Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. Currently we’re on a flyover – it’s one that you might recognise if you watched any of our early episodes or if you’ve played the game in the early stages. We’re outside Lexington -there’s the Super Duper Mart, that’s the SD sign over there. And just through here is the Corvega Plant. The reason we’re here is that were going to meet up with Deacon from the Railroad. We decided to join the Railroad. It’s an important part of the plot, I think. You don’t have to do it, but I think it’s quite useful – there’s Preston, he likes staring at me when I’m talking to other people, so I’ll just move down here a bit.

I’ll show you where we are on the map and I’ll show you how we came to be here. So Deacon is down at the next junction and we can’t walk on the flyover to get there – the flyover is collapsed – so we’re going to go down onto the ground in just a minute. But where we left you last time, at the end of the last episode, we had found the Railroad in the Old North Church, here in in Boston.

And we were going to make our way kind of the more traditional route that we been using, across the south side of the river here. But in fact we got an urgent message that our settlement Count Crossing was being attacked. So instead we took a turn here went up to Bunker Hill out the right hand side, across this bridge and up to County Crossing. Kill some raiders – it was very straightforward – local settlement was very grateful and of course, the important thing is you keep the settlement.

If you don’t go and defend the settlements then you can lose them and you can lose their connection to your settlement network. We have local leader status and so we’ve got a network of workshops with the junk that get’s shared. Literally junk, that they get shared between them that we can use for building things. So from there to get to Deacon was pretty obvious, I think. So there’s where we were. Deacon was over here and it’s more or less a straight line this way.

So we came down from County Crossing to this road, walked past Irish Pride Industries. There is a little bit going on here, you have to be a little but careful. There are some threats, some nasty bugs and also a raider who likes to come down from the hills and attack you. Now you’re looking probably at this body of water here. This is something that you have to get round.

Going around is a really bad idea – on the road it turns out – because there’s a huge Super Mutant community where my cursor is – I’ll put a marker there. There’s a huge Super Mutant community there and there’s also I think another collection of Super Mutants up here. So trying to go around this bay, or whatever it is, inlet is probably the best term for it, is really not a great idea.

So there’s two things you can do – what I did was I came down to this point and add took some Rad-X and walked across, through the water. OK? You can do that. If you take the Rad-X it is absolutely fine. The problem is the water is radioactive, and you will die of radiation sickness if you don’t take it – before you get to the other side.

It only takes a minute or 2 to get across. You just have to be careful that you don’t get snagged or caught up on any debris on the bottom. So rocks and wreckage and that kind of thing. Turn your headlamp on and just make sure you don’t do that. We ended up over here and then walked towards the a highway at this point and there is A lift and elevator an arts award sits and it’s like J a window cleaners are again tree on a skyscraper there’s a little platform. It’s pretty well lit at night. You may have a hard time spotting it in the daytime, but it is more or less exactly where my cursor is. In fact, I’ll move the marker there just to show you. So it’s about there. You press a button and the gantry comes down and you get on it and it takes you up. And then you just walk along the old motorway, express way, until you get to about here and this is where the bed and the cooking station and everything is.

So I cooked up some food, I had a sleep and that’s where we are now. So we’re going to pick it up now. The quest that we’re doing, just to remind you, is called Tradecraft and the instruction is to meet Deacon at the old highway. And that’s what were going to do. And we’re going to take it from there. This is a very first quest for the Railroad, so is kind of an initiation quest. This is the first real quest with Deacon, so we’re going to go and do that. It’s going to get this a bit higher on the experience points scale. We’re hoping to get up level 20 doing this, because I’d like to be a level 20 before we go back to joining Nick Valentine at his detective agency, which is obviously the main part – this is the main plot… …is finding out where Shaun has got to. Nick Valentine’s going to help us with that, but there’s quite a lot of challenging stuff to do on that particular quest so I’d like us to be a little bit more prepared.

Now I’m just going to make sure that Preston is with us – don’t lose sight of your companion as I mentioned because if they hurt themselves, you’re stuck. There’s a break in the fence here. Down this way is the power armour that I told you about; that orange rail road container. It’s the same as we did use to have. We’ve actually upgraded the armour in the last episode. And of course there’s a fusion core in it, which is what I went there for. I was running a bit lower at one point. So we should be coming across a Deacon pretty soon. These guys, when you follow them, walk really slowly so you have to turn off the always run. And now I’m sort of crawling and I’ll turn that back on when I’m finished doing this. I think there are some ghouls up here if I remember correctly.

And now, of course, I’m walking really slowly! Yes, Preston. OK, so the location is marked on our map which, as you can see, is not awfully far from here. So we’re going to get down off of this bit of highway and go over to our right. I think we can jump down but we risk Preston following suit and hurting himself. So we’ll walk. There are some other dead ghouls on the other side of this divider, but it’s not really worth the detour particularly. Here’s the power armour I mentioned. And you’ll see its missing a few things including the fusion core I took out. So this is the escape tunnel. I like how he said ‘off line’ after I shot him in the head. I don’t know what he was using for a processor at that point! I am going to arm my pulse grenade because they’re actually quite effective against synths. OK, well I made a complete hash of throwing that first grenade! So I had to throw another.

Happily, I have not suffered too much for it. I decided I was going to try to throw it over this bridge in the end but I only made it halfway, so that was just a rookie mistake. I don’t know that there’s anything interesting going on here with terminal . Let’s have a quick peek. We can turn on or off turrets. There’s two connected. No, they’re currently active so I think we’ll leave them active. I think those are actually in our favour at the moment. It’s hard to know what a turret’s going to do sometimes. Whether you’re supposed to turn them on or leave them off. OK. Now you may have noticed that we actually levelled up during all that excitement so I’m just going to choose a new perk. And I’m trying to remember, I think we need science or intelligence to get a boost on our laser weapons and things. But we don’t have any signs currently. Where’s the laser weapons? Radiation weapons. I don’t know if they’re actually count lasers as radiation weapons. I might do that, I think that’s what they have in mind.

All we require is intelligence 9 but in fact we’re way down on intelligence. So I think I’ll abandon that idea, just for the time being. I think it might be better to concentrate on something that we have got and would like to use a bit more. So I’m going to do more on the gunslinger. If you get this gunslinger up to the top and you add the stealth perks, you actually have a fantastically capable weapon. You can shoot huge monsters with two or three shots – it’s it’s pretty impressive. I’m going to go that route. When I’ve got more levels I might start looking at the nuclear physicist but we’d have to up our intelligence from about 3 or 4, I think it is, to 9.

Which you might be able to work out from the arithmetic is 5! Just for that, and then we would have to actually add the nuclear physicist perk. So we won’t be doing that before level 30, I’m pretty sure. So Deacon’s saying these turrets are offline and we should turn them. That’s about the most clear instructions you’ll ever see in the game about whether you should turn the turrets on or off. Fantastic. This is also a really excellent quest for getting lots of circuitry and fusion cells, as you may have guessed. And while I’m thinking about it I might give some of my stuff to Preston.

Here we go. but we also need a bit of water. Fries likeness 1. That’s not so useful, let’s try moved, which looks almost nothing like it. It’s got an E towards the end there. Way hey, that worked. Fantastic. So all hell’s going to break loose after we open this door. Let’s see how it works out. I will do some picking up around here and maybe in some of the rooms upstairs. But we can’t get too far before we start getting attacked again. Let me just point out that over in that room is a fusion core, so I’m definitely going to be picking that up. I’ll go and do that now and I’ll join you again here in a minute.So see you soon. OK, so I’ve whizzed around downstairs and picked up everything and ransacked all the synths to get their goodies. But up here in the little entrance way to the hall you’ll notice there is a U.S. Covert Operations Manual which you should definitely pick up.

So permanently more difficult to detect while sneaking, which is an excellent thing to have. And I mentioned way back in the early episodes picking up folders like picking up caps. They don’t weigh anything and they’re saleable. Now there a couple of terminals in here. Neither of them are actually of any use. You don’t need to use them. They’re expert, so you have to have a couple more levels on top of what we’ve got.

But I believe one of them is to turn off these laser trip wires, but they’re very easy to disarm. And disarming them gives you the advantage of picking up steel and crystal which is great stuff to have. So I’m just going to gear up for our next little set piece here. So I’ve got a fragmentation grenade lined up. I didn’t hear much reaction to that. These guys seem to think that the grenade was their enemy and so they were facing the wrong direction. That’s fine by me. Well, there’s nothing much around here. Bobby pins – great to have. I think there might be a synth hanging out down here, by the way.

There’s a storeroom down that end. I’m just looking around for any hazards. Bobby pins again, yeah! Great venue for bobby pins. Told you about the synth:) Ooh, jet – it’s highly saleable on the market. Fantastic. I’ll just try this store room. Yeah! See what we’ve got. Now usually, some of these synths have got some nice non-standard institute pistols but these guys’ are just standard issue, so that’s a bit depressing.

OK, well was a bit messy but we did it. This is the pistol I was talking about -incendiary institute pistol. And an going to give it to my companion, because it’s quite… This is actually a great gun but we’re doing pretty well with our exterminator 10 MM so I may not use it. The thing I was mentioning early on is that if you get the perks that are to do with silenced weapons you can turn this pistol into a monster killer, really. You can shoot – I have survival mode – shot down pretty huge things with 2-3 shots with it. So certainly it’s it’s worth having. If you don’t have something better. OK, so we’ll grab the prototype. I think we’ve got everything off Tommy that we need. There’s the prototype. I might use the stealth boy on the way out because there are quite a few… quite a few synths upstairs.

This mini-nuke, by the way, you might be interested in but it weighs a ton and you need the fat boy launcher to go with it. So I’m not entirely thrilled. Preston’s already armed himself with a nice rifle but I could give him this one. So let me just see to that. So I’ll see what Preston’s actually got. He’s got an institute pistol which is not really… in fact he’s got 2 laser rifles, neither of which are worth him bothering with. So I’m going to give him leave incendiary institute pistol. Take those two off him and just drop them, actually. And I think also give him something earlier the I didn’t particularly need. So I’ve got his pistols now – I’ll drop those. We haven’t done this trunk, so let’s do this trunk. Wonder glue, worth having; a couple of empty bottles as you know – great. Now, there are some hazards leaving this location. Not Deacon, that’s one of the real drawbacks of this… Let’s go in here – hope Deacon doesn’t notice! We need to get into this room here.

It’s not terribly exciting, it’s usually very easy to hack into, though, with this terminal. Some nice drugs and things in there. Wheel was not it, so ranks is nothing like wheel, so let’s see if that… Not much really. Daily is the same as ranks with the second letter A. Ah, well – OK, that worked. And like I say, it’s not really the end of the world if you don’t manage that or if you get bored. But there are some nice things Some Rad-X and Med-X. Now we’re carrying too much, it seems. That should do us for the while. And there are some more goodies over here. The hall is clear. You do have to be careful, sometimes there are mines in this area. OK, well… Oh, focused incendiary. Could be even better. I’ll play with that later. Now there is something worth doing a small detour for. Oops, there goes another bobby pin. Don’t forget advanced locks are very temperamental relative to…

Ah, broke it but that was the right place. So let’s see if we can reproduce that. 1 more. Yeah! There is in here a fusion core every time I’ve looked, so obviously it’s worth going in there. I’ll just make sure we haven’t missed anything in these tubs or under the stairs. So upstairs gets a bit messy, quite a few things agin us, up their. Turn the elevator on. I’m just going to look at the turret controls. These are one of the turrets. I’m not really sure. I will deactivate them. I don’t know whether we deactivating turrets ahead of us or turrets behind us. We’ll find out when we get up there, unfortunately.

OK, well you often can’t get them both in the lift at the same time! We’ll just meet them upstairs or meet Preston upstairs. There’s Preston! Now this looks like it’s wonky but in fact it’s a book case you need to open. There’s no immediate threat here, so you’re kind of lulled into a sense of false security. But there’s quite a bit going on upstairs. I really should have taken some Radstag. I didn’t think I was going to be picking that much up. I will take a Radstag because I keep running into my limit, as you’ve noticed. Grilled Radstag… carrying plus zero carrying weight which means I hungry already. So I need to eat something else first. Crispy squirrel bits, maybe. I’m properly fed and now so I can eat a grilled Radstag and get my extra carrying weight. We can come back if we need to… to get stuff for repairing our armour. In the meantime going to try to find my stealth boy. I’m not sure – I don’t remember where stealth boys go, unfortunately. I haven’t used one in such a long time.

Are they under – yeah, they’re under aid, so I’m going to turn the stealth boy on. The problem with stealth boys, I find – or have found in the past, certainly – is that you lose the ability to actually focus your weapon. Because you can’t see the sights. But let’s try that. I think that that was the synth that I sometimes find up here, hiding behind this pile of junk. OK, so Deacon saying we’d done. So let’s say ‘good work’. So we’re supposed to meet him back at the Old North Church. Now I can still hear a synth – I don’t know where he is. I don’t think we can get up there, it’s a bit too much of a jump. And when we leave here we have to be very careful because there are, as they said, lots of mines, landmines outside. So I’ll just pick up these few things. And here we are at the front of the Slocum Joe’s. If I hit Q, there’s a frag mine in that direction, frag mine in that direction. I think there’s usually one over there – yep. Any in that direction? Yep, one over there.

I don’t think there… yes, there’s even one behind us. So you’ve got your choice – you can just walk around them, you can try picking them up. I would suggest you stoop for that and sneak up on them. You probably want to take off your always run. So that’s just a bit of a tip. If you want to just sneak past them, you can. There is a RedRocket immediately in front of us and a power armour station behind. So if you did want to repair your armour at this stage, you can do. There isn’t really very much else in the RedRocket. I think we may have looted it on the way pass the first time.

So I’m going to go off and do all that – recover these landmines, fix my armour, all that kind of good stuff. We’re going to meet up with Deacon in the Old North Church. I’ll remind you on the map where that is. It’s way back down here. And now, of course, we’ve got 2 ways of getting there. We could just go down the railway line past our couple of interesting places – Grey Gardens, Oberland Station is our settlement. And go in through Hangman’s Alley where we’ve got full accommodation, as it were. Or we can go back the way I came which is to walk back up onto the highway and reverse this route – which did work pretty well. And get’s us to County Crossing if we wanted to visit them instead. So, a few choices there and I think we’ll then decide… Let me remind myself what level we’re on now. We’re at level 19.

So I was aiming for level 20. I think if we do another quest with the Deacon, or for Deacon, that we’ll be on level 20 and I’ll feel happier about doing the next leg of the main plot with Nick Valentine. That is, going and finding the clues for our son, Shaun. So I’ll just show you that in the list of things what we’re doing. So that was Tradecraft. Getting a Clue is going to Valentine’s Detective Agency and then we have to set off and find these clues. But there’s quite a few challenges involved in that. So thanks for watching. I hope this is been helpful and enjoyable. If it has then please look out for the HardSkull logo at the end of the clip and use that to subscribe. Or subscribe any other way you like. So hope to see you next time. Thanks – bye!

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