Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. You might tell from the Voice of the Minutemen we just heard, that we’re back in the Castle. I’m just going to go and top up on water. I think I’m actually OK for water but I wanted to show you that when you’re in the Castle there is a huge amount of fresh water available from these sinks.

You might be tempted to look around for a pump, or something like that, but there aren’t any. You can install one if you’ve got the local leader providers. I do know that I need something to eat. I remember seeing that on my list of problems when I woke. So let me just have a… cram will do me. I’m properly fed now.

I wanted to show you a few things now that we here. We finished up a while back in the last episode – I’ve been actually doing various side quests since, for a couple of days. We finished a while back in the Castle here. We rescued it from the Mirelurks which had inundated the place. And we got recalled to the Castle to do a quest called Old Guns, which I’ll show you one my list, is here – Talk to Preston Garvey. What this about is opening up the old armoury which is on this side. This was all sealed up previously. You go into the basements here and you fight various threats with Ronnie – here’s Ronnie. Ronnie Shaw. And when she says resupply… I don’t know where she’s got a busy schedule from, but never mind. When she says resupply she means you can buy stuff from her. But you end up in this room and it’s chock full of all kinds of stuff like laser turrets where along here.

I put them in the inventory. There’s a fat man launcher. That probably isn’t a real mini nuke, by the way. The fat man launcher’s look like they have a mini nuke in them and then when you pick up it up it turns out that that was just for display purposes only! There is a real mini nuke over here though and some laser muskets, which I don’t really believe in and a whole bunch of other stuff over here.

So it’s really well worth doing. But just be warned that in the basement there are lots of fragmentation mines and is also a sentry bot which is a little bit of a problem to get rid of. You need a lot of explosives and willpower to get through that! One of the laser turrets it’s now up here and I’ve put in a bit more power. I went and put in a medium generator around at the water purifier on the outside of the castle. So this has got adequate power and this a laser turret. We’ve actually got 2 more of those if we could be bothered to install them. But I have put a lot of defences around here. The alternative choice is to basically better fortify the Castle because there’s this big hole here.

In fact, while I’m standing here I really ought to put in another turret. So I’ll do that very briefly. I’ll just put in an ordinary free-standing turret, though. So you can see we’ve got quite a lot of defence. I put some around the back, I put some around the front and like I say, you can build walls – I’ve actually spent many a happy day building walls here. But one of the things that we have installed as a consequence of this Old Guns, the main title of that quest hints at it.

And that is we’ve installed this huge artillery piece here. You can now do this at any settlement as long as you don’t run out of parts. They give you a whole bunch of parts to do it… The great thing about this artillery is that it’s very long range and they’ve given us some artillery smoke grenades, so we can throw those and get an artillery bombardment. And we’re going to try that out in this particular episode. So we’re going to go and do a few more side quests. They’re all optional – you don’t have to do any of these if you do not want to. But they do all help your relationships with various factions. And I’m also going to show you how to take out some rather inconvenient Super Mutants that are lurking just on the other side here. I’ll show you on the map where we are we are. We’re on this finger out into the bay, at the Castle and there is over on the next finger the General Atomics Factory – haven’t been there yet but have walked past it. I’ve been to the Four Leaf Fish Packing Plant and installed a MILA there for Tinker Tom.

You may remember me talking about these before. It’s just a environmental detection device that Tinker Tom is using to try to find out what the Institute are up to. When I was installing this for a Tinker Tom there were a bunch of Super Mutants in a building right between the Four Leaf Fish Packing Plant and the other side of this little isthmus [it’s a peninsula!] and those are the Super Mutants I ended up having to take out. But I had the advantage of being on a taller building than them – the Four Leaf Fish Packing Plant is a little bit higher up. So they were actually fairly easy to take out from there. So my advice would be to either try taking them out from there or to do what I’m about to show you, which is to take some Rad-X, because any time you jump into water you’re going to suffer from radiation poisoning.

And I’m going to jump in the water here. Deacon get’s rude at this point for reasons that I don’t quite understand. We’re now going to end up immediately opposite this Super Mutant installation. If we do this carefully – now they’re gone because I’ve already killed them all from the previous quest – but that’s where they would be, in that building there.

You can see some of their stuff kind of sticking out. You can sneak your way either around this old trailer, which might be a little bit obvious, our you can come this way – out of their sight and sneak up to them. But they are formidable; they do have one guy with a missile launcher, they have a suicider and if you’re just trying to walk across that part of Boston to get further north – this part here – you are really quite likely to be shot at and/or killed by them, certainly with the missile launcher. So this one way of preventing that. Now we’re going to just head past this because I’ve already been around all of this. But we’re going to do a few interesting side-quests. Just to give you a flavour for the sorts of things that go on. Up here, because it’s basically a crossroads, there is usually something going on at the end of this road you can see now, just in the distance there’s a whole bunch of people running around.

To me they look like ghouls from this distance, so they may not be difficult to get rid of. But they can be Super Mutants, they can be… [gunners] Yeah, these are a family of ghouls. Great, now we’ve got bugs! And ghouls, thank you, this is fantastic news:) Got rid of him, got rid of him. Trying to get rid of all these guys. OK. That was a little bit more than I really bargained for, but this happens a lot in the game. Still one of these bloom’n bugs. Phew! You can see how much health these bugs cost you. It’s really fantastically frustrating in survival mode. But we’ve now got blood bug meat, which is fantastic news! Oh, there he is. Phew. So be careful of those. I ended up doing that with a shotgun because there were quite so many of them. Now last time that happened to me there was actually a Brahmin corpse lying around, which is where the blood bugs have come from.

And, of course, you do want stuff that you can eat. I’ll just check to see where that might have been. Oh, and there is a workshop here by the way. OK so there’s the Brahmin. So we can have him to eat later, when we’ve had a chance to cook him. This time around the excitement up here was caused by ghouls. It can be caused by Children of Atom, who you may not have come across yet – they do appear more frequently now that the Cold Harbour DLC is available, because that’s based around Children of Atom. So they’ve kind of retrofitted them to the basic game, if you’re lucky enough to have the season pass.

Critical hits with a unarmed and melee attacks permanently do 5% more damage. Those are worth having if are using melee at all, although in fact I gave up on melee this time around. I don’t find it all that effective. I’d rather just whip out my shotgun and have a go with that instead. We’re going to head north, through this rather busy area here, so this one kind of bottleneck, where usually there is some kind of and violent activity. There’s another bottle neck kind of in this area, which I’ve just marked. That involves a sentry bot who is actually fairly difficult to get rid of. But will come and attack you if he’s not otherwise engaged .So we’re going to have a go with our artillery grenades here. Now I mentioned in, I think the previous episode, that I’d taken out all the raiders here.

I’ve forgotten the name of it. I think it’s Andrew Station? I think it’s Andrew Station. It’s very easy to take folk out if you start from here if you jump on to this truck and then up on to the roof here. The way that I did it though was using this lift I mentioned, this elevator, which is just down that way, on to an elevated section of the highway. And you can shoot down on to the top of Andrew Station. So I think it must have been over here. There it is. Can you see it, in the middle of the screen now? If you go straight below that – I’ll walk over there, it’s not very far, obviously. There it is. OK so you come in here, because there is there is, there WAS a fusion core there, which I now own, ha ha. And over here is a push button to get that to come down.

Here it is. And up on the top, there is a bed and all kinds of goodies; a cooking station, all kinds of good stuff. So it’s really well worth knowing about that. But I’ve already done that. I haven’t actually raided it for goodies, but I’ll leave those up there. I’m not in desperate need of anything in particular. We’re going to head this way and we’re going to try our luck – just for purposes of demonstration – with this artillery grenade.

Now the tease here is the Red Rocket which are usually good for visiting. But then you discover… I’m just going to arm this artillery grenade, by the way. So if I throw a grenade it will be an artillery smoke grenade. But when you start getting closer you discover that there is a… there he is! We can retreat at this point. So I’ve thrown an artillery smoke grenade and then come over here and hide and improve my health, which is not doing too good from all those ghouls that we just came across. There is a bit of a delay, I have to confess. There it is! OK, so this our artillery strike. Now to be honest, the chance of us hitting that sentry bot is really a bit limited, but it was worth a demonstration, I thought. Ooh, no we’ve got him by the sounds of it – unless they just blew up an empty… no, it like they haven’t got him. We’ve just blown up an empty vehicle of some sort. I’m going to have to take out this bot myself.

This isn’t the best thing for doing it, unfortunately, but he’s not feeling very well now by the looks of it. So I’m just going to hope that he stays where he is. He’s not doing me any damage – he’s just making a lot of noise. And then he blows up in a really big way! So the artillery obviously helped. So that was the main thing. For mobile targets, it’s not really very good at all, the artillery, because they just move somewhere else. So if you’re trying to take out… I’ve got too much stuff as usual.

I’m going to have a Radstag. Because although I’ve improved my armour – this is now the X-01 Armour. I don’t know if I can show you and the apparel. In the armour category I now have a calibrated left and right leg. In the X-01 armour that means I can carry a lot more than I used to be able to. So that’s fantastic. I also have a cleansing torso and the cleansing torso so is responsible for getting rid of drugs from my bloodstream, which means I can take more drugs like Psycho and Buff Out without getting addicted. Not that I use them very much, but now I won’t get addicted so easily.

And I have also got a scrubbing helmet which takes all radiation out of my food. So I had to invest a little bit in all that stuff. But all you need… I think you need either an armourer or science perk. I’ve forgotten exactly which, I’m afraid, but you when you go to your power armour station and you try upgrading, it will tell you which you need. What I’ve taken to at this point of the game, if you look down at the bottom right here, is I’ve got 2 perks waiting to be used up. And I tend to wait until I need them now, so I can work out what best to use them on. So I’m slightly upgraded from that, but I still find that I pick up more than I can carry, unfortunately.

So I’m going to take a grilled Radstag – I’ve only got one left. No, I’ve got none left. I’ve got actual Radstag but I’ve got to go and grill it somewhere. I’m not going to worry about that too much just now, so what I’ll do in the meantime – there’s some Radstag meat there. What I’m going to do is give my stuff, as usual, to Deacon – if I can find him. They usually clear off just before or what would do this.

Deacon? Companions will burn through ammo if you allow them to. This was worth doing though, because this sentry bot just gives you hassle every time you come past. And like I say, if he wasn’t busy shooting somebody else he would have a go at shooting you. If you come over to the RedRocket here you’ll find, probably a power armour station and a lot of goodies, typically true of Red Rockets. That wasn’t terribly exciting. You can come across frag mines, so do be careful. Nothing much in here, Rad-X in there. We’re going to plod on north, so let me just make sure I know where we’e going. We’ll head towards my current marker which is where I thought this guy [the sentry bot] might be hanging out, but in fact I put it a little bit too far north.

What I’ll do at this stage is head up north to – or towards – the Railroad HQ. There isn’t really that much to do now between here and there. I’m not sure that you want to watch me just picking off raiders and their dogs with a sniper rifle. I’ll head up that way and meet either in the railroad HQ or maybe in the graveyard where we need to find out about this booty.

Bounty, booty? One second, I’ll just get rid of him too. OK, so sorry, I’m having too much fun now:) It is what I like to do with a sniper rifle. By the way, I picked this up in one of the side-quests. It’s got a recon scope on it which is really by far my favourite, because what it does is tag your victims are with a red marker – which I suppose a bit cheating for survival mode – but it works a lot better than the night scope which just is rubbish. I think they deliberately made the night scope rubbish in this game. You’re much better off with an ordinary scope in most most cases because you can’t really use the night scope during the day. But I’ll see you a bit further north. We’re just going to wend our way up through the town, up to and this area. The the Railroad HQ is here and the cemetery I’m talking about for this other side-quest is just a stone’s throw away from it.

So I’ll see you in a short while. Welcome back! We are just outside the back of the Old North Church, so the Railroad HQ is somewhere underneath us. We could go in around the front. We’re not going to do that, though. What I’m about to do is to take up this quest I mentioned, the Gilded Grasshopper. So the instruction here is to read ‘Food for the Grasshopper’.

Now you might remember the Gilded Grasshopper was an ornament on the top of Faneuil Hall. When I took that down I got this quest. So let’s see how what Food for the Grasshopper has to say for itself. Here it is. It’s meant to have been written in 1742 and says “To my brethren and fellow grasshoppers, Fell in ye year 1753 (1755) Nov. 13, early in ye morning by a great earthquake by my old Master above. Again, like to have met with Utter Ruin by Fire, by hopping Timely from my Public Station, came of the broken bones and much Bruised, (I have no idea what any of this means,BTW, so don’t ask me about it!), Cured and Fixed.

Old Master’s son Thomas Drowne June 28, 1768, and Though I will promise to Discharge my office, yet I shall vary as ye wind. On the banks of the Charles, where forever rests Master Shem, there one can find a life’s worth.” So it’s all extremely cryptic except that or when we now look we see that it says “Find Shem Drowne’s Grave”. So we go back to our quests and press R. It’s going to tell us that Shem Drowne’s grave is over towards Railroad HQ. Now it’s somewhere in this area. I’m not sure whether that’s meant to be a good clue or whether we’re just supposed to wander around. But there are some graveyards around here and – let me just see where we are – and they’re out in this direction.

So let’s just see what we can find. In fact, there’s a big marker – look there was a marker on my map [compass] which wasn’t previously there. Let me just turn off the other markers. So it is just the Gilded Grasshopper marker we’ve got there now. So basically we follow the compass and that’s saying we should go to our left. Now I do happen to know, because I’ve done this a few times before, this around the back of the emergency exit to the Railroad HQ. You’re not going to recognize it from the back here, but we have been here before. And there is a graveyard up these stairs to the left. And there’s a lot of shoot’n to be done here, because there are an awful lot of ghouls and there’s really no two ways around that. So there’s the marker, here’s the graveyard, we need to go into the next graveyard. The ghouls have not appeared – oh, there they are. I told you they would! I was going to say I’ve got a Molotov lined up and no way of doing anything other throwing it, so I just had to find somewhere to throw it.

So. This old Shem’s grave. I’ll just make sure in case of any new ghouls, that I’m prepared for it. Me digging… And now if we turn our light on… You’ve completed the quest, like it says. We’ve got Shem Drowne’s sword, which is good for giving people radiation damage, which is really, really slow way to die. So I’m not terribly thrilled, but it is valuable. I can trade it for stuff. But what we have got: silver bars; we’ve got a Fear Not note, which we can read – “Though Devil’s iron makes this blade only he who wields it can make it Wicked” says Drowne. So that’s to do with the sword we just picked up. We’ve got lots of silver and copper. These things are needed for repairing armour… I can also take his head for reasons I’m not entirely sure of, but because it’s available I’ll have it. So that’s the end of that particular quest. I’m going to do now is head back the way we came… And I’m going to head into the Railroad HQ.

I’m not going to bother you with this. I’ve got several quest to finish and I know that they’re going to give me one new quest, which we’re going to go and do. So I will just make this as quick and painless as possible. And then meet you back out here. Hello again! We just finished sleeping and cooking and various other kind of domestic duties in the Railroad HQ. Spoken to the people whose quests we finished and, in some cases they’ve given us new quests, of course. But now we’re going to go on a little bit further north from here and deal with a couple of things. I wanted to stop at County Crossing and show you what’s going on there, because if we, for example, look at the state of things there, County Crossing has some unhappiness.

That’s what the exclamation mark means and if you look over on the right-hand side they’ve only got 8 beds and they now have 17 people there! So we have to do something about that. And this is a common problem in the game and I just want to show you my my strategy. It’s not necessarily the best solution, but it works for me. And of course it is pretty much a direct consequence of installing recruitment beacons and then not doing anything about it for a few days afterwards. In a place like County Crossing, which is kind of a crossroads – that’s why it’s got the name name – there are lots of people coming and going. You end up with way more people than you can support. So we need to do something about that. But what we’re going to do in terms of quests are these couple I mentioned a bit earlier on.

We’re going to go up and talk to the folks at Greentop Nursery. It’s just a bit further north from County Crossing and the reason we’re going to do that first is because that’s something that we were given to do a little while ago and I think it’ll be taken away from us if we don’t deal with it soon. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, obviously, but it’s a slightly tricky quest to do and I wanted to show you a strategy that I found that works for that. The other quest we’re going to do in this episode – to finish off the episode – is to go and eliminate the threat at Monsignor Plaza.

Now there are lots of reasons why you might be given quests in Monsignor Plaza, but this particular one was given to us as a Railroad quest. We’ve been told that we need to eliminate a threat to 1 of the synths who they’re trying to move through the Railroad. So we’ll go and do that after we’ve been up to Greentop Nursery. So Greentop Nursery – way up north from here – we’re down on the top of the east side of Boston here, just on the Charles River. County Crossing is there. I’me going to stop in there briefly and talk to you about what to do with all these settlers. And then Greentop Nursery is over here on the left-hand side. So that’s where we’ll end up in the not-too-distant future.

So I’ll meet you at County Crossing and we’ll spend a few minutes there and then go on to Greentop Nursery. See you in a second. Here we are at County Crossing. And as I mentioned, we do have a problem of overpopulation here. The first thing of course, and the reason that this has happened is the recruitment beacon. So what we need to do with that is to put it away. Notice I’m not suggesting that you scrap it. The problem with building stuff and scrapping it is that you actually lose all of the little components. There are some scrapping perks that makes that a bit less likely, but it’s still much better – if you think you might use it again – and I certainly might do because County Crossing is quite an important settlement and it’s a good location for connecting it to other settlements.

So I might use this recruitment beacon in future. So I’m going to store it – I’m going to hit Tab and it will ask me if I want to and I’ll say yes. And I’ll do the same with this generator. So we won’t be getting any more people now. We’ve got a huge number of people. If you look at the top left-hand corner of the screen, we’ve got 15 people. It went down from 17 for some reason. And we’ve only got 8 beds. Now partly we could build some more beds, which I’m happy to do – that’s not too difficult, too problematic. And I will do that straightaway. I do that in a fairly simple fashion, which is to erect a 3-bed shack. So I’ll show you how to do that. So that’s the big shack, which is not quite as useful. You can get 5 people, I find. 5 beds into a big shack but you end up with a lot of space you can’t use, as well. So I’m going to put this 3 bed shack here. There it is and I get to level up again. So now I’ve got three perk I haven’t spent yet.

Must do some perk spending in a minute. Having done this I am going to put my standard 3 beds in it. You can get more than 3 in, but obviously it’s not very cosy! Well, it’s a little bit too cosy is, I suppose, the correct way of looking at it. You get slightly happier residents if you put a door on the front, I’m told. So I tend to do that. And there we have it. So we have now 3 more people that we can accommodate. That means we’ve got… 4 people [to move]. This their not-so-subtle way to give your the opportunity of finding out what you need to do and of course he’s going to tell me they need more beds. But I’ll let him do that anyway. Ha! Well, you know that’s done in some places, sleeping in shifts. I’m not sure that I’d like the idea but I’m trying to sort that out.

So let us give some of these people new homes. Let’s have a look at our workshop inventory. We’ve got Abernathy Farm way over near Sanctuary – it’s way on the west side of the Commonwealth. We’ve got 7 beds there and 5 people so we could at least put another 1 or 2 people in there. Boston Airport’s got nobody and 3 beds, so we could put somebody in there. County Crossing is where we are, obviously. We’ve got 11 beds now, but still 15 people. Greentop Nursery we’re about to visit has got only 2 people and 4 beds so I could certainly put somebody up there.

Hangman’s Alley is already bit full up. Nordhagen Beach 6 beds, 5 people – leave that alone. Oberland Station, pretty close too. Red Rocket I’m not really using. Sanctuary, according to this which I believe is incorrect is 0 beds! And sometimes it is just wrong, by the way. You can come back here in 5 minutes and it would be right. I don’t believe zero. I know I’ve put beds in there. Somerville Place, I can’t even remember where Somerville Place is now but it’s got 6 beds and only 3 people, so that would be good place to send folk.

Starlight Drive-In, I liberated that and put in some beds but there’s nobody down there, yet. There’s no food either, so I’m a little bit worried. There is some water. And of course there’s the Sunshine Tidings [not Tradings!] Co-op which I liberated as a side-quest between episodes. That has got a whopping 8 beds, so that a good place. And similarly, Taffington Boathouse has 6 people so I won’t send any more down there. Tenpines Bluff is a bit tight. The Castle could do with some. Because if you want people to grow crops and to do stuff in the Castle, they have not to be Minutemen. All those people there currently, the 4 that are there currently, are all Minutemen. You can’t boss them about. So let’s assign some these people. So we go into workshop mode and if they’re there are unassigned we say move them with the letter R.

I’ll move 1 of these to Greentop Nursery to start with. You have to hit return – E doesn’t work at this point, which is a bit weird because it works everywhere else. This guy, move him – the Castle would be good. This lady, move her. Put her in the Castle as well. He can’t move for some reason, I don’t know why. He can, I’ll send him to Abernathy Farm. So we’re down 11 people and 11 beds. I will get rid of just one more. I’ll send him to Sunshine Co-op and maybe try to find another since we could do was some crop workers there. This I haven’t moved, I’ll send her to the Sunshine Tidings Co-op. And the other thing you’ll notice is that this drink stand is currently unassigned. The other problem with it is I discovered it’s currently on top of a provisioners’ camp fire. So I’m going to move it over here and find somebody else to assign to it. Now it’s tricky at this point because you don’t know who you decided to move and who you haven’t.

So I’m going to assign this guy, who is currently a agricultural worker. I’m going to assign him to the drinks stand. When the dust has settled they will automatically pick up the food slack, as it were. So let’s do that. Now assigned. The food went to 12 by the way, but we only have 9 people here so they can afford not to. But like I say, the the food requirements are actually automatic. If there are people and the food needs attention, they will be automatically assigned.

So that’s it for County Crossing. I’ve taken away the recruitment beacon and they’ve got, I think, enough defence. They’ve got water 6, food 15. That’s 21, we’ve got defence 25. That’s actually OK. Ff the if the defence is equal to the food plus the water then you doing all right. I could in theory put some more turrets in but I’ll leave that for the time being. So I’m going to head up now to Greentop Nursery, which you can see is just up this road. So I’ll see you in a fairly short while. We’re here are Greentop Nursery, now. Walked up the road. Actually met one of the settlers from County Crossing who we signed up here! We met her on the way up here.

They just walk up the road. I’m not sure if that’s her there, but anyway. We’ve spoken to the woman who runs… that’s the one we had down in County Crossing and she’s a little bit suspicious of synths, as our lot of the commonwealth folk. Anyway, we’ve spoken to the lady of the house, who’s now disappeared. And she says her husband’s been kidnapped. I don’t know if you remember, many episodes ago now, we had to rescue someone – a settler – from a Super Mutant hang out in East Boston. It turns out to be the same guy, so she clearly has trouble keeping him under control! We’re going to go and rescue him and the reason I’m showing you this particular rescue is because it’s a fairly tricky situation.

I’ll show you on the map. We’re supposed to go to Breakheart Banks, which is not a million miles away at all. And it’s very heavily infested with Super Mutants of all sorts. And I have found if you just charge in there and start shooting then things can go badly wrong. I’vehad them go OK occasionally, especially when I have come from the river side. For some reason it seems be easier. But I’ll just show you what I find works very well. It’s kind of the sniper approach. If you’re not a sniper person then you might prefer just charging in. I’m going to go into stealth mode and I am going to head down here. Now the difficulty is that at this precise moment we have a lot of mist, which has not been here on previous occasions.

So let me see if I can actually do anything with this. And I can’t. So that’s my strategy shot. So I’m going to have to get a bit closer, because I can’t see anything. Every other time I’ve been here it’s been much clearer. I know there’s a lookout up in this… there he is but I can’t see him, I’ve only got a marker on him.

This isn’t really going to work very well at all. I think I’d better use of slightly different strategy. I’m assuming they can’t see me either. Now there were some frag mines – there’s one there which I may as well pick up and use for to my own benefit. So I’m now been going to lay some frag mines myself, in the hope that they’re not going to see me. OK so what we’re going to do now is just pepper the place with frag mines because they can’t see me [spoke to soon!].

Then we’re going to back up down here and lay some more frag mines. OK, well that kind of works but not awfully well. So this is my strategy really in tatters of this point. This guy on the hill is just keeping low until something more interesting happens, I think. So we’re going to sneak up behind him. And he’s gone. Which is fantastic news. To be honest I’ve never actually tried charging in under this… OK, so there’s somebody still shooting at us somewhere. Oh, it’s this guy, so back to sniping. Wait until he sticks his head out. And then blow it off if we can. Well this is fun! There, he’s gone. I believe that that’s it done, now. So my apologies for the weather conditions, is rather spoiled things. If it’s good sniping weather you can do all that from your little stack of rocks on the edge of the farm there.

I’ll just pick up a few things here and here. I will actually go around and loot the rest of these guys and the meet you back down south. I’ll show you what we’re going to do next. Let’s have a look at the quests again. We haven’t quite rescued this guy yet. I’ll go and do that first. That’s what I’ll do – I’ll go and rescue the man and tell him off for getting kidnapped again! And then we’re going to go and deal with the Concierge, which is down in Cambridge. But Monsignor Plaza, which we actually experienced a long time ago when we do one of our first Railroad quests. We were on the outside of Monsignor Plaza and this time we’re going to go inside and there’s a definite strategy to that as well, which I want to of show you. Because if you go in the advertised entrance you’re in a lot of hot water relative to some of the other ways you can do it. So we’ll go and do that in a minute. I will go and release this guy.

If I’m right in my counting of baddies we shouldn’t have any more trouble here. And this is the same man from the Giddyup toy factory – Atomatoys. So I’m going to give him a real telling-off. He’s just so nonchalant about these things:) Well, I don’t know! And so we’ll escort him back to his his partner or the farm at least. I will go around here and just pick up the various bits and pieces lying around. Nice meat usually at Super Mutant hang outs and I’ll see you back down outside Monsignor Plaza. So I’ll return him to the farm over the road without further ado. See you in a minute. Here we are outside Monsignor Plaza. This the plaza itself and that door there is the one that’s marked on the map as being the entrance.

The other interesting feature here is Ticonderoga. This the safe house that we escorted a synth to a very long time ago now. And you may remember that we actually came to do that we passed around the outside. By the way, these are scorch marks from frag mines that went off, so be careful about those. They don’t seem to like to be disarmed. We came outside Ticonderoga and got attacked by a bunch of raiders in this area and you can see there’s still some evidence of that here. So I think we were coming up from either that direction or this. I don’t recall because it was pitch black. It was a quest that had to be done specifically after 9. So we had people shooting at us from outside here. But we cleared all those out at the time and they’re still cleared out. And you may recall that there was an entrance. And here it is. Now this entrance turns out to be a much better idea than going in the front door. I believe these are all external turrets which are already disabled in that earlier episode, so that’s all we need to do. What we’re going to do is sneak in through here and kind do this again in stealth mode.

Because we’re a little bit higher up in the building. If you go in the main door you’re on the [ground] floor and as soon as you come into the larger part of the plaza – it’s a shopping mall – you have a lot of opportunities to be shot at and or bombed from above. So we’re going to sneak in this way, which is a little bit higher up and gives us a little bit better opportunity of surprise. So here we go. And if we were down on the ground floor, then of course – down there – then all this would be happening to us from two or three levels.

Now again, as I’ve mentioned probably many times by now, the sound effects – the turrets can hear and the people you can hear shouting – are not necessarily on this floor. You may have seen even here there is a little white arrow pointing up – that’s where we want to go. Now if we’d come in the other door we would have to come up this ramp here, so we’re going to circle around and do that. But we’re going to go upstairs first, because that’s where all the excitement is, effectively. I think this one of our adversaries here. I think I’ll just kill him if you don’t mind. There we go. Sneak attack? He had his head in the bloody lift! Oh my:) Now you have to be – oh, there’s the rest of him, argh! You have to be a little bit careful about these lifts sometimes, these elevators, because you tend to think in most small buildings that 2 lifts go to the same place, but often in these games one lift goes one place and the other lift goes another.

So just beware. Now there’s a dead – no there’s a sleeping raider, soon to be dead. Now dead, I’m sorry about that. I don’t really like shooting sleeping people but it’s all you can do. Bobby pins in driers – that was the joke that I was trying to explain to you back in Hardware Town, but when I went to do it there were no bobby pins in any of the driers! That was them just trying to make me look foolish:) Oh look, a Mr. Handy which we can pick up all the scrap from. High tech scrap, usually worth seeking out because you needed for some of the high tech stuff you have to build later on. These terminals give you some interesting back story to the raiders here, but you don’t really have to pursue it.

Now there’s some more folk down here. In fact the guy we want to kill is this guy. And we’ve just done that but he’s not the only threat down this end. So we’ve done what we’re supposed to do. That’s the end of the quest as far as the game is concerned, but we’ll just pick up this various stuff. I don’t think we have anything to cook. I was doing some cooking and so forth that County Crossing just now. And a bit of a sleep there. There is a nice little steamer trunk down here, with assorted things in it. I’ll put the night vision revolver back. Like I say, I’m not really thrilled with the night vision stuff in this game.

Sleep if you want it. Chemistry station. There’s another terminal from Sue who is one of the other raiders here. Now I’m carrying too much. Let me give some of this stuff to Deacon. That floor-based trap we saw just now, by the way, would have gone off if I’d not had the relevant perk for preventing it. It’s one of the stealth perks. I’m not going to take all these cans – just too many cans. They’re useful, they’re steel. We’re getting some rads down here because of these drums of radioactive waste for some reason. This is going take us outside. It’s an expert lock which is a bit tricky. Let’s see how we can manage it.

So I think this is going to be on the outside of the front further along, or maybe over the side. I don’t recall ever using this door before. We”ll find out in a second! Yeah, we’re around the side. So we could still go back in. I will still go back in and finish off a couple of guys remaining and show you a bit of what would happen if you went into the main door. So this the main door. There is a Protectron over here but the deal with him is that he really doesn’t get upstairs very much and most of the threats that you get after you originally come in are from upstairs. Which is why I started or the other end. Here’s a safe -let’s have a go with that. I just noticed the booby trap on the side, which presumably took a shot at us.

There’s a hole there, from the gun up there. Oh, that’s a bit unpleasant – sorry about that! I believe we are still going to come across a couple of raiders down this end. They may have rushed up the other end and I’ve already done them in. It’s hard to tell. Bobby pin boxes, yeah! Always want them:) This is the area that you might enter and get rather badly damaged in. What you need to realise is that you have to go up this ramp to get upstairs without any real exposure. Jets I always pick up, not because I ever use them – I haven’t ever use d them once, actually. But they are quite valuable and very lightweight, so that make an excellent currency. Here’s a cooking station if we wanted one. That’s really pretty much it. So we’ve done Monsignor Plaza. There’s some water back here. I can drink this water now because I’ve got the upgrade to my suit which allows me to consume stuff without picking up rads from it.

So I’ll show you how that works and hopefully you’ll be able to do the same in your game at some point. But not all the suits not all the armours offer you that option. But certainly the X-01 does. We came in that way just now, so let’s not get confused. And we’re now back where we started. So I said we’d do a full circle and we have. Dirty water, I mentioned, is worth picking up because some of the recipes use it. And that’s pretty much it, so we may as well head back outside, take stock of our current situation in the game, pick up a few things from these guys who we shot earlier on, you may recall. We’ll go out the door we came in for which we need to be on the higher level. OK, so here we are back outside. We’ve done Monsignor Plaza. There is now no threat here. I’ll just check our list of stuff to do. We now need to go back to the caretaker.

Now he actually turns out to have been way over at Mercer a safe house which was a Railroad quest I was given a little while ago. So we’ve trekked all the way over to the other side of the commonwealth. Now I’m not sure – I’m certainly not going to make you watch me walk over there – but I’m not sure whether I’m going to walk or just take a Vertibird. We still have all those Vertibird grenades, signal grenades. And so we could fly over there. We’re down here currently, they’re up there. But I do want to visit a few places in between so maybe I will just walk there. I do want to go and see what’s going on at…

Taffington Boathouse. Remember that’s actually got quite a few people and not many beds. So I need to visit that. It’s not exactly on the way though. So I’ll have to decide what to do. But thanks very much for watching. I hope you’ve found it useful and enjoyable. We’re going to be re-joining the main plot, which if you remember – it’s been a while now – is actually finding out what’s happened to Shaun, our son Shaun. And how we get into the Institute, which is where we think Shaun is. And of course. we have got another quest linked in with that from the Railroad which is to go and talk to Dr. Amari: Memory Interrupted. Both of those involve Dr. Amari. I know that from past experience. So that’s what we’ll be doing next time.

But we’ve done pretty well this time. We’re certainly at a nice level in terms of where we are in a game. We’re at level 36, halfway through that. We’re fairly healthy – we’ve got great armour and we’ve got those add-ons and some good ammo and weapons. So it shouldn’t be that tricky. So see you next time. The HardSkull logo will appear in the end of the clip. Click on that if you want to subscribe. But thanks for watching, bye!.

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