Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re currently standing outside Bunker Hill. There is an establishment over there in the left-hand corner that will rent you a room. He’s only got one room to rent and he’ll do it for 10 caps. But the one thing I should mention is that you should go up and check that the room is empty before you pay him the 10 caps. Because I have actually paid for a room and then discovered I couldn’t use it. Where did Nick Valentine… Nick tends to, like a lot of the companions, waffle when he’s got nothing much better to do. The reason we’re here is that we’re in the final throes of the Act 2.

One of the very important parts of that is to find out people get in and out – people and synths – get in and out of the Institute. So we have over here CIT ruins and we have in our quest list the quest called Hunter/Hunted which is to travel to CIT and we’re meant to actually kill somebody or something called a courser. So there’s the instruction – “Virgil has instructed me to travel to the old CIT ruins and see if I can pick up a signal from a Courser using the Pip-Boy”. And that these coursers, not cursors, coursers – are the very human-looking, modern-generation synths. And they’re actually assassins. They go around tracking down missing synths and that kind of thing. But we’re going to be doing two things; that’s the reason that we’re here in Bunker Hill.

We’re also going to looking into Nick’s rather wide-ranging quest called Long Time Coming. Nick Valentine, as you probably recall, he’s a synth and in fact he is loaded with the memories of a guy called Nick Valentine. And he’s trying to find out about Nick Valentine’s last case, which was to do with this guy called Eddie Winter. Now the main thing with the Eddy Winter quest is that you need to find all 10 of Eddie Winter’s holotapes, or the holotapes held – usually by the police – about Eddie Winter. So far I found 2 of those. If we have a look at the map you’ll see that there are obviously 8 more locations to visit. So it’s good to actually enable that on your quest list and then visit these places as you wandering around the Commonwealth for other reasons.

So the one we’re going to do that’s nearest us is this one at BADTFL. I’ve been referring to it as BAD-T-F-L because you can pronounce the first half of it, but I’ve discovered from a holotape that they pronounce it BADTFL. But you’ll see there’s CIT ruins as I mentioned before and that’s enabled now and you should come across other locations to do with Eddie Winter, but in fact at the moment it looks like I’ve actually got to do that one before I can do anything else. There we go – there’s one over there – in Nahant, which is a real challenge because we haven’t been to Nahant yet and this causeway is patrolled by sentry bots and others. So this gets quite fun. When I’ve done this in the past I’ve simply swum across here, as it were – walk across the bottom.

But you even then can’t get up onto the causeway without getting seriously shot at. So that’ll be interesting. I’m not going to do that this time. What we’re going to this time, from a central location here, at Bunker Hill, we’re going to up to BADTFL and were going to a find the Eddie Winter holotapes and we’re finally going to clear out BADTFL, because we’ve not been inside yet. We killed the couple of raiders who were outside a while back and that that’s remained the current state for quite some time. We’re going to go in there and do that. Then we’re going to come down here and find and kill the courser.

So, a pretty well-rounded episode. I’ll meet you outside BADTFL in just a few seconds. It’s just down this way, but are you don’t need to watch me walking there! See you in a bit. So here we are outside BADTFL headquarters. We’re going to just pop in here. I’m going to do it somewhat stealthily. There’s a definite knack to this – you’ll notice when we go in that there’s a a right turn available to us and we should definitely take that, in my experience. But we’ll see all that in just a second. OK, so if you go through this way, regrettably, where I’m aiming, you run straight into a rather vicious turret. So what we’re going to do before that is come around the corner here.

I’m going to come around and do all the goodies later, so I won’t bother you with that. Come in here… These guys are not awfully observant. That’s actually more noise than they usually make. We can hear the turret in the next room, but that is in the next room so we needn’t panic about that. There are lots of nice things in these cabinets. I’ll come back and deal with those in a minute. I going to see if I can persuade old Nick here to hack this terminal. He has so far refused to do that. Yeah, for some reason – maybe it’s because he’s limited… I can send him there but I can’t get him to hack it. I will have to hack it myself. It’s is a bit of a pain because it’s an expert [hack], but let’s have a go. Gangster, likeness = 1, which is really unhelpful because you don’t really know what you’re doing when that happens. Let’s try tracking. Nothing. Well that’s actually useful because now we know what we don’t want.

So we don’t want and anything beginning with T or ending in G and anything in between. Surround would be no good because the N is the same as in tracking. Feverish, are looking at tracking, there is an I in the same place. ING – ISH, so we don’t want that. Modified is in the same boat – I 3 letters from the end. Boneyard, lovely word – don’t hear that much these days.

This is me thinking, by the way! I think boneyard could be good. It’s very unlike tracking, I don’t see any similarities there. Whoa! I love it when it works:) So we’re going to unleash the Protectron. We don’t really need to, but it’s fun that way. And so off he goes. Tab back of this and just wait for the excitement. Oh, he’s going to go the long way around.

He might get shot up by the turret if he’s not careful. Through here is actually where we want to be and there’s typically 1 or 2 raiders in here. They sometimes come down here. OK, since we’re actually not really doing much on the stealth front, we may as well just get the shotgun out. Oh dear, it suddenly got a bit violent. Here is the Eddie Winter holotape. Let’s take that. You can play it later if you like but basically these are all things to do with the guy called Eddie Winter who was a pretty notorious rogue at the time.

I’ve got to break into this was well. I wonder if Nick would do this form me. Ah, it’s not very hard! No, these are all prisoner records. We don’t actually need these. There are usually a few more up in the next room And in fact we can see a marker to do with something, but we don’t know what. to another OK, so they’re all dead now. So I think that’s about it. So this is the BADTFL evidence terminal and I think it has something more to say. Yah, there’s the Eddie Winter holotape log. This may be the one we just picked up. I’m not entirely sure. And there’s an informant log as well. And you can go through the rest of these but they’re not really particularly relevant. You’ll notice, by the way, that when we did look at the first one it did update our map. So let’s have a quick look at the map and see if we can spot what’s going on here. There we go. We need to go to police precinct number 8.

These things are spread all around the Boston area. That’s the main thing. Now you may have noticed that this chap here or chapette – can’t tell. Was trying to break into this room, so we will simply pick this. Now we’ve got a Guns and Bullets. those are always nice to have. “Ballistic weapons permanently do +5% critical damage” I think the Protectron is fighting with the turret, as I predicted! Now this is another novice terminal, so let’s hope it’s as easy to get into as the others. Much is no good so tile is totally different and it’s no good either. So now we’re going to have to start choosing. Call has an L in the same place as tile. Real could work, it’s not like either of the other 2. Let’s have a go with real. Yeah! So here we could turn off the turret although it’s a bit late now for the Protectron! Oh, poor thing.

If you get the Protectron shot up, you get to have their scrap, which is nice – not for the Protectron obviously:) So this saves us having to break a bobby pin in lock behind us. So we’ve unlock this safe back here. There’s a really nice cell, full of all kinds of goodies. There’s an evidence locker key and some ammo. So I think really all that’s left now is to go and show you the wonderful, wonderful collection… It’s really wonderful in here because they’ve got a safe and there’s a duffel bag full of stuff. There’s lots of drugs. There’s a fat man if you can be bothered to carry around. I’ll play this holotape – it’s quite interesting, this one.

OK, so what that’s telling us is that the whole investigation by Nick into Eddie Winters was a set up. It was a front, that Eddie Winters was an informant and he was trying to implicate all the other gang members around here. I don’t remember who Jenny is, I think it might have been Nick’s wife and I think she may have been killed and we now understand how nick Valentine comes to be living inside of the head of a synth. That he went to CIT and had his brain scanned.

So that’s the Nick Valentine back story pretty neatly wrapped up there, but we still have another 8 holotapes to find and we’re still going to have a little chat with Eddie Winter, I can tell you. Which may come as a bit of a surprise if you’ve not played the game before but it will happen. At this stage I will leave you until I clear out that the rest of these officers and pick up all the nice stuff is lying around and I’ll meet you outside the CIT ruins, which is the next stop on our trip this episode. So see you in a short while. We’re coming up on the CIT ruins. This is where we are following the marker in my compass. There was a mattress we just walked over, by the way, if you need rest. This is one of the few places in the game where you have to go to the spot that they indicate on the map or it won’t work. So here we are there’s the spot on the map or right there and we’re being congratulated for travelling to CIT and being told that we need to follow the courser signal.

So here we are, switching that on having pressed O to get into the radio. Now the really annoying thing is that you have to go back, if you’ve come from the direction we’ve just come in. You have to go back the way that we’ve just come. So it’s a lot of extra walking:) By the way it was a fairly straightforward journey from BADTFL down to here because we killed a lot of mutants and raiders much earlier in the game. You might remember that we cleared out this area quite a few episodes back.

That doesn’t mean to say if he won’t come across any challenges but it is pretty straightforward. There is typically a mine around here – a frag mine – but it’s not there now, so that’s OK. Now we’re just supposed to be following the strength of this signal. There is a slightly misleading custom marker on my compass – that hollow box. I’ll get rid of that, in fact. It’s just in the way. We want to keep going in the direction that gets that courser signal strength up. And there is no direction indicator in the maps. You just have to keep wandering around until it improves. I believe, yes, this tall green building is the one we want. And when we get to the door we should actually find ourselves pretty much at 100% – 99.08%.

And it tells us we need to go in and kill the courser. Easier said than done:) Plus, this place is teeming with gunners, who are slightly challenging to kill. Happily, they’re being killed by the coarser too. So it’s all a bit of a mess. I’m going to turn off the annoying radio sound. We don’t need it any more. We’re OK just to charge in here, there’s nothing immediately on the other side. And again, they give you a kind of false sense of security! I’m going to duck down just to prevent myself getting shot at too much and I will resist picking up stuff as I’m going around. I’ll come through here and pick it all up at the end. One of the reasons for doing at this time is that there’s a lot of stuff to pick up in my experience. So you might actually find you have to take some Buffout, as well as anything else you can lay your hands on, to increase your carrying weight. Then whizz around and pick up all the stuff at the end and rush out to the nearest settlement. Because, of course, Buffout doesn’t last all that long in survival mode.

Grilled Radstag does but you need everything you can lay your hands-on for this. This is where things start to get fairly interesting, as they say. You see that red wire? That actually is to the turrets and if you follow it down it comes to a nice terminal down here. And we can just turn off those turrets. Nick stayed up there That’s one of the higher turrets that you cannot deactivate from this terminal. That one, I think, is deactivated. So there’s no point in worrying about it. It does mean you can’t pick up it’s scrap if it’s not activated. There isn’t anything to do in here. Nothing to do really other than scavenge, at this point.

Can’t go that way. And there will be some chaps waiting for us through here. Cared likeness = 0. Relic bears no resemblance to cared, so let’s give that a quick go. That’s 0 as well. So jokes doesn’t work as it’s got the same E as cared. Wears doesn’t work as it’s got the same E as relic. Ranks starts with an R like relic does and that didn’t work.

Spies has got an E. Crash. Crash is looking good… No, it starts with a C – how foolish of me! Hole. WH, what am I talking about? Yah, that could work. That could be our guy. No, so we’ve got another one that we shouldn’t use. Lists, LISTS. This will be our last chance for this one LISTS… looks good to me. Yeah! So we turned off more of these…

Oh, got him! I was about to say I think the handrail was in the way there. You can see the handrail, but I did get him in the end. I don’t know if you noticed but I believe that there was actually a cryo mine there and I didn’t set that off because I’ve got the perk, now, that lets me not sell off folks’ frag mines. I think that’s a perk well- purchased. The important thing about eating stuff when it says you should is that you will lose performance if you do not.

So I’ve got some dog meat, I’ve got some hound chops – that is probably better. No, Mutt Chops. I needed four of them. I’m just going to check my health – K and Q. I’m doing OK. I’ve got some adrenaline shooting people and also from the caffeine. The caffeine is helping me out here. That door needs unlocking, which means it probably isn’t the way to go. And this is. Various things happen up here. So I’m going to arm myself with a shotgun. And a Molotov cocktail. Something bad has already happened here. OK, well that was a good choice of weapons! If you don’t mind my saying so:) Even though I say so myself… So that’s where we just came up, by the way, so it’s a little bit confusing. We’ve just circled around. We are going to be using the shotgun a bit later, on our courser. It turns out to be probably the best weapon we have in this respect. More big red wires. I like it they make them so big.

It makes them easier to spot! So we’ll turn off some more turrets. Slips. I’m in. I forgot those guys would be there. They’re usually a bit further down this way when I’ve played it before. At least that’s my excuse:) OK so were getting towards… This is a trap of some sort. They’re nice to pick up – you get fibre optics and crystal, both of which are a bit rare. I’ve never known one of these grenade bouquets to go off, to be honest. Somebody you can see is hiding behind that cabinet. I could just throw a grenade and hope that it has some effect. He’s not feeling very well now. There is something you can do here is well bit I think it’s exactly the same as the terminal we just visited. now there is more than the one She’s not feeling very well I think, but I don’t know where she’s gone. There she is. She’s dead OK so just top up the health a bit. You definitely want to be up to full health when you meet up with the courser. There’s a turret there, which were already turned off.

That’s just where we’ve come from so nothing really exciting either. When we get up to killing the courser, there are a bunch of gunners in the same room. You almost can’t avoid killing all the gunners at the same time. But since they’re sort of our sworn enemies and have also abducted the person that the courser’s after then you can’t feel too sorry for them. Here you need master unlocking ability and I vast Nick to try to unlock this and he won’t [he did manage it later]. So we’re now heading towards our courser and I’m going to arm some Molotov’s. Not quite yet. I wanted to take a psycho before I went in there and I forgot all about it! There. We haven’t killed them this time. That’s fantastic news – I’m so pleased. What are these guys doing? He’s alive, he’s a bit dead but I didn’t kill him! Anyway, lets get the stuff we need off of Mr Courser here, which is the chip, as you may recall.

Yeah, so that was what we were sent here to get. Everything else is a bonus. Stealth Boys I don’t bother with, Courser Uniforms, well I’m not that fond of dressing up in leather, but never mind:) Let’s go and speak to our abductee, here. OK. So this is obviously the toolbox and there’s the password plus some Med-X, duct tape and screwdriver, yeah. So we now come over here We do need to turn the elevator on. I will do that while I’m in here, it’s not a big deal.

Just Tab back one and open the door. So we have a quick word with her again, if she’ll stand still – she won’t! Oh, there she is. That’s really it for this particular episode. If we look at our quests list we will find that the one we just finished as in the finished list, ha ha:) How about that? So “Recover Course Chip”. We’ve got a new quest though, which is the one at the top now. And that is “Have the Courser Chip Analysed”. If you press R to find out where that is you’ll discover that it’s at the Railroad HQ. I don’t, to be honest, know what happens if you’re not already in cahoots with the Railroad when you get this far. I’ve always been tied up with everyone on the basis that anybody who could help me find my son is worth getting to know. And so am I am already in with the Railroad. I don’t have to find them, I’ve found them already. I don’t quite know what happens in the game if they’re not available to you.

Whether you’ve got to discover them or whether you’re sent somewhere else. But that’s what we’ve got to do next and we’re now really very close to the end of Act 2. The end being when we set foot in the the Institute. We get the courser chip analysed and we have to do some stuff to find out how to take advantage of that information. And then we need to proceed from there. So not long now. There may be a few side-quests along the way as well, just to keep the experience points and perks going up. But her we should be finished probably with Act 2 within the next 2-3 episodes, is my guess from this point. So I’ll leave it there. There are lots of things to pick up. There’s a roof door, as well, but there’s I think, just a bunch of missiles out there.

If you’re collecting missiles. I find them far too heavy as you already know. The lift or the elevator that we powered is right behind Nick here. There are numerous, numerous rooms to go back to and raid. So it’s going to probably take me 15-20 minutes to go around this place and pick everything up. Also, with any luck I might have enough – let me just have a quick look at my status – K for status. I’m almost at the end of level 41. I guess I’m probably not going to make it to level 42 while I’m in here.

So I probably won’t be able to hack into that that door in the centre we saw just a few minutes ago [try Nick, again though!] We could also come back. It sometimes really makes no odds. You go to all this trouble and discover 2 packs of Rad-X or something like that! So I’m not too bothered about that. Thanks very much for watching. I hope you found this useful and enjoyable. The HardSkull logo will come creeping onto our screens very shortly. Click on that if you’d like to subscribe or subscribe any other way you like. I hope to see you next time. Bye!.

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