Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re in the Directorate Meeting Room in the Institute under the CIT ruins. We’ve been told that we’re meant to have a meeting with the Directorate. We’re the new Director, after all. Shaun who is called Father in the Institute but is our son, ironically, is not so an expected to live much longer and he’s appointed us as Director. And the Directorate want to have a short meeting with us. So we’re just about to do that. They’re all staring expectantly at my empty chair over there, and they’ve already spoken to me about ‘welcome as director’ and so forth. Behind me is the armour as usual. I could have left this down my room, but that might not have been a good idea. I’ll explain why in a minute. And I’ve put a lot of stuff – about 100 pounds in weight – into this cabinet since you can’t sit for any length of time without hurting yourself if you’ve taken your armour off. So let’s go and have this meeting. Now Zee 1-14, or Zed 1-14 in British English, is the synth that we were plotting with to get a whole group of synths out of the Institute and he wants to talk to us.

Now this is actually an interesting fork in the game which I don’t think is talked all that much about online. We’re basically going the Institute route – the Institute is the faction that we’re rooting for, effectively. But we were quite closely linked with the Railroad. And what happens now if you decide that you’ll go and you go and visit Z1-14 in your room, then when we go to visit the Railroad HQ it gets attacked by the Brotherhood of Steel and we end up having to take out all of the attackers there and in the church above. Then the Railroad gets the bright idea that they’re going to take out the Brotherhood of Steel themselves by downing the Prydwen. So that’s an interesting fork in the main plot and it’s a different to if you just ignore Z1-14 at this point. You get a different plot. So I’m going to record both endings, because we’re only a couple of scenes away from the end of Act 3 and effectively, the end of the game.

So this is the go and visit Z1-14 fork and separately I’ll be recording an ending which is without Z1-14. So it will be interesting, but I will tell him I’m going to go. OK, so that is the quest that we had which was part of the Underground Undercover. Now the other thing that we got on our list of things to do was mentioned by Allie just now. which is speak with Father. You’ll notice that the Z1-14 visit isn’t actually on here. I’m not sure if it’s even in miscellaneous – no it isn’t. There are quite a number of these little side things that aren’t mentioned at all. But what I’ll do, I’m going to go down and talk to Z1-14. I’m going to go and talk to father as well. Both of them require us to go and visit the Railroad. So I’m going to meet you outside of the Railroad HQ, underneath the church in East Boston.

See you in a minute. Desdemona’s in the next room and things are going to happen pretty quickly once we speak to here. So I will fill you in afterwards. OK so what just happened in the words of the… Railroad agent is that the Brotherhood came in through the emergency exit – the escape tunnel that we just came in through – and the self-defence system has blown up the tunnel. By the way, a good reason for raising these particular guys is that anybody who’s got a railway gun spike stuck in them, you can just pull them, in effect.

So let’s go and have a quick word with Desdemona. A bit ironic given that we’re actually meant to be killing Desdemona but we’ll get on to that later. The railway rifle here shoots railway spikes, so it’s very good against armour. But it’s very slow to reload so you probably want to jump to a shotgun. I don’t understand why they can’t just repair her, since she’s a synth. But never mind, we won’t go into that! OK, well you’ve actually got a do more shout grenade when you get a grenade. You have to move out of the way. Oh, we’ve got a bit of damage there. So Brotherhood are obviously coming in the other way, too. There are the railway spikes I mentioned. No, we’re not alone, Nick! You’re right about that. We’re Whisper, by the way, and we’re supposed to say yes, we’ll do it. OK, so what we’re going to do here – I found that the game doesn’t actually work properly if you don’t take Deacon as a companion for this.

So I’m going to go over to Nick here and get my nice laser rifle – I notice her’s actually run out of fusion cells – and I’m going to give them to Deacon after I… Only, in my experience, he doesn’t actually, unless you do this. If we just cancel this then Nick’s going to go back to his office, which I guess is as good a place as any. And what I’ll do is I’ll give Deacon, if he’ll stand still long enough, the nice fiery laser rifle I just took off Nick.

So there it is. And I’ll give him a whole heap of ammo for it. Because I’ve got a fair bit, these days. Fusion cells – I’ve got 800. I’ll give him 100 and 50. And what I’m going to suggest we do is meet you just outside Cambridge. We’ve got to go and meet Tinker Tom there. And I might have an assessment of my armour situation before we head up that way and stop at Hangman’s Alley, if necessary. It is approximately on the way. We’re down here in East Boston and Cambridge is over here, so we just walk along the south side of the Charles River, cross over here.

You want to be careful about how you approach the police station because there is a big fire fight that’s going to happen outside. I also discovered that if you meet Tinker Tom in College Square before you take care of all the Brotherhood of Steel people, that he does get badly hurt. Last time I couldn’t go ahead because although he was with us, he was sitting on the floor and wouldn’t do anything. So I’ll see you there in in just a minute. This is the outskirts of Cambridge – I’ll show you on the map. Right here. We’re meant to meet Tinker Tom on College Square but we’ll leave that till afterwards. Here’s the police station, which is what we need to clear and obviously, coming this direction, we need to go past it. But what I might try doing is sneaking around the back to see if we have any good shots that we can take without incurring their immediate wrath. So this isn’t so good. No, OK. I don’t know who he thinks he’s found! There is another entrance on the other side, that I’m going to go into a stealth mode for.

OK, so he’s done with. We can go up these fire escapes and start taking pot-shots from up here. So he’s gone. We now have a height advantage over most everyone else around here, I think. Knight Rhys was that troublesome knight from earlier, if you remember. So we’ve got our revenge at last. So we can’t do anything here yet, without going inside and clearing out the rest of the station. I don’t quite know where Deacon has gone. I’d better find out. If he’s hurt himself I need to repair him before I go anywhere else. He’s not here so let’s have a quick look at our… We need to look under miscellaneous. “Heal my companion” so where’s my companion? I don’t see him.

Ah, he’s over here. Well, this is the fun with companions. Like I say, you can actually prevent a bit of this by giving them some armour, but they chew up armour something rotten. OK, so she’s gone. I think we’d better go in the front door because I’ve done that before and I know that it’s pretty manageable. I might try a bit of psycho on this occasion just to keep the damage down. can hear the Goodness me, another of Stimpack, really, already? [I may gave shot him in the head!] I may just leave him on the floor for the time being. OK, that’s everyone this side. I’m pretty sure that Nick Valentine isn’t really nearly so fragile as Deacon here. I know there’s somebody on the other side. I’m going to deal with them if they’re still hanging around. So this place should be cleared out now.

What we’ll do is go down and visit this safe, which is down in the office. It’s not difficult to do. In fact, I remember now that if we go behind the counter here. Oh, we don’t even have to do that. If we loot some of these guys we find the key to the safe. I think there is also one laying on the side here. There’s the key I mentioned. It includes a Guns &Bullets, which is rather nice and a couple mines and things.

Fantastic, so I think we can now go and meet up with Tinker Tom. Let’s go and do that. He’s outside, up around the corner in fact. You don’t have to cleared this out but like I say, if you try doing this with Tinker Tom in tow, he gets shot up even worse than Deacon and you can’t heal Tinker Tom – he’s not your companion. So healing him is a pointless process. So let’s hope he’s up here. The Vertibird’s all raring to go. There he is. OK, so it says “eliminate Brotherhood forces”. Oh, there’s a guy in the basement. I keep forgetting him! He’s downstairs where the power armour station is. So what I’m going to do is eliminate him and meet you on the roof in just a second. So here’s our Vertibird and Tinker Tom is going to set it up for us, so let’s have a quick chat with him. Now, best thing to do is to take the other Vertibird down, so I’ll just pop a psycho to help with that. I don’t know when this starts to have an effect, but I’m not taking any chances.

You really want this thing to fall out of the sky before it gets here, but it very rarely does that. OK, well that’s a bit messy! There’s our… oh, we’ve taken a fair bit of damage with that. There’s Deacon. So Deacon wants us to chat to him, as it turns out. Except we need to do it over here. Come on, Deacon! OK, so let’s get to the Prydwen. Now there is a bug with this. Deacon is supposed to offer us a Stealth Boy. But he may or may not. And if he doesn’t we’re not going to get the humorous banter with the Prydwen. Yep, he’s not going to give us the Stealth Boy! It seems he actually manages it about 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 attempts. I don’t know what the problem is, but happily we are not relying on Stealth Boys. If you’re going to use Stealth Boys for this you need about 3 with my perks and things. The duration of a Stealth Boy varies with the perks you’ve got in the game. The other thing you can do, of course, with some of the armour and this is the X-01, so we could do it.

We could give it the Stealth Boy add-on, which is quite good, but it isn’t full proof. When you walk quite near somebody they’ll get suspicious. So I have a cunning plan! Here’s the Airport. The Prydwen should be a above us. We can hear it now. I don’t like doing this particularly, but it turns out to be best to take these guys out. I can’t see her head. There it is So I’m going to go and do a little change of outfit. I’ll meet you back here in just a second. Here we are – have a look at the get up! I’m dressed as Scribe Haylen – I stole her outfit back in Cambridge Police Station. Now I am going to take some Day Tripper because we’re going to be asked some awkward questions and we want to get through this. So there we go. It ups your charisma by 3, I think. So ideally, nobody down here is going to notice what’s going on.

Don’t try getting past him because you’ll be in trouble if you do. Serious trouble. Now regrettably, you do actually have to shoot that guy because he asks really awkward questions. Remember the stairs you came up because it’s difficult to get down once you’re lost. Your don’t want to seem to be in too big a hurry, but it is nice to get off here. OK. So far, so good. I just need to pick up my stuff and this is where we could have got caught if those guys were still standing around outside. Here we go. That was Deacon, happily. Not a Prydwen crew member. And we’re sort of done. Now you don’t want do any of this, obviously, in Scribe Haylen’s outfit alone, because you can see that we’re taking damage. And in fact you even take damage just being near things that explode.

I’m hoping he’s not going to circle back that way! I think we are meant to be heading towards Nordhagen Beach. Here we go. There it there is. And it falls on top of the airport and kills most everybody underneath. So that’s sort of easy way. It was two shots for the guy standing outside and one shot [for the guy inside]. And there’s the guy that doesn’t quite get killed – he did circle back around unfortunately. Knight Lucia’s being very persistent There we go. I think that’s the end of our… OK. now this is the rather sad bit but we will make the weight over to Nordhagen Beach proper. It’s over on the other side of the bay there, If we’re going to carry on with the Institute then we do actually have to go and kill Desdemona and everybody in the Railroad.

But the problem is that… It’s a lovely scene that isn’t it? If you like death and destruction, I suppose. But, of course, that’s what these games are all about. Tom is not going to be at the Railroad HQ for a while. So we’re going to have a bit of a rest here and set off in the morning for the Railroad HQ and take out everybody that’s in there. Obviously. there are other ways of playing the game, it’s entirely up to you. The Railroad doesn’t really have much of a strategy for saving human kind, whereas my feeling is that the Institute does. And we’ve already had just finished off the Brotherhood of Steel, so that’s the end of them to all intents and purposes. By the way, you will come across Brotherhood of Steel soldiers all over the place, still. And they are always immediately your enemies. You need to be somewhat careful about that So I’ll show you what we are going to be doing.

We’re here in The Nuclear Option, we’re supposed to talk to Desdemona about that. And we still have the Rockets’ Red Glare which is also talking to Desdemona. I believe The Nuclear Option is actually us destroying the Institute and the one that we want to do is this one. Yeah, that’s the right way round. Anyway, in all 3 options here we’ve got to go and speak to Desdemona. So we’ll be doing that in just a minute. But I’m going to have a bit of a rest here first. See you in a minute. We’re outside the church above the Railroad HQ. You might remember the escape tunnel isn’t available any more since the Brotherhood of Steel broke in through there and it was destroyed. So we have to go in this way There’s the remnants of the Brotherhood of Steel. Now you do have a choice if you wish of leaving Desdemona and the Railroad alone and taking up their quest to destroy the Institute instead. And that’s entirely up to you, but I’m not going to be pursuing that option.

So, I don’t particularly enjoy this bit but term we have to do it. So we’re still showing “Eliminate Railroad Leaders”. Let me just see if I’ve missed somebody here or whether we’ve got the problem mention. Yeah, we’ve got the problem… That, I think is Tinker Tom and he’s not here. He’s on his way here which is a nuisance. No one else appears to be alive down here.

I think what we’re going to have to just do is wait for Tom to appear. There isn’t, in my experience, any point in chasing after him. So I’ll do that and we’ll meet up when I’m finished here. Tom turned up and I took care of him. Let’s have a look at where we are now. We’ve started something called Nuclear Family.

Everything else to do with the Railroad is gone and these are just miscellaneous quests that we were engaged in before. So let’s have a quick jump over to the Institute. I might have to go outside for this. We’ll see. Apparently not. That’s Mr Higgs who gave us the trouble in the Biosciences Lab. We’re meant to go and speak with Father and I think he’s upstairs so we’ll go up the next flight of stairs. This is the end of the main plot, but obviously you can roam around the Commonwealth and do odd jobs for the Minutemen and there are quite a few other plot lines we haven’t been to Cait in the quest way down here In the Combat Zone. So we could pick that up.

She’s got her own stories and things that she want’s you to do. And obviously, there are lots of DLCs like the Mechanical Menace is a DLC, Vault-Tec Calling is a DLC. If you like the DLCs. Some of them are quite interesting. I wasn’t that thrilled Vault-Tec Calling, to be honest. Mechanical Menace is quite nice. And I did start Cold Harbour that’s very complicated. It’s very elaborate – it’s quite good value for money but it’s nothing to do with the main plot here at all. So it’s entirely up to you.

I’m going to go over and speak to Father. I am recording an alternative ending and it’s a slightly different order of things but both the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel get annihilated, but somewhat differently. The Brotherhood of Steel ending in particular is totally different to the one that we saw just now with the Prydwen. So you might find that interesting to have a look at. So thanks very much for watching. We may well go on to record the Mechanical Menace as an add-on, so look out for that and hope to see you next time. Bye!.

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