Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re in the middle of a very important mainline quest called Reunions. We’re with Nick Valentine and we were just having a rest around the back of some of these buildings at Fort Hagen. I was looking for a depot that has some power armour and I couldn’t easily find in the dark. So I decided just to have a bit of a rest and wait till the sun came up. So that’s what I’ve done. I’m going to meet you still down at the depot in just a few minutes and we’ll pick up the story from there and go through to finding more about the whereabouts of Shaun. So see you in a minute. OK so this is the military depot I was talking about. The power armour is all down in that far end. But what I have established is there are no legs in there. So what I’ve had to do is to run back down to the road – I’ll show you where that is – and I get the legs out of our T-51 suit.

So we’re now T-51 in the legs and T60 everywhere else. This is, as I mentioned, on the south side of Fort Hagen, down here. Our power armour is a little bit further down here’ I’m not sure if it’s all the way down – I think it might be at this point on the road. So the way that you get to that, and the way I’ve just been, is to come over to this main road through the fort, pass this exit kiosk, down the hill and turn left. And in the process of coming back we found a couple of Super Mutants who I mentioned usually hang around this area. We also came across a couple of Radstags so we’ve got that under our belt now. We’ll make the way back up to Fort Hagen proper – the building anyway. The way of getting in: there are 2 ways. We’ve taken out all the turrets up top and I will quickly whiz around and pick all that up.

So this is the choice – there is a ramp that I’m looking at, which is into the parking garage, under the fort. You can go down there and there is the entrance door their which takes you halfway down the building. I prefer to go in on the roof. It’s entirely up to you. You could leave the synths in the top floors if you wish. Certainly on the very top floor I think you can leave. The second floor you can’t because that’s how you get into the place where Kellogg is hiding out. But I will go and do that and I’ll meet you at the entrance on the roof, which is my preferred mode of operation. So I will see you up there in a minute or 2 after I pick up all the turret bits.

This is the position of the turret that was overlooking the entrance – what used to be the entrance to Fort Hagen – so we were down there a little while ago. Here’s where the turret was and just over here is the entrance to Fort Hagen. So we’re going to go in here. There are quite a few synths, exclusively synths and turrets, until we get a bit further – very much further into this – so let’s go ahead.

We’re going to go in stealth mode, so I’ll squat down and enter. Well I appear to have shot Nick because I thought he was a synth! That’s what happens when your companion gets in front of you, without you even being aware of it. OK, that was little messier than I was hoping for, but we’ve not suffered too badly for it. I wish I hadn’t shot Nick up, but I don’t think it was my fault! Duct tape always worth picking up. So most of these voices, you’ll be pleased to know, are coming from downstairs. This is the top floor and we’ve killed about the right number of synths up here. Typewriters are actually a little bit heavy for this kind of thing but I might hang on to in any way, because they’ve got lots of nice bits in them.

So let me just give this all over to Nick. And if needs be I will dispose of the typewriters later. I also spot a safe in the wall here. For goodness sake – oh, it’s an advanced loch. I thought it was meant to be a novice lock, it’s not! OK, I think just one more click that way. There we go. I was being a bit heavy-handed for an advanced lock. I thought it was a novice lock. I’ll pick all that up. The gamma weapons I have never found very useful, but of course the ammunition is very saleable so… If you needed to, if you want to you could have a bit of a a rest there and save the game. Let’s get going downstairs. Now if I could see Nick I’d ask him to open this Protectron up for me. Where is he now? Where are you Nick?? OK, I was hoping that that was going to be Nick instructed to do that, but it looks like it’s going to be me instead.

It wasn’t tricky. This has the decided advantage of distracting the synths down here. The thing is that if you shoot one of these Protectrons accidentally they start treating you as an enemy. Nick did that in an earlier play-through and he lived to regret it. So I hope he’s not going to repeat that particular mistake. There’s a Tesla trap in the ceiling above that box which I keep forgetting about. There is at least one other synth, I think, and perhaps a turret up here.

There’s a mine, by the way – luckily and noticed it. There is a turret around the corner but I don’t know if the Protectron is going to end up taking it out for us. Or whether we’re going to have to go around and do it ourselves. Let’s find out. OK. we’ve been around here once before. I can hear the turret but I can’t see it. I think it’s through there. It’s clearly not bothering the… What we need to do is work our way around this floor through all this debris until we get to the interesting part. OK there is yet another something… turret. OK, this is where we needed to be and I think there might be some booby trap some here. Yes, there we go. I had a recollection there might be something like that. This one I am hoping I should be able to pick up.

Sometimes you find you get to these things and there is no way… Again, I may have been able to ask Nick to do this. Well, jackals and reenter are not in the slightest bit similar, so let’s see what that does for us. We’ve got 1, so something that we are looking for has got a letter in common with jackals Endings has got an S at the end, as does jackals.

And that’s getting warmer. So there’s ceiling but I think we need a letter or a letter A, maybe. Options Well, that was really unlikely to be honest! I actually think this isn’t absolutely essential I think it’s for the the goody stash just at the end of this room. The turret we can deactivate. I think there is another one down by the elevator/lift. So we’re meant to be following the marker on the compass to Kellogg. I’m going to see if I can take out the synth at the bottom here. There we go. You may have noticed in my scope just now there is a there is a laser booby trap here, which is nice to pick up because it’s got nice things in it.

Now this is where we would come down if we come straight in and come down the stairs. And this is where you come in from the parking garage. The problem with going in at this level as he can you actually have to go up to get into the room we we’re just in. That’s the only way to get further into the secure part of the facility. So you still have to do all the synths on the middle floor. That way you do skip the synths on the bottom floor [I mean the top floor].

I’m going to use this as a sensible opportunity to a finish up this episode. It’s a rather long episode – we still have a lot of synths to kill. There’s a nice room, this is where we would have come in through the parking garage. I think there’s actually some stairs down here but I can’t remember exactly where they are and there may be something… ah, there are the stairs through here. So you can come in the stairs or come down the ramp. I don’t believe there’s much and the way of any threat at this stage. There’s a chemistry station and the previous occupant: a settler toy car with nice bits, Mentats, purified water. Everything a guy could want. So a nice place to have a bit of a rest, which is what I’m about to do… So we took out the turret and the synth at the bottom of this hall.

Seems to be another synth as well. We’ll wait until we get there. There are a few things to pick up in here. Let’s just see if our other synth is anywhere around – not apparently. There may not seem a lot of point in… Rad-X at the moment but we’re going to be needing a fair bit of it later on in the game. What I should have noticed is this booby trap device down here, which isn’t all that obvious but I remembered that there was one of those Tesla devices that will electrocute you if you’re standing right under it. So I should have taken that off. A couple of pulse grenades and I’m going to arm those. I’ve got a few of those now and they’re pretty effective against synths, so under pulse – here we go. So that will just arm those on a ad hoc basis. Straw pillows – you can pick up as many as you like. I don’t actually know whether they count for cloth, but you’re never allowed to sleep on them. You simply don’t appear to use pillows when you’re sleeping around here! I’m going to try the sniper rifle on these synths.

Why has Nick taken to using his pistol again? I need to find out why you’re not using that lovely rifle I gave you, Nick! Has he used up all his… Oh, he’s used up all the fusion cells. Ohhh! I’ll give him some more. Because that certainly did help things along… when old Nick had this incendiary rifle. So let me give him 50 more. We’ll be picking up a ton in here. So, we are meant to be going down there and what we’ll find is that we can’t get through here, so we have to go over long way around, which is pretty traditional in these games.

And there is a fair amount of shoot’n. Oh, he’s done it! Well done – because this was a level above what we’re allowed to hack but Nick can hack it. I think I just shot down that turret, we can turn off, but the last time I was here Nick actually started a fight with it and lost. So I thought it’d be best to get rid of it straight away.

And maybe… it says 6 connected to it, so in fact there may be more. There should be more than just the one I immediately did in And this would will be the door in the next room we just saw. That didn’t work – didn’t do anything. Maybe that’s how it works, let’s find out. There should be an open… Cameras are nice, money is always nice, six bobby pins – excellent, armour I don’t need.

Oh, and some nice drugs. Well done Nick! Now, part of the strategy here is of course is to distract us from going further down this corridor, which I think is usually moderately attractive. I may be mistaken of course. No, this one is not the one I was thinking of! It’s just a toilet. Toilets in Fallout 4 are always worth investigating because they are usually knocked through into some other room. An energy weapons bobble head, yeah! So we definitely want to changeover to our … this guy. These were the guys I think that would have come up through the hall if we’d stood at the top of a hall for a while, but I didn’t. We’re getting warmer. Kellogg’s actually be at the bottom of this… And that was the kind of interface I was expecting on the previous terminal. Now see there’s a fat man and it weighs a ton but here are some fusion cells. Fusion cores would be nicer A quick rest here to keep our energy going. We’re nearly there. We have only a few more rooms. Hopefully not quite so many things to unlock. I’m just going to get things sorted for our final encounter.

I’m torn between the three most powerful weapons I have got – the laser, shotgun and the rifle. I really don’t know offhand… So here we are. He’s in the next room. I’m just going to check my carrying capacity. I’ll take a psycho. I’ll get a psycho queued up is what I’ll do because I think if I used it now – because we have to chat to him for a while – that we wouldn’t actually be able to take advantage of it! So I’m going to put a psycho on my = key I think. So let’s go over to aid, down to psycho – of which I have numerous and then instead of Rad-X, which I don’t use all that often, I’m going to make it psycho now. Now that’s really the end of this episode. There is a terminal over here which if you’re not really paying attention is easy to overlook as it’s a different style to usual. That lets us get out.

You’d be stuck in here for a long time! But next to it is a lovely “you’ve collected an issue of Robco Fun, includes the PipFall holotape game”. These games drive me crazy – they’re just silly! There’s a fair bit of scavenging to do, so I won’t keep you hanging around. We’ve opened the main exits. That leads up on to the roof for reasons that will become obvious fairly soon. So I’ll meet you up there and we’ll finish off this episode. See you in a second. OK. So I thought it was worth showing you that. That is really now the end of our involvement here. That really is the end of our involvement with Kellogg and the beginning really of our increased involvement with the Brotherhood of Steel as you may have guessed from that particular sound clip that we heard.

So we’ll leave it there for this time. We’re going to carry on trying to find our way into the Institute and will be using Nick as a companion for a little while longer on that. Hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and found it useful. If you have lookout for the HardSkull logo towards the end of the clip and use that to subscribe. Or subscribe any other way you like. Thanks for watching – see you next time. Bye!.

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