Hey whats going on guys today i wanted to take a look at the fusion gun by fallout suite. We dont see many energy weapons show up on the nexus, but it seems like every time they appear they end up being great mods. While im personally not a huge fan of the metallic texture, and i think a less shiney version would be a little more appealing, it does really give it a unique look. As of right now theirs two way you can get a hold of the fusion gun.

The first way is to venture out to the sentinal site number 1 over in the glowing sea, but to be able to pick it up here your going to have to be pretty far into brotherhood quest line. So if you didnt side with the brotherhood your second option is to head to sedgwick hall over in university point. Which ever route you decide to go, you will be greeted by a rogue synth who carries the weapon when you arrive. I really like that this modder put this weapon on a enemy NPC because in my opinion this is a much better way to accuire a new weapon than just crafting it at a workbench. When your first get your hands on the fusion gun it will come in the form of a basic pistol. But once you head over to the weapons workbench you will be able to see its full potential. The standard receiver fires a single shot with high accuracy and low recoil that does 243 damage in total. The automatic recevier drops the damage down to 70, ups the magazine size and is a nice middle ground between recoil and accuracy.

And the overcharged receiver does 68 damage, give you the biggest mag size, and comes with an insane firing speed. But it all comes at the cost of some really strong recoil. For barrels there two options. The closed barell concentrates the beam for a more accuract shot, and the exposed barell increases the beams spread for close quarters combat. For stocks the pistol will give you quickest reload time and fastest attack speed while the rifle stock will steady your aim, and increase your overall range. There 6 sights options to to choose from they include two iron sights, a medium and long range scope with the option for recon. Lastly for muzzles there 3 options. The closed muzzle ups the percision of the beam, while adding critical hit damage, and a chance to stagger you enemy at the cost of fire rate.

The exposed muzzle, splits the beam into mutiple shots, adds some flame damage, and sets your targets on fire. Lastly the ultraviolet suprressor, removes the visibility and sound of the of the beam so your enemies wont know what hit them. Last but not least this weapon takes a new fusion cell ammo type that can either be bought from vendors or crafted it over at the chem station.

Its not cheap to make and requires some rare matierala to craft, so take that into consideration before you make a gun that chews though ammo. Overall i really enjoyed using this weapon, some of the attachments can make it a bit over powered but you will be fighting a whole lot of recoil once you get to that point. So along with the steep price you will be paying for ammo it really balances the weapon out. Hope you enjoyed the video guys, let me know in the comments what you think about this weapon. Thanks for watching as always and i will see you in the next showcase..

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