Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m getting out of Glory’s way. She get’s a bit stuck in this corner if I’m standing there. We’re in the catacombs under the Old North Church. This is the current Railroad HQ. And this is the Railroad and that is Deacon. There’s Desdemona – she runs the joint and we’ve got all kinds of resources down here. It’s quite a nice set up. Sleeping is a bit rough because there are no proper beds but there are quite a few things lying around that you can scavenge. And there are things like that armour workbench, this is a cooking station, that is a weapons workbench. And you can see, for example, coffee pots. And you can just pick all the stuff up and use it over at the armour station – the power armed station. This gives us 5% damage with the cryolater but you may remember the cryolater is something that I left behind in the vault, the original vault. So I’ll just tell you where we are.

The problem is that if you stand around in here too long people come up and talk to you. So if that carries on I will have to go into a different room. But let me show you what’s been happening. We finished our last quest, which was called Tradecraft, at the end of the last episode. So this is the history of that. We started off with me talking to Deacon here, we went to the old highway, which was outside Lexington. We went into what was called the Switchboard which is a secret headquarters for the Railroad, or was – it’s been overrun by the Institute since.

We picked up Carrington’s prototype, which is what we were looking for. And we brought it back here – – having met Deacon at the Old North Church, again. So we did that. Now we’re properly part of the Railroad. We were asked by Deacon if we’d like to join and we did. We sent Preston away – I actually sent him only over to Hangman’s Alley. Normally if you just do nothing, he will go back to Sanctuary which is obviously a long, long way away. So I sent him back to Hangman’s Alley. So he’s just on the other side of town if I want him. As soon as we gave Carrington the prototype, which was in the instructions, we started this next quest called Boston After Dark. And the first step of that is to go and retrieve the dead drop. I’ll show you all this on the map now, so we know what’s going on. We’re here under the Old North Church.

The dead drop is just over the bridge into Cambridge, I think this is. It’s near Bunker Hill, we often come this way. Everything else in the previous episode was happening up here, just outside Lexington. The Switchboard was about where this pond is. We went in through an exit tunnel which was a drain. So that’s where we started into the Switchboard. We finished up outside a Slocum Joe’s. The Switchboard is underneath that. I went off and fixed up our armour at the RedRocket that was near.

I also rain around Lexington a bit and cleared out a lot of ghouls and raiders. One trick to doing that is that you get back up on to this flyover here, just between the Corvega Plant and Lexington. You may remember we were looking down from the side. If you cross over on this flyover, you can look through a window in a derelict building, down onto some raiders who are hanging out behind a billboard. They’ve got a mini-nuke and a fat boy launcher, which is really not very good for your health at all. So being in this building on the other side of the flyover you’re able to look down on them and to take sniping shots at the guy in the power armour who’s got that thing. And so having got rid of him that way, it was very easy then to go into Lexington really clear up most of the other raiders.

So there’s really not much left now on the way of threats in Lexington. Then we went back the usual way that I’ve been doing, which is to go along the flyover down to at this point where you’ll find an elevator, a lift a gantry. You take that back down to the ground. You then walk over to this shore here, take some Rad-X, walk across the water -under the water to be more precise. Having taken the Rad-X there is absolutely no problem in doing that. The radiation is the only risk. And then you walk along the road. We stopped in County Crossing and had a bit of asleep and some water. Then came down the usual way, around Bunker Hill, over the bridge and into the Old North Church which is where we are now. You’ll see that we’re were meant to be going for the dead drop is more or less back in that direction, so that’s exactly what were going to do.

Deacon’s going to come with us and we should be all set to go except that I do need a bit of water and food. I will do that on the way out. There is no fresh water in the Railroad, Railroad HQ. There’s this rather dirty water here. There was some stuff here – no, I haven’t picked all up. So there’s lots of dirty water here but it takes three dirty waters is to make a clean water. Soooo, it’s much better to go to one of your settlements – or Bunker Hill has got some water pumps which also dispense clean water. This we can’t do until we’re a terminal expert and we’re not yet. And I said I was going to take my water and I need some food. Cram is quite good even even though there’s a bit of radiation involved there. Usually a find a Cram and a couple of square bits… a little a bit more on this occasion. I’m hungrier than I thought I was.

I’ll have some Dandy Boy apples as well. Now the curious bug here is that you can open this door straight away, but if you do that you can’t get back in this way. And when I tried it a couple of play-throughs ago, Deacon couldn’t get out the door because it hadn’t been opened at the terminal. So do remember to open the door. Now there are some raiders immediately outside this or just around this. They’re almost impossible to avoid so, I’m going to suggest that we just go and take them out very quickly. About half a dozen or so but nothing too frightening. We have to go out this way. I don’t hear them this time which is unusual. They’re usually in this direction. There he is. The gate opens in the wrong direction, which is a bit unfortunate. I think that sorted things out for us. Let’s have a quick peek. Well, that did seem to do the job. This is a interesting little side-quest called the Pickman Gallery. It has a couple follow-ups to it as well but it’s obviously not a major part of the plot.

But if you looking for a bit of fun and a few more experience points, I thoroughly recommend it. Now I mentioned to you when we got this new armour that we’re wearing, it was actually in the other side of that cafe over there, that there was a raider who seemed to have super-legendary powers. And in fact it must have been either a bug in my game or something wrong with the way I was shooting the guy, because I have since taken him out without any real… I think he’s still on the other side there and I think Deacon is just unnecessarily optimistic about things, as usual. Oh, he’s dead. So where is the lady who’s shouting at us? OK Well so this is the guy I was worried about.

And like I say, when I first tried it take him out – we were over there. That’s where the power armour came from that we’re wearing. His damage meter just didn’t move, but clearly I was not in a good location or trying to shoot over an obstacle or something that was in the way. I don’t know. Anyway he’s clearly not terribly invincible, really. I will leave all this other stuff here. I’m not in desperate need of materials at the moment. Coffee pots – I may have mentioned to you – coffee pots actually seem to have almost everything in them you need to fix armour. So that’s pretty much it. We’re now going to head in the correct direction, which is over the river. It’s started to drizzle:( And that’s very straightforward there isn’t really much to this. We go over the bridge – we’ve been over the bridge many times by now.

This will only take a minute. Beacon Hill is straight up there. Like I say, you can go in there and there are a couple of water pumps if you’re desperate for fresh water. Over to the left it behind these houses is a huge Super Mutant community that I’m planning to take out in a minute. But let’s get hold of this dead drop note first. I think it might be best to up this way. I’ve tried going up through the alleys get to it, which worked fine for me, but unfortunately Deacon got caught up. And it took a long time for him to appear the other end. So I think we’re going to try… slightly sneaky… we don’t want to attract their attention straightaway. Because there are quite a few Super Mutants up here.

OK, so here is the beginning of our Super Mutant encounter. I don’t know if really get any of his friends coming to join us. There’s a whole building full of them, over there. I could just try to tease them out by shooting at them from here… see how that works out. So anybody going to play? I know another little game and that is… we don’t want to get too far this way because they do come around the other side if we’re not careful. I’ll drop a frag mine or 2 here.

We can always come back and pick these up later. We’re trying to just make it a bit more difficult for them to reach us. If we go up on this bridge-ish thing here, we should be able to see a guy over there and then try to interest him… We could probably get him in a couple of shots of he doesn’t hide for too long behind the girders. No, he’s gone hiding now. There’s another one. OK, so we’re now hopefully getting their attention. No, they’re still not really taking the bait, which is very depressing. Come on, guys! They were much more enthusiastic last time I did this. No, they’re not come’n. It looks like I’ll have to get down and shoot at them more directly. Anybody here? Nobody here either! Goodness me:) We want to get out of away this Super Mutant suicider. There he goes.

Ha! OK so I need to go and heal Deacon in a big hurry, otherwise he’s not going to be with this much longer. That guy’s going get blown up, I’m hoping. Yep. I’m going to have to get a better brand of frag mine. If they’re not going to blow up big dumb animals when they run over them.

I better make my way over to Deacon, because he’s not going to wait for me indefinitely. I think he will wait to the end of a skirmish. OK We’re getting there. You do need to keep your eyes on your health, because with all these guys taking pot-shots at you it’s easy to find yourself running out of health. There he is. Well, Deacon thinks we’re done and you know what I think about the companions making that kind of declaration. But it does sound like we might be. We’ve done the suicider, well he’s done himself in. Which is his role in life! And Deacon bore the brunt of that. But I’m just going to have a quick poke in here. There’s a weapons workbench with a saw and things. I don’t particular want to upgrade my weapons just this second. We need to go into this building and clear out all of the good stuff. There is a downstairs as well, which you can’t get to from this side.

But I will go and deal with all that. And hopefully not find too much in the way of extra surprises with Super Mutants, but we might find some. So this will take about 5 or 10 minutes. I should warn you, if you do this yourself, that the companion’s tend, when the floors get very uneven and similar – the companions tend to get stuck. Oh, I can hear a Super Mutant. Well anyway, I can deal with him, that’s no problem. I’m going to ask Deacon to wait here. Where is he? This Super Mutant. Is he coming to get his just deserts, or just going to shout at us. I’m going to leave Deacon here. I’ll leave him here in the foyer – the lobby – and I’ll I ask him to stay here. I’ve had not that much good luck with asking Deacon to stay places! He just followed me anyway, but he should actually stay there now.

He definitely seemed to have that had taken the hint. Yep, so that should be fine. So I’ll be back in a few minutes – see you in a short while. OK so I’ve been through this building and picked up all the goodies and there were quite a few. There was a Super Mutant left on the top floor, who I had to shoot, but he wasn’t expecting me so that was easy. I also found that there was a Super Mutant on the roof of the building on the other side. I have no idea how you get up there. I’m not going to spend doing that, but I did shoot him so he’s no longer a problem. And happily Deacon, because he did wait here, did not hurt himself. I’ve had to repair companions in this kind of situation at least half a dozen times. So I’ve taken to leaving them behind.

Now let me just show you where we are and where we need to be. We’re supposed to be meeting Old Man Stockton at the back of Bunker Hill, so we just head in that direction. We’ll come out of here – I think we need to go down the front ramp here, and up over the side. I think maybe even go out this… By the way there were some nice things in this Meat Bag. I find that if you jump up and hit the E key at the same time you can actually grab the stuff that’s in there, without doing anything any fancier. These dogs always come into 2’s. Oh, I think this is somewhere meant to show you – yeah, it is. If you are in this vicinity and you climb up all of these fire escapes you find a little fusion core up here. And some nice things in here.

I’ll put the short pipe rifle back. And there’s blue paint and yellow paint for the Diamond City wall that we’ve never bothered with. Bit it’s a little side quest that you get points for. Now usually I jump down from here and Preston gets confused – I might do that anyway. He can just walk around. This is – I don’t know how it’s pronounced, if it’s pronounced bad TFL? Its quite a common quest to come in here. I really don’t know how anyone says this.

I think everything else is fine. We’re actually going to be coming this way in a minute, but you can’t get to that fusion core from this side. You have to go around the back. Baseball glove I don’t really think I’ll need but I’ll have the Rad-X. He had something else on him, didn’t he – I was trying to get rid of? There’s another 10 MM auto. Like I say, the auto pistols really aren’t worth having – I don’t think – because they use up too much ammunition. And are not nearly as powerful as the single shot. AND you can get lots of perks to make the single shot weapons v-e-r-y p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l.

So that’s what I tend to do. Now Old Man Stockton’s at the back. This is Beacon Hill and Old Mad Stockton’s in the back of Beacon Hill. We have to go in through one of the main entrances. There are two of those, but this is the front one. We can put the guns away. The water is around here. I think there’s a pump. So in fact I’m just going to have some water and it will complain as usual.

I think I’ve got a couple of bottles I picked – I will fill those. I will give him all my existing junk. Clearly I haven’t picked up as many bottles as I thought I had. Old Man Stockton’s back here. Now we’ve been told that there is a countersign when dealing with the Railroad people, so we’ll go with that answer. You’ll notice that absolutely everything in Bunker Hill, almost everything, is marked in red and it doesn’t seem to matter if anybody’s watching you.

I have tried to half-inch [pinch] something before. TV dinner tray I’m allowed to have for some bizarre reason and the Boston Bugle. But where I heading now – there are some rooms to rent here. We are actually meant to be doing this after night and I’ve been told whilst I was rummaging around in that term Super Mutant colony, that I needed some sleep. So I’m are going to come over to this guy, Tony. And rent a room for 10 caps. OK so the thing is, this is actually pretty strict – you can’t stay here for more than 24 hours and I have actually tried taking something out of this suitcase and even though nobody could possibly see me he still shot me and I had to run out… I can here Deacon down there. It sounds like he’s getting drunk. But we’re going to have a sleep here. So it’s 3:00. If we slept for 4 hours, which I think is all we’re allowed on a clean mattress on the floor anyway.

There it will be nicely after dark in this part of the world. So let’s go for that. OK. So we’re now off to deal with these raiders. Its back the way we came, more or less. Let’s see how were doing health-wise. Tired. Little bit of parasites, little bit of insomnia. I do have something for insomnia which I may as well pop. OK Off we go. Now we want to get up to this as quietly as we can. Well, I don’t know if you noticed but my grenades bounced off the window even though I was able to shoot through the windows. So that was a bit mean, but there are more grenades where those came from. And once we clear up in here… these things tend to have really slow fire rates.

Yeah, 6 – so I will put that back on him in a second. Having a star next to it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a great idea. So Old Man Stockton has joined us already, he was there a second ago. Oh here he is. OK, so I’ll just quickly peak at the map and see if its marked now. Nah, still isn’t. So we’re still up here – we just have to follow him. They probably don’t mark it on the map so that we don’t try to go there without him.

Now I’ll just make sure I’ve got suitable grenades equipped. There’s usually something hanging around here. We found a Radstag. That’s rather pleasant. So that was actually one of the easier ambushes. I’ll turn my light back on so we know what’s going on. There usually isn’t much around these parts and I don’t know if it’s worth going into that tunnel. I won’t do it now because that’s going to just be a distraction. This is Monsignor Plaza which is where these raiders have just come from. And that’s a Super Mutant. He hasn’t got really anything of any interest on him. It’s quite fun to go in there. Soap, by the way, is entirely oil which you’ll find you’re short of. These are some of the guys who were fighting the Super Mutant, obviously. Here’s is another one, nice! The nuclear material’s needed for some things – I don’t remember what:( You’ll find are when you try to build stuff and you haven’t got it! Now I’m just going to find out where we are here.

OK, we’re just going over this little… there’s Monsignor Plaza… we’re going over this little bridge. We’re going to go along this road, I believe. And we may come across some more raiders. I don’t know what this place is. Is this it? Oh, I didn’t realise it was so quick. I didn’t remember it was so quick! So that’s where we are. It’s a nice place to visit. It’s got lots of equipment and goodies. OK and it is really worth coming in here and having a bit of a ransack. So I will do that. I won’t expect you to come with me. It’s a little bit boring. Let me tell you what to do, though. You go up in the lift, like so and you then rummage through all the rooms up at the top floor. And you work your way down – back down the stairs – to the lobby picking up everything as you go.

It’s very profitable, it’s very much worth doing, as the say. So that’s where I’ll leave you for this time. I hope you have enjoyed the episode and found it useful. Do look out for the HardSkull logo towards the end of the clip and use it to subscribe or subscribe any other way you like. Thanks again for watching. Bye!.

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