Hello! Welcome to HardSkull gaming I’m William Hudson. We find ourselves on the flyover opposite the Corvega Assembly Plant where we have to go in and clear out all the raiders. This is for the benefit of the folks at Tenpines Bluff who we visited in the the last episode. Now I’m going to have to sneak around in a second. There’s a cook station over there that we used briefly. I’ll check our status. I believe that we’re owed a level-up so I will choose Strengh on this occasion because I’d like to be able to carry more and have to get our strength up to 6 points before I can have the carry-more perk. So I’ll go ahead and do that. You’ll also notice that our companion DogMeat isn’t around here. I discovered on the run through for this that he’s in fact injured at the bottom of the flyover. So I need to go and repair him. If I don’t repair him – if I don’t Stimpak him – and this is true of all companions – if you don’t Stimpak them pretty soon after they get injured they will they just stop being your companion and they get sent back to the default location.

In the case of DogMeat that would be, I believe, the RedRocket. But here he is. I don’t know what happened to him. He also won’t stay still long enough for me to Stimpak him. There we go. OK. Now we have some shoot’n to do. There are lots of raiders in this superstructure here. I’m going to pop a Mentat because it helps a lot with aiming. And I’m immediately thirsty, so that’s the cost of drugs in this game. And I’m going to get out my sniper rifle. I’m going to use VATS to show me where the baddies are. Because, as you can see, it’s very hazy here. So I’m really struggling to see anything. So there’s somebody right there on the… There was somebody right there. There’s somebody at the top but I can’t often get to him at this point. There’s no one else that VATS can find… in this immediate area. So I’m going to come up here a bit further. There should be some folks down here.

There’s the turret, I’ll get rid of that. And now we have their attention. Oops. I’m not doing this very well. I’ll leave him for the time being. That might be a friend up there. Yes. He’s back. He’s gone. We’ve got two. OK There are quite a few raiders down this way. Can’t see. I can’t see a thing. I can’t believe I got that one. OK, we’re going to have to do some cleaning up when we get down there. There won’t… I should say they won’t all be dead. Now we can be pretty bold in this area. It’s not very likely they we’re going to be set upon here. Bladed tyre irons are actually much nicer than ordinary tyre irons, so I will have that. Drop that one. And favourite that one. Change to my slightly quicker rifle.

I’ll just pop up these stairs and see if we have any miscreants – we haven’t. This is a way in, it’s not the best way. We have a little secret passage, but it’s not too bad that one. Now we could still have some problems up this way so… I’m just going to duck down. That’s one of the nice things about crouching in this game, is that you get feedback about where you’re in any immediate danger. It’s not 100% reliable but it works pretty well. Now if this trailer, we call it a lorry in the UK, if the back isn’t open when you get here you can just open it and come in and pick this stuff up.

But beware that you may find a couple of raiders inside it. This one believe is not possible to open. While I’m here, because I don’t want to forget, up around the corner is this little trailer. And you’ll notice that we’ve just picked up the Fire Support mission. That is actually the one that you need to join The Brotherhood of Steel and it’s not very far from here, but we’re not going to try to fit in with this mission because it just makes life complicated. There is also the issue that if you perform a task, like clearing out all the raiders, which is what we’re supposed to be doing and you don’t get back to report it within a reasonable amount of time you lose credit for having done it. That is to say you have to start the mission again – you have to have another mission assigned to you again, I did hear somebody make a noise.

It could be somebody else inside that area there, but I’m just going to check for other corpses and loot. In this case another raider and loot. I think that was probably the guy I heard below. Vertical separation of sound in this game is almost non-existent, so if you’re in a building and you can hear someone talking he could be on any floor in that building, which are certainly adds to the atmosphere and the worry. But is also very confusing. As are all these ramps. Now I did shoot quite a few people under these ramps so let’s just quickly… do some… looting. And that is about it. I mentioned before you won’t catch me picking up automatic weapons or even double-barrel shotguns because they’re not that useful in survival mode. The double-barrel shotguns are just far too slow and conversely the automatic weapons are far too fast in that they really tear through ammunition, and usually not with great effect so I don’t use them. Now I’m going to pick up the aluminium or aluminum cans, but I’m not going to bother with the ordinary cans because they’re just steel and we don’t need much steel, and there’s a lot to pick up around here.

Now what I’m going to do, as soon as DogMeat comes through, is to ask DogMeat to stay here. And then I’m quickly going to whiz around here and pick up all the loot from all the various corpses and things. I will come back to you and to DogMeat and pick up the video from there. Part of the reason for not having DogMeat along is that in places like this your companion can often fall down and hurt themselves. And you have to find them, was one of the problems, that’s an issue: You get a marker and then you can’t see them and they get sent back. And then, of course, you have to use a Stimpak. So he’s safe there, I’ll leave him there and I will re-join you here. It will probably take me a couple of minutes to do this but I won’t make you watch me rush ’round. And then we’ll pick up the game from there. So see you in a minute… OK, so we’re back here with DogMeat. I’m going to get him to follow me now and I’m going to show you some things which are not quite so obvious.

I’ve been all over this structure now and picked up everything that I can find. There was nobody alive Now I’m carrying too much and cannot run. Let me just pick up this cooking oil, nevertheless. I don’t recall – DogMeat I don’t think has anything on him. He has, so see let’s what we can do here. No, that’s it. He can’t hold any more so I have got the problem now that I can’t carry what I’ve got. I’ve got a 185 pounds allowance and 186. One thing I can do – if I go to my stats you’ll see I don’t actually have anything that’s helping me to carry, and I did pick up a lot of grilled Radstag. That’s to say shot some Radstags and grilled them. So let me go and have one of them. I’ll get an extra 25 for quite a long time – that’s for a whole day at least.

Which is good, as opposed to Buffout which is only good for a relatively short while. So it’s under ‘grilled’ whereas Radstag is under ‘Radstag’ but grilled Radstag is under grilled which is just annoying, like I mentioned. Here we go, I’ve got two of those. That will actually do me for quite some time, but I’m hoping I’ll get my carrying perk before the Radstag runs out. So let me just eat that. And now my carrying weight’s gone up by 25 to 210. And taking it by the way has put my amount of items to carry, that I’m carrying, down by a short way so, that’s is because the Radstag weighs something. Food weighs stuff in survival mode. Now you may not have noticed this before. These red panels open. I did find a raider back here last time. The hard hats are typically just plastic. If you’re desperate for plastic, that’s fine. So this is a good way of getting around on this bit of roof because, the alternative is to rather exposure self on this walkway. But the other thing that’s nice about this Now don’t forget that I inadvertently asked DogMeat to stay still when I was trying to get him to trade with me.

You’ll notice there is a little course floating over this trap door. Going to go in. Now at this stage we’re a bit stuck with the searchlights because if you try shooting them out without a silencer you’ll attract attention. That a is one of the drawbacks of companions – they often do end up injured. Now if we had to we could repair our power armour here but I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be fine. Looks fine here. And it looks fine on the diagram on the left there’s. So there’s nothing further in this direction – I’ve been up to there, it’s just a dead end. OK I think that’s going to be it for the time being. Famous last words perhaps… OK, so we’re out of water… I guess most of the raiders ran into the next room to greet us. There don’t seem to be many around here. If we come down here we have to be careful that the turret doesn’t get us. It’s through there. OK Now when we came in there were some nice mattresses over this way as well as a power armour station, so I” pick up that bucket.

I don’t know if that – and this bucket – I don’t know if that particular raider is actually on this side of the plant Perhaps we’d better find out. Yeah, they’re somewhere else so I think we can go back to where we came in and are save the game by having a bit of a lie down and we will also… repair the power armour. That you will notice has a problem with than the leg. Tube flange actually useful for repairing armour as well. OK, so Let’s can see what we can do, if anything. So it’s the right leg that’s… the left leg’s not great either. We have enough to repair so let’s do that. Notice at this stage in the game, we’re still on really basic armour and steel is what we need to fix this. Later on, when you get onto the fancier armours, you need fancier metals like an aluminium/aluminum and copper and other things. So we might be OK with fixing these legs. Let’s see what else needs fixing. The helmet’s not too bad, Left arm is up here, 35.

Right arm 29, not great. Let’s just repair everything we can. That one’s OK now. So we’re using up basically our steel. Torso – we don’t have enough of for the torso, you’ll notice. If I press that T button anyway, it will tell us what we’re short of. And it says we’re short of steel and we’re short of circuitry. Circuitry is a bit in short supply in this part of the game so we need to get somewhere where there is more circuitry available. I’m not sure whether killing a turret gets you any circuitry – I don’t think it does. Let’s just make sure I didn’t leave anything in the power armour station. There were some nice stuff in there so I’ll take it all. Some of that gets left over when you scrap junk. So if it has to take something out of your inventory to make a repair, it leaves the other bits of it in your inventory. Sometimes that happens. That’s a bottle cap mine. So we could actually sleep here. In fact we may well do that.

I’m going to put the power armour in the door. 4 hours, you may remember, is the longest you are allowed to sleep on a mattress on the floor. Right, so this is back to our 10 MM pistol and an believe I have now been around all of these corpses. Now on the other side of this part of this part of the plant there were some more things to pick up that I didn’t bother because we were being shot by the time. Let’s have a quick look over here. So I don’t want any more metal bucket. I only picked those up because I was going to be doing some repairs. There’s nothing really too exciting here. If I’m after some more metal I know where to find it – it’ll be up here.

I’m not going to worry about it now. That’s the entrance to the top of the stairs I showed you from the outside, so that’s not too bad. I can’t remember where that one up there comes from on the outside. There’s basically nothing more on the ground here. So there are a few things we need to do at this stage. There’s the rest of the machine gun turret and here is Gristle. Gristle is the radar that we had a little trouble shooting back in Concord. So this is his terminal. This has got one thing on here worth looking at which is this. “Took down another caravan today. Hell yeah, that makes three in one month.” He goes on then to talk about “a caravan having mostly civilians they have even an old broad dressed like a fortune teller and some joker in a cowboy hat”. Well, of course, that’s mama Murphy and Preston Garvey so he was basically on the lookout for them.

You may remember that when we did examine Gristle’s body that we picked up a storage key. Which gets us in here. Whoops. OK Light bulbs have got some nice lightweight materials in them. Right. So there’s two ways we can go. We can go through here or we can go into the next bit of the plant. At which point I want to turn off my light and sneak a little bit. Good boy, DogMeat! When I have a silencer I usually take those out so as not to attract too much attention. But without a silencer there’s not really much point – it’s kind of self-defeating.

These are the radioactive barrels I’ve mentioned to you. These don’t seem to be… yes they are. The Geiger counter started to click. They don’t seem to be as radioactive as some, let’s put it that way. Now if you’re desperate for metal this is a good place to come because there’s lots of coolant caps and other things lying around in various locations. I’m not going to bother with ball peen hammers, I’ve mentioned that they’re just wood and steel and have got lots of that in most of the settlements.

TV dinner trays though there are aluminium. Aluminum in American English. I couldn’t say aluminum when I was a kid so my teacher had me say aluminium instead which is maybe how ended up in Britain. Don’t know. The annoying thing about this is that usually when that happens, you go straight back to the same location and it will then open. Combination wrenches, I think are just steel.

Melon I think we can either eat or plant so it’s worth picking up at this stage. Buffout you may remember is the chemical that you carry more but, as I’ve said, only for a relatively short time. By comparison, oopsy – famous last words. I need to put my cigarettes back. I might put something else back in here. What should I put in? Let’s have a look at my current inventory. You can sort this into weight order – there it is if you look at the bottom-right-hand corner here you’ll see that says weight now – WT.

And I’ve got a metal bucket in here which I picked up to do the repairs and also have a torque rod end, which is just steel. And so that’s actually got me 5 pounds back already. Now down here it’s a little bit messy. There’s a turret or the far end and at the moment it is killing ghouls so I think I will let it do that. Then it’s going to turn its attention to me, if are not careful, so I’ll take it out. These cans, if you’re desperate for steel, is a good way of getting it. But again it’s steel and we don’t particularly need steel, unless we are trying to fix stuff. if you were pickup If you pick up three bottles or three containers of dirty water you can use either a chemistry station, I think it’s a chemistry station, to turn it into – or a cooking station – I can’t remember which, to turn it into clean water but it’s obviously a slightly painful process… I didn’t try that in the middle which – no it wasn’t going to work there either.

Here we go. Lonnie’s terminal talks about her wanting a turret for down here because the ghouls keep coming in. But what I’ll do – you may have noticed just now that I got an another perk – so I’m going to get the carrying perk, so I can take all this lovely stuff with me. So down here… And then if we look at my status I can now carry 235 because I’ve got the new perk and I’ve got the have Radstag – the grilled Radstag – so we’re doing pretty well. We can carry quite a bit now, which is good. So this pipe, if you look at the terminal, it says it comes out in town and indeed it does, so it’s not somewhere we want to go at the moment but it’s another way into the plant. I’m not sure how much help it is when your clearing it of raiders, coming in that way. So… Well, that there was a bit messier then I’d have liked but…

Then you get the ghouls coming out of these… I’d forgotten that part. I don’t think there’s anything here I actually want. I wish DogMeat would stop walking around my feet! I don’t believe there’s anything interesting down that way. Soap, by the way – I had looked it up – is just oil in this game. So it is worth having since oil is in relatively short supply. Now… we came… up there… These are the offices here. I didn’t mean to pick up that. I’ll drop the shopping basket and I also picked up a table knife which is just steel, which again I don’t particularly want, usually. If we were desperate we could drink and fill bottles from this fountain but it would be dirty water.

The compass is showing us that there’s a raider in this direction, but of course that puts him either above us, which looks like it is the case, or through the wall or both. So, like I said, the sounds are sometimes not a good guide of anything. You do need to be careful in here because there is a booby trap. It’s very hard to see, it’s this green wire. And using VATS doesn’t help you. I press Q but it doesn’t show it as a threat at all. So I’m just going to sneak up on it and press E.

And its disarmed. Typewriters are great if you can carry them. It would actually take too much out of my inventory. Allowance, that is to say. The inventory weight. Nothing much usually in here A camera’s not quite as heavy as a typewriter. The battered clip boards have got springs. I did this but I am just going to have quick look in the corners. So all that remains is to head upstairs. Now you can take the elevator/lift – elevator for American English and lift for British English – but in fact there seems to be no particular advantage in doing that.

You may notice that this is where we were originally. There’s the burnt-out turret there. So these were the double doors we were looking at when we came down the stairs. If you go up this way there is another little room. Here it is. Now that you may see over there in my sights is a Protectron. So I am going to activate him. Which is always fun. ‘Meter’. Likeness+0. So anything that matches letters in ‘meter’ is not our boy. However, ‘claws’ is quite different. That’s a likeness of four, so what we’re looking for looks an awful lot like ‘claws’. 1 letter different. And I’m trying to find a word – ‘clans’ is 1 letter different isn’t it? Yeah! So we’ll just let that have some effect.

There’s a turret hiding up there. I think it’s there – I’ll just have a quick check. Yep. Got that one. I believe that means there’s 1 turret left. And possibly one – oh, sounds like more than one – raider. Oh, the Protectron he’s been doing his thing. OK, so we’re pretty much done here. The Protectron is still chasing the 1 remaining radar.

It’s a good plan I find to make sure you’re not going to be surprised by any unwanted guests later on. You can always pick these up on the way out. Either the Protectron is gone or the raider is, or both. Oh, there’s the other turret. Oh, there goes our… Go away… I was trying to pick up this Stimpak from Jared and DogMeat walked in. DogMeat just likes to stand around growling and stuff, and getting in my way. He doesn’t usually take the initiative, unfortunately. He can be helpful. So Grognak the Barbarian… “critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks permanently do an extra 5% damage”. This is Jared’s terminal and I can’t do that while I’m in power armour. I will raid his trunk. We could have turned off the turrets. We certainly can still turn off the spotlight. Which make all that racket. I’m not going to bother looking at the rest of that. Again these things are usually just background and make the story bit more interesting but usually not essential. Some lovely dirty mattresses here… 4 hours sleep would do me. I feel rested and you’ll notice, by the way, that my health is restored as well which sleep usually does.

It hasn’t completely restored it but it saves me having to use a Stimpaks and then having to find more water. Because if we check my inventory, we’ll find that purified water is not… a big feature at the moment. In fact, it’s missing altogether. So I shall have some Nuka Cola. And I was saying that Nuka Cola didn’t seem to help much with hydration. It turns out you just need to drink a lot. It’s like 3 Nuka Colas to one purified water. OK, so I’ve had to drink 4 Nuka Colas to get the benefit of probably one purified water. And I now need to find some not-too-toxic food.

Death claw stake, if I wasn’t hungry, I think would actually give me nice features. So I’m not going to eat that. I could have a Dandy Boy apple, it’s a little bit risky because of the rads, but not fatal. I don’t know if you noticed what I picked up off Jared was a key to a safe. And that the challenge now of course is to find the safe, which happens to be immediately below us. So let’s go down that way. We have now pretty much finished killing raiders, by the way. If I look at our status, our quests, by pressing J you’ll see that it reads “report your success to settlers at Tenpines Bluff”. So as far as they’re concerned we’re done.

But unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out of raiders. But given that I have done this quite a few times, I am pretty sure that we are now out of raiders. So we’ll have all that. I’ll just press the R key to take all. So that was nice, and as I was saying earlier, this is a great place if you do want metal. If you’re desperate to patch you’re armour or something, then this is a good place for it. They’ve got metal buckets lying around – there’s another TV dinner tray. That’s a vodka bottle – we can put water in that. There’s a gold watch. Gold can be handy later. Broom’s I tend to leave, although I probably shouldn’t. They’re mostly wood, but they have other stuff.

What I was actually referring to was that if you come over to the belt here… Hub caps, there we go. These are all metal. So if you’re desperate for steel that’s one way to get. Now there was a lady raider we blew up. There she is. And that’s the lift we could have taken to get up here. So now we go out the back door here. This brings us to the area that we started in at the back of the plant. So here we are.

But if you come out here without having cleared this area first you now in for a whole lot of pain. But we have cleared this area there might still be some stragglers. I don’t see anything and you may remember this is where we went into the trailer. Now I’d mentioned early on where we went into that trailer on the year top of the deck there, that the Brother of Steel mission was started just there. Let me show you that on the Pip-boy. That’s called Fire Support and to do that, all that we need to do is tune into the military frequency AF95. I’ll show you how to do the press O for radio – I could have got to it through the menu tabs – but you’ll notice it’s actually off air at the moment. So what we can, if we just want to get this on to our list admissions to remind us – you may remember we came around this corner and now suddenly we’re actually close enough to that transmission so I will add it by going O, listening to the radio…

That’s all we needed to do. You may have seen that they added Cambridge police station to our map and that’s where we need to go to start the Brotherhood of Steel missions. Which is thing really that you need to do. It’s not absolutely essential, but you’d crazy not to. For a couple of reasons: One is that it’s a very important part of the plot and the other is that the Brotherhood of Steel offers you the only thing approximating to fast travel. Because once you’re a member of the Brotherhood of Steel you can use flares to request a Vertibird and fly it anywhere in the commonwealth.

Which does make life a lot simpler Now we’re going to go back up to Tenpines Bluff via the railway. So we’re going to come along – this was the elevated section of the road that we were on. Well, actually, no – the next one, this bit is broken. I’m going to cross over the road here. And on the other side of this little hill is the railway…

And some fence you have to get around or over. Now that light there is actually a raider burying her friend or relative and if you don’t bother them nothing bad will happen but if you go to talk to them they just go to kill mode. Some games have a map that shows you where your corpses are, so you can go and loot them. These are what the dogs were munching on, some more Radstag meat. Which is, like a said, great news.

Some more 10 MM rounds. 10 MM is a good choice of calibre in this part of the game and it’s pretty plentiful. Now I’m going to walk back up to and Tenpines Bluff along the railway. We came down this way so nothing very interesting is going to happen. I’ll show you on the map. Here we are, I’ll zoom this in. This is the railway line here and that’s the marker I put there for the turning off to Tenpines Bluff. But I’ll get rid of that, because we don’t really want that now. There is Bedford station and all the ghouls and here is Tenpines Bluff. So we’re going to go to about – I can’t remember exactly – about this location along the railway. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to walk up their. I’m not going to record this part for you. I will meet you at Tenpines Bluff, so see you soon! OK, so here we are.

Absolutely nothing happened on that walk – you missed nothing, no problem at all. So it was very uneventful. We’re going to make our way now up to Tenpines Bluff to tell them that the Corvega Assembly Plant is now clear raiders. And they will be very grateful and they will join the Minutemen and we will have use of their bench. It looks like I made a wrong turn. Should have gone up here. So I’ll put the gun away. This is the lady I need to speak to. OK. So the bench is over here and it’s now available to us. I don’t think there will be anything in it already, let’s have a quick look. Ooh. There is nice stuff in it. I may have left some stuff here earlier? No, I never pick up Jangles the Moon Monkey so that stuff must have already been there. That’s fine. What I’m going to do is store all my junk by pressing the T button and then going to get the junk off of DogMeat, if I can get him to stand still long enough.

I’m just going to take all from him. And then I’m going to come back and put all that… So store all junk. I’ll just check that I… yeah, I’ll hang on to these pistols. I have the carrying weight now. I will check that I didn’t put anything in here that I really wanted to hang on to. So I’ll hang on to the two purified waters is and the 12 Tatoes you may remember we want to plant back at Sanctuary Hills.

So there’s just junk here now, which is the way it usually should be, Now if I wanted some empty bottles, if you look over here on my side of things – my aid; I’ve just got those 2 purified water that I picked up and nothing else. And I believe that we have already just stored all the empty bottles over here. So there’s15 empty beer bottles and I think there was that vodka bottle. Empty milk bottles we can have. Gwinnett lager bottles – they love to do this in this game, to make it more difficult for you to find stuff. As a user interface designer it’s fantastically frustrating, but of course this is a game! The vodka bottle is just a bottle so I’ll put water in that too. So those are all the bottles we have, so I will fill these with water before our next episode.

But let’s just come down here- there is something we need to deal with. There is a collection of Radroaches in this area. I think they only come out when you get interested in that mattress. Yep, there they go. So that’s one way or getting rid of them. Now we should have lots of Radroach meat. Strictly speaking it ought to be grilled, but in fact they all disappeared except for that one that I shot myself. No, there’s another one. I could sleep but I wouldn’t get a very restful sleep, so what I’m going to do is build a cabin. Let me just quickly pick up any scrap wood lying around and also some trees that I don’t want.

Refrigerator is probably the only metal in this particular location. I tend get rid of these trees at the periphery because it makes it harder to defend the location with turrets. It also gives you a nice source of wood. Now these cinder blocks, I worry about things like this. These cinder blocks are actually being used to help prop up the shack so I would feel bad about taking those away.

But, it’s just a game:) OK, we could actually go and scrap this mattress – it’s not a nice mattress and it’s not in a good location. So we got some cloth out of that. What I’m planning to do is to build a little shack up here and put a bed in it and sleep in it. I’ve got a couple of locations I can do that in. Over here is usually where I do it. These shacks are actually quite handy – I never bother building anything much other than the standard shakes. So kind of a three bunk shack looks like that. You can use the mouse keys to rotate it that’s the left mouse button. And you want to make sure the not too much of it protrudes into the into the green area because you won’t be able to get beds in there.

So this will do. It’s a bit high off the ground. You can hold down the E key and play with the positioning but it’s because the ground isn’t level; you just have to get over that really. It’s something that doesn’t really affect it very much but… there. So I’ve built a shack. I’m going to come in and build – like I say this is a three bed shack. It comes complete with bushes inside. There we go. And if we wanted to make our residents a bit happier, we could scrap their mattresses.

Oh, we’re not allowed scrap their mattresses. That’s a blow. OK, well I was going to give a nicer place to sleep but they won’t let me, so I can’t. You just have to ignore the branches inside. The y’re are not really there, OK – it’s just a game. But I will put a door on this because doors give your residents improved happiness. So a that should be in furniture – doors – there we go. Right, so. Come in here. Going to de-armour and then have a proper night’s sleep. I hope you found this useful and the entertaining. If you have please subscribe. You’ll see a link appear with the HardSkull logo in the video towards the end of the clip. And there are other ways of subscribing, too. Hope to see you next time. Thanks for watching today. Bye!.

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