Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. I’m just going to jump in my power armour as usual. Now even if you’ve played this game before you may be a little bit confused about where we are. I’ll just give you a little scan. We’re actually at Boston Airport We were offered, when we first joined up with the Brotherhood of Steel, up on the Prydwen – so we joined properly, as it were. We were told that we could use the workshop at Boston Airport, and here it is to my left. I’ll show you on the map. This is Boston Airport and here we are. We’re facing the the docks on the other side of the bay there. But here’s the workshop and it is absolutely chock full of…

I apparently have an infection so let me just sort out my health here. These are the things you get for going out and sleeping in in rough places! I’ll take an antibiotic since it’s calling it an infection and that, in my experience, does seem to sort that out. It’s then going to tell me that I need water but I also know that I need food so I will quickly… So I’m hungry and thirsty so let me just get some water over at the water pump that I’ve installed. I put this water pump in here, so this is my water pump and magically, it the dispenses clean water, which is fine by me, naturally. And we get the usual complaint that we can’t do that, but we can, so… I’ll just keep drinking. You’ll notice the AP meter on the right keeps going down. I think it will stop here. I think some of my problem currently is my infection. And I could do with a bit of Stimpak but I’m not going to bother at this point.

This, by the way, you may remember is Paladin Danse from our last episode. So he’s our current companion – Brotherhood of Steel – companion. And he’s quite a good one to have because he’s rather harder to hurt. He also has a lovely big gun that he seems very keen to use. And the reason that we here – what I’d done is- I have cleared out all of the steel and cloth seating that was here. This was like an airport lounge. That’s a huge amount of cloth and steel. In fact, it’s probably the biggest source of cloth in the game. So it’s well worth coming here in doing that. And since last time, when we went over and cleared out the muties from Fort Strong, I’ve been somewhat busy. I’ll show you what’s been going on. Fort Strong, you may recall, is way over here on the tip of his bay. We wandered back this way. We found some nice stuff in the little military checkpoint, I think is probably the best description for it, which was around about there. And I said when we we’re finishing up the last episode, up on the left was a potential settlement.

What I did is I stopped in there and I just started talking to people and one of them said “we’ve got this really big problem, could you help us”? And it turns out that they wanted us to clear out the mutants in Faneuil Hall, which is over here. You’ll see that that now says ‘cleared’. So what we did, to cut a long story short, is we walked all the way up here, around East City Downs, up towards County Crossing, back down the other side. You can take a short cut across this, by the way. But you have to be careful of some very large insects, as usual. Came down our usual route pass Bunker Hill and down to Faneuil Hall.

Faneuil Hall, you may recall, is where we were having all the problems with the Super Mutants on the outside. And there are another 6 or 8 on the inside. The ones downstairs are pretty easy to get rid of, to be honest. It’s not a real problem. And there are a couple of Protectrons that you can unleash on them. They actually do help quite a lot. As you go further up the building the Super Mutants are a bit harder to get rid of. So you just have to be a little bit more careful. In the top floor there is a very nasty extra-Super Mutant with a very big gun and some booby traps, as well and a mutant hound So by the time you up on the top floor you really do need to be literally watching your step and well-prepared for what might happen up there.

And then, of cores, we made our way all the way back and spoke to the nice people at Nordhangen Beach and they we’re really thrilled and said “you can use our settlement”. So I did that and what I did then was to connect their settlement to County Crossing, by walking up to County Crossing and sending somebody down to act as the provisioner.

I did the same again with where we are. So although this is strictly speaking a Brotherhood of Steel settlement – it’s kind of a weird concept – you can connect it to all your other settlements in the in the world courtesy of the Minutemen. The Minutemen settlements I guess would be the most the appropriate tag. The only slightly strange thing that you cannot do here, is that you can’t create a settlement [recruitment] beacon. When I try… So here I am in workshop mode and I can create, if I wish to, a generator – I have no need of a generator, by the way – but I could create one. There it is. I’ve got lots of resources, by the way. Because I’m connected to my huge-ish, (biggish!) network of settlements I could make 90 of these small generators, it’s telling me in top-right-hand corner there.

But I don’t want any of those, because when you go to look for where the settlement beacon should be – this is a picture of the settlement beacon here – but when I last tried this, now be prepared for it to be different because sometimes the game just gets confused. But when I was trying this earlier I just could not create a settlement beacon. It simply wasn’t there when I went to try to create it. So let’s see what happens now. No. You do not get a settlement beacon. So that is the one slightly weird condition of this workshop here at Boston Airport.

But what I have done, you’ll see, is I have made this a short cut into the Airport – up these sets of steps. These are just standard wooden steps and I joined them together. And I’ve put my standard little shed with three bunks. And it’s a nice little hang out. Once I got connected up to… So let me talk to you about what we’re going to do. We finished up the quest to rid Ford strong of Super Mutants. That was called Show no Mercy. So the only thing left to do with that is to speak to Elder Maxson, which we’re about to do. I picked up this quest called the Gilded Grasshopper just by removing the top of the spire in Faneuil Hall. If you go up onto the roof, there’s some nice bits to pick up and there’s also a curious-looking golden grasshopper attached to something. It turns out you can just pick it up and put away.

And if you take this quest up you get to find, after you’ve killed a lot of ghouls, a casket with a corpse in it, obviously – a skeleton now – and a lot of precious metals and some other nice stuff. So it’s sort of worth doing. You do have to kill 6 or 8 ghouls, but it’s really very easy if you are using Molotov cocktails for that. The primary goal of this particular episode is The Lost Patrol ,which is a side quest but firstly it does get us some more experience points and also it shows off the flying capabilities that we got courtesy of the Brotherhood of Steel. So we’re going to do all that. We kind of started this accidentally since the last quest, because as we we’re walking past County Crossing, Paladin Danse… we got too close to the interesting place – let me show you on the map – which is of this one, the Revere Satellite Array. You can see County Crossing is here. I can’t remember where we were trying to go – we started walking this way and Paladin Danse said “oh, there’s a distress signal” and started wandering over towards the Revere Satellite Array and its full of Super Mutants.

So he started shooting at them and of cores then I was a bit stuck as well, so we ended up killing all them. I don’t have that on tape, unfortunately. It’s not that difficult but there are a lot of them and there are quite a few mutant hounds as well. But what I would recommend is that, if you want to do this deliberately, is that you steer a slightly different route: you go up this road and then to the right so that you’ve got this body of water between you and the satellite array. Because a lot of Super Mutants and mutant hounds come running out towards you when you start to attack them. And this prevents that to a slight extent – you don’t get quite so much and Super Mutants and hounds that do come out you can dispose of rather easily .

So that would be my recommendation there. But you find there is a Brotherhood of Steel scribe? I’m not sure what the rank is. But a member of the Brotherhood of Steel there with a distress beacon and that gets you going on this particular quest. So we’re going to finish off this quest. It will be quite entertaining. We’re going to clear out, on the way, that big infestation of Super Mutants that I mentioned over here, which is I think called Everett Estates.

And currently it’s big – there are about 10 or 12 Super Mutants there and we’ve got enough armour and fire power between us now, us Brotherhood of Steel guys. You may also find, serendipitously, that the Brotherhood of Steel comes and helps you in certain instances. The last time I did this play through, I actually had aerial support from the Brotherhood of Steel. They were shooting the Super Mutants for me. I hardly had to kill any myself.

By the way, having said that there are at least two missile launchers in the Revere Satellite Array. But they’re not… the one on the ground is not well-placed. The guy will keep trying to shoot at you, but there’s so much junk in the way that he usually ends up hitting the junk. The guy on the dish – he’s actually standing in a satellite dish has got a pretty clear shot of you at some times. So you do want to be a little bit careful about that. Anyway, we’re going to carry on this episode by going and finishing off our previous quest by talking to Elder Maxson, getting the Vertibird signal grenades – which we need to fly. We’re going to fly over to Irish Pride Industries, which is really not that far, but I just want to show off our new grenades! Then we’re going to wander up, which is the only about a 1-minute walk from Irish Pride to Everett Estates, kill all those Super Mutants, pick up another clue to the lost recon team.

And we’re eventually going to end up – and I’m not going to make you sit through all the walking involved – but we’re going to end up here, at the very top of a map. Around about there, which is where this particular quest finishes. Like I say, it’s a completely optional quest. But we could do with the extra experience: we’re currently on level 27. Doing almost anything will give us level 28.

In fact, I think we end up on level 28 as soon as we finish talking to Elder Maxson. But before we go into the next bit of our main quest, which is Reunions with Nick Valentine, I’d like us to be up by around about level 30 or so. Now I clearly haven’t remembered to eat, so let me just quickly do that and then we’ll start with the action. I won’t bore you with all the dialogue that takes place in this whole exchange, but it is worth showing you how to get to the Prydwen from here.

Let me just find some mutant hound shops. They’re quick and easy to prepare. I could do with another 2, I think. I’m properly fed. We have a choice of either going around the outside here, which is the proper entrance, or we can now take my lovely short cut. Which is what we’ll do. So this is what we saw downstairs, by the way. We’re no longer in the workshop area. This is outside the workshop area. If you try pressing and holding down the V key here all it does is to change your viewpoint . Whereas, if you’re pressing and holding when there’s a workshop then the workshop mode comes on.

So this is the level in the old Airport that has the Vertibird that takes as to the Prydwen. The Prydwen’s above us, obviously. There it is up there. And we just have to jump into this guy. But there are some nice things to pick up over here, which you definitely don’t want to miss. Including – the last time I did this, the last couple times I did this, some fusion cores. Over here, I think, hopefully. Fusion cells isn’t what I mean but they will do too. Four fusion cores. Now, these weigh a ton, unfortunately. So I may end up having to eat some grilled Radstag just to carry those around. I won’t pick up the missiles, as usual. And I’ll leave the plasma cartridges behind as well. There is a duffel bag down here. I’m not going to bother with the combat rifle.

So all we do now is come over here, and it will just say “fly to Prydwen” and we’ll hit E. We’ll be there in a second. In a jiff. We’re here. OK, they didn’t bother with any animation. And we want to go into the main area, which is up. What I’m going to do is leave you at the door. I will go and talk to Elder Maxson. He will thank us for wiping out all the Super Mutants and he’ll say that he really would be keen to get into the Institute and thinks that I’ve got a vested interest in that too because I have already said I’m trying to find our son Shaun. He won’t say anything more specific than that. So it’s just a really fairly long and very general conversation. And then we’re going to do some fun stuff inside the Prydwen.

Not very lengthy. And then we’ll come out get going with the actual action. When I get to the Dora I will pick you up later on the inside. OK so here we are on the main deck of the Prydwen. Elder Maxson is downstairs and I just wanted to show you a couple of things and a little wheeze that you might find attractive. I’m not sure if I can get down this hall with Proctor Ingram in the way.

Already I’m tired from lack of sleep but I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping, I can promise you. Come in here and have a quick word with Proctor Quinlan. I’m going to tell him I have some documents. And so you would have seen from the details of that transaction that he gave us 25 caps a technical document. So if you are in need of caps, I’m actually really not using any in the game this time around – I have done in the past. Then that’s one way of getting them. So that’s an easy wheeze. His research patrols are frankly a pain in the backside, because they involve taking a scribe or an initiate or some junior Brotherhood of Steel person down, who has no armour and proceeds to wander around without paying any attention to you. You have no control over them. And you’re supposed to just keep them alive. Sometimes you can and sometimes they just do really, really stupid things. So I find that fantastically frustrating, so I’m not going to pursue that.

But what I am going to pursue… This is our old power armour that we left here. I’m going to transfer all of the panels from it, which is going to make me temporarily way too heavy, which I’m not going to worry about too much. Because I’m only going to take it down here to the armoury. He rarely has anything that we really want. But what I’m going to do is to give him all of my unwanted armour and he’s going to give me money for it. Which is nice. And he can do that with any unwanted stuff by the way, most unwanted stuff. Certainly unwanted armour. If I could be bothered I could go and get the armour that I upgraded from various workshops around the commonwealth and bring that to him, and/or sell it to a number of other traders. But all I’m after here are some more signal grenades because Elder Maxson gave us, I think, 8. I will just check that. It’ll be under, I think it’s under weapons which is slightly curious, but let’s have a quick look.

Yeah, he gave us 8. And Teagan usually has another 7, 8 or 9 depending on the throw of the dice. So let me have a quick look here. It’s usually at the bottom of the list since it starts with the letter V. He’s got 7. So we’ll have those and he still owes us at the end of that transaction 169 caps, which is great. So we’ve made money out of that. We can have a look at some of the other stuff he’s got here, though. He’s got an overcharged laser rifle which I think is very comparable to the one we’re already using.

Missile launchers I’m not touching. Molatovs are a dime a dozen, if you don’t buy them from him! They’re 52 caps here! He’s got miniguns, he’s got pulse and plasma mines, which I’m actually not bothering with much now. They’re just more to carry around. So he hasn’t really got anything there we’re desperate for other than that. So I’m going to accept this transaction as it stands and finish with him. So that’s all I wanted to do. I’m still a bit overweight. What I’ll do, I think, is because I’ve picked up those very heavy signal grenades, is give them to Paladin Danse to carry for me. Because they are a pound each and now I have 15 of them. So I’m going to give 10 of them to him and hoping that’s going to make me the right weight. So am I will now head back out the way we came in, go over to the Vertibird, take it down to Boston Airport and I’ll meet you back down to our settlement in Boston Airport.

So see you in a few seconds. So we’re back to Boston Airport now and I’ve taken those 10 signal grenades off of Paladin Danse and put them over there in the workshop. So when we stop using Paladin Danse as a companion them they’ll still be there. There are some issues with who you use for doing what, because not all the factions – well, clearly not all the factions – get on. The Minutemen are kind of neutral, the Railroad the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel are all at each other’s throats, so we have to be careful about what we’re doing and with whom. I’m actually going to combine a bit of a Railroad quest in with what we’re doing today. Paladin Danse won’t notice but I will point it out when we get there. So what we’re going to do now is open up my inventory, zoom down to the weapons, Vertibird signal grenade – clicking on that arms it and then I’m going to throw the grenade.

Now you do have to throw it in a… you get the message “A Vertibird has been sent to your location”. If you throw it in a really stupid location, where there’s nothing but trees or nothing but water then you will get a message that a Vertibird can’t do it and you will have just wasted a signal grenade. So be careful about that. The other issue you should be aware of is that if there is any possibility of hostile activity, throwing the signal grenade will trigger it. So there could be absolutely nobody around and all of a sudden, when you throw the signal grenade – 10 or 15 seconds later a band of raiders will appear or – not usually ghouls, I have to say – but raiders or gunners.

Gunners are possibly the worst. You can even hear, vaguely in the background, somebody now shooting and it turns out they’re shooting at us. This works like fast travel: we get in and then you indicate on your map somewhere that you’ve been before, that you want to now go to again. So it says “To select a destination for the Vertibird press [Tab]”. What you actually want to press is M for map, it’s a bit quicker. And we’re going to go over to somewhere we have been, which is the Irish Pride Industries Shipyard. There’s a lovely big car park or something – yard, next to it. SO that will be straightforward. And you’ll get to see the lovely view are over the River Charles, I guess it is here. I’m not sure if it’s the Charles at this point. Anyway, away we go. We may or may not get something to shoot at. I can’t see who shooting at me so I’m just going to have to ignore it.

To be honest I don’t know what happens if you press E for Land when you’re not at your destination. I did accidentally press it once but I couldn’t be absolutely sure what happened. I was just about to say we’re just about to fly into something! This isn’t 100% reliable, it is in the high 90’s, I would guess, though. So this is the shipyard underneath us here, I think. You can go inside and clear out this Irish Pride Industry Shipyard. It is chock full of Mirelurks. And again, is not really essential, anyway. This did used to have quite a few large and nasty bugs in it but I got rid of those on a previous visit. There was some Radstags that led us down this way. So see the big bug at the end of the doorway there? I’m just going to shoot him and that will be the last one, I think.

There is however, if we should need it in desperation, a power armour station there. But all the scrap is gone except for this used oil can which I might just pick up anyway. So where we want to go on the map is just about here. That means that we just want to go up this road. We want to be a little bit careful. There’s, like I say, 6 or 8 Super Mutants and 2 or 3 mutant hounds. So when I get to the top here I’m going to go into a slightly quieter mode of operation. I’m also going to change over to my sniper rifle and try sniping a few of these guys.

There’s a nice location over here behind this barrel. OK, so he’s gone. I’m getting shot from this guy. Got him. There are usually 3 that kind of make themselves known to you at this stage. There’s 4 this time. Oh good! No, the mission has not been accomplished. I don’t know why he says that! I’m glad to hear he’s going to do something useful because he’s only managed to wing this guy. Ah no, he is dead. I take it back. Apologies Paladin, I thought the guy just kind of stumbled into the tree but he does appear to have met his end. We can now all be a little bit careful… I can hear the guy.

If you press the Q in VAT you’ll notice there a lot of frag mines around the outside edge. The back story to this location is that it was set up as a camp, effectively, by some humans and they barricaded it and they put lots of mines around the outside. But then the Super Mutants actually managed to take it over, which was not terribly difficult. So it’s called the West Everett Estates. There is one guy with a missile launcher in the next house to the left.

OK, so we got that dog and there are at least 2 more… oh, they’re all coming up to join us. We’ve got a pretty good a haul now and these guys… Somebody’s throwing grenades, which is not fair. I don’t quite know where he was is the thing that slightly worries me. I don’t see him. There is a guy over here in the house and then in the house behind is the guy with a missile launcher, so you don’t want to get literally on the wrong side of him. So while Paladin’s occupying this first chappie I’m going to sneak up here, take him out, and then the guy in the next house, like I say, has got the missile launcher. He also takes a bit of shooting. And, as usual, if your companion can keep him occupied you can probably take him in… He threw a grenade… Didn’t make it – fantastic! I’ve done this like four times in the recent past, over the last few days and they have never use grenades on me before now, so I don’t quite know what determines that.

This area is moderately safe. Most of the Super Mutants have been taken care of, until you try to go out in that direction. So that’s to the north and that kind of bluey-turquoisey house has 1 or 2 Super Mutants in it. And a couple of the houses here have got a ton of booby traps. So you have to be very careful. I think there is one in particular that has a lot of bathroom scales which have been turned over to bomb use. So you need to be careful about those. But what I’ll do – I’m not going to bother you with picking up stuff here.

I will go around and pick up the stuff and come back and meet you. But I will show you one thing that you’ll want to be aware of. And then we’ll come back and we’ll finish off the rest of these Super Mutants. But I believe he won’t come across any others down here at the moment. There’s the guy with the missile launcher. As I say, you will need to be careful of mines and things.

But here is a bunker entrance and if you go down there there are lots and lots of goodies down there, plus some beds. So that’s well worth doing and obviously glue and all that stuff is worth doing. So I’m going to pop down here and ransack and then pick up all the other stuff around. And they we’re going to head out to the north. I’ll re-join you just before we head out, so I may also do some cooking up of those lovely mutant hounds that we shot just now and anything else that in my inventory that that needs cooking.

See you in a few seconds. Welcome back. This is where I was talking about, going north out of West Everest Estates. I’ve been around all of these houses here and picked up all the nice stuff including that bunker I showed you. I’ve gone back and raided the and corpses of all these mutants and mutant hounds and things. You possibly could do more, you could spend a bit longer here if you wish. But when you start to leave the you will come across across at least a couple of raiders and like I mentioned just a while ago and there are quite a few booby traps as well. So you do need to be a little bit careful. I wanted to show you one thing that I picked up in this first house on your left as we came through the gate.

And that was the Boston Mayoral Shelter Bathroom Key. Now this may mean absolutely nothing to you at all, but there is a quest to do with the Boston Mayoral Shelter which is way off on the the west side of the commonwealth. In fact, I think I might have walked past it fairly recently, but I didn’t stop. So this is now a way into one of the inner rooms. I don’t recall whether you need the key, whether you could just break in or whether it’s something that requires the key absolutely.

And by the way, I have, since I got an extra level. I have changed my perks so I now have the master lock picking perk. Let me just show you where I am on things. I’m on level 1 armour, which is still for me pretty adequate, because I am only using the power armour. I have got and level 2 gun and level 3 gunslinger. I’ve picked up a couple of Live and Love magazines, local leader 2 – we need that for all the communities stuff to do with the workshops joined together. Locksmith, I’m now on level 3. I can pick master locks. And level 4 I don’t think is even really worth having. I think you break fewer bobby pins. But if you look for bobby pins you end up of hundreds of them. So I really don’t think that’s a fantastic investment. Mr. Sandman, which I say really seems to be a bit of the misdescription from the picture. It’s a lot more to do with just getting more out of silenced weapon.

So although it shows you murdering a sleeping victim, that really isn’t what it’s for it all. I’ve got level 2 rifleman. I have got a science, I’ve got 2 sneaks, 2 strong backs, a toughness and that’s about it. So that’s where we are with things. The last time I did this we actually got an assist from the Brotherhood of Steel – an aerial assist – but that doesn’t sound forthcoming. So let’s see how we make out on our own. Let’s just head towards the exit. We want to go a little bit north of here. By the way, there was at least 1 safe in that lot and you’ll keep coming across [dead] raiders. I’ll pop up here – that gives us a bit better of a view of what’s coming. I think, in fact, if you’re lucky you get to see a guy… There he is standing next to the turret. So I’ll get rid of the turret to start with. It’s a bit too far away to have a good effect, regrettably.

And somebody seems to have a missile launcher. I’m not sure who that is. I don’t think it’s that guy. Oh, I can hear a Vertibird. OK, done him in. I don’t know who… this is what happened last time. You end up with a bunch of raiders all of a sudden and that’s what the Brotherhood of Steel come and help with. Done him in. Here are the Brotherhood of Steel. I don’t know if they’ve even landed yet. Come on, guys! Fantastic. So it gets a bit easier from here but in fact they only appeared after these extra raiders started to appear. So that’s by way of just adding a bit of extra excitement to the proceedings. Fantastic, so we’re now in good numbers, but like I say, look out for booby traps. It’s really, literally, a pain to go through all this and then just get yourself blown up by treading in the wrong place. Although I’ve got the perk that prevents floor-based traps – it’s one of the stealth perks – it prevents floor-based traps from being triggered by me any longer.

But I think that doesn’t apply to landmines. So landmines will still do me just fine. When I say ‘do me’ I mean blow me up into small pieces. Let’s just come in here. So there’s one, for example! And I if I had been able to trigger this guy I would have been blown up completely, because I ran into the corner with that thing in it. So like I was saying… that’s just done me the most damage I’ve had in is whole episode so far. And I thought I’d actually looked carefully – I hadn’t. So let that be a warning! Right. Lance’s terminal you can have a look at all these. Usually it’s partly to unlock the safe. I’d rather unlock the safe with a bobby pin then have to do worry about hacking these terminals. So let me just try that first. There we go. There will be some back story in the terminal as well, which is interesting but I’ve read all this a long time ago.

Nice excitement further down the road by the sounds of it. Gee, somebody out there is using heavy equipment. Ah, there’s another safe here. So what I’ll need to do is to give all my junk to good old Paladin here. Now I don’t think this is the building we were just in, but let me see if I’m mistaken. Yeah, it is! OK, safe so far. Now this is the bit which I wasn’t going to tell Paladin about and I haven’t remembered to mark it on quest sheet. And that is Butcher’s Bill 2. And that, in fact, is why are we’re here. Paladin doesn’t know anything about this so, I’m not going to tell him.

And he’s going to be none the wiser. There’s a frag mine there, by the way. You can try sending your companions in for frag mines. I think Nick Valentine, being an ex-cop, refused to pick up frag mines because he viewed it is stealing. Which is a little bit crazy. Where do these guys go when you want to use them? Paladin? Well if he’s going to swan off like that I’m just going to have to blow up this frag mine. I’ve got plenty of them. Now you may have noticed the radio distress signal – that usually gets Paladin quite excited. But normally he’s standing near me. There he is. I don’t know where he’s been hanging out. I’ll just pick up the bits from this. The MM ammo I never use. I never find a gun that takes it but I will sell it when I need some caps. This guy had only a hunting rifle. I don’t know where the guy was, the other guy, with the missile launcher. Here’s another radar – at least a part of a raider. So I don’t know where the other Brotherhood of Steel chaps have got to.

Maybe down this way. We could have a quick peek down here- there’s some smoking going on, which makes me think something interesting has happened. There’s another turret here or we’re left with the remains of one. So that might have been one of the issues. And some more unfinished houses. Naughty Brandis! I’m just going to have a quick bite to eat. Some Cram will do me. We should try listening to the distress signal at this point. There it is. So that was O to get us to the radio. And it is over this way. So we have this next clue to find by following the distress beacon. There is no direction information so it can take a little while. I’ll go away and do that. This is probably the best place to leave it for this episode – I don’t want to make them too long. I hope you found it useful and enjoyable. If you have then look out for the HardSkull logo towards the end of the clip.

And click on that to subscribe. Or subscribe any way you like. See you next time. Bye!.

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