Hello! Oh, Preston we’ve talked about this. I’m William Hudson. Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. Preston does like to natter on. You may recall that we left Preston in Hangman’s Alley, which is where we are now, because it’s a lot closer than Sanctuary Hills. But he is a complete pain because he just keeps going on and on with stupid things! Anyway, here we are.

We’re very near, as you almost certainly remember by now, Diamond City, which is where we’re going to be heading in just a second. But this, of course, is the nearest clean bed and water. And this is also, as I mentioned to you earlier, connected to our and supply lines. So here we go. Supply line from Hangman’s Alley up to Oberland Station and all the way on up to Sanctuary Hills. So this is a great place to be – we’ve got lots of resources here: clean beds and generally speaking we get better when we sleep here. We’ve done, as usual, a fair bit since last time.

While we’ve been away, I’ll just quickly update you on that situation. We found that we’ve got some raider trouble at Somerville place – Preston every time I bump into them gives us something else to do. We’re just going to ignore those for the time being. We did get given over at the Railroad, under the Old North Church, another dead drop quest which we’re not going to do just now. We’ll come back to that. We’ve also been given another a weathervane, another MILA set-up called weathervane. These are atmospheric monitors that Tinker Tom at the Railroad wants us to set up so he can keep tabs on the Institute.

We did do one at the Boston Bugle, so that’s why he’s given us another one. And as I mentioned earlier, every time we do one of these things Tinker Tom, he adds more interesting things to his list of stuff that he’ll sell us. So it’s quite worthwhile doing these MILAs. The Boston Bugle one was actually very, very easy. Corvega Assembly plant I mentioned to you last time. I went and did that – we’ve been to the Corvega Plant a couple of times now. And so that’s very straightforward. But what we’re doing now is we’re going to pick up with Getting a Clue. So this is going to Valentine’s Detective Agency over in Diamond City and in the process we’re actually going to no longer require Deacon’s services. So I am just going to tell him that he can go away. And you do that by going up to Talk and then going to Dismiss.

And they give you a choice of settlement you can send him to, if you wish, and of course we could tell them that we want him to stay here. But that’s really not fantastically sensible. So what I’m going to do is cancel that. And it doesn’t cancel it at all, so I don’t know why the user interface designers thought that that would be a good choice. If we press Tab for cancel, he’ll just go where he started which is Railroad HQ, which is fine. So let’s let him do that. So we’re going to go down now to Diamond City on our own. It’s not a big deal, it’s just around the corner here. Some of the other housekeeping I’ve done – I picked up by a whole bunch of empty bottles last time and I’ve just been filling those with water, which takes forever.

I’ve also been around picking up stuff and in that Super Mutant hangout that we cleared when we we’re doing the Freedom Trail. I’ve gone upstairs and picked up the things there. They weren’t fantastic, if you are not going past then don’t worry about it. But this is the outside of Diamond City, which you may recall is a baseball diamond.

Now we’re being told we should get the latest issue a Publick Occurrences. If you get to Diamond City too early, the girl selling or giving away Publick Occurrences isn’t there. But I think she will be now – I’ve left it a bit later than usual. It’s about 8 o’clock in the morning. So here we are and is she there? There she is. The girl in the pink jacket? Pink dress and leather jacket.

Anyway, that’s Nat and I can’t tell whether that is a girl. There we have our free copy and now lots of people are going to say how excited they were by us being in the paper, like he just did! Down here is Nick Valentine. Now the usual problem is that you need to get out of your power armour to take a seat. So let’s do that. And then you’re probably find that you’re carrying too much. Let’s have a look we carrying 297 and we’re only allowed 285. So what we actually need to do is either lose health, or stick some stuff into Nick’s desk while we’re sitting here. So what’s good for that is I did pick up a whole bunch of water and it weighs a fair bit. So let’s go down to purified water and mustn’t forget to take this with us! But let’s put all that in there and we any need to get rid of another 2 pounds, so I will put in all the Rad-X as well which I think comes to pounds.

So that will do us nicely. Now we’re underweight and we can sit down without losing health. Let’s get our stuff out of the desk here. And this desk is quite handy for this purpose, by the way. I’ve used it quite a lot but you can use other places too. And I’ve only just remembered that I need to do something about my health. I thought he left once already. I think we went out and came back in when we didn’t follow him! We haven’t had much interaction with the mayor so far. We ran past him when we came in, because it wasn’t all that interesting. But we’re going to try to persuade him to let us have the key to the Kellogg’s place. And sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. OK, so that when well. What happens if it doesn’t go well is you end up arguing with Mayor McDonough and you don’t get anywhere with him.

And then one of two things, in my experience, happens out here. Either this lady here, Geneva leaves, along with the guard, which is very convenient and you simply steal the key from her desk. Or you argue a bit or go around the dialogue a bit with Geneva and she eventually will give you the key. Which seems a bit weird because she spends a lot of time refusing to give you the key and suddenly she changes mind. You can’t complain too much because it gets you what you want. I’ve not played the game yet where you can’t get the key at that point. You may have noticed that the alternative is to wait until you’ve got master lock-picking skills, which isn’t quite as hard as it sounds but you need to be up at least another level at this point.

Because I’ve been spending my perks on making my weapons a little bit more powerful. Now what’s handy about Kellogg’s places is that it has a bed. And now that we’ve been given the key we can actually stay here legitimately. So that’s a great piece of news. I’ll leave the hotplate for now – that will be here when we get back. I will have the bobby pins, they’re always handy. Don’t need the stout.

I’ll leave all this stuff too. I just check upstairs. Here’s the bed I promised. And there’s a sleeping bag too. ‘Check out the desk’ says Nick. Ooh, look! Oop, just taken the ball peen hammer! Never mind, I can live with that. I’ve taken to leaving high-rad food behind. I don’t remember what the rads are in potato chips, or crisps as we call them in the UK, but I will have – I think I’ve already picked up a combat shotgun – let me just quickly look, it was quite a nice one.

There it is, a marksman’s advanced combat shotgun. So I don’t need another shotgun but I will have the shells and I will have the .44 [ammo]. Flamer fuel I won’t bother with like I mentioned. Nick’s actually quite a good companion, so I’m going to ask him to come with me. He doesn’t seem to get as hurt as easily as some of the other companions, plus oddly, you can still Stimpak him. Every other robot or synth companion you get needs a robot repair kit. Which we don’t actually have as yet. So the story kind of overlooks the fact that Dog Meat was back in Sanctuary Hills until I came out here. I think they expected that perhaps you would have come down here with him. But we can still proceed and just ignore that little bit of funny goings on. That really isn’t the scent.

The scent id of the cigar that Kellogg was smoking but maybe Shaun had a puff on it occasionally. So we’ve now started the next part of this quest, which is called Reunions. And this is an fantastically hard at all, but it’s good to be, I think, in the 20’s, level-wise. And you can see we’re in the middle of level 22. I don’t know if you can hear that cry for help, but in fact that is a rouse by raiders which we’re going to ignore. Because there is lots of nice stuff in Hardware Town, which is where the woman who’s shouting for help would take you. But there is a good chance to go into damage your armour and things.

We picked up the cigar again. I don’t think there’s anything in this immediate vicinity. Now I have this magical Exterminator pistol which makes them a lot easier than it usually is, I’m happy to say. You may not be quite so lucky. Where’s Dog Meat gone? So a shotgun works in pretty well, too! Well, let’s pick up some of this yummy Molerat meat! I guess my Exterminator pistol doesn’t work quite so well on Molerats as it does on Mirelurks and bugs, which is what is advertised for. And Dog Meat is Barking about something. The teeth are the same as bone, by the way. And you can make bone in oil. Remember I told you oil is in short supply and indeed it is. Quite how anyone thinks you can make oil out of bone I don’t know.

But you can in this game. And if you try to avoid that patch of Molerats, you end up with a different and potentially bigger problem further on, so The Molerats aren’t that much to deal with. This is the place that we’ve been to through or passed a couple of times, because you can go to the Oberland Station through here. So lots of nice things, I believe we have to find the magic – yeah, he’s whining about something.

There we go. I don’t know about tracking, but I’d have thought bloody bandages wouldn’t do you much good! I think you want actual skin odour rather than… oh, there’s some more fun up here, I think typically. A few of these guys. That gives us lots of snack food! We’re still suffering from parasites, but so far that’s it. I am not and timely sure what my best general purpose weapon should be up here. Probably this or the .45 calibre rifle. But I’m going to go we this. And before we go much further I meant to give… I’m going to give him that focused incendiary institute pistol and I’m not entirely sure whether I need to give him some fusion cells to go with it, but I will try that. I’ve got enough of them. I’ll give him some to carry. I’ll give him 36. Oh, and I should have said – you’ll see he’s carrying a really crappy little pistol! I’ll ask him to use that one.

It’s bigger! That’s the one I had given to Deacon but I’ve taken it off Deacon. See, that’s one way… So if I’d left Nick with little pea-shooter of his we wouldn’t have got through that quite so easily. So now you know! If I’m not mistaken, just so you know where we are, Oberland Station is further up here so what happens is we’ve come from Diamond City, gone up this road then come along here. So we’ve been along this bit of rail line quite a few times. In fact I think we we’re in this shed. I don’t remember whether we’ve picked up stuff in the top here, we might not have done. I’ll take these things, we’re not coming back this way. Fantastic, so that’s all we needed to do. Oh, we’ve got a can alarm here and there’s a sleeping bag down there, you can see. But this frag mine I have never been able to pick up and other people have complained about this.

So really all you can do is try shooting it. And then you can come over here and see what’s going on. It turns out that there is a mannequin here. So that would have blown us up and yes, I have been blown up there are a few times. I don’t quite know what happens if you activate camp fire – nothing, I think. No, quite so. We have been hijacked here a couple times. There is a sleeping… Oh, I can hear some ghouls. Stupid thing! Ah, more Gwinett Stout. These aren’t clues, apparently. Now Dog Meat want us to go that way. I’m going to have a quick nap here because we otherwise do end up feeling rather tired at the end of all this.

This is a sleeping bag, so I will sleep for 3 hours. That is the other really annoying feature of VATS, aside from the fact that it’s not terribly accurate a lot of the time. That it will highlight your companions when you’re trying to find risks. So it keeps selecting Dog Meat when I press Q. Ghouls are mildly radioactive, if you hadn’t noticed.

So when you’ve been attacked by them you tend to pick up some rads. Poor thing. Happily he’s moderately immune to Molotov’s for bizarre reasons. OK so That’s my technique that had worked for a bit there. He was having a hard time standing again because I had blown out one of his legs. Now we must get away from that lorry that’s on fire. Often there’s something going on up here. Do you see where that light is? It’s an Albino Radstag and it’s legendary. It’s coming straight for us. So we’re going to have to start doing something a little bit more… Fantastic! We could do with some more Radstag. I don’t really mind whether it’s Albino or not. Radstags can get pretty ornery, but normally you can shoot them with just one or two rounds. Kill them with one or two rounds. OK that seems to be all that he’s going to tell us. You may have seen, there are some nice things lying around here. Cooking pan – I will pick that up because we might need to patch up our armour.

Along with that steel there. Sometimes there’s a bunch of Super Mutant’s around here. But we seem to have got away without this time. I don’t quite know where Dog Meat thinks he’s going. I also don’t know what Nick Valentine’s shooting at! What’s up, Nick? I know there are some bugs in this vicinity and I also know there’s some nice stuff up here. So I’m going to just ignore Dog Meat for a minute – he won’t go too far. Who’s shooting? O it’s a Radstag. No, it’s gone. There is some power armour on this road down here and some other stuff. I think there’s something in the back here but it might just be, yeah cigarettes. And now I’m carrying too much. I’ll give some of this stuff to Nick in a minute. OK Like I say, I wouldn’t necessarily be picking up all this stuff if I didn’t think we might have to patch up our armour in the middle of this little episode.

The power armour I’m thinking of is usually in this vicinity. Here it is. Now this is T60 and is it entirely intact? Let’s have a look. Helmet, left arm, right arm and torso. So we’ve got no legs, but in fact I know where the legs are. T60 is much nicer than T51, which is what we’ve got. We could if we wanted to, wait until we take up with the Brotherhood of Steel, because they would give us some T60, but what I’m going to do instead is I’m going to jump ship here, take out that fusion core – they’re still in short supply – I’m going to get into this T60 armour and before we get too far into the main fighting in this episode, I going to get some legs.

At another location nearby. So that should do us. Dog Meat’s over there now. So let’s go and see what’s up. Ah, there’s a Deathclaw. We really could do without attracting a Deathclaw, so let’s see if we can avoid him. I’ve never had to find a Deathclaw down here before but I’m not sure I’ve ever come this way before either. Woof. So we know he’s wounded or was wounded at some point a long, long time ago. And some more bugs, which are really hard to see in the dark. OK, I think that’s just Dog Meat left now. It pays to be careful at this site because I’ve found that there are…

Oh, that’s a machine gun turret, there, but I’ve also found that there are frag mines all over the place. Ooh, and that’s levelled us up, too! Now I’m doing that there because what Nick has done in the past is actually picked a fight with those things whilst I’m standing next to him and they start shooting at everything and you get hurt in the process. There’s some more of those. I think at least 4 if not 5. There’s another one up there. See my silenced pistol does a lot better job, than my sniper rifle now, because I’ve gone for the silenced perk [Sandman]. So we’re now… So we don’t particularly want Dog Meat as a companion at this stage, so we’ll just ignore that invitation.

We’re going to go around and take out the rest of these turrets because, like I say, they’re not terribly good for your health. And then I’m going to go and find the rest of this armour, which is not too far from here. Then we’ll find a way into this place. I can hear a turret. It must be up here. And there’s another turret too. That should be turret silence now. Where we want to go – there’s a Red Rocket around here which is where we can do armour repairs, but we don’t particularly need that – you can see it through there, in fact. So that’s where we come when we want to patch things up. But over this way, and be careful of landmines, I’m not entirely sure I remember exactly where, so what I’m going to do is wander around and find this place. I think it might be further over to the south. But I don’t remember exactly and it’s dark so I’m going to go off and find that.

I’ll show you on the map – we are currently here, right outside Fort Hagen. This is the around the back now. And I think that the place I’m looking for, for servicing power armour – they got like five or six power armour stations and the rest of this T60 power armour is in there – is further down this way, where my pointer is now. So I’ll go and do that and I’ll show you how I got there and we’ll put together this whole suit of armour. There is, by the way, some stuff around the back here which I’ll pick up in the process, but I’ll meet you at the power armour station at the beginning of the next episode. I hope you found this useful and enjoyable. If you have, please use the HardSkull logo at the end of the clip to subscribe.

Or subscribe any other way you like. See you next time. Bye!.

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