Hi everybody. My name is MeHow and welcome to Fallout 4 Top 6 early game weapons. In my opinion these are the best weapons that you can get in Fallout 4 within around 15 hours of gameplay. I have choosen my rankings based on how easy you can get them, how available the ammo for them is early on, how much damage they dish out and on the ranges they can be used effectivelly. Nr. 6: Furious Power Fist. This Fallout 4 weapon score 3 stars for access, top marks for ammo availability since it doesn’t use any, 3 stars for damage and the lowest score for range, since it can be only use at melee range.

The Furious Power Fist can be optained by going to Boston Commons and killing the Swan inside the pond. While the Swan is quite strong, he won’t attack you unless you enter the pond or attack him, which allows you to easily prepare for this fight by placing 3 fragmentation mine. From far away he can throw a hard hitting rock at you, so if you feel unsafe you can always come with your power armor to this fight. The Furious Power Fist is with a base damage of 52 one of the best melee weapons in Fallout 4 and it increases it damage with every consecutive hit on the same target.

Unfortunatelly you have to be next to your enemies to use it, which is often very dangerous. While you can block with it, you will get hit by fast moving enemies quite easily. In my opinion it’s best used against slower enemies like super mutants. Nr. 5: The Deliverer. This Fallout 4 weapon scores 2 stars for access, top marks for ammo availability, 4 stars for damage and 2 stars for range. While this unique pistol is already powerful when you get it, it’s damage can be increased with a advanced receiver, if you have the level 2 gun nut perk.

Improving it’s low magazine capacity of 12 with a large quick eject mag is also very helpful. I give the Deliverer a low score for access, because you need to do 2 quest to get it. First you have to complete the Road to Freedom quest by following the red brick line from Boston Commons to the Old North Church. After you enter the church, get to its catacombs and spell the word Railroad on the wheel by moving the letters to the top position.

After joining the Railraod Deacon will offer you the quest Tradecraft for which competion he will give you the Deliverer. The Deliverer is a powerful silenced pistol which uses the most common ammo in Fallout 4, the 10 mm. The damage of this pistol is high enough to kill Feral Ghouls in 2 body shots. It’s quick fire rate allows to dish heavy damage in close quarters. But since without any upgrades it has an initial low magazine count, heaving the ability to step behing covers during the reloads is very important. Since it’s special bonus is a higher V.A.T.S hit chance an using 25% less Action point use V.A.T.S in close quarters whenever possible. A combination of rapid high damage fire and V.A.T.S bonuses allows you to kill even a Deathclaw quite easy. Unfortunatelly, since it’s a pistol, it’s accuracy at range drops very fast and V.A.T.S hit chance for far away enemies is too low. Nr. 4: The Minigun. This Fallout 4 weapon scores top marks for access, the lowest rating for ammo availability, 4 stars for damage and 3 stars for range.

There aren’t many upgrades for the Minigun and the onces that are helpful require a high level of the gun nut perk, which isn’t available early on in the game. The Minigun is one of the first weapons you will get, since it’s found at the roof of the Museum of Freedom in Concord. After you get into the power armor you can rip it from the crashed helicopter. Since the Minigun has a high spread using V.A.T.S, especially against enemies partly behind cover isn’t the best idea. The Minigun needs to spin up it’s barrels before you can shoot it. Using it against enemies at at higher ranges is a waste of precious ammo, since with it’s low accuracy and high spray most bullets won’t find it’s mark. A very helpful tactic is to burst fire it, since you will use up less ammo and the initial spread of the gun is quite OK. Of course at close ranges you should use it at full auto, but be aware that holding the fire button for too long will overheat the barrels and you won’t be able to shoot it for a short amout of time.

While at the Museum you will find 1300 5mm ammo for this Minigun, given the extremly high rate of fire of 272, the ammo won’t last you long. Finding 5 mm ammo early on in the game is very hard. While you can buy 5mm ammo from traders, your early game budget won’t allow you for it. Additional 500 5mm bullets with another Minigun can be found in the basement of the the Satelite Station. You don’t need to use the power armor to fire the Minigun, but since it’s a heavy weapon, without the power armor your movement will be slower than with ligher weapons. Nr. 3: The Cryolator. This Fallout 4 weapon scores 3 stars for access, the lowest mark for ammo availability, the highest rating for damage and 4 stars for range. The Cryolator can be found in Vault 111, where you start this game. But it’s locked behind a case that requires the third level of the Lock Pick perk, which you can get at level 17.

Fortunatelly there is a trick to get the Cryolator way earlier. After you meet Dogmeat, go with him back to the Vault and next to that case ask Dogmeat to fetch you an item. He will take the Cryolator out of the case. Additionally he will equip 200 Cryo cells, which you can take from him via the trade option with your dog. The Cryolator works basically like a flamethrower, only that it freezes the enemies. Frozen enemies won’t move for some time, so you can bash them to death to save ammo.

Unfortunatelly the range of the basic Cryolator is very poor and you have to be very close to even do the slighest amount of damage to your enemies. That’s why I recommend to get the Crystallizing Barrel modification at the weapon bench, which requires no perk upgrades. With this modification the Cryolator will shoot crystal balls and instead of only doing 20 freezing energy damage your Cryolator will also do 20 physical damage now. This also greatly extendes the range of the Cryolator and safes you a lot of precious ammo. You can kill Super Mutants while using only 6 ammo. Since this ammo management is very important use V.A.T.S whenever you have a high hit chance. Bursting is also a good option to safe ammo, but of course the Cryolator can fire very fast, if you up against a difficult enemy and need high dps. Overall the Cryolator is a very good weapon, but the costly and unavailable ammo in early game doesn’t make it my top choice.

Nr. 2: The Pipe Sniper Rifle. This Fallout 4 weapons scores maximum points for access, only 2 stars for ammo availibility, 4 stars for damage and the highest score for range. You most likely will find this rifle as a short pipe bolt action rifle. I found my first after 3 hours of gameplay at the Museum of Freedom in Concord and some enemies like Raiders will drop them from time to time. This pipe rifle has a initial damage of 34, but with the level one Gun Nut perk, which has no character level requirements you can uprade this rifle with a powerful receiver, which will increase the damage to 51. A long barrel will improve it’s range and accuracy and finally adding a long scope will make this an excellent sniper rifle early on.

With higher Gun Nut perk levels you can increase the damage even higher, add better stock and better muzzle to it. But even the basic version of this powerful pipe sniper rifle will one shot head shot such enemies like raiders and ghouls. Having the long scope allows you to kill your enemies from a safe distance. And even is situations when you cannot aim for the head, just a body shot will almost kill many early game enemies.

Even later on in the game while facing more durable opponents a head shot will do a lot of damage. Remember to hold your breath for a steady aim, so these headshots are easier to perform. Aiming for the head is also important since the ammo isn’t that common, so getting the maximum out of each shot is helpful. While it’s best used a longer ranges, you can use shoot it quite effectivelly at point blanc, especially if you use V.A.T.S since that slows down time and the slow bolt action isn’t that big of a problem anymore. Nr. 1: The Righteous Authority. This Fallout 4 weapon scores for access, ammo availibility, damage and range 4 stars. On the way to Diamond City you will probably hear the radio military frequence, which opens up the Fire Support quest and leads you to the Cambridge Police Station where you will meet Paladin Danse in his power armor fighting of Feral Ghouls.

Talking to him will open up the Call to Arms quest, during which you will clear out the ArcJet System building from Synths with Danse. Danse is quite strong, so you easily stay back and let him deal with the Synths. At the end of the Call to Arms quest Danse will give you his weapon, the Rightous Authority. The ammo for this rifle are fusion cells which are droped by most Synths and can be also found in many ammo containers. If you follow the main story fighting Synths will be very common, so fusion cells for thie gun will be quite common. While the initial damage of 26 migh not sound a lot, most enemies do have a lower resistance to energy damage than physical damage and the Righteous Authority has a quick fire rate.

Energy damage is very good against turrets, which can be a problem early on. Getting the level one Science perk will allow you to modify this gun with the sniper barrel, which will increase the damage to 57 and with the level two Science perk this gun can be farther upgraded with the improve sniper barrel which raises the damage to an even higher value of 72. This gun can be fired very quickly, is accurate even at higher ranges and the recoil and spread are minimal. It’s special bonus is double damage for critical hits and the critical meter fills up 15% faster, so perform a critical hit in V.A.T.S whenever neccesary. Overall this is my favorite early game Fallout 4 weapon, since it’s so strong and versatile. I hope you enjoyed my top 6 list of best Fallout 4 early game weapons.

If you have other favorite weapons please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for watching and goodbye..

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