Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. This is the second of the endings that we’re recording for the main Institute plot line and in both of these endings – in fact in any of the endings of Fallout 4 – you have to destroy 2 out of the 3 competing factions. The Minutemen are just there, you don’t have to worry about the Minutemen. Between the Brotherhood of Steel, the Institute and the Railroad you have to make choices and in both of these endings the Institute is the last man standing. So this is no different. What is different this time is that we’re going to be destroying the Brotherhood of Steel from the ground, still taking down the Prydwen. But we’re not going to set foot on the Prydwen. Whereas in the first ending we were actually destroying the Brotherhood of Steel for the Railroad and to do that we had to sneak on board the Prydwen and plant some explosives. So we’re going to be relaying over to the airport in just a minute. My current task is to go and speak to Dr Li here in Advanced Systems. Let me just show you.

That’s called Airship Down and what they’re going to tell us is that I need to infiltrate the airport site, destroy 3 field generators that are stopping the Institute from beaming synths into the airport and then we’re going to plant a virus in a large Brotherhood of Steel robot that we’ve never previously seen called Liberty Prime! So that’s what we’re going to be doing for the remainder of this episode. Let me just explain that I’ve already been over to the Railroad – End of the Line is the name of the quest and I have killed Desdemona and eliminated the other Railroad leaders. You didn’t need to see that twice – I did it last time. It’s not terribly difficult to do. It’s emotionally a little bit wrenching if you’ve got at all attached to any of the characters there, but there isn’t really much in the way of a challenge given that you’ve got, by this stage – we’re level 49 I think – very good armour, pretty good weapons and so forth.

So that I’ve already done. So the Railroad is now finished, they won’t be a problem for the Institute anymore. Not that they were really very much of a problem in my view. But we’re the Director of the Institute now, so we can sort out things to do with their attitudes towards synths. I’m going to have this meeting with Dr Li and her colleagues. I’ll meet you on the way to the relay room which is how we’re going to get to the airport. So I’ll see you there in just a few secs.

We’re on our way to the relay room. Like I said we need to take out 3 generators at the airport and they’re going to beam us into a building on the edge of the airport, which you might recognize when we get there. They’ve also given us some Institute Beacons, I think they’re called – yeah they’re a kind of a grenade and they don’t work until you’ve taken out all three generators, so they work in the latter part of the quest, but not the early part. But I also happen to have, handily on me, some artillery smoke grenades, because we’re not going to be very far from the Castle.

We’re going to be at the airport and the Castle’s only across the bay. So we’re going to have some fun with those. You don’t need to use these, it’s not absolutely essential – it just kind of softens things up a bit. We are going to be in a slightly precarious situation when we arrive so I’m going to just crouch down. I’ve got quite good stealth capabilities when crouched. I’m not invisible, but I’m very hard to spot these days. So this is a little shack near the airport. The airport’s down here and normally you would go around in a sort of clockwise direction from here.

We need to get in where that markers being shown. We have to actually get to the second level – the floor with the Vertibird landing pad on it is where the generators are, primarily. But we’re going to go sort of the easy way – we’re going to go around to the right here in a kind of anti- clockwise position. What’s in front of us is Liberty Prime. You can see it there. I’m not going to try shooting at it. It will have no effect whatever. Quite why it’s a robot I don’t know since you can see that it’s actually plumbed into that scaffolding, there. If you try to go around to the right here, by the way, you will have to take out a number of Brotherhood of Steel knights. I’ll see if I can spot me one at the moment. No! There are typically something lurking around there, about half a dozen. And, of course, as soon as you start a fire-fight with them then various others turn up. The other challenge to this early part of the quest is the Vertibird overhead because I’ve got a settler in this establishment.

This settlement that I used to own. It got taken off me when we fell out with the Brotherhood of Steel. And he has a tendency to take pot-shots at the Vertibird which means the Vertibird is right above where we want to go and is feeling hostile, shooting at this settler. I’m going to are my smoke grenades. I’m going to make sure I’m not too visible when I do this, so let me just skitter across here and then try to throw… Let’s see what happens! There’s our shelling. Unfortunately, we have attracted the attention of the Vertibird. They’re very easy to take down.

I’ll just tidy up my health a bit here! Now you might recognize this from a quest we did a long time ago, trying to find out what was happening to Brotherhood of Steel supplies. We came out this door around to our left and up along the water here. We ended up in the basement, shooting an awful lot of ghouls. If you can’t get in the door, by the way – this is the one we came out – it’s currently locked. If you don’t have master lock picking skills you need to go around the bottom of the airport building here and in through the hole in the side. That’s going to be a little bit more challenging, so let me unlock this. It might take us 2 or 3 goes since it’s a master, but let’s quickly have a shot at it.

There’s nobody in here – there hasn’t been the number times I’ve done this. But there are quite a few people through here. I’m going to take some energy weapon preventive, as it were! It turns out there are a couple of those but the best one, if you’ve got it, is Radstag Stew because most of these guys have got energy weapons. I’m going to open this door and we’re going to shoot some Brotherhood knights. I don’t I don’t think anybody much notices that this has happened. There’s somebody behind this column but I’d rather… If you’re unlucky than a guy in power armour – or girl, don’t know which – appears down here but typically they’re up the left-hand end here. So there’s usually somebody up there with him. He’s not there at the moment. It doesn’t really matter. If you’re really unlucky there will be a knight with power armour just around here, but he’s not, so that’s good. Now, I’ve got my smoke grenade still Yeah. So we’re just going to hang around here and see what happens. It’s not a good idea, having thrown that by the way, to stand at the top of the stairs.

In fact it’s positively fatal. “The artillery is reloading” – that’s not a big deal. It only takes them about a minute. There we go. A strange thing is that the Vertibird appears to survive that artillery bombardment. I have had it downed once by artillery. So I think you can see why you might not want to be standing up there. Now we haven’t taken out any the generators, which is a bit disappointing. I’m trying to see where this scribe is. He’s over there. I’ll take him out by shooting him in the ankle.

There’s the generator there. So that will mean that we get a lot of synths appearing. OK, fantastic. So we’ve taken that 1 generator. The other 2 are marked on my compass below here. There are some heavy-armoured… Oh, well he was already damaged, I think by the synths – so that was easy. Fantastic, so we’re doing pretty well. Now downstairs there is another, which is sneaky this. There is another generator down there, but it’s really easy to deal with once you find it. There is a protectron, which does that. And there’s a turret here, and the second generator. And that weird sound is more synths appearing and it’s about time I think to take a little psycho, because we’re going to be doing a lot of shooting and getting shot at. I’ll have a bit of Stimpak as well. I’ll also have, while I’m at it, some Nuka-Cola because you can’t have too much caffeine! So let’s see how we get on. We might still use the artillery shells, because things get a bit messy up here. But we may not.

We’ll see how it goes. I think we’re clear down here and there are quite a few guys up this end. I might see if I can snipe at anybody down here. It’s a bit busy with synths, isn’t it?! We did it, working together! So health good. Another Vertibird that we take down. There will also be some guys up here typically. That’s Proctor Ingram from the Prydwen. We’re now at level 49. What I’m going to do with that, I think, is to up my explosives capability.

I haven’t got all that much explosives on me, but I have got a few and it’s 75% more damage and more radius is a wonderful thing to have. So our special little synth should be appearing as soon as I get onto the scaffolding. I could throw another artillery grenade but I have to be careful not to kill ourselves. Things will start happening up here now. Let’s get that area shelled, shall we? OK. So the best thing I found is just hang around here and make sure that you don’t get any Vertibirds landing nearby, which they do attempt to do. You also get Brotherhood people coming up the stairs. There we go – that worked nicely. If you’re not careful then you’ll get Brotherhood people sneaking up the stairs and through the building there. there’s another still here another My artillery didn’t seem to turn up did it? I did ask for it. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention when it happened. I might try that. I did do this once a little too close and I got done in! OK, they’re going to be destroying all communist! OK! Now if you watched the first ending in the last episode, then you’ll notice this is or more or less the same animation, but the Prydwen is down and the airport is destroyed and the Brotherhood of Steel is finito.

And we go back to the Institute to speak with Sean so I will do that and I will meet you there. So when I go and speak to Sean that will be the end of the Institute main line plot. And of course there are lots of things you can do. I mentioned this in the previous episode – if we have a look at the quest list – these are all kind of miscellaneous but there are a few things on here which are quite substantial.

Going and exploring the Combat Zone gets you a new companion called Cait, who I find a bit of a pain but you might like her! You can do more with Nick; we haven’t even finished his Eddie Winters tapes quests, but once you’ve done that other detective cases. There are a lot of things around Diamond City if you go into the bar there. There’s two bars – an upmarket bar upstairs and a downmarket bar downstairs! They both have quests associated with them. There’s this sword in the Saugus Ironworks that we got given, I think like episode number 3, to take out and I just haven’t bothered to go back there. But we can now do that quite easily. Mechanical Menace is a DLC and that’s quite a nice one and I may well record episodes of that just to show you how that’s done in Survival Mode.

It’s quite fun, I enjoy that one. Vault-Tec Calling I have started but not finished – I find it a little weird, to be honest. But that’s me. Edward Deegan at Cabot house which is quite near the into the Railroad and quite near the Institute, for that matter. He’s got a nice little series of things for you to do. This is Far From Home is actually the beginning of the Cold Harbor DLC, which is extremely elaborate and very much unconnected with the rest of the game. All Aboard – that is another DLC: Nuka-Cola Family Radio, so you get out go out to the one of the extremes of the Commonwealth and start that.

Jamaica Plain is interesting; killing a lot of ghouls and some other stuff, but it’s not it’s not a hugely complicated thing to do. I don’t now remember what this particular… This is Rex who’s a Supermutant. Ohthis is the guy – Rex’s is the guy who’s been taken captive in Trinity Tower. So there’s a whole bunch of Super mutants to kill there and you then acquire a Super mutant as a companion if you want him. Long Time Coming – that’s Eddie Winter. Cambridge Polymer Labs; we jumped in there to get something we needed for the Institute quest, but we didn’t do the research project.

So you could go back in there and do the research project. And that’s where we are now, but like I say, you can actually just wander around the Commonwealth at this point. There will be lots of Minutemen-related quests. There will be lots of people who will suggest things to you [also check out Goodneighbor!] There is a quest, for example, if you go to Greygarden, which is being tended by robots, they want you to clear out a water treatment plant. That’s quite fun and interesting. So there’s still lots to do but this really is the the end of the game. So I’m going to say goodbye now. I am probably going to carry on recording the Mechanical Menace but I haven’t made an absolute decision on that.

So look out. There will continue to be episodes every Friday so look out for those. But I can’t, at the moment, tell you exactly what they’re going to be. So thanks very much for watching. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and the whole series of 30 – this is number 30 I believe. This is me having played this game now for almost 1,000 hours and I don’t even dare do the arithmetic of turning that in days. I’ve certainly enjoyed it. I’m not sure I’ll be playing in the near future for some time, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it and hope to see you next time. I’ll leave you with the the ending of this episode in just a second..

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