Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. On this, our sixth episode we’re going to be making our way a little bit further south, down past the Corvega Assembly Plant and eventually meeting up with the Brotherhood of Steel. But before we get going, let’s have a quick word with Mama Murphy. That was a bit weird but if you’ve played the game before you probably recognise what she’s talking about. Since our last episode – we finished up at Tenpines Bluff and I made my back here – I’ve patched up the power armour, that’s all shiny and new, as it were. Although it looks extremely rusty and old, but is all in good working order is the main point. I’ve cooked everything that we killed. You may remember I moved the cooking station up here because it’s a lot more convenient. If yours is still down the other end of Sanctuary then go and grab it and haul up here. We woke up feeling a bit hungry and thirsty so let me just fix the thirsty part and I’ll also fix the hungry part…

By choosing something not too radioactive. Mutt chops are a good standby if you don’t need to many of them. OK. So I’m really healthy. I’m going to put on the power armour before a pick up anything out of the workshop because you don’t want to be over encumbered, and of course your carrying weight is much greater in the power armour. So what I’m looking for in particular are things in Aid like some food. I’ve got about 20 purified water already. There are 23 in the workshop here. I will pick up another 10 of those. I don’t really think there’s anything else I am in need of. Don’t forget that if you’ve got bottles of any sort in your inventory you can fill those with water but I don’t need any more water just now. So let’s set off down the road.

Preston is my new companion – I simply asked him to follow me. That dismissed DogMeat who we may see around here. It asks where you’d like to dismiss your existing partner to and if you say nothing they go back to where you found them, which in DogMeat’s case is the RedRocket. But I believe I said Sanctuary. He’s probably just sniffing around somewhere. I’ll just show you where we are in terms of quests. Press J on the keyboard.

Fire Support is the quest that we picked up at the Corvega Assembly Plant. If you remember we were listening to military frequency AF 95. So I’m going to activate that. We’re going to go on in the next episode to do the Raider Troubles at Overland Station, but it’s actually have not very far from where we finish up the Fire Support quest, so that will all fit in nicely. And of course they are all taking us down towards Diamond City, the Jewel of the Commonwealth as its are shown here. So off we go. You may remember we’ve been having trouble with the remaining blood bug down here, so I am going to just take it out. There he is and there he was. I already picked up the brahmin meat. There’s a blood bug there.

Now that trip as far as Lexington isn’t all that interesting so what I’m going to suggest I do is just go ahead without you and meet you on the other side. So see you in a minute or 2. Here we are outside the Drummond Diner Now we just caught the end of that. These guys have been selling drugs to her kid and they want their money and you can go up and start a discussion with the either of the sides and you end up in a fire fight always. It’s much easier just to either ignore them or throw a grenade up there. I’m not saying that’s a nice thing to do, but it kind of solves the problem. Because Trudy is now a grateful to you and she will reward you, slightly. And she will sell you stuff. Her stuff isn’t great, but it’s a handy outlet – outpost.

So that got us up to level 10 which is handy. She has even more 10 MM ammo – I just bought some off of Carla – I didn’t bother showing you that. Trashcan Carla. You’ll see her around in various places. But I’ve got quite a bit of 10 MM ammo – I’ve got 400 rounds. Usually Trudy doesn’t have too much very interesting, but occasionally if you look through you’ll see some nice stuff, like there’s a light sniper rifle. I’m pretty fond of my existing pipe pistol sniper rifle – it actually works pretty well. You can compare your weapons by doing that. So that’s my sniper rifle – damage 40 it is – and this one was similar and actually takes the same ammo, as it happens But I’m not going to bother Trudy at the moment Stimpaks you’ll notice are desperately expensive – 139 caps each. if you come across people selling water, which is pretty rare, then its around 50 something. Dirty water is very cheap – well, not very – here it’s 15. But you need 3 of them to make a purified water.

So let’s just leave Trudy at this point. Anything else in the shop, by the way – the diner I should say – you will be stealing from Trudy and she will shoot you. So if I could just persuade Preston to leave, we’ll be on our way. In the back of this lorry there are some cigarette machines and of course cigarettes are cloth. So if you need some cloth then you can go and pick up cigarettes. There is usually something interesting going on up here in this house. Most of it involves violence, so be prepared. I think I prefer to have a Molotov for close-quarter violence. So that was the first introduction to synths and the general attitude towards them in the commonwealth, which is a feature of the game and of the Railroad and just about everybody in fact. So it’s an important lesson. I just want to take this stuff and… there were go. This I think you can open later in the game but you need to have a master hacking skill for that.

We can come down – this is the rail line that we’ve used a couple of times to go down to Lexington and come back. This is a power armour, here and it’s exactly the same as the one that we’re wearing. So there isn’t a great deal of point in the opening this. I don’t know if I’ve got the hacking skills – I haven’t yet. If you’ve got this suit we’re currently wearing, the only advantage of opening this up is to get the fusion core which you can see there. So we will eventually get that. That’s the Radstag doe I killed before. We’re going to come across this graveyard with the raider burying someone and we’re just going to carry on because I don’t really think it’s on to shoot them whilst they’re morning.

We’ve got some radioactive barrels here – you can see them and I think we also get some… yeah… ghouls is what I was about to say. So that was – I can’t remember the names of these things – it’s s rather strange name. It’s a Stunted Yao Guai. I don’t particularly want the hide. There are lots and lots of Molerats up here but there is quite a lot of good stuff to be had. I’m not going to bother going in there just now. I’ll show you on the map were a heading for, by the way. That was Jalbert Brothers Disposal.

We want to be here but we don’t want to get there from the main entrance, which is up this way. We want to come down around, so what we might do is walk down to the bottom here and then across. So I’ll mark this point. And that’s where we’re heading. A couple of interesting things here. The house on the right features much later on in the game there’s nothing terribly exciting going on there. Grey Gardens is a nursery that’s run entirely by robots and if you go in there and talk to them they will give you a chore – a mission – but I’m not going to do that today. And there’s that guy – Green I think is name was – that will trade with you if you wish to, but I wanted just to fix my water situation.

And in fact I should take some Stimpaks since I’ve been… a bit shot up, or chewed up. And doing that at a pump is a really good idea because you can sort out all of the… effects. OK, so let’s head on down the hill. What were looking at here is the backside – straight ahead of us – of Cambridge main street, or high street we’d call at an UK. That’s the way you don’t want to go to get to the police station because there are 20 or 30 ghouls in that area. Now, when it’s dark you can actually see that this area is sometimes lit up and there are usually good things to be found, but at the moment for reasons I don’t quite understand, all I can see are a couple of land mines, so we lucked out on that. But I got rid of the land mines which is just as well.

So now were heading for the marker. The best way – you can here the gunfire – the best way is to come in the back here. Get your pistol ready and were going to jump up on to the ramparts down here, because as the best way of shooting at the ghouls without dying yourself. A bit of fire actually helps a lot. OK, we’re not quite done.

Preston has a habit of saying things are over when they’re not. So I wouldn’t necessarily believe him. You may remember I shoot at the legs or I tend to shoot at the legs because if you cripple and they can still be alive but they can’t go anywhere. So you can just walk up and do them in. Pick up the stuff in here. Now what I’m going to do – I’ll come down and talk to this chap. OK, so in fact we’ve actually accumulated a couple of perk points here, so let me pick those up. So it says at the bottom ‘choose 2’. I’m going to try to up my charisma which may seem a really weird thing to do but I want the local leader perk, which is down here, which lets us connect our settlements together in terms of trade, which means we can get all the junk from any settlement that we have in our network.

So for that I need a minimum – you may have noticed – I need a minimum of charisma 6 and I only have about charisma 4 at the moment. Plus good charisma can get you out of awkward situations like the one we just saw with the synth. It’s good to invest in charisma so I’m going to do that. And I’m also, I think – I really need to do 2 of those – but at the moment I think I’d be better off getting a little bit better locksmith capability. I’ll come back and pick up the extra charisma a bit later. Now Paladin Danse has gone in there. What I’m going to do is whizz around out here picking up all the goodies that are left on the corpses of the ghouls. I’m going to go inside the police station, pick up all the ammo and all the drugs and meet you back out here, basically. There’s no point in you watching me do that – there’s nothing terribly interesting going on inside the police station.

There is, if you need it, a power armour station in the basement here. So just find your way downstairs there’s plenty of scrap around to fix power armour. So if my power armour was showing problems I would do that but I seem to perfectly OK at the moment. So I’ll meet you back here in just a minute or 2. Now these raiders are usually hanging around here at this point. There’s a little raider camp to the left. And the the only non-raider is the person they’ve killed which I think is a caravan guard, down here just to the right on the ground. So this is a good place to start the fight, because there’s quite a bit of distance. And so you can just let your companions… provide a bit of a buffer for you.

There’s the caravan guard they killed. There may have been more than one – I thought the other one was up here. No, that was a merchant. So in case you missed that because I was picking up all that… loot. Paladin’s lot has had a hard time of it here and lost lots of people and that’s why he’s… that’s why he’s so cranky. We’re heading up to ArcJet Systems where we’re going to pick up this deep range transmitter, I think it’s called. There’s usually some challenge – some ferals or wild dogs up here. Oh, bloat flies over there. That’s the other option. We did them in really well, which is nice. There’s some meat. It does cook up nicely. That’s an alpha wild mongrel – they can be quite vicious even in power armour, which is a bit weird – when you’re in power armour, that is. OK, so we’ll have quite a feast when we next get round to cook’n. There’s a little statue over here, which is worth exploring, as I mentioned way back, the statues often have nice things around them.

This isn’t too spectacular, usually, but… there go. Caps and a Stimpak. I think that’s about it. Nothing too much in here. Don’t forget to pick up the empty bottles – there were a few of these in the police station as well, by the way. So I picked those up. Empty bottles of various sorts. This place had been looted pretty well, but there are a few things to find. We want to get on the other side of the glass. You can’t jump through the window but you can get to it another way. So by now you might have gathered that the Institute isn’t flavour of the month with anybody. I don’t know if there is a Protectron attached to this. I’ve never found him but usually they create enough havoc… to make things… a bit easier for you. So, given all this electronics lying around, there are only a few bits and pieces – you might do better than me.

It;s been different on different visits. We do need to check these side rooms for goodies. I don’t really think I need a dish rag, but I’ll have it. I won’t bother with the mop though. Because – like I say – cloth is a bit hard to come by. So if you want to make beds and things you need the cloth. Now there’s two ways to do this. This is the marked terminal and you have to hack it if you want to get in. I think it requires advanced hacking and I don’t believe I have that. But if you come over to this terminal and just have a look at sum of the emails, you’ll see that they have an automated password system, which is of course highly insecure and that’s our new password and it has been added to our inventory.

So now when we come back – I’m just checking for any other goodies – fans are good but… heavy. Pick up this alarm clock, though. Now, before I press this I’m just going to mention that we’re going to get a bunch of synths crashing through the door on the other side, when it opens. So I’m going to throw grenades in there, but just so you’re ready. These synths don’t often have anything – I’m not going to bother with the institute pistols because they are not great and shock back batons are not really…

OK Now beware – you can see here there’s a booby trap. We just have to sneak up on and disarm it. I would pick that up and it’s heavy. Disarm the Tesla Arc as well. And that’s not the end of it… I don’t think. The terminals you can read about what’s going on in here. I don’t think – I don’t have the hacking power for that, like I mentioned. I can however hack this safes since I got that power. So let me just quickly – that doesn’t work. That almost works. That’s a nice sniper rifle. Damage is only 20, though, which is a bit weird. The ammo is .38 which is why. So I’ll leave that. I like my 308 sniper, its a much more powerful unit. The adjustable wrenches have a gear which is worth having.

Duct tape we want. Ordinary wrench I’ll leave because we’ve got lots of steel once we create our network of settlements. So we’re done in here, as much as we can be. Him we got. This this room is usually pretty safe. Paladin’s hanging out in here, but don’t let him distract you. There are other things… no, not up here. The way through is they way he just went. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. So he’s way off ahead shooting at turrets and things. I don’t think I need 36 flares. There’s another stealth boy. They’re worth money. A couple of light bulbs.

Now I need to give Preston my junk. And like I say, he can hold an awful lot more than DogMeat. There. Oops. That really wasn’t particularly worth doing. OK, so we have managed to turn off the turrets before Paladin got himself completely shot up. It’s not absolutely essential – he will keep shooting anyway. Silver table spoons I’ll have because they’ve got silver. Oh, there’s a circuit board – ooh, and a fuse. I don’t think there is actually much else up here. So we can go round the outside and there are bits of turret A vacuum tube. Paladin’s hanging around. That’s the other side of the door we just were looking at. There’s not much in this room I’m pretty sure. An overdue book. You can take these to a machine and turn them into points and collect prizes and stuff, believe it or not. I need some water so I’m just going to do that. I don’t know why Paladin’s hanging around in here. He doesn’t usually. Maybe he’s waiting for me. There really isn’t much in here. The cafeteria trays, by the way, are plastic and so unless you really find herself needing a lot of plastic there’s not much point.

That doesn’t go anywhere. The toilets in Fallout 4 are always knocked through. So they’re always more interesting than they appear. Usually worth investigating – often booby trapped. This one’s not. Some more 10 MM rounds, another 10 MM pistol. I might drop the 10 MM pistols if they end up being too heavy, but they are worth something. This is all dead and down here, so what we do now is we come along here. Oops, I didn’t do that very well. Try that again. And then we open that and drop down below. Pick up some Mentats and Nuka Cola bottles. Yeah. And now we’re here. And if you remember this the room I said that we wanted to have access to.

There’s not a huge amount in here but there is a floor safe. And again you need to be advanced to do this. Gamma rounds I don’t particularly use, but they are valuable. Missile’s weigh a ton. They weigh 7 units, pounds I guess, each. And so I’m just going to leave those. Shotgun shells, fine. And a silver locket. Fantastic. So that was pretty much it but it was worth a little detour. And we now have to… ooh, Quantum Cola’s… got a lot of caffeine in it. So we’ve just rejoined Paladin. Nothing really off these halls here. Oh, there is is a tiny bit hiding up there. Nothing happens in here until we get the power back on. That’s the lift – elevator in American English – we want to use. And as Paldin’s been saying… Don’t know if you noticed that Preston just said he was heard bad and then just got up.

That often happens when the companions can’t really cope with the terrain. This is the Junk Jet. You fill it with junk and it shoots junk but it weighs a ton and I’ve just always left it. It’s important you should notice this. I think they’ve changed it in more recent versions of the game. You can actually start this test engine which is hanging up there. Certainly when I played the game on easier levels that wasn’t very obvious. And now at almost impossible to miss. And it is so much fun. Toothpaste counts as an antiseptic. Here are the mysterious fusion core recharges or whatever it is they are. And we needed the power back on. This is the power panel and you can see all the lovely red cables which are meant to be a clue to what we need to do aside from the fact is already been tagged for us with the yellow square. But I’ll unlock this. Just going to press E to speed that up. Go for the first password. Whatever we have does not have the same letters as ‘vote’. So ‘rope’ won’t work, because it’s got an ‘o’.

‘file’ won’t work because it ends in ‘e’. ‘else’ ends in ‘e’. ‘seed’ might work. ‘tend’ might work. ‘tend’ is very close. We have 2 out of 4. ‘tend’ and ‘pens’. ‘pens’ might be it. It is. So we tabbed that back on and then discover that Paladin is being… inundated. So we’re just going to wait here, because when this by engine goes off it’s not going to be good for us. Now all the synths have been destroyed but Paladin’s pretty much OK. Good thing is wearing his helmet! I’ll just pick up fusion cells. Like I said I don’t particularly want all these institute pistols. Even fusion cells weigh stuff in this game. Not in lower levels but in survival mode they do. So we must have a gazillion… cells by now. We can’t get to that platform over there without – oh yes we can. Oh, but that just takes us… This is a strange piece of architecture. This just takes us back the way we came in. So let’s go out through the lift. Here we are. Now you can wait for these guys to turn up in the lift or you can just press activate – E – on the keyboard and they’ll turn up.

Yeah! He has the Deep Range Transmitter. Just make sure that there isn’t anything juicy lying around. There’s nothing too exciting in this whole place. Preston, like a lot of the other companions, likes to complain about the stuff you pick up. OK, well, I think that’s pretty much it. So… off we go. There they are! How’d he do that? That’s a very clever trick. Now I don’t think I want any more Abraxo cleaner. I’ll just turn on my light to make sure there isn’t anything tasty in here. Antibiotics are always worth picking up. This stuff I would pick up a I was in desperate need but I’m not so…

Vodka I don’t find very useful. You can make Molotov cocktails, I think. Aluminium cans like I said – aluminum in an American English can be useful, gas canister weighs too much. I think we’ll leave that. Now I noticed I was hungry – let me just deal with that. Mutt chops we seem to be out of, so what else do we have? I think we had some squirrel on a stick or squirrel bits.

No, they’ve got rads. Squirrel on a stick is nice and we need something else. Iguana on a stick, yeah. OK, properly fed. So we’re going to go out and finish up here with Paladin Danse. I’m not going to join the Brotherhood of Steel, you’ll notice. We can join it any time – it doesn’t cause any problems. If you join it now, you have to go back to the Cambridge Police Station and they give you some chores to do, as it were, so I’m not too thrilled. Also Preston doesn’t like it if we join the Brotherhood of Steel while he’s our companion. So I’m just going to take a neutral line here. I just hope he hasn’t voided the warranty. Notice, by the way, that when he gave us that and 50 fusion cells we then suddenly had too much to carry.

So you have to be on the lookout for that kind of thing. You have no choice about taking these, by the way. You just have to take them. So I will like – this one is nice so I will take it and use it. OK, so that’s finished the Call to Arms and our introduction to the Brotherhood. Paladin goes over there and sulks for some reason. I don’t know why, And you’ll notice that we’re starting Semper Invicta which is a tag line for the Brotherhood. And that will stay in our quest list until we go and visit Cambridge Police Station again.

In the meantime, it’s best not to stand around… holding too much as your health will plummet. If you actually go away and leave the game running, in what you think is a safe situation without pausing it, if you’re carrying too much you’ll come back and discover that you’ve got damaged legs and very poor health. You can even just die by standing around too long. So let me get to my junk and offload as much as Preston will carry for me. Which, happily, is everything. Let me go to my weapons. I’m going to go to the Righteous Authority. A lot of these weapons with the star – they’re the special weapons – they always have strange names so you have to remember what they’re called. I’m just going to put that into my favourites as weapon number 6. There we go. So we’re going to leave it there. I’ll show you what’s up as far as where things stand with quests. We’ve finished the… quest to Cambridge Police Station. That’s now gone. And introduced us to the Brotherhood of Steel. Semper Invicta is available to you any time – you can join much later on.

So I’m going to deactivate that. We’re going to go on from here to Raider Troubles at Oberland Station. I’ll show you where that is relative to us. We’re here. You may remember we went to Grey Gardens – that was the plantation with all the Mr. Handys. We’re actually over here and so were going to walk over this way. There’s a bit of excitement along this route back. Then we’re going to come back on the railway and come down to Oberland Station. So that is the plan for the next episode. Hope to see you there. If you’ve enjoyed watching us, do please look out for the HardSkull logo and subscribe.

Or subscribe in any other way that you like. Hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to see different episodes or perhaps a different game then please leave us comments. But for now, thanks for watching!.

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