Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. And also welcome to our first episode of Act 3. We’re going to be setting foot in the Institute in just a minute or so. This is really where I left you at the end of the Act 2. We built this rather elaborate teleportation device here in Sanctuary. We needed all of the resources of our settlement to do that. We still have Preston Garvey wandering around. He’s kind of looking at this a little bit… ‘gone out’ is a British expression meaning oddly. We’re going to hop up here and then attempt to enter the Institute. So let’s… OK, so here’s hope’n! He doesn’t!? Here we are! So we’ve made it. I love how in science fiction stories everything’s always compatible. Sturges can give us a holotape and it’s going to work in this computer terminal.

So we hit E to use that and the choice at the bottom of the screen is to press R to load the holotape. And the holotape is, I think, called a networks scanner. You’ve got to guess that but I do remember. This is entirely optional but it gives you some good points with Sturges. Let’s get this going. The same thing happens by the way with the Railroad and with the Brotherhood of Steel – they all give you a holotape to stuff in here. So we’ve done it. And so now we just wander around.

There is basically a lot of office stationery in these cabinets. There’s nothing much else. I’m not going to bother with that just now. There are a lot of reveals and dialogues in this next 5 minutes and normally it’s the kind of thing I would skip over. But it kind of spoils the story if I do that and it doesn’t really make for a good summary at the end, so just bear with the story of this point. If you want to skip ahead – if you’ve seen all this already, then just fast-forward the video. But I’ll include the whole thing so people who aren’t playing the game can actually see what’s going on here. OK, so there you have it. That is our son Shaun – the chap in front of us. This is a synth, robot, a little boy called Quentin, I think.

We are parched so I shall have some water. We won’t be given quarters or anything to call our own until we’ve done this introduction to the 4 division heads. So I will go ahead and do that. You just need to turn on the appropriate quest, which I’ve done now. I’ll show you what that one is. If we go back to the quests. When we finish with Shaun, this Inside Job quest is active but we want to switch on this Institutionalised one. And if you look in the compass below – its behind the menu – but if I switch that off, which is the default state, then you’ve got no compass points to follow to find these divisional heads. So switch that on to go and find the divisional heads. I prefer to do it out of my armour, so I’m going to abandon my armour here. And I’m going to put everything that I can’t carry into this set of drawers over here on the right-hand side. So that’s just for sheer convenience. I can’t walk around carrying all the guns and ammo and aid that I’ve got on my person.

I’ll do that and go around and meet the division heads and then we’ll take it from there. So I’ll see you in a short while. Welcome back. I’ve been around and met all the division heads and I’ve also had Dr Li install a courser chip in me. And that allows us to fast travel into the Institute. We can’t really do much in the way a fast travel out of the Institute, though. All we can do is to end up at the CIT ruins.

So it’s very different to other modes of the game where you could fast travel anywhere you liked, but it does mean we don’t actually require all that fancy teleportation stuff that we built up in Sanctuary, any more. So if we wished to we could go up and scrap that. The only problem with scrapping it is that you need to make sure that you’ve got the scrappy perks, they’re called. Which let you get more exotic things out of your scrap. Otherwise you just end up scrapping them for really basic things like steel, which isn’t good considering how much stuff has gone into all that gear. Now it isn’t in any of her quests, but you may remember that when Virgil gave us help in getting here he asked us to visit his labs in biosciences and recover the serum that he was working on. But like I say, it’s not here.

Our current quest, having introduced ourselves to the 4 division heads is now to go and talk to Father about something called Synth Retention. And you can go through all of these quests and there is no mention of Virgil’s quest, which is a bit hard on Virgil. If you come down to Miscellaneous it’s still not in that list either. So I’m going to do that anyway. It may be that we’re asked to do it later, but it’s actually very easy to do a follow and I thought it would be something that would be fun to do in this particular episode. I, by the way, am armed only with the 10 MM pistol, but it is adequate for getting through the various defences in Virgil’s old lab, which is down this way. So that was the main door to biosciences. These are some store rooms around the back.

And I believe that this is the door we’re after. This one we have to unlock with a bobby pin. A bit tricky for novice lock, really, but 2 should do it. Not quite. Oh, goodness! There, finally! This is a cupboard! Never mind, I’ve got the wrong door but I’ve got some nice Stimpaks out of it. I believe this is the right direction. Ah, OK. Now this is the FEV lab and this is what we’re after. So everything in here is a bit decrepit but there are some extremely modern and active turrets and other hazards, so we’re ` going to take a slightly careful stance. Nothing much going on here. There’s a dead synth. There really isn’t a fantastic amount to pick up in here but I just pick it up as I’m going along.

These novice locks in here really aren’t really novice! I had don’t think if I recall correctly that there’s anything This is where we start to need to be a bit careful. 1 turret. I can hear another one. That one’s just fallen off the wall without exploding. How bizarre. Ruler likenesses = 0, so and looms is very unlike ruler so let’s see how we get on with that. That wasn’t hard. I think the turret control might be for the next room as well. We’ve just broken all the turrets out here! Let’s deactivate those.

Tab back. Tab back again and open the door. OK so we shouldn’t have any trouble from turrets, but… OK well I did manage to hurt myself that time, but nothing too terrible. There we go, all better. So there are a few things in here. It’s kind of standard junk as usual. I’m not going to bother picking anything up much in here. The sensors you’ll notice, by the way, have got aluminium in them. And in fact a lot of the stuff in the Institute has got aluminum. So it is worth picking that kind of thing up, but there’s lots of it out in the offices. So shan’t bother with it much here. We’re almost where we need to be. I believe there are at least a couple more turrets though, I think. Yeah, I can take one or more pounds’ worth. I thought this led through to the other room, but it doesn’t.

I could have courser uniform by the looks of it. I maybe will! They’re rather smart looking. Here I am. I think it suits me:) And then finally, I think this is our last real hurdle. Plays, likeness = 0. Warm has nothing to do with plays. That’s also likeness = 0. Yell is really nothing to do with either of those, so let’s give a go. Likeness = 3, so it’s a word that looks a lot like yell but isn’t and I can see it now. It’s cell. And she’s in! I’ll turn off the turrets just in case there are anymore that these are connected to. But mostly what I want to do is open this door. I think, yeah, this is the place. I can get his personal log. We can have a look at the history of what Virgil was doing. And so it’s a lot of subject information. Basically, they were turning humans into a Super Mutants. That’s where the Super Mutants came from and all we have to do now is locate the experimental serum, which we have done – it’s in this machine here.

Bring the serum to Virgil” so that has suddenly appeared. I’ll look now. It isn’t in our quest list, but we’re supposed to have remembered to do that. And we will now go and do that. Apparently nobody around here is the slightest bit suspicious of anything, so we’ll just go out this way. And we’re now trapped until we get through this terminal, which doesn’t have any password, so no problem. There we go. That’s saying go up another floor. This is the right floor. The arrow’s disappeared off the top of it and in here somewhere. There we go. OK so this is our test quest for the Institute. We’ve got to go and retrieve this synth, rogue synth, from the Libertalia. Let me show you what’s going on. This is “Meet up with the Courser” and that shows the Courser being way out here at Nahant Sheriff’s Department.

It turns out we need to go to Nahant as part of these quests we’re doing for Nick Valentine. The Eddy Winter holotapes, but this turns out to be a really rubbish way of getting to Libertalia. You get there this way, but it’s hard to get to this location this way around and it puts you in a really vulnerable location. Libertalia is a collection of wrecked boats out here in the sea.

So really by far the best thing is to go to Nordhagen Beach and out this way. You come in from a completely different direction and you have a much better chance of succeeding. It’s quite a tricky set up. So that’s going to be our plan. I’m going to go and pick up the armour and I’m picking up all the stuff that I was carrying. And I’m go ahead on out to Nordhagen Beach. So that’s where we’ll pick up the next episode, at Nordhagen Beach. We’re going to do this fairly exciting and actually quite challenging quest for Shaun [Father] and the Institute. Let me just warn you that if you’re doing this yourself, that you need some very good sniping weapons and ability. Certainly some drugs might come in handy. I’ve done it mostly without drugs, but coming to think of it, Mentats are good for increasing your shooting accuracy and certainly you will benefit from that on this particular activity.

So that’s what we’re going to be doing next time. I hope you found this enjoyable and useful. If you have, look out for the HardSkull logo towards the end of the clip and click on that to subscribe. Thanks for watching, bye!.

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