Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. In this episode we’re going to be taking our first steps into Diamond City. But before I do anything more I’m going to go and… very s-l-o-w-l-y make my way to the armour, since I’m carrying a lot more than I’m allowed without the armour. So let me put this on. We’re currently in Hangman’s Alley, which you may recall we set up as a settlement in the last episode. Let me show you on the map where things currently stand. So here’s the Riptide that we conquered, but it’s only there as a place.

There are some beds at the Riptide but we picked up all the year goodies, so there’s really nothing much more to do there unless we want some quick rest – which we can of course get in Hangman’s Alley. Hangman’s Alley is here and that’s where we are. If I just zoom out a bit… this is Diamond City which we’ve not visited yet. We have visited, however, Wilson Atomatoys, which is down here. Now, when I got back from Wilson Atomatoys – this is why I left you last time – I discovered I was really short on screws. I wanted to improve my weapons and also to repair my armour. Screws are needed for both of those things. So what I’ve done since last time is I’ve actually gone back along the route that we took along the river here and then down this way. And, of course, since we’ve been that way already, there was absolutely nothing happening. It was very straightforward – just a bit of walking. I went back into Wilson Atomatoys, which still has some mutants upstairs. But I snuck around downstairs and with Preston’s help, we cleared out all of the toys that they’ve got there.

So that’s actually given us now quite a lot of screws, I’ll show you that in the inventory in fact. It won’t be in my inventory – it will be in the workshop inventory. So I’ll turn around and show you that. One thing I did on the way back from Atomatoys was to use a power armour station. There are a couple up here; one near Back Street Apparel, one a bit further along. In fact, one behind or very near Hallucigen Inc, which we’ve not been into yet. There is a quest around Hallucigen Inc, but it’s a bit tricky. The folk inside Hallucigen Inc are all high on leaked gases which are causing hallucinations. And they’re gunners – most of them – so they’re pretty hard to kill. Gunners are one of the hardest tribes in the whole game to get rid of. They’re actually more difficult to get rid of than Super Mutants, for example.

So, anyway, there’s a power armour station around about Hallucigen a power armour station around about here. So I used the toys from Atomatoys to fix my armour, except that I didn’t have enough circuitry. So what I’ve done is I’ve left some circuitry in my inventory – there we go, 4 chunks of it. What we’ve got in our… workshop – if I just hit R – I’ll show you what we’ve got here now. Those are all the mods from the things I’ve fixed. Don’t forget to transfer these from your inventory into the nearest workshop inventory, otherwise you end up falling these things around for the rest of the game. And they’re not without weight – each of these is half a pound. But we should find that when we get to junk – he we are – is that we do have a fair bit of it, and, in particular, when we get a bit further down here… we have a lot of Giddyup Buttercups. Those are the toys that Wilson Atomatoys were making.

I think they’re meant to be big enough to be ridden by a small child. But there you can see the they’ve got a lot of nice stuff in them from this inventory in the middle of the screen: 3 gears, 5 steels, 4 springs and 4 screws. So I’ve got three of those full Giddyup Buttercups left. I also have now quite a few loose gears, because of course when these things get broken up as junk, the bits you don’t don’t use end up back in the junk. But that got me a lot of screws, which was the main thing. You’ll notice, by the way, if I just show you quickly that the legs have no screws. The body has 2 screws on its own and the front legs have no screws. So you need to be careful if you’re looking for screws you need to pick up the whole thing. And there aren’t really that many around. You will come across them elsewhere in the commonwealth.

We don’t have much in the way of loose screws here. But that’s what I did on the weapons side. I used all that stuff to upgrade a lot of my weapons. I also got the gun nut perk level 2 . So I was able to do things like putting a silencer on my 10 MM pistol. You’ll see it’s got a silencer on it now. And the reason for doing that is I like to use the perks that give you more power when you’re using silenced weapons, which are really worth having I found.

I have also done a lot of cooking, picked up various bits of meat. That’s one have a nice things about killing Super Mutants, is they often have meat on them or around them. So that’s something I did in the way of housekeeping. And now were going to have some food and then head out, down towards Diamond City to start Act 2 properly. So let me just get hold of some nice food…

I’ll see if I’ve got any Mutt Chops. I don’t believe I do. I think I’ll have a noodle cup. They do both liquid and actual food. I’m trying to eat things that don’t have too much in the way of radiation. I think maybe the… the Cram is it not too bad and usually does everything you need. So now I’m properly fed. And I’ll just make sure I’ve got adequate water in me. As usual, it’s telling me that I can’t do this in power armour and then it lets me do it. Now I’ll have a quick check of my status by pressing K and Q… I’ve got some parasites and have also taken something for parasites, so hopefully those will kind of even themselves out. You can’t really do much are other than that. It tends to go away if you take care with sleeping and eating and drinking. So I’m not going to worry too much about that. So let’s go down the road. We’re going to go…

Ah, I think we’re going to go out the other way, actually. I remember there are some nice… dogs that we can get rid of… around the corner. They make the Mutt Chops. Fantastic. So I’ll just make sure I’ve got my Molotov’s engaged and also my newly improved pipe pistol. There is also often a Mutant Hound around here. It’s a bit weird – sometimes he’s fallen out of the walkway upstairs and he’s down here.

I can hear him in fact – so there he is. That’s the first time he hasn’t actually been immediately in front of me there. He’s taken a bite out of my leg, by the looks of it. I’m already down to 70 on that. So let me pick up those bottle caps. Going up the stairs which is what I was going to do if he wasn’t hanging out there. There are some goodies. I’m just going to check down here. Some .45 rounds, some Mirelurk meat – see what I was telling you about mutants. Those are called meat bags and they’ve often got food in them. This kind of mess usually doesn’t have anything in it. Oh, there’s the other Mutant Hound. So there were two Mutant Hounds. I think he’s stuck so I’m just going to shoot him. And then he’s probably going to fall down, great! There’s a raider and we don’t need his knuckles. I will look in his bag for… Fantastic. I believe if I jump down here…

That alarming noise is actually of no consequence whatever. You’re not damaged by falling in power armour. Halfway along here there is actually a trader in this tunnel, I think he’s bit further down – a bit of a distraction just now. But if you come in from the other end and wander to where I’m pointing my pistol just now, you can go in there and there is a trader who will sell you stuff. It’s a slightly strange location for a trader… but they’re there in case you need them. And this is just another entrance to the alley we came up from. Now I also have been down this railway station, sorry, subway station. And picked up stuff. There are a few ghouls down there.

It’s not very interesting – it’s worth doing, but only barely. Now over here there are three mutts. You can usually see them through here. And if you throw a nice Molotov cocktail at them. you don’t have to do too much and the way of extra shooting Now if you feeling – maybe you can hear that mutant – if you’re feeling adventurous you can walk round the corner here.

I’ll show you where to go. And try to take out the several Super Mutants that are there. But one of them is a suicider, so you have to make sure to get him, otherwise you’re going to go up in a puff of smoke. So what you do is you head up this way, jump over this car and go to your left. And you’ll come across a bunch of mutants. But they actually keep themselves pretty much to themselves so I’m not going to worry about it that just now – it’s a bit of a distraction. It’s going to take a bit more time then I want to spend so I will just make my way out to the main road. Which is the way to Diamond City. I should have been looking out for landmines but wasn’t! However I did manage to get away without too much damage. So I’ll just take some remedies for that. I’m not entirely sure why Preston is complaining about the Institute because doesn’t know very much about them. But he does tend to complain about everybody at this stage in the game.

I’m sure he didn’t use to do that, they must have added that in more recent updates. One other thing they have added in recent updates is an exit auto- save which used not to be there until a couple of weeks ago, by the way, so every time you quit the game now you end up with a save. OK so this a Diamond City and the mayor’s standing there in the middle and we can go and get engaged in a fairly uninteresting conversation with him. But if we just walk right past him we can go into Diamond City and avoid all that.

So this is Diamond City. As you can see it’s a… baseball diamond. You really do need to speak to Nat over here. We now know that it’s Nick Valentine we’ve got to see and you may remember that from our chat with Mama Murphy a long time ago which is trying to give us some obscure hints about where to go in Diamond City. But that is really a much more direct way of finding out what we need to do, talking to Nat. Also, you can’t go and talk to Piper here without talking to Nat. Piper is going to try to get us to do an article for her paper and there’s no real harm in doing that. The attraction of it is that it then let’s you pick up all the stuff in Piper’s house – or most of it – because you’re now a friend of hers.

So you can steal her coffee pot another good stuff for repairing armour, for example. So we’ll just go in very quickly and do that. Now, like I said, if you hadn’t spoken to Nat, Piper wouldn’t be in here. But she actually doesn’t seem to be in here anyway, which is slightly disappointing. Let me see if she’s upstairs. There she is. I don’t know if there’s any particular advantage in having Piper as a – where’d she go – as a companion for a long period. I really didn’t find her all that useful as a companion. I’m just going to ignore Preston for the time being. He wants to talk to me about his appreciation of us the General of the Minutemen so that won’t take very long. You’re now allowed to take all the stuff.

If you tried taking it before you offered to the interview then you’d be in trouble and Piper would shoot you. Everyone does that here. So we can now pick up anything that we fancy and use it as ours. I’ll leave all the blocks. I’ve taken the gourd but I’m not sure I really needed it, but it’s is not a big deal. I don’t think she’s got anything in her fridge and she’s got nothing in her washer. Often you’ll find bobby pins in there. Some nice stuff here. So, I’ve taken just about anything that’s useful to us.

I’m just going to go around the corner and mend our power armour. If you remember, I was saying I needed some circuitry and I couldn’t do it in the other place. The power armour station is down here. And the torso is, you’ll notice, health 91 out of 200. So T for repair is enabled now and I can press T and it’ll tell me that I needed some circuitry and since I’ve picked all the stuff up in Piper’s place, I now have a coffee pot and a wrench and a ball peen hammer and all that stuff to do the rest of the repairs. So that now is everything in our power armour – oh, the left leg isn’t quite ready so I will do that one too. The right leg could do with a little bit of repair but in fact we are now out of required materials.

I think we need one more piece of steel. But I’m not going to worry about that, it’s still 44/50 so we’ll just ignore that issue. We’ll jump back into the power armour, head over to Nick Valentine’s place and take it from there. Lots of traders in Diamond City. You can get just about anything. So this is Valentine’s Detective Agency. If we have a look at our quests we’ll see that Jewel of the Commonwealth tells us to go to Valentine’s Day and we have in fact done that. We still have the Semper Invicta for the Brotherhood – Gang of Steel I was about to say:) but it’s is the Brotherhood of Steel.

And that can stay there for a while yet. We don’t want to do the Out of the Fire just yet. Mechanical Menace – this is something that you get at level 15 which is where we are now if you have the Automatron downloadable content, the Automatron DLC. I’ve got the season pass so automatically appeared a couple of months ago and it is actually interesting. I going to try to avoid doing its whilst I’m doing the main thread of the plot for Fallout 4. But the real attraction is that you can get some nice kit out of this. You can get a companion who you can upgrade. It’s Ada; a robot and you can upgrade her to carry lots for you and to do lots of killing for you.

So the last time I actually went through in survival mode I did use Ada. But I’m going to try to do without her on this occasion. So I’m just going to turn that off – we’re going to ignore that for the time being. You may have noticed on the way into the Valentine Detective Agency that we were given this Road to Freedom. This is the quest that actually introduces us to the Railroad as it says in the text over on the right, here. So that is something we definitely want to do. It’s not absolutely essential, but the way that I play the game, certainly it’s something interests me in and I will be doing that very soon. In the meantime we’ve got to find out where Nick Valentine is, so we need to get out of this and speak to his Ellie here. So that’s us finished with Jewel of the Commonwealth.

Coming to the detective agency finished that off – that is officially, now, the end of Act 1. And we really pretty much entered Act 2 when we started that conversation. So we now have Unlikely Valentine. That is our current quest. I don’t know if we actually can see where it is on the map – yes, it’s over here. You’ll notice it’s actually in an area that we have already been. It’s just on the corner of Boston Common, in fact. There’s Boston common so this isn’t going to be terribly difficult for us. And situation here is the same as it was in Piper’s place. That all these things are we might like for repairing our armour, we would have to currently steal. But once we come back with Nick Valentine – if we come back with Nick Valentine – we will be allowed to take advantage of the stuff in here.

So Preston will come with us, he’s still our companion at this stage. So we’re going to head off to Boston Common. I’ll show you the route that we’re going to take. Well, it’s pretty much a straight line. We come out the front of Diamond City and were going to turn up, I think this particular road and then head up to Boston Common and finding Nick Valentine.

So that’s the plan. We’ve got everything we need so it’s just a question of heading out. Since this is the first time we’ve come from this direction I’ll actually keep you with me. This thing going on over here is something happens often in Diamond City these days. People believe that their loved ones are being replaced by synths. And apparently, sometimes it’s true, but we don’t have to get involved in that. We’ve just been told not to visit the Combat Zone by that security guard and of course they’ve added to our quest list as something to explore.

But I’ll talk about that later. So you can see my custom marker in the compass at the bottom there. A bunch of dogs over here if you go in there you need to be prepared to shoot them there’s one there. They can’t really get me this way, because they don’t know how to get through the… These are the vicious… it even mutated this particular dog, which is somewhat galling. This is a relentless 10 MM pistol which might even be better than the one that we’ve got since the relentless ones don’t need refilling. I don’t quite know what that – reloading – I don’t know what all that racket was about over there but that’s not to do with us. So we now have a lot of dog meat which is good in some respects, but we’ve taken a fair bit of damage for it, health-wise, let me just…

Sort that out. I think we shouldn’t come across any more live mongrels in here. In fact I’ve never usually bothered killing the mongrels before, so I’ve not gone around checking this place out. But there isn’t really much in here, except for mongrels by the looks of it. We have a little bit of a ramp and a few debris and some goodies. It looks like somebody had a go with his machine… Oh, this was an Alpha Vicious Mongrel that I was telling you about. He’s actually chewed up the machine gun turret! I don’t really understand how that works, but that’s what all that noise was about. So we actually be on the other side of this lot – come back this way, Now if we go this way we have to actually kill these guys over here to start shooting and Preston may well get distracted but we don’t particularly need to do that.

You can see that can see in the distance people chasing and shooting each other. So it looks like they’ve already started with us, as it were. Like I was saying, you don’t actually have to shoot scavengers but if they’re already in fighting mode… they’re very likely to shoot you. Now I did have somebody leave a comments on one of our videos to say that if you pick up the guns you will get the ammo that’s in them. And yes, it is true – it’s just not something I bother with. I didn’t really realise it was true, because the guns often have nothing in them.

But they can have ammunition in them. It means picking them up and that means putting them down and it’s just a lot of extra steps to go through. So I’m afraid – I’ve never ran out of ammo in this game… Oh, that’s who he was shooting. It’s a Mr. Gutsy so we might just want to keep a slightly wide berth because these Mr. Gutsys are not our friends.

You’ll notice he had a yellow colour through VATS. But my experience of these Mr. Gutsys is not great, We could try taking him out. Where is he now? he’s their whole dead as he already He’s there. How dead is he? He’s almost half-dead. OK. So he was already about 1/3rd damaged. He’s got lots of nice scrap, which the real attraction. And there’s a Protectron in there but that and that one’s showing up red so that would try to do us harm of we went in there. Protectron’s are actually moderately easy to kill relative to some things.

Certainly easier than or Mr. Gutsy. Now, let’s have a look at our map. We’ve gone past my marker which was there. So let’s just get rid of that. We’re heading up to Finding Nick Valentine, so that should appear now in about the right place on our compass. The fittings – the sharpened steel and suchlike – these are all signs of Super Mutants. In fact Super Mutant inhabit this Trinity Tower and there is a quest that goes along with Trinity Tower but were going to avoid that, because it’s a bit of distraction just now. Instead we’re going to go straight down this way.

Now you may recognise this military vehicle in front of us. This is the one that we popped into the back of in the last episode and emptied the explosives box. So that probably is still empty. Yep. So here we are on the corner of Boston common. I have found out, by the way, why people don’t come back from Boston Common. And it is that if you go in the south end here these swans – one of them isn’t really a swan at all. One is a huge Super Mutant- like monster, a gargantuan Super Mutant and he takes exception to you wandering through that part. So if you go in through here, which is what I did on one occasion, you find out the hard way.

So we’re actually trying to get round here. This is another torn letter, by the way, so we could actually look and see if there’s anything interesting in that note, to have a quick peek. Miscellaneous – it might be under, hopefully, ‘torn letter’. Oh it is, so we just go E to read it. And this says… don’t go into the common! Ha ha! So now they’re really trying to get your curiosity up but like a say, I know why and it’s that thing there that’s the problem. Here’s another Protectron. I don’t really know whether… that’s a tour bot in fact, it’s not hostile to us. And I guess maybe it would take us – maybe we could come back and use him. I’ve never done that, I’ve always followed…

The Freedom Trail is this red marker and I’ve always started further on. And by the way you’re meant to notice these letters and numbers. So the number 7 is pointing to the letter A, but I’ve never actually taken the tour. I don’t know whether it would be worth doing. I could try that out. It would probably would save us a lot of hassle with some of the other little challenges we get along the way. So Mr. Nick Valentine, we but reason to believe, is somewhere down this way. I’m just going to give Preston all my junk before we go in. And he can carry quite a bit of junk.

If we want to pick up lots of stuff we may well end up having to eat a grilled Rad Stag or something like that, our use Buffout. Now I might change to my silenced weapon just because that tends to attract less attention from other people in the area. I’m also going to equip frag grenades. I’ll pick up the 10 MM pistol and drop it just because that is a way of getting ammo and 10 MM is a little bit harder to find than the .38.

I’m not going to bother with the submachine guns, like I mentioned. I’m just not using automatic weapons in this game. TV dinner tray’s worth having. Beer bottle’s worth having. Metal bucket’s a bit heavy. Adjustable wrench I think has a gear in it, which worth having. Cram is good and I’m carrying too much again already, so what I’m going to do… Firstly, I’m going to drop all those… I can get into this OK so let me just open that up. Oops. It’s expert so you have to move the bobby pin a lot more carefully. So here we go.

We’ve got some .38 rounds, some 10 MM, a hardened 10 MM pistol, some money and a locket. Now I will come out of this and I will go back in and will put all my superfluous 10 MM weapons into that safe. So we’ve got those 3 and don’t forget we had this Relentless 10 MM. Now this actually refills your action points on a critical hit, so that’s to do with VATS and I’m really not that interested.

I think it’s actually the never ending label that they give to weapons which never have to be reloaded, so that is definitely worth hanging on to. I’m not going to worry about this because I’m not really worrying too much about VATS. I only use it to spot targets, so I’m going to get rid of that to. So that’s already given me a quite a bit of weight back. I’m going to get rid of these other things – the muzzled calibrated powerful pipe pistol. Basically all the weapons I want to keep have got a heart next to them, so they’re in my favourites, with a very few exceptions.

So I will get rid of everything else. Everything I’ve got here currently in my weapons is favourited, which is correct. The dog collar I’ll hang on to because it can be scrapped, although I could just get rid of it – it’s a weight of 1, which is not really necessarily worth it. So there we go. There might be some stuff in the lockers… You probably know by now, if you been playing the game at all, that adhesive is really important so we always pick that up and we see it. OK, let us proceed. Down here things get a bit messy, so I’m going to changeover to my rifle.

I don’t quite know why there was a makeshift bomb didn’t go off. Oh, because we didn’t tread on the bathroom scales here, ha ha! That’s the trigger for the bomb and so if we had actually walked on that, we would have suffered somewhat. But we missed it and I’ve picked up both and got the bits out of them. I’ll see if I can take out these guys with my… I believe that’s… them finished with. There’s a bit of ransacking to down here. Not a huge amount. And happily there aren’t too many booby traps down here. Drop that in a minute. There’s a bed here which is always handy, as you now and in fact I may use it just to keep up the good practice of sleeping when you can. I’ll leave the coolant for the time being. Quite a lot of nice stuff in here. I’ll see if Preston can take any more off me. OK, so a few more things to pick up in here and then that’s going to be about it for this time.

It’s quite a long episode, this one so an I have I’ll have a nap in the bed over here and meet you next time. So if you’ve enjoyed the session then please look out for the icon at the end of the clip and subscribe. Or subscribe any other way you like and hope to see you next time. Thanks for watching. Bye!.

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