Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. In the last episode we finished up at Oberland Station and now we’re pretty much on the other side of the commonwealth. I’ll explain why and how in just a minute. Let me just put my power armour on so I don’t to the end up with the side effects of carrying too much, which you might have seen mentioned just there. OK. So I built this shed here – we’re at what’s called County Crossing. It’s a settlement. We didn’t actually mean to be here but we have to go past it and when we got here they were fighting some Super Mutants. We helped them take out the Super Mutants and they basically invited us to use them as a settlement, which is fantastic, because that’s all we had to do.

So we now have access to their workshop here, and I went around and took out all the steel junk and all the wood junk and stuff like. I built this shed, put three beds in it. But not only that, on the way here we got ourselves another perk and I finally was able to sign up for the local leader, which means that we do now have a supply route.

So let me just show you that on the map, and I’ll also explain how we got here. So I press M for map as usual but now all I can press C, for show supply lines. And you’ll see that there’s only one supply line and it’s from where we are now, which is County Crossing, way back to Sanctuary. And what that means is that any junk that we put into the workshops at either Sanctuary or County Crossing will be available to us in our network. Currently our network is just those 2, but we’re going to extend that. The way that we do it – I’ve already done it for this one – but you go into workshop mode [press and hold V] and you point yourself at a settler, usually. This is Preston, so he’s not available for that, but in the bottom you’ll see assign supply route.

I might be able to do it so this guy and sleeping in here. There we go. I’m not going to do it but there is the supply line menu item I promised. If I press Q then I actually get to send him as a transport agent, effectively. I can’t remember the term they actually use in the game. Provisioner – that’s the term because we don’t use that word very much in English these days.

But he becomes a provisioner. But there would be nobody left here to run this place, so I’ll it as it is. But what I did with his colleague, who used to sleep over on the left here, is I’ve sent him to Sanctuary Hills as our provisioner. So if we go over here to be workshop we should discover that we’ve got oodles of junk. Now I’m not sure whether the junk is actually available – I’ve never quite got the hang of this. Some of this stuff I picked up, some of it I think is from elsewhere. The main point about the junk – you may not be actually able to pick up specific items – but if you start building things, it takes it out of your pooled junk; the junk that is shared between all of these locations.

So it is very much worth doing. You almost have to do it in order to get through the game. Certainly when you start looking at getting into The Institute, which requires, as we’ll see, special equipment. The other thing I was going to do was just explain to you how we got here. So I’ll show you on the map again. We’re over on the right hand side here, basically on the east coast of Massachusetts.

And we started off over here, Oberland Station. I did actually go in and clear out Beantown Brewery and I went back up the railway line a bit and got that fusion core that we saw. And I also then popped up to the Starlight Drive-In. There’s a fusion core there in the back of the drive-in, in the storeroom right next to the road. And you just go in and pick it up. I think there might be and a Radroach or two in there, but that’s about the extent it. So, we last time cleared out Back Street Apparel which is down here. We had to go back to Oberland Station to report our success. And then Preston immediately gave us another quest, which was to go and clear out Hangman’s Alley. So rather than show you all that, I’ve done that – I’ve cleared out Hangman’s Alley, I went back past Back Street Apparel. I killed a mutant who hangs out on a pedestrian bridge over the road, around about here.

And when we got up here, to this bridge – it’s either this bridge or that one – I can’t remember which exactly. I think it might be this one, I’m not sure. I’ll mark this one. There’s a bridge with some tall apartment blocks either side and as you approach it the raiders start shooting at you. And I cleared all that out. But it isn’t shown on here, unfortunately. I don’t quite know why that is – it a has a name but I think this is the location actually. If not, it’s the next bridge. But I cleared that out, cleared out some dogs that we’re on the road soon after, made my way across to this part of the Boston which is actually Cambridge in real life. And through Bunker Hill, up around the back. Over this bridge. And when we got up here to County Crossing we saw that the Super Mutants were attacking and we helped clear out the Super Mutants.

And like I said, when we finished doing that I had a chat with one of the settlers and he was so overcome with gratitude that he said our workshop is your workshop. So that gave me the chance to set up base here. Like I said, I built this shack, put three beds in it, got rid of all the surplus rusty cars and things around here.

And we could if we wished to now build a weapons bench or a power armour bench. But I have no need for doing that at the moment. What we’re going to do is this very next quest that Preston has given us now. And then go back, I think, and finally enter Diamond City. So the quest is called Out of the Fire and we’re meant to travel to Finch Farm. And Finch Farm, as you’ll see from this map – we’re down here – Finch Farm is there – so it’s about a 5 minute walk up the road. Now there are some complications: As you can see in the background, I’ll show you again in a minute, there are some big radar dishes – satellite dishes – and that actually is a very large Super Mutant settlement so we don’t want to go too close to that just at the moment. The other issue is that if we go along the main road, by the time we get to about here, there is a Mr.

Gutsy – in fact, he’s a legendary Mr. Gutsy – and he’s protecting what was an army convoy. And if you go that way at this stage in the game – we’re still only about level 13 or something – he is extremely hard to kill. I did manage it once and I ended up needing new armour in both legs. So what I’m going to suggest we do – go up as far as just before that marker. There’s a Mirelurk up there. Mirelurks are these large crabs – they’re quite easy to kill and they make for nice snacks. So we’re going to go up and deal with him. And then we’re immediately going to cut across country and go and visit the folks at Finch Farm and see what they want. So those are the satellite dishes I mentioned. There is a Brotherhood of Steel quest that involves this site. We’re not going to engage with just now, but if you join the Brotherhood of Steel, this is one of the first things they have you’d do.

It’s to try to find some missing members of their clan and they turn out to be somewhere around there. And in fact that is their distress signal and you can start their mission without even joining the Brotherhood, but I’ve read some reports that things get a bit complicated if you do that. People seem to have had bugs around that area. So we’re going to stay well away from that. We’re going to travel up this road, like I say, as far as the Mirelurk. And then we’ll come back. I should have got some water when we left. What I will do in the meantime is actually eat some food, because it did tell me that I was hungry. So we’ve got some more Mutt Chops. I’m afraid that when you you’re quite hungry, it takes quite a few Mutt Chops.

Like all of them – that was 6! I’ll go without water for a bit because there is a pump at Finch Farm, I think. I don’t want to use up my bottled water. I’ve got quite a bit of it by now, but… there’s the Mirelurk. He’s not looking terribly active but The problem with giving Preston Molotovs is he is actually a little bit generous with them. That Mirelurk was almost dead feasting on this, I guess, feasting on this trader or at least his sweet roll and he didn’t really need to throw a Molotov for that reason. You can just see the back of this army convoy up there. But if we go up there we’re going to meet the Mr. Gutsy, and like I say he’s a legendary Mr. Gutsy – he’s quite hard to kill at this stage in the game and he’s just really not worth the hassle. There is a half a suit of T-51 armour in there, which is a little bit better than ours, but it’s only half. I think left leg and left arm, and another piece, so it’s not exactly the most desirable thing.

I’ll put my gun away, because I want to speak to Mr. Finch, I think it is. OK, Saugus Ironworks is straight ahead -we’re looking at it, but we’re not going to go there. Because at this stage – let me just remind you where we are – if I hit K that’s our status. We’re at level 14 so 13 was not quite right, but they are really serious nutters, over there. So we do not want to go and do this particular quest just now. So here it is, Out of the Fire. I’m just going to turn it off. What I’m going to turn on is one that you won’t know about. When we came up this way we came across the body of a settler. He had a note on them and the note said something about a laser at Wilson Atomatoys.

So I’m going to make that our current quest and I’ll show you where that is, because it actually fits in nicely with going back to Diamond City. So remember that we’re way up here. We’re going to go back to County Crossing. We’ll make our way back through Bunker Hill down here. I will go along the edge of the river again, because coming down here is lunacy – in one fell swoop – it’s almost impossible to do at this stage in the game because it is so many different bands of raiders and Super Mutants and things.

So we’re going to come a safer way which is along the river again to about here, then come south. We do have to take out a group of raiders around about there. And then there are Super Mutants hanging out – who are occupying the Wilson Atomatoy. So that’ll be fun, too. But let’s go back to County Crossing to start with. I will get some water and then what I’ll do is probably shoot back to very near Back Street Apparel without you. And then rejoin you there, so you don’t have to watch me doing all that. So we want to go to… the road… which I thought I put over here… correct. Don’t want to come up too close to the Mr. Gutsy. Mr. Gutsy, by the way, is just a military version of a Mr.

Handy but they are hard to kill. Certainly the legendary Mr. Gutsy’s are. So there’s our Mirelurk. The other thing I meant to mention – I’ll just quickly run over it whilst we’re taking this short hike – this by the way on the right is a an a popular site for a couple of the quests. It’s a training ground. You can see some turrets around, there’s one there. I think there’s another one elsewhere. So we don’t want to go in there. It’s also completely overrun with ghouls. So we’ll keep clear of that for the time being. But I will expect us to be sent back here at some point. And of course how many of these Minutemen quests you do is entirely up to you.

But a I will go over here and look at my shed floating on the ground there. They don’t quite sit properly in the game. I meant get some water from Finch’s Farm but forgot. But I’ll pick up some water here. It’ll do the usual thing of saying that I can’t, but I can – it always works when you’re thirsty. I’m just going to check our status because it says that there’s something else going on. I’ll press Q – we have some weakness for some reason. What I can do is look at our inventory and find a herbal remedy for weakness, which is worth having. And typically when you have things like weakness you also want to have some more sleep, but we’re not going to worry too much about that just now.

So what I propose to do, like I said, was to just head back down the way we came. I’ll rejoin you in the clip when I’m closer to Back Street Apparel. So I’ll see you in in five… OK so this is where the raiders were, like I mentioned. This building on the left you can’t get in to, so I’m not entirely sure where this voice is I can hear. We went into this building. No, can’t find him. I could go upstairs and check. But I’ll show you on the map where this is. And it’s at this bridge like I said, so I was wrong about it being the other one.

But that’s OK – it was one of those 2. I will just pop inside and see if there is another raider hanging around upstairs. So yes, it does look like there’s a raider that regenerates at the top there, plus all the goodies he has up there. There’s a safe and also a trunk of stuff and all of that has regenerated too. So I don’t know how often that will happen… oh, it sounds like he’s up there again now. So obviously it happens quite frequently, at least in this current load of the game.

But we’re going to leave that for now – he’s not bothering us, we don’t need him out of the way. We’re going to head down towards Wilson Atomatoy and an execute this quest… which is down this way. Now obviously there are lots of different roads and paths through this, but they’ve all got their problems. Here comes Preston. Preston’s trying to worry us. So we’re not going to go onto Boston common, just quietly down the side here. This military vehicle has explosives in the back, so we’ll pop in and pick those up. I’ll just make sure that my explosives are also available to me. There we go. Molotov. Now we need to go this way and there are some raiders up her. Quite a few them up on the roof. Not so many down here, but I’ll need to snipe at them.

I’m going to try doing that from here. And then often there’s a guy up there who makes his appearance. Got rid of him too. Now the only thing that leaves is the turret, which is a bit of a nuisance and if we’re lucky, Preston will have a go at getting rid of it. Preston’s keeping it distracted. I can take it out.

The turrets always have useful stuff on them. The other raiders won’t appear on this side. We have to go up and hunt them down. OK so he’s out of it. That was the wrong explosive! I’m just going to stay out of the way slightly until I get some more health. This takes a long time in the survival mode. OK. OK, I think that is them [done with]. We still have this pretty low-grade armour, so we have to be sure to be careful about things like grenades and Molotovs and all that stuff.

I’ll pick up the sequin dress. It’s a little bit flouncy, I think:) Some of the others are better, but we’ll worry about that later! Tuned sniper rifle sounds attractive, let’s have a quick look at that. 46 [damage], fire rate 4 accuracy 91. So let’s have a look over here… My sniper rifle is 42, fire rate 2. So that one actually… I think I might swap over. The only thing I should check, of course, is what ammunition it takes. Yeah .308. I have a fair bit of that. So I will put the other one back. There we go. And in the meantime I will assign my new sniper rifle to slot 5. And I’m going to have a bit of a rest now, because that was all very tiring. So let’s find out what the other raiders have left for us. I’m just going to offload some stuff onto Preston before I do that. I think I’m carrying pretty close to my capacity. There he is. I’ll give him all my junk and I’m going to give him some of my ammo that I don’t actually need to be carrying.

Fusion cells, I only really need of couple of hundred at any time. So I’ll give him 200 and get rid of the gamma stuff as we don’t have anything to shoot gamma. Gamma when you get it isn’t very effective anyway. Shotgun shells – Idon’t have a shotgun yet, so that is not really essential. I’ll hang on to all the rest of that. I’ll get rid of the bottle cap mine – there we go. So I’m just going to go on the other side of the roof here and see what we’ve been left. Not much by him. Lo and behold here – jackpot! We’ve got 4 fusion cells [correction: cores]. Let me pick those up and it’s a good thing I did make space because they weigh, I think it’s 4 pounds each, so that’s 16 pounds.

They used, of course in the… easier levels of the game they don’t weight anything at all. So it’s a real nuisance in survival mode that we have to take account of that. So I’m going to change over my rifle from this powerful piper pistol I’ve got to the short combat rifle. We’re going to go over to Wilson Atomatoy, which is over there – you can see. Let me see if I can get the my scope. There are often a couple of Super Mutants on the roof there, but they’re not visible just here.Let’s get a bit closer and an see what we can do. The Atomatoy plant, is at this stage, pretty much infested with Super Mutants. We’re not going to be able to clear it out, I don’t think, because we still have really basic armour and fairly puny weapons. It’s OK for meeting a small group on the road, because you usually have a lot of space to deal with them. But in close confines its not really possible. So let’s just see if Preston’s making is way. I don’t see him – there he is.

He like’s doing that to me: You turn round to find out where you partners gone, and he’s in front of you when you turn round. And he can’t be, because he would have to have passed me on the stairs so that’s just annoying. There’s a Super Mutant there, but he’s more or less behind that barricade, so I’m not going to be able to get to him. I think we’re just going to have to sneak around.

There he is, there. OK so they’re gone. I don’t know who they were shooting at – there are some raiders up the road here and possibly it was them. They seem to be taking off. There’s one there. We’ll just ignore him and see if he goes away, if we don’t shoot at him. Oh, that’s the turret. I don’t really mind about the turret. So we don’t want to get involved in that war. There’s a landmine right here. Preston’s got tied up in that, now. Usually, if you sneak off, Preston will come module wherever you’re… That’s the turret out. OK, well. I hope Preston’s OK because he’s had a habit lately of not following you once he’s been injured. I can still hear somebody wandering around. I don’t know whether that’s just supposed to be the other group. Let’s see if we can get at this back door guy and his… he’s got a mutant hound there. If he comes up here he’s going to run into the… OK, he didn’t. Excellent. I was going to say he was going to run into my frag mine, but he hasn’t.

So hopefully I can pick that up. OK, we’re getting further. So this is the only working entrance to Wilson Atomatoys. And we’re going to try to find this laser rifle… we think it’s a laser rifle. This laser we found the note about. Oh, here’s some nice ammo. Let’s see about that. OK, in we go. We’ve got rid of him without too much injury to us. All these noises we can hear are from upstairs. I was just going to give Preston some more of my stuff because I picked up that new fusion core and I’m too heavy again. So I’m going to give 4 of my fusion cores to Preston, which gets me down to 220 which is fine. Right. So I think we’re going to have to throw a grenade of some sort into here. I’m just going to move out of the way and improve my health. These guys are prone to throwing… OK, so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. If Preston would just get out of my way we’d be doing really good stuff.

Now we have to be careful because there’s a lot of access from above. So we’re going to try to be discreet about this down here. There’s the rifle. There are also some folks down here. OK, that’s it. We’re going to head out now. Because really isn’t worth trying to clear these guys out at this stage in the game. That door you have to have master skills to unlock. So out we go. OK. So we’re getting close to the end of this episode now. I will show you where we are just to remind you. We’re here now at Wilson Atomatoys Corp HQ. This is a main motorway but it’s actually have got a lot of raiders along this part of it, so although it looks like a really nice easy route it’s very dangerous – this particular one.

The other issue is that we really could do with the are getting some proper sleep. Once we get a Diamond City, which is this baseball diamond in the middle of town, there are no beds there that we can use. At least not straight away. So what I’m going to do is come back the way we came and head for either Back Street Apparel, which did have a bed in it. Or carry on a bit further down the road, which we cleared now – so it should be easy – to Hangman’s Alley, where we have some beds and we have some water and we could also and set up the sharing of resources with with the other settlements. Because we’ve got over here Oberland Station and we could even make a trip to Oberland Station and connect it up to… Sanctuary, way up there. So that’s all doable now that we’ve got the local leader perk. I’m going to say goodbye here. I’m going to make my own way up to Hangman’s Alley and that’s where I’m going to spend the night and get rested.

And then in the very next episode, I absolutely promise, we’re going to be going into an Diamond City and that really is the proper start of Act 2. I hope you’ve enjoyed this, you found it useful. If you have, look out for the HardSkull logo towards the end of the clip and use that to subscribe. Or subscribe any other way you like. Hope to see you next time, thanks for watching! Bye!.

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