Hi to all guys, even though almost a year has passed since Vault-Tec Workshop’s exit here we are still in Vault 88 Just found on the pip-boy, I just completed the quests assign me to the old overseer Barlow, we cleaned the tunnels from the debris and from the beasts of the contaminated area and here we are.. ready for a new building, this is the site We will try to maximize both in height and width, and so on.. Ready to go! A I recommend before you go to.. return to old reactor site and.. switch off the recruiting alert.. so that settlers do not accumulate, obviously, you will reactivate it as soon as the building finished.. But let’s start with a structure that this time is not the atrium but a small one Entry made with “overseer” items, this entrance will be very elegant and will work from the connection to the atrium, the real central structure compared to that of the vault the previous one will be slightly shorter but will always be of three floors with a great one the central column on which the walkways and parapets will be developed, to the right of this entrance Item position of the “common” where there will be a store, probably a “trading emporium” but in any case the choice of the store is completely arbitrary and you can place it what you want, of course this video will be part of the related playlist to Vault-Tec Workshop DLC entitled “Build Our Vault” in order to expand the assortment of videos that will help you in the atrium build and vault 88 in general..

I will try to explain the use of some items for the construction of the atrium which have remained “obscure” to most players such as mezzanines and columns.. but we stay on this entry, I’m placing a window on the store, here is an entrance which is on the right side of the vault, bypassing the atrium and leading to the quarters. The doors: as far as the doors of the atrium are concerned, I want to anticipate what I will place today are purely indicative.. so guys.. do not take it for “gold cast” because then the structures I still have not built up.. is not that I have a project so I know where to go the doors then are purely indicative and can be interchanged in according to the the needs of the structures that will go to place more in it.. This entry is almost over Even on the left I will place a door that will give on the west side of the site, at the moment we are “under construction” so I do not know which structure to place.

The first intention is to provide you with an additional basis for the construction of the atrium.. at the center of that entrance then I will place a statue or a fountain in copper or that of the “vault boy” in the menu Related to Vault-Tec Workshop.. Doors.. one… two.. and three.. the other was already there.. well the structure is over, I would say to place a beautiful statue in the center, there are those in copper the fountains, the lions, the minutemen or there is the “vault-boy”.. I place at the center, with the big inch facing the entrance.. here it is.. perfect.. We go to the store we can make a for pieces or of six, better than six, obviously must also include the window here.. we take the “common” items, but the items are arbitrary, as anyway, you can use them those of the “nursery” or of the “home” would also be fine items of the “common” for shop in my opinion.. here is the orientation the factor k say.. maybe it’s better to orient it on this side, we also includes the window..

There is a small problem that needs to be resolved orienting it on this side.. let’s see if I can.. here I put a corner.. this door I have to remove it, however, the revenue will be guaranteed by the atrium for which it was superfluous It was a “surplus” I had added but that we can really take away, atrium will still connect all the revenue to the various departments, here it is, three for two.. oriented by this part that also includes the window.. with the various gadgets placed in the store will make her beautiful figure.. “corner”.. that goes to replace the door I have eliminated.. we place the windows: we go to “structures” “window”.. this does not hang .. one.. two.. this does not It hangs because when two items are facing each other, one needs to remove one and then place the glass and then come back the item.. it’s a hard work I know.. glasses in place.. a clean maybe It would be opportune.. kids.. were just about the appetizer..

I do not know if I get the idea why the atrium build starts now.. here we placed the first door.. we go to cover the windows.. here one goes angle.. I did count should come a rectangle with eight floors of length and five in width.. I just placed the inner corner mid, that long structure It looks like a pole to which this gigantic structure will be anchored, which is prefabricated the end of the atrium.. at the counts made look like three floors.. we have it.. then we anchor it gl the “overseer windows” here round this.. let’s place another under.. perfect .. We move to the other end that easily hooks up and here is the facade giant of this new atrium.. and we move to the strong piece that are the “mezzanines” .. which are these structures that I’m going to take.. now.. guys.. who are nothing but a “ceiling” and a “floor” glued together but have these hooks to be applied to end..

However either take the mezzanine or floor-ceiling: they are the same thing.. then there is a small rule to be respected when placing the corners.. between mezzanines and other objects: they are bound if we place that kind of angles we go the mezzanines otherwise no.. bantering talk: these are the mezzanines.. I have already said that as far as “doors” and side “window”.. one of them for example i am putting it because I do not know the structures.. here I sent a message that explains: “Doors and side windows in this video have a purely demonstrative function Their position and their number will vary according to the requirements referring to structures later built”.. guys.. so do not filled with the messages: “but I do not find a match because the door has changed you..” Boys..

I Project Do not Have It.. I built before the atrium and then attacking the structures.. I will build then I do not know.. atherwise I’ll tell you with all my heart.. good.. ban on the cians we continue.. I put a door purely “demonstrative”.. we go to this other side: here also doors panels and windows a level purely indicative, just to close the structure but then obviously will be changed according to the needs.. you can take or single panels: there are three types singles, then there are these paired floor-wall (wall bottom), then there are those paired ceiling-wall (wall top) and then there are more complete ones like the prefabricated, so also the “columns” find the various pieces and then find the complete “column”.. this is the composition of DLC Vault-Tec Workshop items, perhaps taking the panels single sides missing.. if we go to look at the subtleties missing the silver strip the lower one compared to those coupled with ceiling or floor.. well we go to position also the other end of the atrium that I hooked as you have seen at the “inner corner mid”, we also place mezzanines here, so the first floor will be composed only of floors, walkways ..

While for the second I decided to place the mezzanines and the floor-ceiling those coupled to two layers .. to give it a sense of robustness, solidity though If I went was going to place it to the first floor, I think it would be at level graphic too heavy and especially difficult to apply because it is difficult anchoring the mezzanines.. very well.. missing one piece.. the side walls are purely indicative .. we move to the other prefabricated end of the atrium that is this, that I’m going to hook up the overseer windows and the windows from that other side and go to complete the other facade.. here it is.. perfect.. vault of 3 floors slightly smaller compared to the first vault of the first series “we build our vault” but it seems to me much more detailed, more interesting: to you the sentences.. we move to the floor then floors since it is a bit tight.. we could place two columns though with two columns being a little tighter.. becomes a bit heavy the thing I decided to just put one column on it: this one that embraces both planes.. it’s the first one that the second..

And we see how to develop the walkways which will then be the center of the vault on which the settlers will walk.. I said that as for this plan I did not put the mezzanines because it would be too heavy in the details and perhaps also not possible on a practical level so only floors so a thin plane than the top one.. i place a ladder and the first one is reached plan .. for the walkways that reach the column you can choose between different solutions, let me explain: from the short side you can reach the column then pass with the walkways in the center and you will have the atrium divided into two in the longitudinal direction while I put it from the long then not from the short side but from the long side I put these two walkways that reach the column.. you can also make a cross in the center with the walkways as you prefer, however, it is clear that space then views from top to bottom it fades because that space is being closed by the catwalks then i left as much space as possible.. you see.. it is wider by placing the walkways towards the column starting from the long side could start from here to the center but the spaces they were slightly smaller..

We continue with the parapets: I took them to the corner we place this straight, even here.. perfect: complete the first space.. again four corners.. we close the first floor, which is completed and we see to reach the second… how? applying a stairwell trumpet to an exit from this floor will allow you to climb to the next one overlooking the top floor here it is here.. now it remains to complete the plan by adding the walkways to the central column. then.. we see to reach the opposite side.. but here is the problem… that the second floor was made with mezzanines and not with floors so a double layer.. here is the mezzanine the prefabricated end of atrium is set by default with the mezzanines.. so it is best to complete it the floor adding double-layered floor-ceiling items.. also here we complete the side plan with walls, with doors that are purely indicative, I repeat..

The location of the doors is not yet known, having not built the other structures then I will settle randomly these ports, these outputs are purely random orientation more than anything else.. here we are positioned a corner or we put a door to the tunnel.. even from this side we complete it.. here we put another door.. here “wall top” Wall and ceiling.. they are called “wall top”.. others doors always indicate.. else it also brings here.. maybe I take this away, put a wall on it.. Here it is “wall top”.. guys missing the ceiling.. here it is we see hooking the ends and trying to close this gigantic building that will be filled of settlers when we turn on the signal inside the site of the old reactor, momentarily deactivated..

It always remains to do the walkway towards the column.. we place the parapets: at angle.. here we add a ceiling-floor.. also here.. but in the middle that one has to be taken away, and there goes this other item.. one of these.. this.. or.. this I think is the best.. and we continue with the metal parapets, we close the corners, now those straight.. I think the choice of a column was the best because two they were too many.. missing a piece.. we put it after.. finish the roof.. this had to be hooked from outside.. I had to climb up.. I had to remove one wall momentarily and now I’m going to restore it because it does not hook up, now Replace the wall.. here it is.. perfect.. add the last parapet.. completed the plan: missing some details like glass at the windows, they would also miss doors but it is not advisable to install them too because then you have to move them then..

It is pointless to place them, we place the indispensable at the moment, as these windows are.. otherwise one forgets them.. one.. two.. we go down.. this is the exit.. the “starwell” that It brings us downstairs.. glass also for this window One and two.. guys I think we ended up .. one last view.. one last glimpse.. let’s go a lap inside.. these are the mezzanines applied to the ends then the floors with the coupled floor-ceiling for the second floor while for the first floor I have placed only single floors as far as the walkways.. so double for the second floor and single for the first..

large central column.. doors to be laid depending of the next structures that will hook up at the atrium.. I chose to reach the column central through the long line but could also be reached from the short side .. you could make a cross Guys.. this tired video ends here I’ll meet you next to regarding Vault-Tec.. hi guys.

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