Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re just about to finish off this rather long-running, mainline quest called Reunions. If I look at my quest list it is this one and you’ll see that we’re tasked, currently, with discussing our findings with Piper. That follows a rather long history of trying to find out where are our son Shaun has got to, following Dog Meat to locate a guy called Kellogg, who we think is the perpetrator of the kidnap, confronting Kellogg, killing him, et cetera [and so on]. Now we find ourselves knowing that Kellogg has handed over Shaun to the Institute. But knowing nothing about how to locate the Institute or get into the Institute. So that brings us to Piper, who is a reporter who’s been dealing with the Institute for quite a time now. I’ve dismissed my previous companion – that was Deacon. And he’s gone back to Railroad HQ because when it asked me where to send him I just hit Tab to cancel that.

And that always doesn’t cancel (!) the dismissal, that just sends him to his default location. Which is, in this particular case, Railroad HQ. So we’re going to go down here and go in to talk to Piper. that’s actually marked on our compass, down below, you can see. So this door here is highlighted. I will go in, talk to Piper and that will be with Nick Valentine. I will come out with Nick Valentine as my companion and I’ll meet up with you outside Diamond City, just to recap on what’s happening and what we need to do then. And to pick up the next thread of this quest. Going in here and talking to Piper will actually finish the Reunions quest once and for all.

That’s been running for, I don’t know, 10 episodes!? But I’ve been going off to do other things to make sure we have enough resources to be able to carry on with the right equipment. So I’ll see you in just a minute. Welcome back. So here we are outside Diamond City. We’ve had a chat with Piper and with Nick, who’s with me now. And we’ve decided that we need to go and take a bit of Kellogg’s brain that we found, rather bizarrely, up to a memory specialist called Dr Amari. She’s in Good Neighbour, at the Memory Den and I’ll show you where that is on the map. So let me just do that the easy way by going to the new quest. We’d finished Reunions, just by talking to Piper just now. We’ve got a new quest called Dangerous Minds. For that we need to talk to Dr Amari. If I press R on the keyboard that will take me to the location. And location, you can’t really easily tell from this, but it’s Good Neighbour.

In fact, you can’t tell at all from this, but I think it was mentioned in the conversation. It’s not mentioned on the map for some reason. There’s Good Neighbor, there. You can’t tell just looking. Dr Amari’s inside Good Neighbor and that takes a little working out if you’re not used the idea. There was a bit of an altercation earlier with there and some of these bots from the Automatron add-on, the DLC. If you don’t have the DLC installed then you won’t see devices quite like this, but they appear more frequently as you go through the game, whether you’ve actually engaged with the Automatron plot at all, which I haven’t really intended to. They get to be increasing nuisance and I think that you’re motivated to go and deal with it is part of the thinking there.

So we head on up to Good Neighbor. There is just one slightly exciting part of this which I’ll show you and we’ll see if there’s anything exciting happening there now. So the ideas is we make our way to Boston Common, which is really just along here and to the left a bit. There’s a place where there is usually some kind altercation going on a little bit further up here. You’d have an altercation here if you hadn’t killed the people at the Mass Turnpike West [should be East!]. That’s where the raiders there would be in wait for you. But up here there’s usually something and it might even be best to go into…

OK, so these are more Automatron bots, I’m afraid. So like I say, if you haven’t got the DLC you wouldn’t get this particular problem here, but you would get somebody else. You’d get raiders or Super Mutants or raiders and Super Mutants – you can take your pick, really! And most of these Automatron bots that you find in the wild are quite easy to get rid of. I was actually completely wiped out, recently, by a Quantum Swarmbot it was called, I think.

It just took one shot from this thing. I think it was called ‘quantum’ for a reason! It was using quantum physics or something like that [it makes no sense, really!]. This is getting a little bit ugly in here. We’re now into Layton Tower, which I really didn’t intend to do. So I shall just make an escape at this point. They’ve got some nice stuff, though, by the looks of it. A couple of ammo boxes. So let’s just pretend that we haven’t wandered in there. These guys seem to be rather preoccupied, to be honest. So we’ll head on down to Boston Common. I’ll see you when I get closer to Good Neighbor. There’s no reason for you to follow all this. Hardly anything happens on the way. So see you in a minute. we been following the Freedom Trail. You can see it down here to our right and you may remember this spot – we killed a couple of raiders here and there was some mutant dogs over to the left there.

But you can see very clearly now, since we’re looking for it, there’s a huge neon sign here that says ‘Good Neighbor’. So Dr Amari can be found inside Good Neighbor. I will go into Good Neighbor, which is over here to the right and I’ll meet you down in the Memory Den with Dr Amari. So see you in just a few seconds. We need to get into this memory lounger but of course we can’t do that in our power armour. And what you have to remember is that you’re carrying an awful lot of stuff. So if you get out of your power armour you’re going to actually really damage your health by a sitting in this memory lounger for any period of time. What you need to do is find somewhere to put your stuff. Now if you wander around this room there are quite a few possibilities – that desk over there, the filing cabinet, but right here in front of us is a rather unlikely helpful piece of equipment! Problem the best use you’ve had out of a cigarette machine if you’re not a smoker, as I am not! You’re going to store all of your excess gear in this cigarette machine, believe it or.

You could use this toolbox on the floor as well. In fact, I might do that because I much prefer the idea of using a toolbox to a cigarette machine. And by the way, of course, you can see already that Dr Amari has got lots of stuff in here that you are welcome to help itself to, and I’ll be doing that before I leave. But for the time being we want to get into this memory lounger and we want to wander through Kellogg’s memories. So I’m not going to keep you hanging around while that goes on – it’s rather time-consuming. It’s fun to do. The only thing I should mention is that you need to let each episode of Kellogg’s memory play through to completion, otherwise you may find that you don’t actually get to finish that sequence and you may have trouble exiting the memories.

But that’s not a huge problem. I think it’s primarily the final episode, where you end up hanging around wondering what’s going to happen. You just need to sit tight and let it complete on its own. So I’ll go and do that and I’ll meet you on the other side, as Nick just mentioned. See you in a short while. OK, so we now have started the Glowing Sea as a quest and that involves us travelling to the nether reaches of the commonwealth and finding Dr Virgil. I have another quest to talk to Dr Amari about, as it happens. I picked it up for the Railroad. It’s called Memory Interrupted, again to do with the the Memory Den. I’ll just activate that. In fact, it’s to do with H2-22 who’s sitting over there.

I don’t know if you recognise him. He’s the synth that we saved a while back, in the church. So his memory’s been wiped and Dr Amari wants to know when she can get him out of here. The problem that we had, which was mentioned by the Railroad is that one of the main routes out for this synth has been compromised by the Institute. We need to go and clean it up. So we’re going to find out about that from Dr Amari. I’ll meet you upstairs when I’ve talked to Dr Amari. We’re actually go off and do that particular quest in conclusion of this episode, so that we’ve actually got to level 39 in the game.

Because level 39 allows us, finally, to put a silencer on to our main combat rifle, which will make it much more powerful since we have the silent attack perks. So I really want to be able to do that. I will do all that. I’ll meet you upstairs with Nick Valentine in just a short while. Of course I’m going to put my armour back on. I’m going to pick up all the stuff I left behind, plus a lot of stuff that Dr Amari already has lying around here for us. So see you in just a few seconds.

Here we are back upstairs. Dr Amari said that we should pick up a holotape on the table. Unfortunately, she didn’t mean any of the tables downstairs. So you have to kind of look around for it. It happens to be a table up here. It’s around the corner here and it’s a farewell from H2-22, who’s the synth that we rescued, somewhat earlier in the game. I’ll just pick that up and put in my inventory.

Everything in here is marked as steal, so I don’t really want to have a go at stealing, because it sometimes turns out very badly indeed. Here is Nick. He has some interesting things to say… I won’t bother you with these conversations that we always end up having with the companions. They always have a very complicated back story and they want to tell you about it. So it gets lengthy, it’s interesting, but I’m not going to bother… bother you with that now. The main point is we have now a new quest which is called…

It’s a continuation I should say, of Memory Interrupted. We’re supposed to go and eliminate the Gen 1s. They are at… somewhere we’ve already been, which is called the Malden Centre. Now I don’t know if you remember the Malden Center, but it was right next to Medford Memorial Hospital, which was full of Super Mutants and we’ve clear that out. I did kill a couple of Gen 1s hanging around outside the Malden Center. Our task now is to go inside the Malden Center and clear out all the Gen 1s there. So we’re going to do that in just a second. I will meet you outside. We’re going to catch a Vertibird, so in fact I will go outside Good Neighbor, I’ll throw a Vertibird signal grenade and I will meet at the Vertibird, which takes a little bit of time because the Vertibird’s got to get here and find somewhere to land, et cetera.

So I’ll see you in a short while. Here we are in Boston Common. This is the closest place to Good Neighbor that the Vertibird could land. So we just need to jump on board at this point. So we’re heading up to Malden Center, which I always misplace on this map. It is… There we are. That’s Malden Center. We’re going to land in the Medford Memorial Hospital right next to it. So we’ll go and do that. There isn’t usually… anything to shoot at on these flights, but it’s always a nice view of the Commonwealth from up here. So I’ll let you enjoy that for a minute or 2. This is Cambridge over here. I think that’s Ticonderoga safe house and these are some of the areas that we liberated from Super Mutants. Somebody is shooting at this, but we rarely get to see who it actually is. Now we’re on the north side of the Charles. This is West Everett Estates. This was heavily inundated with Super Mutants.

So this is the hospital that we liberated from Super Mutants, on two occasions. We killed the Super Mutants on the outside a while back and then we went in and took out all the Super Mutants on the inside. You might recall that in the process of doing that we had to shoot a couple of synths standing out front here. This is actually the Malden Center. And this is where we’re going in. We’re going to be met – we’re supposed to be surprise by this – we will be surprised by this. But I have done this before… by Glory from the Railroad. Well, competition! Now the last time I did this Glory got stuck halfway around the site and I never saw her again until we finished. But hopefully that won’t happen this time. I’m going to go in slightly in stealth mode. I’m not sure how much it helps but I have, of course, slightly improved damage when I’m shooting stealthily…

If you see what I mean – there were synths there and they are no more. I’m not going pick up stuff just now. I will quickly rush down the stairs and will come back and pick up. There’s tons of good stuff in here but I don’t want to bore you with the picking up. So I’ll come back and do that in a minute. Now quite a few synths… There is, I think, still a synth down in that doorway. But he’s not making himself known.

This is a nice hidey-hole. I think I might just throw a grenade in there because I’m a bit suspicious. Now I’m not sure whether he’s where I think he is. Let’s find out. OK, so that was that guy. This place was occupied by raiders and the Gen 1s, of course, have come in to clear it out. Come on guys, we’ve got places to go! OK, so happily I haven’t actually taken any damage yet, according to the damage-ometer down there. What is going on is that the raiders who are already occupying this site are now being chased out by the Gen 1s. I don’t know if we’re actually hearing a synth from this floor. It may be the floor beneath.

So, lots of stuff to pick up, lots of stuff there to pick up, lots of stuff all around to pick up in here. But I won’t bother with that just now. We’ll get straight down to the action. For all their sensors, they’re not really all that bright, these guys. Down here is a slightly short-cut way to a few more synths and related. I don’t quite know why this machine gun turret has given up the ghost already, but it has. He wasn’t really up to much either. OK, so again, more stuff down here. There’s a little sort of shack-y thing there. And I will come back and clear all of this stuff up. The main action is downstairs. We have to get there. We’ll find, if you look you may have just noticed there are some markers floating around on the floor. If you look at my compass, there are quite a few markers as well.

That’s all downstairs, which is a bit confusing. I’ll just get rid of that frag mine while I think about it, because otherwise it might surprise me later. What I found before is that if you don’t get Glory to come into the lift with you then she sometimes gets stuck. There she is – what a good girl this time:) Last time I did the whole thing myself from this and found Glory still waiting for the lift up here. Which was a bit disappointing, to say the least. OK, so those guys are gone now. See what I mean about this stealth perk stuff, because it’s really easy to basically kill stuff with it. Lots of stuff to pick up here including, by the way, let me point out to you a fusion core there.

There are actually, I think, 4 fusion cores in an ammo bin around here as well. Certainly that’s been my experience in previous runs through. So I’m going to shift up to some heavier grade weaponry and I also want to make sure I’m using sensible grenades because I want to throw a few when I get through the door here. These will be the synths trying to take out the raiders.

We actually want to let them do this to a certain extent, because it’s less for us to kill. Let’s throw a few were grenades around and then retire. Helter Skelter was the main man, so if we’ve done him, and it looks like we have, then well done us! The pleasure was mine:) Yeah! So that went well. We’re now finished with clearing out this site. So let’s have a look at the quests. It’s called Memory Interrupted and now we need only to report back to Desdemona. So there are few things to do, obviously. I’ve been running around not picking up stuff, or trying hard not to pick up stuff. I need to go and do that. I also want, now that we are up to level 39, which I believe is the case…

Yeah, we are – level 39. I can now finally upgrade to… Let me show you… The Gun Nut perk. You’ll notice if you look at the top there, it says ‘requires level 39’. So I’m going to go ahead and get that an confirm it. That means now that I’m at level 4 with the gun nut perk, so I can fit a silencer to this rifle I’m holding and that’ll make it much more powerful given all the other perks I’ve got.

So that’s what I wanted to do before we go on the main quest down to the Glowing Sea. So I will go around and pick everything up here and go back upstairs and there’s a little bit more to be done. Actually, everybody’s dead but there’s a little bit more through this room is well, and around the back here. So there’s lots of fun and I will have, probably, a nap here as well. There’s a cooking station, so I’ll cook up the not-much food that I found – whatever I’ve got. And there’s a weapons station here so I can do everything I need to do in preparation for the completion of the next phase of the main quest. Which is the one down to the Glowing Sea, as I mentioned, to find Virgil and the way into the Institute. Thanks very much for watching. I hope you found it useful and enjoyable. If you have lookout for the HardSkull logo towards the end of the clip and click on that are subscribe.

Or subscribe any other way you like. See you next time. Bye!.

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