Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. This is our 25th episode for Fallout 4 Survival Mode and you might recognize this site. It is Boston Airport. So that’s Boston over there. The Prydwen, the airship for the Brotherhood of Steel is up there and it’s a lovely, sunny morning at least. This is our 25th episode for Fallout 4 and it’s going to be the end of Act 2. Act 2 finishes, at least in my view, when we get into the Institute. We’re not going to actually set foot in the Institute in this episode but we’re going to be milliseconds away from doing that at the completion of this particular quest. Now where we are as far as quests are concerned is that we are currently doing the Molecular Level. What happened in the last episode, you might recall, is that we went over to the CIT ruins, we tracked down a courser.

We killed him and took his chip. His chip is what allows him to get in and out of the Institute using teleportation. We’ve taken that chip to the Railroad and they decoded for us. We were able to take that information back to Virgil, out in the Glowing Sea. So we’ve been doing a lot of hopping around. We’re currently here, the Railroad is there, of course. And Virgil is way down here in his Rocky Cave. I actually cheated a bit – I did that by flying in the Vertibirds using the Brotherhood of Steel Vertibirds.

If you’re not in cahoots with the Brotherhood of Steel or if you’ve fallen out with for some reason… I noticed that Nick Valentine is prone to shooting at them when he gets a chance, but I don’t know that that actually puts you in their bad books. Anyway, flew out there with the information from the courser chip, flew back and we now have this choice that we saw in the Molecular Level. And that is we’ve got to get help to build a signal [interceptor[ and we have three ways of doing that. We can talk to the Railroad, we can talk to the Minutemen or we could talk to the Brotherhood.

These are all mutually exclusive – that is to say you need to choose one of those. Now the thing is I’m not really that fond of the Brotherhood as an organization! So although I’m happy to use their Vertibirds I think that’s as far as I want to go with that. I have actually tried all three of these options, just recently. Talking to the Railroad is not a problem except that the way that they want you to build this teleportation device, which is what you have to do, is to use the Mercer Safehouse. Now the Mercer Safehouse is something that is assigned randomly, so when you were given the quest to liberate the Mercer Safehouse, it could have been one of any number of different settlements. In our case it was one way over on the other side of the Commonwealth – the Sunshine Tidings Co-op in fact. You’ll see that says Mercer Safehouse. Now that in itself wouldn’t necessarily be a problem.

We could just fly over there, but what happens is that you have to do this in at least a couple of stages and Tinker Tom, the tech guy with the Railroad, doesn’t come with you. So he stays back here so you have to go over there, build something, come back and return to Tinker Tom. So report back to Tinker Tom. So that’s really just, frankly, a pain. I don’t like the Brotherhood of Steel, I don’t like all the walking or flying involved for the Railroad so that really does leave me with the Minutemen. And I’m happy to do it with the Minutemen. They will have me build – well you can build it probably at any settlement, I suspect. But the easiest place is, because we’ve got a lot of space there, is to go way back up to Sanctuary. But at least the technical guy there – Sturges is his name – is already there and so you don’t have to go traipsing all over the Commonwealth to talk to him.

Now that reason for me being where I am currently in the airport is that all this flying has cost me in Vertibird grenades, OK, so there’s a Vertibird signal grenade list of only four grenades left and you can’t use the Vertibirds once you’ve upset the Brotherhood of Steel. Which I’m not planning to do in the near future, but I do have a fair bit of flying to do and I don’t really want to be cutting it by the skin of my teeth.

So what I’m planning to do in just a minute is to fly up to the Prydwen, loot it for as much aluminium as I can find, aluminum in US English, because we are a bit tight on that to be honest. When you try to build this teleportation device you find that you might be a little bit close on the aluminium. I have… doesn’t this shadow move rather strangely while I’m standing here? I think I’m just going to stand over here and wait until it reaches me. So we’re a bit short of aluminum. Now there are quite a few different ways of addressing this. One would be to just go and buy some. You have to know where to do that. It turns out that the gun merchant in Diamond City has got a supply of aluminium that we could trade with him for and you can do that with just all the drugs you’ve collected. You don’t need to actually spend any caps on it and that perhaps is the easiest way. What I did on the way over here was that I stopped in Robco Sales and Service.

They had an aluminium canister and a couple of cans lying around. When I go up to the Prydwen I know that there are a few things lying around up there that I haven’t picked up, including by the way a few fusion cores. Not the cells – the cells are cheap and easy, but the fusion cores. So if you check all the lockers up there you’ll find I think I found 4 when I was going through it again.

And of course the sort of things that were looking for, for the aluminium, are TV dinner trays are good, aluminium cans are good. I’m just going to check my health before I set off. I’m suffering a little bit of weakness. I think I might have a herbal remedy for that, so let me just quickly pop that, if I do. Yes. Yeah. So I’m just going to head up to the Prydwen and I’m going to do this looting and I’m going to buy some more Vertibird grenades.

If I wish to, I could go to Elder Maxson and say I have found the way into the Institute and I’d like the Brotherhood of Steel to help me build this teleporter. And it wouldn’t really be any different to start with, except that they want you to find an ex-Brotherhood scientist who they think is working for the Institute. Because of course the Brotherhood and the Institute are sworn enemies, so we have to be careful about that. So I’m going to go up and deal with this. You’ll notice that Nick Valentine is not with me. I had to dismiss him earlier. He is also a sworn enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel and on the one occasion I did try to take him up there I was invited to send him somewhere else just before we arrived and everyone on the airship started shooting at him.

So that was a bit unpleasant for old Nick. He’s back at his detective agency in Diamond City. So I’ll meet you back on the ground once I’ve done this. I’m actually going to be heading over towards Hangman’s Alley, which is where Preston Garvey is. Preston Garvey, of course, being the main man for the Minutemen. So if I want to get the Minutemen to help me to build this thing I’ve got to speak to him.

So I will probably see you in Hangman’s Alley in just a short while. Here we are coming up to Diamond City Market. We have to land outside, obviously. No space in here. Also the game won’t let you choose Diamond City or the Market as a destination. You have to choose Fen Street Sewers, which is the nearest external location. The reason for that of course is that we are quite close to Hangman’s Alley here. Plus I can go into the market and buy some more aluminium/aluminum which I’ve decided I need to do. I just don’t really have enough. I’d rather get that out of the way. That’s cricket. She’s a card. She’s got some good stuff, I think. [I say chems but in fact its guns, armour and ammo.] So I’m just going to pop inside here and visit the gun guy, Arturo, I think. And of course you have to visit him during shopping hours. There is another merchant here who has a 24-hour service but she doesn’t have aluminum.

Here he is. If you’ve got some grape Mentats you would take them before you do this, because that will reduce your costs quite a bit. But I’m hoping I’m going to be able to exchange him some stuff. I mean I’ve got almost 12,000 caps and I’ve got no particular use for them, but it’s just the principle of the thing! So there’s a shipment of 50 aluminium/aluminum that will be more than enough. So I will buy that and now we have got more aluminium/aluminium than we can shake a stick at. By the way these are the sorts of things you’re after and you might be able, especially if you’ve invested in perks for pickpocketing or stealing, you may well be able to pick those up without anybody minding but on the one occasion I decided to have a go I was able to pick up 2 and when I picked up the 3rd one, all hell broke loose.

I had the everybody in the whole of diamond city shooting at me, including the people on the outside and I died. So I don’t think that’s such a good idea. We are here again. I don’t know what that is in the distance – it looks like a Super mutant to me… He’s not terrible interested. I’m not going to chase after him. Where we are, of course, is just around the corner from Hangman’s Alley and that’s marked as “Talk to the Minutemen”. And the reason for that of course is because Preston is there. So I’m going to nip around there and you’ll join us when I’m just about to open my conversation with Preston. So I’ll see you in a few seconds.

The alternative would be just to move him to… Sanctuary Hills, but in fact it’s good having two rifles on the way. I did get a lot more signal grenades, by the way – down here, I just used 1 so I’ve got 9 left. Which is probably all I need for the rest of the game. Which is perhaps just as well. I also, by the way, got rid of all my technical documents I gave them to Proctor… I can’t remember which Proctor it is. The proctor who collects technical documents! [It’s Proctor Quinlan!] And he gave me 25 caps each, he gave me something like 1,000 – 1,200 caps altogether. By the way there are some technical documents in the lockers in the Prydwen itself, so if he was a little more astute he could have rushed around and picked them up himself. So what I’m going to do, I just said I wanted to trade some stuff with Preston here.

In reality what I want to do is give him a better rifle because his laser musket drives me crazy. So I have got an improved focused boosted fiery laser rifle! And I’m going to give a bunch of ammo for it, as well. Of which I’ve got a fair amount. I’m not tending to use the lasers very much. I’m using mostly my pistol since it performs so well. I’ll give him 100 of these. Hopefully he won’t use them all. By the way you may notice that I do not give my companions grenades any more. I was at a point, earlier on in the game, but they just do such stupid things with them – usually involving my death! So I stopped doing that.

Then I’m going to make the nice rifle the current one for Preston by equipping it – pressing T. So that’s us ready. I’ll leave his hat on, he can wear that if he likes:) And what we’re going to do now is head on up to Sanctuary Hills, way up her. I think for that we actually are going to fly. So let’s pop out here. The nearest location I found for flying is back up this way. I just saw a little brawl out here. I’ hoping there’s not going to be a fresh one, but there might be by the sounds of it. There’s always something happening around here. But this is the closest location a Vertibird can manage. Who have we got now? Let’s have a look. That’s a Brotherhood Knight and I don’t know what he’s fighting but I’ll just throw the grenade and see what happens. I don’t know what these guys are shooting at.

That’s a poor provisioner, they always get up in the end. Usually get up in the end? So we’re waiting for the Vertibird. I could just see what’s going on down here and give assistance if needed. It sounds like Super mutants. Super mutants are ridiculously easy to kill, given their size and armour. So, we need to get up to Sanctuary Hills. Now from here you actually can see this rut here and up this way, that is the alien spaceship. You can see the alien spaceship there, in fact. And so you find the alien in a cave over in these rocks, I think it is. Yes, it is. It’s in these rocks. And you get the Alien Blaster, which I didn’t find terribly impressive and only takes, as far as I’m aware, it only takes Alien Blaster ammo, which is not available anywhere else in the game. So I just put it in one of the settlement draws. This is the… is it Graygardens? Yeah, Graygarden.

And this route you’ll recognize as one that we walked up and down many times – along the railway line, there, in the earlier part of the game. I’ll fast forward this and meet you in Sanctuary Hills. OK, so here we are. And the instructions are to talk to Sturges. That will be what the marker on the map is for and it says go this-away. Sturges is forever banging on walls with a hammer, my experience. I don’t know what he’ll be doing when we find him on this occasion. Is he banging on an inside wall or an outside wall? Oh, he’s just standing – nice -relaxing. OK, and quite conveniently there is one of those exactly right here. This is the spot. In fact we make quite a few of these by just scrapping the buildings that were around. But we should now, because we’ve been doing a lot of looting, we should now have all the ingredients for making this.

If you haven’t been doing a lot of looting then you will discover at this stage that you’re going to have to visit primarily hospitals and a few, perhaps, military installations to get the rest of the stuff. We’re going to go to workshop mode and we’re going to find in Special – don’t be confused by the Artillery Piece from the Castle – you need to go into Special and then go to the right and you’ll find the stabilized reflector platform. And that wants to be in the middle of things here. We don’t need more than one, so that’s that. And now we go back and talk to Sturges again. I’m going to come out of build mode. I sure did. You may have noticed, whilst he was talking to us, quite a few little things went past. So all this stuff here – search military sites, search telecom sites, search hospitals – those are all things that you might have had to do if you hadn’t already done it. But we’ve done plenty of that so we’ve got all the bits we need.

So we now go back to the same place. And we don’t want to build an artillery piece. This thing plugs on top of that thing. This thing is the control mechanism and I’m going to put that over here. And we have one more piece which is the relay dish. I have no idea which direction it needs to aim but it doesn’t really matter. So let’s put that there. And now we’re going to find out how much power we need. So that says 5 on that one, that says 20, that doesn’t say and that says nothing at all. We need 25 so we need 30. Now the thing is – and this happened to me earlier in the Castle – if you remember. That sometimes you find you haven’t actually got the materials for building a really large generator but you can build some smaller ones which come to the same amount.

So let’s see what we’ve got. He suggested a nuclear reactor, which frankly is a little bit of overkill, plus you know – think of the clean-up costs! Nuclear fusion, actually. I need to be [Science] level 4 for that and it uses all kinds of expensive materials I’d really rather not to chew up. So I don’t have that particular perk – level 4 science – I have level 3 but it’s not really worth worrying about. I’m going to go instead I could go for a very large number of windmills! I still wouldn’t quite make it – you’ll see that I could build 8 windmills and they each produce 3 whatever-it-is.

Kilowatts? And that wouldn’t do it. But what will do it is 3 of these and I can build 7 of those if I wanted. Or notice, by the way, that I could build almost 50 of these and that would give me MW, I believe [WRONG – 250 KW!]. Whereas here I can only get 70 KW with the large ones. So there’s something screwy with the arithmetic, but we’re not in this with the arithmetic. So I could build six of these and that would do it, but that obviously would be a bit painful so I’m just going to build 3 of these guys. And I discovered you don’t really need a pylon. You can just hit the space key, wire that one to this one, wire this one to that one, wire that one to this thing to this thing.

And wire this thing, I think to this thing! So as long as we don’t catch our heads on this piece of wiring we’re all set. And so that’s it. That’s where I’m going to leave it this particular episode. This really is the end of Act 2. We are absolutely confident that by stepping on this platform we’re going to be transported to the Institute And you’ll have to tune in next time to see what happens! So thanks very much for watching. I’ll just give you a lovely panoramic view of this whole thing and even step out of my armour so you can take it in its full glory:) So there we are. Hope you’ve enjoyed that and found it useful. Join us next time for the beginning of Act 3. Thanks for watching. Bye!.

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