Looking for things that aren’t full of rads. If I have to I will but… I’m still looking for food unfortunately. Rads 6 for the pork and beans. Radroach meat – quite a bit of… Ah rib eye steak. I made them from the Brahmin you may remember. So that should feed me. Don’t need another American flag. The trifold American flag just counts as cloth, by the way. There is nothing magic about it. Glue – handy. Now down here we have another failed kind of rendezvous, so we’ll pick up all this stuff. There is another short laser musket but you know how I feel about those.

So that’s almost it. Now downstairs, in the basement, there’s another ghoul. I didn’t see where he came from, actually. Maybe he was hiding around here all time – just a bit slow getting up. So this was the way downstairs. This by the way is Vodka. It’s heavy. It does have useful properties but only temporarily and if you use it too often, then you’re just going to get addicted. So I tend not to. I’m going to look at my carrying weight – it’s 174 out of 185. So I’m still OK. I was wondering whether pick up this coffee pot, because if I want to repair my power armour… A couple more ghouls down here and also some more stuff. He’s dead. I believe the ghouls were on the other side of this… OK. I think that’s all there was. He didn’t have anything very useful. Duct tape. But where we were just about to go, there was another member of this failed get-together and crate full of explosives and some more 10 MM ammo.

So what I might do at this point, because my 10 MM pistol is actually slightly higher spec. I could either use the exterminator pistol – I am not expecting to see many Mirelurks and bugs just now. I might just go for my hardened which is my strongest one. And use that as my current favourite. Maybe I’ll put the pipe pistol I just did have. The powerful pipe pistol and the put that on to slot 3. I normally use 3 for shotguns, but we don’t have any yet. I don’t bother with the double-barrel, they’re just not useful. So again nothing’s going to happen until I tab out of this and then the door’s going to open. So this is where we came around the corner before and I happen to know there’s a red rocket and the other side of town on this end, so I’m just going to walk discretely – I think I’m going to turn my light off – there are quite a few challenges in the centre of Lexington here. And some of them are raiders with fat man mininukes. So I don’t want to attract their attention if I can avoid it.

OK so we can see the red rocket and here’s the power armour set up the red rocket here. So I’m just going to hope… I come out of my power armour. I have to tell him to wait there so I can walk up to him and get him to give me what he’s got on him. So I’m going to take everything from him, then I’m going to come back here and transfer all my junk into this power armour station. Then I’m going to fix my power armour. So here we go. So a little bit of damage on the helmet. I usually start with the most damaged first. So the left leg you can see is in a bad way – only 9 out of 50. The left leg definitely wants fixing and I’ve got the stuff to do that. I can press T, it’s highlighted. And it tells me what it’s going to use. And I think the other leg wasn’t in great shape either. Now that I have repaired those I may as well go back and repair the other things that need repairing. Most of the rest of it actually doesn’t need repairing.

So I think I’ll leave it… No, the rest of it doesn’t need repairing so we won’t worry about that for the time being. Now what I must do is remember to take all my junk out of this station. So I’ll just take all. And I won’t be able to walk and I’m going to hope that DogMeat is where I left him because I’m going to put back as much as I can get him to take. So I am just pressing the E key a lot. The Enter key works is well on the PC. And that’s it. So I’ve got 10 pounds weight I could still carry. Now it’s always useful going around a RedRocket. They usually have nice junk. Nothing too exciting there. I don’t want to combination wrench, I don’t think. The coolant might be worth having. OK, so we’re now really in need of getting some sleep. We’re right next to… I’ll turn my light off, because I really don’t like being quite so close to some of these places.

We want to be up there. I don’t know if you can see that light up above. I know that there is a bed up there and I believe there might even be a bed up here. So that one I know where the entrance to that it is, it’s further up to the right there; quite a ways. But I think I can get up here and find that somebody’s been camping. The only problem with this bit of road is that it’s broken and you just fall through it. Oh now – I’m sorry – I have forgotten to tell DogMeat to follow. He’s a bit dim like that. I had him staying still so I could transfer things to him. I’ve sometimes gone a couple of miles before realizing that DogMeat’s not with me, or my companion’s not with me for exactly that reason. So it’s something to to be aware of. So I need to come around this side to avoid falling through the holes.

I haven’t been up here for a long time so I am hoping that my memory… Yeah, there’s a… OK, I should have been stooped a bit before I got up here – silent mode style, silent running – there’s a bed. This is fantastically handy. So handy place for a bed going to have a good night’s sleep and pick up in the morning with the Corvega Assembly Plant proper. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching; if you have, then please look out for the icon and subscribe to the channel.

Hope to see you next time. Thanks for watching this time, bye!.

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