Hello! Welcome to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson and in this episode we’re going to be wandering down to Oberland Station and dealing with a quest that Preston gave us, to do with the Minutemen and basically setting up our network of communities. So it’s important from the point of view of gathering resources. It isn’t essential to the plot, obviously. But if you don’t set up this network you end up with no capability for really finishing the game, because much later on you’ll need a lot of resources. And this is the only way of getting them, really. By pooling them together. So we’re going to head over to the railway line which is just over here. I should show you on the map – ArcJet systems is where we finished last time. It’s right behind us. You could have seen it from where we were standing just now. So I started ahead this way. There was a camp here with some ghouls and we stopped and took advantage of that.

Often the raiders here, but this time it was just ghouls. We’re heading over towards Grey Gardens, we’re actually going to make a right onto the railway line. Our final destination at the moment is Oberland Station, which is just down the railway line a little bit. This is Grey Gardens Homestead – it doesn’t really feature much until much later in the game. There are some things to be had down there.

Some nice junk and drugs and things. But it’s a bit time-consuming. So this is Grey Gardens with the Mr. Handys doing all the farming work. You can go up on this bit of decrepit motorway, but and there isn’t really anything up there in this section. There are in other sections, quite a lot, including complete gangs of raiders or worse. Over on the left we can see the Beantown Brewery. You can go in there, there about four or five raiders holding that and are not terribly difficult to get rid. And there are quite a few nice things to pick up – mostly empty bottles as it happens:) Now there is a mongrel dog – You can see him in the distance there. I’ll see if I can take a nice shot at him from here. He does start running toward you as soon as you do that. The alpha mongrels – I think I mentioned this in the last episode – they can be quite devastating even when you’re in a suit of power armour. So you do need to be careful about them. I lost a bit of health there, which I’ll repair.

I was thirsty already, so I’m just going to wait until we get up here to Oberland station and I’ll be able to use their pump. This is the lady who we want to speak to. I’ll show you on the map where we’re going. So I’ll clear off the marker that I put up there at Grey Gardens. Back Street Apparel is over here and the easiest way get there, you can see, is to walk down the railway to this main road so I’ll put a marker here and that’s the way we’ll do it.

Now you might notice that there is a ghoul or something under that railway carriage. If I press Q we see that it is a feral ghoul and the thing is that it’s very rare to come across just one of these guys. There’s one in the bushes there. I think there’s third. So what I’m going to do it is take them out while they’re lying there. And there a third, which is over there. So they’re much easier deal with when they’re is still lying. There’s nothing worth picking up on these guys. This is where we go down to join the road. Various things can happen here – you can have raiders, you can have a drug seller – you can have all kinds of things.

Or nothing. We’ll see what happens. I’m going to change to a Molotov in case I have any serious problems. Nothing apparently… except for the trio of landmines which has not been there previously! And that really is the best strategy if you come across landmines that you aren’t able to defuse. Because once they start ticking you can’t… is to have run like blazes. So Preston should have survived that but no sign of him at the moment. I’ve got no messages saying he needs to be healed so that’s a good sign. He’ll probably just turn up. There he is. The game designers seem to have slightly bent sense of humour. Often, when you turn round to find out where your companion is, he then appears behind you, so when you turn round up walk on top of him…

Or her! We have companions are all sorts. Nothing in that. This is a poor trader that is no longer with us. I’ll pick up his day tripper drugs, ah there we go. This is a cooking stove or cooking station if we should need but we don’t. We’ll just use the one up the road. There is behind here – I think it’s a chemistry station. Now sometimes this area on the immediate right is very quiet and sometimes it’s very busy. I just saw something skitter across the road down here. It is probably a call by the looks of it. The ghouls are the least of your worries. I’ve come across – oh it’s a super mutant – I’ve come across super mutants I was about to say. OK, so it’s good to get rid of the… suicider because he carries a nuclear device with him which is not at all good for your health. It seems the rifle is a lot slower to reload than the pistol so I’m going to go back to the pistol.

And now I am carrying too much. So what I’ll do – in the middle of this fire fight – I will take some grilled Rad Stag which will let me carry more. There we go. I can’t make out where Preston is shooting. See if we can sneak up on this… super mutant. They’re usually – unless they’re armoured – pretty easy to get rid of once you can get a clear shot. The only real problem is… oops… they often have missile launchers and mini nukes and stuff like that. I’ve levelled up – pick up a new perk.

Tab and T. You may remember from last episode I’m trying to actually improve my charisma because I want the local leader perk and for that I need 6 charisma points. So I’m going to go for another charisma point here and once I’ve got local leader I can connect all my settlements together. The workshops in the settlements. Which allows me, then, to put junk into one settlement and access it from another. That’s really, as far as I can tell, absolutely vital to getting through this game, because you do me a lot of resources. Particularly when you start talking about trying to get into the institute. And that’s really the only way of pooling them. Otherwise you end up with just what you can carry which is not a fantastic amount. So that’s the general plan. That we try to build up a little network of settlements and then pool the resources between them. Scavengers, by the way, are not necessarily hostile to you. They’ll show up in yellow when you are using VATS targeting system. And that means that they could be hostile or not. If you put your gun away they won’t do anything, typically.

If you shoot at them they will shoot back! But those were dead, so they’re not doing any shooting. There are some other bits and pieces to pick up – not a huge amount in here. Often, like I say, I come across ghouls in this area. There is a diner at the end – oh, here it is. Usually not a great deal in it. See what it’s got in store for us today. It’s never been booby trapped in my experience, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be this time. So let’s have a look. Extinguisher if I could carry it. So this is road that Back Street Apparel is on. It runs, as you can see, right along the river and there’s a boat over here. And if you go up on the bridge you have to go right past the boat and usually the raiders in the boat will take pot shots at you.

The thing is if you are on the bridge you’re a bit too close to them and they can do you serious damage but if we stay at one end we can actually take them out and they’ve got a lot of nice resources in there. So it’s really – I think – well worth doing. There is one guy in a power armour suit that is a little bit tricky to get rid of. But I’ll get rid of this one first. Now they’re hiding. The dog will appear, almost certainly… there he is. OK OK, well he’s come out of the ship which he doesn’t usually do if you’re a bit further away.

So I’m going to have to take a bit of cover to stop myself getting too badly shot up. There he goes. OK, so we may still have – yeah – these guys on the left are actually very easy to get rid of typically. It’s like I was saying a few episodes ago, you don’t want to take what Preston says about being finished, or clear, very seriously. OK, so we may now really be clear. We’ll find out when we get down there. And there he is – she is – apologies ma’am. So… what we have in here is beds and chems. So I’m just going to briefly pop out of my power armour for a quick nap. I could sleep here all day if I wished too because it’s a proper bed, unlike almost everything else will find around here. We do have some armour problems – you’ll see my right arm and right leg – ah, a Wasteland Survival Guide. That gets us 50% more from fruits and vegetables, healing wise. Obviously, we’ll take that, that’s very nice I’ll pick up the beer bottle. There is no fresh water in these parts.

But we know where we can get some. This is the chap we shot from the bridge. If you’d do all this from just under the bridge her a you don’t have the advantage of height by the usually don’t try to come after you whereas when you up on top of the bridge where we were they appear to be more willing to come up after you.

That’s a sub-machine gun and I am going to avoid automatic weapons entirely on this trip. Preston’s fallen in the water. I don’t really quite know what I can do about that. Hopefully he will just make his way out. You will find your companions doing totally daft things from time to time. Lots of ammo. A pulse mine which is good with synths. I don’t think either of these guns are worth picking up. Another bed. Some more chems. And I believe that is pretty much it. Let’s have a look back here. So,yeah, that is it. So a slight distraction, but we now have somewhere to sleep if we wish to – in town – because were very near Diamond City. And I do not believe that this area gets repopulated… having kill these nice folk/ There’s a cooking station there as well of course.

I imagine that Preston is just going to reappear when we come out of this – I’m hoping he’s going to. I can hear him. I did already pick up everything here. This is a raider power armour. It’s basically just a power armour shell, without much in the way of actual armour. You do come across these in the game and they’re worth – sometimes they’re worth having – because they allow you to simply carry more. So, for example, I could ask Preston to get into a suit of power armour and he would be able to carry more for me. There are places along here to visit. Further down here think we have to get past Back Street Apparel.

Further down here there is a power armour station, so we could actually fix our broken limbs. But we don’t really need much in the way of armour for this particular mission. So I’ll probably do that after we’ve for taken care of these chaps. OK, the only problem we have now is that these nice folk have turrets. There’s one up there. And there’s another one right there. We only just got here, Preston. There’s a missile launcher in this tube. I think it’s connected to some tripwire. But again missile launchers and missiles weigh too much in survival mode. So I’m just going to ignore them. And this was the turret we shot up down here, so I’ll pick up all of its… pieces. I could just pop up here and fix my armour before I go inside.

I just have to remember where the power armour station is. Here it is. So I’ll pick up these bits of metal because that’s what I need for this power armour. I’ll pick up the aluminum / aluminium can anyway. There’s some more steel. They’re very considerate like this. With the lower spec armour, steel is mostly what you need. And I usually do the worst first. The left leg is looking the worst. So T for repair and… the left arm is an looking so good either, Next the right arm and right leg could do with fixing.

We may run out of materials, though. So the only serious problem remaining is the helmet. Which, if I press T you see I don’t have quite enough steel for. So what I could do is come out of this… and get some steel things either from the environment or from at Preston if he’ll stand still. He’s got some wrenches. That might be enough. That might do it. I don’t see – scalpels are steel – OK.

That probably will do it now, so let’s just finish this off and get back in before we start suffering from over-encumbrance! OK. The torso could do with repairing but I don’t have enough – I need some more steel and some circuitry which I just don’t have at the moment. Preston might have that but I’m not going to spend more time on it just at the minute. Let’s get back to getting rid of the raiders.

There’s some goals in here – it’s an old church and some raiders around the back, but an we won’t worry about them this time. Going to go inside. I’m going to make sure I’ve got a frag grenade handy for reasons that will become clear once we get inside. I’m also going to stoop down – seems to be more sneaky. Now… all these voices we can hear are actually in another room. Another bit of the building.

And they won’t bother us in here. So while it sounds scary, you’re really in no particular danger at the moment. There’s usually some money. And there are a few things in here. Bones I mentioned a while back. You can make cutting oil from bones and acid. I don’t quite understand the chemistry. I don’t think chemistry is actually plausible, but it is a way of getting oil if you can’t find any. And oil is used in all kinds of things. You know you’re in trouble when Preston says “this one’s all mine”. That means you’re about to get whacked by the baddy in question. Another mattress, but of course it is just a mattress on the floor, so you can’t sleep here very long and you do often catch diseases from them.

You don’t realise that when you first start to use them. I’ll pick up the empty bottles. This safe is a master so you actually need even more locksmithing skills. There are some things at the top of the stairs I think. I’ve been on the roof – there doesn’t appear to be very much on there, if anything. I don’t know that I want any of these. I’ll have the wonder glue, I think. The screwdriver, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s just wood and steel and we’ve got lots of wood and steel in our settlements from trees and rusty cars and things. I’ll just check there aren’t any nice comics or other goodies hanging round.

I guess the dog food is worth taking. That’s about it. So… all that we need to do now is just, on the way out, check that we haven’t missed anything in the main shop. And… report back to Oberland Station. You may seen there was an explosion or a booby trap up this side, which went off when we threw our grenade. There’s some money there. I don’t think there is very much else down here. That was the booby trap – we never came that way. It got blown up before we got there. I don’t think there’s anything amongst these mannequins so we’ll just head on out. So looking at our quests… as I said the current activity is Report your success to settlers are Oberland station. And that’s it – that’s all we need to do now. So let’s go back and do that. Some of these things will wait… a long time. Others will just time-out, so I don’t know if there’s any easy way of knowing in advance which is which.

We’ll head up this way – back the way we came. It will stay he cleared now, everything up to Backstreet Apparel. Certainly along here you might get more problems in this collection of houses on the left. And there is more to do over on the left here, but it’s best to wait until we get a mission – quest – to deal with it. Since we came this way are not too worried about things like mines. It’s interesting if you do come out at dark, and some people actually play the game entirely at dark because you can get a perk for giving you… enhanced powers at night time. So some people have played the game almost entirely at night. And you’ll see the interesting areas have been lit up, like this market store. And you’ll see little fires and glowing fungi and things, which aren’t at all obvious during the day. So we want to go the way we came, which is back this way.

There isn’t anything in these boxcars, by the way, I did have a look. There hasn’t been when I’ve looked, let’s put it that way. I don’t know if there’s anything worth investigating up here, but now is not the time to get overly ambitious. We want to finish this particular quest and save the game by making a bed. There are a couple of beds at the top of the station house here, but we’re not allowed to use them because they belong to, not surprisingly, the station residents. They’re going up to bed just now, so let’s catch them before they… Very quick sleeper! Well now we can use these beds, but of course they’re occupied so… [LOL] we still are stuck with the problem of sleeping.

Preston – we always end up having to talk to Preston at the end of these Minutemen episodes. So, that’s our next quest and in fact we’ve just walked past Hangman’s Alley. It was between the area with the dishevelled houses and the Backstreet Apparel. So we know where it is. It’s not very far from here. I’m just going to top of my water. What I’m going to do – I’m not going to make you stay and watch me.

I’m just going to look at the workshop. You’ll see that we can transfer stuff to and from it. There are quite a few things in had already which is jolly nice. And we can just build staff as well. What I will do before next time is take out the corner of this fencing put a shack in here – a standard small shack and a few beds. And settle down for a night’s sleep. So thanks very much for watching. If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been talking about and doing, then please look out for the HardSkull logo at the end of the clip. Or subscribe in any other way. The logo helps you to subscribe easily at the end of the video.

So thanks again for watching and hope to see you next time. Bye!.

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