Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re standing literally on Nordhagen Beach. This is Nordhagen Beach settlement, behind us and that little shack there is where I spent the night. You might remember that we have a fairly small network of settlements. I’ll just give you a quick peek. And Nordhagen Beaches is tied up to County Crossing and these please supply lines show where we can get junk shifted around. So basically any junk you drop into one of these settlement is available in all the settlements. Not as junk, per se. You can’t drop a bottle into one settlement and take it out at another. But if you want to build something at another settlement and it involves glass, then it will trash a bottle from a different settlement.

And the idea is that that’s what all these provisioners are doing running around the place. Now this is the second episode of our Act 3 quests. So we’re now in the Institute and we’d been given – if we look at our task list – a quest called Synth Retention. Basically this is to teach us a lesson. We’re meant to be retrieving a rogue synth and when we started this quest, down in the Institute, under the CIT ruins. The location of it was over here at Nahant Wharf. And I was explaining then that that really isn’t a very good way of doing this particular quest in survival mode. I think in other nodes it doesn’t matter all that much. We’re meant to be retrieving this rogue synth off of a ship called Libertalia and it’s one of this collection of semi-sunken vessels in this area. And I explained that trying to get over there and done this causeway, which has got a few heavies on it and then coming in from that direction to take out a lot of raiders, wasn’t such a good idea.

It’s much easier to come this way so I came this way and spent the night at Nordhagen Beach like I said. And lo and behold, when I wake up this morning I see that the courser has come over to meet us. So he was there, he’s now here and I noticed that because he’s standing over there! That’s the guy, right there, that we need to actually team up with and start taking out these raiders. So it’s quite easy from here. I’ve already made sure that my health is good and I’ve got water and food. We’re not going to need very much more in this particular part of this episode except for a few Stimpaks and some water to go along with those.

It is relatively straightforward as long as you’ve got some good sniping equipment and skills. And for that I might well take a Mentat, just to improve my accuracy. But here we are. We’ve got Preston Garvey somewhere – he was trying to walk in front of me as he usually does so that’s why I came right down here… There he is! That’s why I came down here to the beach. Preston’s just handy to have as a companion. We had him as a companion for getting into the Institute. He doesn’t come into the Institute with you, but if you have him as a companion when you get into the Institute, then when you go out to the CIT ruins, there’s your current companion, just waiting for you there.

So he’s as good a companion as any, to be honest. So I’ll go over and chat quickly with this courser. Well, never mind, Preston! So there we go. Now, the only thing really between us and these raiders over here… Firstly, there are a lot of them and secondly this beach does have a tendency to have Mirelurks and you may remember I have a magical Mirelurk pistol, which I’ll just get out for this bit. It’s also silenced now, so it’s quite good at killing things, in general! We might want to try to go quietly. One of the reasons for coming from this direction is good is that somebody on Libertalia has got a fat man mininuke launcher.

But he can’t get to us – he or she – can’t get to us from this direction. If you come to it straight on you’re actually in a bit of hot water. I don’t know why this guy’s dead [X6-88 said he cleared out the perimeter guard, that’s why!] but he is. And there is a load – if you’re into looting – there is a load of looting to do around here. We’re probably going to kill everybody on these ships, but we’re going to do most of it from some distance out. So let me just start the proceedings and that too. See what else pops up. There’s a frag mine there. I don’t set off frag mines any more, but they are fun to pick up.

And they do get in the way of the VATS when you standing right in front of one. Now is there anybody over here yet? You can get into great hot water doing that, I discovered. If you pick-pocket somebody and they mind or notice – accidentally, because that’s what happens when you’re stooping near somebody in stealth mode – is that suddenly you’re given the pickpocket option. And if you’re not paying adequate attention… I can hear a… turret but I can’t see it at this stage. I do want to try to make sure that I get rid of all these guys over here as soon as possible. Because, like I say, one of them has something rather ugly on him, in the form of a mininuke launcher. So he’s gone. I can’t see the guy they’re referring to, now. It really is kind of like shooting sitting ducks. I feel a little bit guilty about it, but I have played through this particular section so many times… I know there’s somebody else here! These synths and companions are really hot:) Oh, the cranking noise I can hear is the the blasted searchlights.

Anybody over this way? No, just his pocket! OK, so I’m getting lots of sneak attack extra damage and I’m now at level 43 but I’ll hang on to that for a bit. I might want… I can go this way, I was looking the wrong direction. This is the way to go, in fact. So we’re doing pretty well I do want to just make sure I get rid of this person with the mininuke launcher but I cannot see them. There’s some raider scum there. Still nothing, so… My guess is that the game designers didn’t really design for you to come this way, but they don’t seem to mind you coming this way.

Because on a previous play-through I found the best way – if you come straight on – is to actually jump in the water and walk underneath and come up over here where I am pointing the rifle at the moment. And that’s really quite tedious! Because you can get caught up and stuff under the water. I can’t see where this guy is and I’m a little bit reluctant to come out without being… There’s somebody there. I’ve even tried, on one occasion, taking an missile launcher to these guys from a distance. And that had no little or no effect. I couldn’t hold my breath long enough for that one, but I got him in the end! So he wasn’t a worry anyhow, because he wasn’t carrying a mininuke launcher. So I think really – we’ve still got the danger sign and everything – but I think the danger is actually pretty minimal.

Is that still coming from over there? Nobody’s showing up over there. Well, we can’t hang around forever, so let’s just make our way. This is normally where it would get quite challenging and there’s no sign of anybody. And in fact the rogue synth is way up the top here and doesn’t show up at all until we make our way to the top of that wreck. So that is Libertalia properly. And there may be 1 or 2 left over, here. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to shoot through sales by I thought I’d give it a go. Never mind, these guys aren’t really any threat to us. Nuke mines I always pick up – they’re fantastic. OK, so now are getting some serious interaction here. Trying to get rid of this guy. I can see the top of his head I keep missing it though. OK, I got it. Now there’s somebody behind us? Ah ha! I do wish the VATS would not keep drawing your attention to people who are supposed to be on your side. OK, I wish they’d stand still:) It wouldn’t be any fun if they stood still.

There is still somebody out there but I don’t care any more. It’s immaterial. We can actually clear up anybody left on the ground, as it were – in the water – from up top there. So there’s a nice work station of some sort there? This is where we want to be. This is the… I’m going to change to a shotgun in case there is anybody on the other side. These guys – my companions here – will appear magically on the other side. In fact, I’m surprised they’ve both stayed afloat. I’ve often done this and found my companion swimming – that is to say walking through the water, trying to find a way out of the drink! So there’s somebody here, allegedly. I don’t know where. I’ll come and do all this later. So there are a few of them still. I did lose a bit health doing that, but I’ll sort that out in a minute. There’s Preston! There really isn’t that much more to do now. X6-88 [not 86!] is kind of stuck down there.

I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing. In fact, I think the last time I did this the Courser never made it to the final part! He might turn up, upstairs. You never can tell. It’s a slightly tortuous route up here, but there are places where you can, for example, have a lie down. There he is, look. He just jumped right up there! Alarm clocks are nice to have because they have all kinds of little bits in them. Yeah! I will come back and do all this stuff. And there’s a safe in that corner there, by the way – notice that. And I’ve forgotten where the door upstairs – oh, it’s over here. So I think we’ve rather raiders now. The next collection is on the roof. So we go through this door. Well you might guess at what is going to happen next. This is a shotgun which isn’t really particularly nice. I tried it last time, it wasn’t exciting. If you felt like you didn’t really want to run the risk of having to do all that shooting again then you could sleep there for a bit, but it’s pretty straightforward really.

I will deal with all this loot’n later. I’m just going to pop a bit of Psycho. I know Preston won’t like it but it does improve your chances somewhat. I’m not really sure what Preston disliked about that. This is a gang of raiders. [He doesn’t like the fact that we fired on the second guy before he fired on us.] Soviet Preston didn’t like that it, but he was perfectly happy to go along with it really. And we’re done. There may be some more raiders hanging around out here, let me just walk out on this plank. No, nothing at all. So I will run around this entire flotilla and scavenge what looks nice. I probably won’t pick up any steel or wood, just things that I know I’m going to use because there’s a lot to do here. I’m getting go on to Nahant Wharf because if we turn on this other quest, which is the one for Nick Valentine, called Long Time Coming, we’ll discover that we’re supposed go to Nahant Sheriff’s Department over here. So that’s where I’m going to pick you up, in just short while.

So see you in a second. OK, so here we are at the Nahant Sheriff’s Department. We just had a bit of a wander down here a second ago, because the Brotherhood of Steel were fighting some raiders and we help them to clear them off. So I’ll go down there later on and see if they had nothing nice on them. Over here you can see the red marker. It’s actually the Assaultron that tends to protect this wharf and it’s not dead yet, as you can see. I’ve had various pot-shots at it – I’m a bit too far away.

I’ll show you where that is. Remember I said this is where we are supposed to have started the Libertalia and I was complaining it was rather difficult to get up here. Well, there’s an Assaultron typically around about here and he’s the one that were looking at now. And there’s also a Sentry bot that runs up and down this causeway. I don’t know whether the Brotherhood of Steel just took that out for us, but I may well go down here and finish off this Assaultron if I can’t do it from this distance, which does seem unlikely. So maybe we’ll come back to that. We want to come into the Sheriff’s department here. Sometimes there are raiders inside here so I’ve just put a shotgun on my hip, as it were.

I don’t think there’s really anything down here. Here we are. So this is the sort of thing there we used to seeing in this Nick Valentine quest, which is the Eddie Winter tapes. And typically when we click on that we get our map updated. This says there is a tape in the evidence lock up cabinet K-D8 so all we have to do is find that in this site. And there’s one in East Boston police department, which I actually came across – I don’t think it was while I was recording an episode, though. So it probably is still there. But it was very near Robco Sales & Service down by Boston Airport. But there’s our Holotape. So we’ve got 4 out of 10. There’s a bunch of caps.

I don’t think there really is actually anything else here in my memory of visiting this location in the past. I’ll just have a quick pop around so I’m sure of that. No, it’s looking pretty desolate. Typically, the bits that are hard to get to have more stuff, but nothing there of any interest. So we’re done here. Yeah, the market’s gone away and if we look at our quest list and press R – this is now marking the East Boston Police Station. If you remember me telling you the Robco Sales & Service is here and I was actually in Boston Airport.

So I nipped in there to get some more aluminium/aluminum but only found a canister. Further down there is East Boston Police Station. It’s quite an easy retrieval of the Holotape. So we’ll head down this way now. Like I say, they will be a number of corpses lying around. You know jolly well what I’m going to do with it, Preston. I’m going to put water in it! Although, the better your armour is the less drugs you have to take and the less water you need. There’s a small chunk of a raider. This is the Vertibird, by the way. It didn’t do so well. It came down.

The Assaultron seems to have gone and so has my marker for it. It was hanging out down here. In fact, it was over there. Huh, gone! Preston idolizes me. I’m not really sure what to do with that piece of information:) Oh, that’s him. That’s a Mr Gutsy. I’m going to just retire down here with some cover. There we go. OK, this is another one of those companion discussions. I might just let you have a have a flavour of one of these. I’ve been protecting you from them. If it gets too boring, I’ll fade it out! We’re being offered the chance of some romance here and every time I’ve tried that I’ve been embarrassed by the outcome, so I’m just going to stay away from that! Right, so this was actually a good thing to show you because if you follow the companions through – long enough – if you keep them as companions long enough, they all end with this kind of a dialogue, this message: “Having reached the highest level of affinity with Preston you have gained the United We Stand perk”.

Which if you look that up on the Fallout Wikia is quite a good thing to have and actually it would have been a lot better to have had it much earlier! But I’ve been using different companions. I actually have got the companion perk, I think from Deacon, already. I think he is the only one. You have to, for most of these companions though, you have to do something fairly heavyweight for them. Like with Preston we had to take the Castle. By the way, this was an ex-military installation – there’s the dead Assaultron. These ex-military places are usually worth having a rummage around because they have things like armour and fusion cores. So let’s see if we can find anything. So nothing much in the way of armour there, you’ll notice. So not really a fantastic find. But killing the Assaultron gets you lots of nice stuff.

So that’s pretty much it, for this episode. We’ve done our bit for the Institute – the retrieved rogue synth is back at the Institute. That is the Sentry bot and we could kind of take him out, as a parting shot. So what I’ll do is sneak up on him and plant some… Come on Preston, this way mate.

I don’t know what the thing’s shooting at. I don’t think he’s going to make it to our frag mines. He’s already feeling a bit unwell. Now we have to be well away from him when he dies, though, because he does really horrible things. Hah! Oh, Preston lived through that – so that’s well done, Preston. Oh, mind the car! Yah, he didn’t… Oh, he blew up my frag mines. That’s really mean! So! That’s what you would have had to have got rid of on the way in unless you… You can walk up this causeway along the kind of rubble path up the side.

It’s not easy and you can still get caught out by these things. I seem to be running a little bit short on space for some reason. Maybe there’s something I’ve picked up which I didn’t mean to. I think somebody mentioned they do work a bit better – Deacon mentioned it – they do work a bit better on the the early model synths, the pulse grenades.

What have we got down here now? It’s another bloom’n Sentry bot. OK, so it was actually even worse – I thought there was just the one Sentry bot that just used to go up and down here but I’ve now discovered it’s actually 2 separate Sentry bots. Preston did get hurt by that one. I think he got hurt before it blew up, though. So let me just give him another Stimpak. And then I’m going to leave you for this episode. I’m going to leave it here. We’re going to make our way back to the Institute, probably via, as you can see, either Finch Farm. I don’t think Finch Farm is on our network – no it isn’t. We still have to go and recover that sword from Saugus Ironworks, so I’ll leave that for the time being. It’s not that much fun, that particular one. We will probably go via County Crossing down here and store all our junk in the settlement and have a sleep and that kind of stuff. Then I will make my way back to CIT, the Institute.

In fact, I can teleport, of course, directly back to the Institute but I won’t get fresh water there [yes, I will!] so going to a settlement for that kind of thing is best. Also, you want to get rid of your junk in a settlement, because that means it joins the network. So I’ll leave it there for this time. Thanks very much for watching and are hope to see you next time. Bye!.

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