Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re standing outside the Massachusetts State House and were going to be doing something of a side quest. It’s an important side quest so it is probably something you want to do in any event. It’s about meeting up with the Railroad. We left last time Nick Valentine – we went and found him, we went into Park Street Station which is just down there on Boston Common. This is the North side of Boston Common we’re standing on. And we could continue the quest with him having found him down in vault 114. But it’s really a bit early for that. If we carry on the main quest which is to locate our missing son, then we are going to find ourselves trying to do a lot of heavy killing at only level 17.

I’m feeling a little bit uncomfortable about that so, I’m preferring that we leave that until we’re about level 20. So this quest here – I’ll just show you in the list of things that we need to do. The one that we’re going to postpone is to continue on with nick Valentine and the Getting a Clue quest. We’re going to leave that for a short while. We’ll come back to it pretty soon. We’re going to follow up this quest called Road to Freedom which is all about following the Freedom Trail, which we’re standing, at the moment, right on top of. This is the Freedom Trail here. It comes up this side. It starts down there behind Park Street Station – I’ll show you that in a minute – comes up this side, goes around the front of the State House and then down the other side. So rather than having you walk up this side and walk back down I’ve just started here.

I’ll show you where I also spent the night. We came out of Park Street Station via vault 114, as I mentioned. And at that point Nick Valentine gives you the choice of going with him directly to Diamond City or meeting up with him later there. I did the latter, so he’s waiting for us in Diamond City. But that#s where we came up. I took that opportunity just walk over to Back Street Apparel, which you may remember from a couple of episodes ago. We emptied that out. There’s a bed in the top floor and there’s a power armour station right around the corner.

So if your back is to Back Street Apparel and you’d go to the end of the road and turn right and then turn right again, there’s a power armour station around about here. And we used all the junk that we picked up, all the scrap thatPreston and I picked up, to not only repair the power armour but to actually upgrade it slightly. So we’re now on revision B, but I’m hoping we’re going to be able to replace our power armour altogether, in this episode, with a slightly more robust model. So I’ve left Preston down here at Park Street Station, because he tends to prattle on whilst I’m trying to do the intro. So here he is. I’ll tell him he can join us now.

And we’re going to just look at where the Freedom Trail starts, which is here and every time you come near here this tour bot comes out. And you can talk to him and find out about the freedom trail Freedom Trail and certainly the original purpose of the Freedom Trail and about Boston Common. But we’re not going to do that because it’s a bit time consuming. These little markers appear in various places. There was one outside the State House that we could have looked at but they’re not all that important once you get the general hang of it. So A is 7 or 7 is A, whichever way around you want to look at it. Just down here – now we’re going to cut across the road and re-join the Freedom Trail. I am also to make sure – so this goes up to the top and back down on this side. And straightaway were going to get here and we’re going to be overrun with ghouls… from all directions. That should be it. You do have to be careful, I find, with your companions on some of these quests because there is certainly a bug at the moment in that your companion won’t wait to be Stimpaked very long.

He’ll – he or she – will wait briefly and if you don’t notice him or her in need of assistance they’ll just get up. Which is fine – that’s what they used to do in the easy modes of the game. But they won’t follow you any more. You can tell them to go places, you can boss them around, but they just won’t follow you anymore. And eventually, once you leave them, they’ll go back to wherever you found them. So Preston here will go back to Sanctuary Hills, which is as you know, some distance from here.

This Gunner’s always here he always has this nice duffel bag full of stuff. So we’ll pick up all that. I’m going to eat some grilled Radstag, which will give me an extra 25 carrying capacity. And I’m also going to put back the guns I don’t actually want. I just wanted their ammo. I’ll do that with the 10 MM and some others.

I’m not going to do that all the time, because it’s a little bit tedious. So we now move on to the next… Here we are, this one is a 2 and an A. That’s upside down, but that’s what it says. There’s a bobby pin here you and you can’t ever have enough bobby pins. And we’re now on to our second challenge as soon as we get here, we’re going to find that this building on our left is infested with Super Mutants. There are 3 of them and they play hard to get. There’s one down there. He’s gone now, but the others you have to sort of coax out or coax down – there are about 3 floors here altogether. And they just kind of appear. That’s the second one. I can hear him. I cannot see him. I don’t know where he is. OK, well. The proboscises from the blood bug are used in the syringe rifle, but it’s just too much trouble for me! I’d rather just shoot people with a gun. Oh, we’re still getting a caution sign whilst snooping around, so there must be yet another Super Mutant. Typically there are only 3, so I don’t know where this other one is.

Which is a little bit worrying. He had some Radstag meat on him which is always rewarding. I’ll even have the Bloatfly meat. There’s some more bottle caps up there. I don’t know whether there is another Super Mutant hanging around up there or whether he’s outside or something. The nice thing about the Super Mutants lairs, as I’ve always mentioned, is that there usually chock full of all kinds of disgusting edibles. The is us almost done. I don’t really think I need Bloatfly Glands. I’ll probably find that I should have picked them up. Now, if you go upstairs here – as I say there are I think about 3 floors and as you get to the very top, there’s some nice loot to be had. But it’s very time consuming. Also, there are at least a couple of beds up there and they’re proper beds, so you can sleep all night up there, if you wish to. So it’s quite a nice place to hang out if you’re in need of sleep. Which you will be at sometime in survival mode. So here’s the Freedom Trail continuing cross the road.

This is called Good Neighbour. You will hear about it. There is at least one quest that you must do that involves Good Neighbour. This is 6 and O, by the way, if you’re keeping notes. I think you’ll get the idea pretty quickly. I will put this pistol back having just hopefully sucked the ammo out of it. And immediately we’re on to our next little challenge which is that if you use your VATS Q key you’ll see that there’s a mongrel there. I might try taking him out this time with the sniper rifle. There he goes and then he’s got a friend. Oh, I got both of them this time. That hardly ever happens while I’m recording! It happens a lot when I’m not recording. But when I try to do clever things like that it usually goes wrong.

Now we haven’t gone more than about 20 yards of 20 metres and we’re going to have more fun at the top of this bus because at the end of this road there is a raider camp. There’s the machine gun turret which I will take out. Usually there’s somebody standing on top – there he is. Oh, got him. I’ll try taking out this turret – it’s usually 2 shots. Preston has at least started shooting – he’s taken long enough. Now the secret to success here is to not let them get close enough to start throwing grenades. Because then you’re in big trouble, usually. Let’s see what else we can spot. Nothing at the moment – that doesn’t mean we’d done – it just means that everyone else is out of… Ah, there’s one, there. He moved! How could he? Where is he now? There he was. OK, now the reason it’s worth doing that to start with is because when you jump down here, there are some ghouls. There’s one right here and there’s one that comes out. And of course when you start shooting them the raiders at the other end of the road notice that you’re making a big ruckus and they come out and start shooting at you.

Now when I shoot these guys with this rifle, they seem sometimes just to completely evaporate, which is a bit weird. I can’t find either of them now. There’s another plaque here. This one says 3 and I. So like I say, if you’re keeping any notes that all, hopefully it’s pretty obvious to you what’s going on. Both of those ghoul’s disappeared, I don’t know what happened to them. I should have used a smaller calibre rifle, I suppose. I’m going to show you where the Freedom Trail goes but we don’t necessarily want to go that way because there is a serious infestation of Super Mutants. Oh, when Preston’s hot, he’s hot. But he isn’t often hot! The problem with these Super Mutants is that there are a couple on the scaffolding on the side of the building with missile launchers. And that’s painful. And the guy at the front usually has at least one mutant hound, so it all gets pretty messy, pretty quickly. I’m just going to sneak up here and see if I can spot him. If I can just take him out quickly and then move around the back, that will be nice.

There’s the hound. That’s all that’s there. I could try taking him out. Oh, there he is. Now let’s just vamoose. OK, come on Preston. Let’s not go that way. So hopefully that will leave them in a bit of chaos because what we actually want to do is sneak around the back. Uh oh, we’re in trouble. OK, well that usually isn’t very good for Preston but at least I’ve got to him in time! So that’s the suicider out of the way. I don’t, to be honest, know whether he would have followed us around to the back. But that’s one of our main problems with these Super Mutants is that when they do have a suicider they can be a little bit challenging to get rid of.

And if you don’t kill them in time then you’re up in smoke with them. So that was a story that ended well. There still are the couple of guys up in the scaffolding with the missile launcher, so let’s not forget them. We can get to them from around the back and I’ll show you the way around the back. We have do this a bit carefully, though, because we don’t know how many raiders are left in here, if any. There’s one guy there – I’ll come back to him in a minute. The secret is, let me just quickly show you something. There’s a bomb and a tripwire there. If you have trouble getting rid of these raiders – I’ve have been pretty lucky today with the sniper rifle – you can actually sneak around from the left of that bus as you’re looking towards the raiders, come up this way, up that ladder and end up right on top of them.

Literally right above them so you can actually do them in pretty well. There’s always a raider or 2 up this scaffolding. So let’s just see – there’s the machine gun turret I blow up. Oh, there he his. He’s gone I think. No, not quite. He can never decide whether to come up or go down when I’ve done this. OK, I’ve decided for him! And there are quite a few nice things around here that I’ll go and pick up.

But I won’t make you watch me do that. We’re not going to get up that way or that high either, by the way. There is a way of getting up there, but that’s much later in the game and he’s not from here. So I’m going to run around here and pick up all the nice stuff. I’ll just point out, if we come back this way, that in this main camp area there’s a cooking station. So I’m going to cook all the food the we’ve picked up so far, because we could do with some nibbles. You can go up this scaffolding here, up on to the ramparts. And ditto down by the scaffolding at the entrance we just saw. The other entrance. So I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes. I’m just going to do some housekeeping. We’ll move on and finish off those Super Mutants and carry on with Freedom Trail. So see you in 5… OK. So I’ve finished clearing up everything around here and I’ve cooked all the stuff that we picked up from the Super Mutant and also just off the ground from the wild dogs and so forth.

Now we’re going to try to sneak around the back of Faneuil Hall, being careful about not attracting too much attention. And also being careful not to blow ourselves up with trip wires and things. Let’s have a quick peek out here. That is the front of Faneuil Hall again and we have pretty much cleared that up but we need now to get on to the other side of it, around the back. So let’s cross over here. We’ve got a Super Mutant in there, I think. This building’s a bit confusing. There are several ways of getting in trouble here. I’m trying to find out how we can – here we go. I think this is it. That’s just a dog. OK So Preston ain’t exactly the most useful guy to have along, but… So I believe the Super Mutant we can hear to our right is actually inside this building and has nothing to do with the Super Mutants at Faneuil Hall.

Or only slightly related. The guys that we want to get rid of are up and the scaffolding here and, like a say, they have missile launchers. And it gets really messy. He’s gone – I don’t know if he’s the guy with the missile launcher, though. I think he might be but I don’t want… OK Got him and that should be the end of our Super Mutants in this particular location. Having said that, Faneuil Hall is actually full of Super Mutants but that is not our concern just now. I think I looked in there and it wasn’t very interesting. Missiles are way too heavy so I’m just going to leave those. You may think I’m crazy but, if you try it becomes pretty difficult to pick up anything else. So here’s at short combat shotgun. Now the problem is that already it’s too heavy for me to hang on to. Let me see if I can accommodate it anywhere. This is the kind of shotgun I’ve been hoping for. Look at the weight of its 11 pounds. It puts us 6 over our carrying capacity. I can’t give any more to Preston.

I could in theory lose some grenades and things but it’s really just of debatable value so for the time being I’m just going to put it back. I know where to get it. I’d have to decide to replace one of my other guns with it and currently, there are none that I would prefer, more than the ones I’ve got. OK So are we can just pop round the front, by the way, and make sure the we’ve picked up everything worth having there.

I think we were actually visited by the most important… Oh, here are some raiders. Oh and some more mutant hound meat. And there are few things around here to pick up, by the way. There’s some more raider stuff and some lovely TV dinner tray I think that was. I’m going to put my unwanted weapons back on this guy. Really don’t want Cryo mines. I’ve never used them. The pulse grenades are pretty useful for synths as I mentioned, but not if you’ve got no space for them. OK so those were the ghouls.

I think the other Super Mutants were down here and I already more or less did with them what I needed. Here’s the Freedom Trail. We are now in a position to follow this, at long last. I think that was possibly the most challenging part of the whole Freedom Trail. Here’s another plaque – 5 and R. Oh I see, that’s a 5 – I’m so sorry! It is a 5 if I look at it sideways. And there are some other interesting things around here I’m not going to go into just now, but this building is worth having a look and I believe we come back to this later on. And are down here were the Freedom Trail goes, there is an interesting raider stronghold, down there, which is well worth clearing out, because it’s a nice route through the city, I discovered. I’ve found certainly. So now we are following the Freedom Trail again. We don’t want this hunting rifle and I;ve levelled up so I should actually pick a new perk. So let’s hit Tab and T and I now don’t remember where I in terms of my perks.

I could have a look – that would be the clever thing to do. So let me Tab back out of that and go to stats, and perks. There we go. So this is where I am. I’ve got level 1 hacker, for example, which is really doing us not too bad. 2 levels of gun nut. Strong back. I could do with carrying some more. I might look into that one. Let’s go back to T. Strong back gives you plus 50 to carry. The other choices I’d be looking at the moment would be the second armour rank – I don’t think I need that just now.

Or I could go for the Mr Sandman. But I’m having so much trouble with carrying stuff I think I will have the strong back. And beyond this I don’t think you actually get to carry any more, you just get fewer problems with carrying. So if I hit Alt I can now use action points to run. But, you know, it’s really still pretty pointless – literally. So I’m not going to worry about that.

I should now – although it’s complaining that I’m carrying too much – quite the opposite is true. I’ve just upped my carrying capacity. So let’s proceed carefully having spent all that time getting rid of these guys. You’ll see that the Freedom Trail goes this way and I believe we have one more Super Mutant and friends to get rid of. Let’s follow this.

Now I haven’t tried to do this lately with Preston. So this is a typical Super Mutant hangout as you can tell because of the blood bag hanging in front and the barrier and stuff. And you’ve got two choices: you can go behind to the left or you can go around to the right or you can try going straight through. I don’t recommend going straight through. What I have found works for me, is coming round to the right here, finding Mr. Super Mutant and shooting him in the head, like that. Which works really well.

Where’s the other one gone? He’s dead. OK excellent. So that wasn’t painful at all. But I can assure you that if you do it head on it does become quite painful .Those, apparently, are not any longer with us. What did Preston do with my other mutant hound? There he is. Now let me just explain that there are, over here on this park area, at three Radstags. And if you stay to this area, there is no real risk in doing this. Now I don’t see them so maybe have to come here when it’s a bit darker. I’ll just shoot this first one here, but I won’t keep you hanging around.

So that’s where we were killing the mutant hounds and the Super Mutant. The Old North Church is just around the corner here and this is the statue of Paul Revere’s ride. It says Paul Revere on it and there he is. We want to go in here. So there are a couple of ghouls when you get in here, that’s about it. Nothing too terrible. You just have to be able to spot them. The rifle’s very good at taking them out, by the way. It’s a .45 calibre so a bit heavier weight than our pistols. Most of these don’t have anything terribly exciting on them – duct tape, always pick up and glue. I’ve never bothered… if you need wood then obviously pick up the wood but mostly it’s not that necessary. This is where we need to come. Let me just point it out to you.

I’ve just gone there kind of out of habit. Above it is a marker, this lantern – Paul Revere’s lantern. So we want to go down this way So we’re going to go into the basement. It’s going to be s-p-o-o-k-y! So when you can take ghouls out with a single shot you know you’re pretty well equipped in this game. I’m still on three shots. That one is just being lazy. He’s supposed to get up by the time we get to him. Cotton yarn, might be useful. OK, so this is where we want to go – this is the same symbol. And over here there is a mysterious disk. If you don’t want to know what the secret is then look away. I won’t say anything but it’ll take about a minute or two while I do all the necessary fiddling about with this little puzzle in order to get that door open.

But if you want to know than just keep on watching. Shhhh! You weren’t supposed to say. So let’s just head to the marker. That’s really annoying because the last five times I’ve done that ‘who are you’ I have actually succeeded in persuading them. But obviously it’s not my role of the dice today. So you usually end up on the ‘not your enemy’. OK, so we found the Railroad and in order to take up our first couple of quests with the Railroad we need to go and speak to Deacon, so we’ll do that. The last time I talked to Deacon I was able to use all my persuasive charms on him. So I’m going to try that but given that I just failed with Desdemona I’m not feeling all that confident.

But we’ll see what happens here. So here goes – the bright yellow at the top ‘vouch for me’ requires some persuasion and you get points if you go over persuasive route, but you also get rejection if the dice don’t go your way. So let’s see what happens. Well, that didn’t work. So yeah, like I said – a bit disappointing.

Last time I did this I got through about four persuasion replies with Deacon here. But I’ll just carry on to the end of this and we’ll get out of here. So we’re going to take the job. This is how we get into the Railroad. That’s quite a hike from here but we know how to get there. We’ve been there, we have to go past a couple of our settlements to get there, which is good. We can refuel resupply and sleep and stuff. But we’re going to need some sleep probably before then. We’ve already had a warning that we’re tired from lack of sleep. So let’s just get out of here – blow the joint – as Nick Valentine would say…

From a 1930’s American detective novel. There is some stuff in the church, not a great deal. There are, I think, also a couple of living ghouls – one at the back there. He’s hiding, he’s ducked down now. Can’t resist my charms:) OK, up here and down the right hand side there is usually – if I’m remembering correctly. Maybe it’s on the other side. No, I misremembered – my apologies.

Ah, there’s a ramp up. I didn’t realise that. Anyway, we’ve done those guys. I don’t think there’s really much else to do in here. There is something, however, that’s well worth making a little detour for at this point. But we have to do rather carefully because there are lots of interested parties around. I’m just going to ignore Preston. I meant to actually talk to him some other time, when I wasn’t in the middle of something. And I didn’t. He’s going talk to me about how wonderful he thinks I am. A few feral ghouls, there. Where we want to go is out to this point on the edge of the river there. So we want to go to the right. Like I say, we want to do it slightly carefully. Yeah, this is the place. And one of the reasons you want to do it carefully is that over in this building that I’m looking at there are some very serious raiders, including one who is several levels above us.

When I was shooting at him on one attempt the damage gauge – his damage gauge – wasn’t moving at all. So it was either a bug or a really serious threat to our existence. So here we are. I’m now hungry from lack of food. That I can fix, I’ve got lots of food. Let me do that so our health doesn’t deteriorate so much. The Mutt Chops down here – not the Mutant Hound chops, but the Mutt Chops – should do us. Still peckish. A little peckish. I told you we needed a lot of those and boy, was I right. I’ll have a noodle cup as well. Still parched. I could have another noodle cup and that’s done both – hydrated and fed. This has got a nice of power armour in it and we have to do the traditional unlocking. It says novice but in fact the novice terminal unlocks use four letter words, but of course, the number of words that they use on the screen – the number of possible selections and the permutations of the letters is what makes it hard.

Not just how long the words are. So it says novice but I’ve actually taken 5 goes at this on one occasion. But last time I tried it I got it first time. So fingers crossed! So clues. Cross is no good because it starts was C. Blast is no good because it has an L in the second letter, as did clues. Guard has got nothing in common with clues, so so that might be a possibility. But it isn’t, so now were looking for something which has nothing in common with either clues or guard. So class is not right. Steps – no, ends with S, as does clues. Place? No the L is the same as the one in clues. Daisy, that could be it. Yeah! Now this is a much nicer set of armour than we’re wearing.

I could give my old armour to Nick [I mean Preston], but I do know that they actually wear out – the companions – wear out armour something rotten. So if you’re actually trying to keep a suit of armour going, giving it to your companion is no way to do that. Companions are able to carry more even if they’ve got a completely empty power frame. So that the it might be worth considering. But mostly at this stage, I’d like the power core out of my armour. So I’m going to take the power core and then I’m going to jump into this suit of armour, which it is T51 series. The one that we just got out of was T45. Now occasionally your companion will just hop into a suit of armour. But typically, I think if you take the power core out, they won’t. I could ask Preston to get into this set, but I really don’t want to have to maintain it.

And also I’m a bit worried he is going to make himself really conspicuous to baddies. So I’m just going to sneak out of here leaving that there. I might decide to come back. Now we don’t want to go to the right because if we do that we could well be attacked by these raiders. So I’m just going to sneak up here to the left and show you something. On the left you’ll find out that there is a little camp up here on the roof. Turn my lights on to find it. There it is. And so I’m going to have a little bit of a nap and a cook here. When I say nap, I’m probably going to spend the night here. It’s not a terribly good idea to do it very often – sleeping out of doors – but it’s here, I’m here, you’re here – so I’m just going to do that unless I discover some problem. Sometimes you might try to get into the bed and it’ll say you can’t do that because… it won’t let me get out of the armour. I need to be far enough away from stuff to get out of the armour, so I’ll come up here and do it.

And then I’m going to come down here and do some sleeping. Now this is a sleeping bag straight on the ground, so 3 hours is our lot. But I will sleep 2 or 3 sets of 3 hours. So thanks very much for watching. I hope you found it useful. If you have, look out for the HardSkull icon towards the end of the clip and click it to subscribe. Or subscribe in any other way you like. So thanks for watching. Bye!.

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